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Found 36 results

  1. Shane McMahon comes out and offers the chance for Sable to forfeit the match after she suffered a beating by Luna on Heat earlier in the night. Sable limps to the ring as she sells her back injury. She's very hammy and her delivery of her only line was rather poor. The match starts and not a whole lot happens. Luna works the back. They do that spot that's in every strap match where one wrestler taps the corners whilst dragging the other along with them, allowing the second wrestler to tap the corners as well, unbeknown to the first wrestler. Shane tries to interfere when Sable and Luna are tied 3-3, only for the then unknown Tori to rush through the crowd and plant Luna, allowing Sable to touch the the 4th corner and retain the title. This could of been awful, but the very short match time allows you to sit through it without too much discomfort. ★
  2. Talk about it here.
  3. X-Pac is such a great bumper. Teddy Long mistakenly counted X-Pac down for the count and the crowd let Teddy have it by giving him a 'You Fucked Up!' chant and booing the mishap. Shortly after this, X-Pac nails an X-Factor and wins the match. A short inoffensive nothing match. ★¾
  4. Man, Ken Shamrock looks absolutely intense walking down the aisle. Guy looked a million dollars. They brawl from the get-go as Shamrock runs to the ring. The pace eventually slows down. Shamrock works away on Mr Ass's ankle. They do a hokey-callback spot to Raw two weeks ago when Shamrock drives Gunn's head into the announce table from the apron, however this time Gunn counters and sends Shamrock skull-first onto the table. Val Venis interferes on Gunn's behalf once the ref gets knocked down and plants Shamrock with a great looking DDT. This isn't enough to end the match and Shamrock gets the win via ankle lock after taking down Gunn with a surprise drop toehold. The submission is made to look like a major threat. Apparently, Billy Gunn was meant to win this, but this was changed on the day as management weren't too keen on Gunn's attitude. Good match when you consider what you would be usually getting work rate-wise during this time period. ★★¾
  5. It's insane to think how over Road Dogg was at this time, given his talent. The crowd eat up all his catchphrases. They start with a lot of stalling and the crowd don't seem to mind. I've watched the past few episodes of Raw and this is worked at a much slower pace than anything you would see on the TV show. Say what you want about Russo's booking, but shorter TV matches and longer PPV matches is a winning combination. There's nothing too fancy here, big punches shift the momentum as apposed to a flashy slam or suplex. Road Dogg hits all his signature spots to the crowd's approval, only to fall victim to a Bossman Slam out of nowhere to end this one. Solid enough house show-esque match to kick things off. ★★