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Found 26 results

  1. One fall match that goes about 30 minutes. The fact that Billy Catanzaro has two televised singles matches almost exactly 10 years apart is surreal. A few things change in 10 years, and in 1967, Billy Catanzaro was a thick veteran heel. You could still see his brilliance in his work, even when he was more interested here in kicking his opponent in the spine and grimacing to the crowd. Even though it was very obvious that this was gonna get chippy, there was a ton of ridiculously high end technical work here. Mantopolous was a wrestling dynamo, no kidding about it. Just a ridiculously fast moving worker with a ton of tricks in his bag. Most of this was wristlocks and armlocks, largely built around Mantopolous holding on to a hold while Catanzaro was trying to get out. Bread and butter euro stuff, but these two execute it in such a high end manner it‘s not even funny. Catanzaro is a joy to watch, as he always finds neat twists on the most basic things, such as using his foot to win a test of strength on the ground. This was getting chippy here and there, with guys throwing unexpected bitchslaps and using the face scrape, but they mostly stuck to working holds with a few blindingly fast, well timed rope running exchanges thrown in. My one issue with the match was that it could‘ve used a bit of a bigger heat section on Mantopolous – Catanzarro did go to town at one point, lacing the Greek up with gnarly kicks to the spine and nifty backbreaker variations, but Mantopolous was soon back to making a fool of Catanzaro. Guess it wasn‘t 1957 anymore. It‘ll happen to all of us. Hell of a match with a sick finish, regardless.
  2. Wahoos Leg

    2004-01-29-ROH-The Last Stand

    Ring Of Honor The Last Stand January 29, 2004 Glen Burnie, MD No review yet. Pure Rules: John Walters vs Chad Collyer Six Man Mayhem: Caprice Coleman vs Chris Sabin vs Jack Evans vs Hydro vs Sonjay Dutt vs Slyk Wagner Brown Three Way Tag, No DQ: Special K (Dixie & Izzy) vs The Backseat Boyz (Johnny Kashmere & Trent Acid) vs The Carnage Crew (Justin Credible & Loc) #1 Contender's Trophy, Four Corner Survival: BJ Whitmer vs Dan Maff vs Matt Stryker vs Xavier Alex Shelley vs Jimmy Jacobs CM Punk vs Homicide ROH Tag Titles: The Brisoces (c) vs Jerry Lynn & Samoa Joe Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  3. WCW Saturday Night where they would throw out any match just for the heck of it and here we get Parka and Silver King vs Villanos, just days after Villanos were ringside watching his brother murder Atlantis. A fun start with Villanos destroying Silver King as he was face in peril. Hot tag to La Parka who hit some fun moves, before Silver King and Parka both did some dives. Back in the ring and Silver King is face in peril again A woozy King goes for a double jump moonsault like an idiot and of course misses. A front roll DDT by Villano almost kills King. Parka tags himself in and hits a twisting moonsault for the win. ** 1/2
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcT7KCLKXAU This is Nakamori's first defense of the JWP title that she won at the end of last year. They did a terrific job laying this match out with a veteran like Leon posing enough of a threat to the new champ but not being a clear favourite. It made you actually buy into how close and competitive the match was. The finish is long but that due in a way to the both of them selling the big moves that each of them were hitting on each other. The only thing that keeps this from being a great match is the work isn't as smooth as it should have been. Still, this is a strong, well earned, first defense for Nakamori. ***3/4
  5. This is for the Wonder of Stardom title and also Newell's only single's match during this tour. Like Ray/Kyona, I thought this would also be a styles clash as what I had seen of Newell before this she was more about a fast pace and highspots. She seemed like a better matchup for Io or Iwatani than Hojo. I was glad I was wrong, because this turned out to be much different than what I was expecting and it was damn good too. They get to the main story of the match right away as Newell blocks an early Sliding D attempt from Hojo by kicking at her elbow. Newell then focuses on the arm in a nice Finlayesque fashion by wrenching and stomping on it. Hojo manages to counter the arm work by going after one of Newell's knees. The match then turns into a contest of who gut her way through working with a bad limb in order to hit her big moves to get the win. It was great for Hojo to put over Newell strong in the post-match although she almost spills that Newell is WWE bound. ***3/4
  6. This is yet another Queen's Quest trios match, not that I'm complaining as they are usually pretty good. The main goal here is to setup the High Speed title match between Iwatani and Watanabe, which unfortunately was for not as Momo hurt her ACL a few days after this. That's a real shame as the work between her and Iwatani here was a highlight. Mimura gets in a fair bit of offense to and it's nice to see that she adding more moves beyond her various rollups. She also puts up a gutsy fight at the finish until she accidentally gets hit by her teammates making her easy fodder for QQ to finish her off. Yet another super fun Stardom/QQ trios match. ***1/2
  7. This is a match for Kay Lee Ray's ICW Women's title and it's also Kyona's first notable title match. When this match was first announced, I thought that it would end up being a styles clash but I was quite surprised at how well this two worked together. This the first time that I've seen Kyona work some elaborate sequences that come off being very smooth. She also works in her power offense really well with some top notch selling. KLR had maybe her best performance in Stardom here. All of her offense hit right on point and she did a terrific job of putting over Jungle's offense to the point that you believe that she had a real chance to pull off the upset. The first surprisingly great joshi match of 2017. ****