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Found 22 results

  1. ROH Conquest Tour 2015 - Hopkins MN Avari Davari vs Bobby Fish - OK match with some decent psychology and selling. There was bad weather so, I think this match was a little longer than it needed to be for anyone who was running late. Romantic Touch vs Will Ferrara vs Beer City Bruiser vs Cheeseburger - Let's say you hadn't seen ROH since 2009 and then years later, this happened to be the first match you saw. I would not blame you for completely thinking they had ruined Ring of Honor. You've got a comedy character, a big fat guy, and a scrawny guy with a ROH dojo graduate. I skipped this one. Michael Elgin vs Caprice Coleman - The first real match of the night. It would have been much better in the #2 slot but, perhaps they realized that not everyone had shown up and the above 4 man match was to kill more time. This was a fun 3/4th speed match with some nice moves. Adam Page vs ACH - Former teammates square off. Neither guy is an absolute favorite but, both dudes have the potential to deliver a good match. So, I was pleasantly surprised with a very good to a perhaps great match. They kept the flashy flipping to a minimum and threw a load of mean chops, elbows, and lariats. One of ACH's clotheslines looked like he'd been studying AJPW tapes. Folks in attendance booed the finish but, I think it was more out of having fun rather than actual disappointment or anger. Match of the evening thus far. Arik Cannon vs Danny Duggan - The local attraction match that kept the action going. Probably the best I've seen Cannon look and Duggan looks promising especially for ROH at this time. ODB vs Truth Martini - A clear pee break match...I like ODB and am OK with Truth Martini (I never really cared for managers in ROH in general) so, this was fun. The most interesting part is that Corino (on commentary) says the hardest he was ever hit was by Jazz in ECW...and Corino has wrestled Kawada and Hashimoto! Sweet tidbit! Roderick Strong vs Silas Young - This is a good match just on paper. You know they're going to hit hard and keep the pace up so, I was confident this bout would get things back on track. And I was not disappointed. This bout felt like a genuine struggle which is much appreciated in 2019. They had answers for each other's tricks & traps and I think that helped make this a great match. In fact, I wouldn't sneeze at anyone who would rate this **** 1/4. Great finish and MOTN thus far. Briscoes vs War Machine - The tag team equivalent of the above match. Physical and surprisingly quick match. Now its not like the Young Bucks were facing off against Jay & Mark but, War Machine hustled like a couple of Young Vaders. Another great match where **** 1/4 would totally be acceptable. -Main Event- Jay Lethal vs Kyle O'Reilly - A long TV title match that hearkens back to the 2000's ROH style. Unfortunately, it ends right when it starts getting phenomenal. In the olden days, they would have kept going and this would have been a classic title match. Ah well, ROH has a PPV schedule and they work toward those so, I can't bitch too much. What we get is really great and certainly hyped the fans in attendance. Fun segement after the match too...we ALMOST get an impromptu World Title match (again ROH may have done this back in the day and it certainly would have made this part of the show a classic ala PWG Giant Sized Annual #4 Danielson vs Generico). Still, the main event portion made up for the slow start of the show and paid some things off from earlier even if not ideally. Overall, this was a very good B-show with 3-4 great matches. It does start kinda rough but, I really think that's a logistics issue rather than crappy booking or wrestling. Hey, you can always skip them. So, if you just watch ACH vs Page, Roddy vs Silas, the Tag match, and the Main Event - you will have a blast!
  2. Let's take the way back machine to 2014! Ring of Honor in Cincinnati (07/18/14) reDRagon vs Rocky Romero & Tomasso Ciampa: Koslov is injured so Nigel says Rocky has a replacement in the Sicilian Psychopath - nice! DRagon is pissed and rightfully so as the slap dash team takes the early advantage. Fish and O'Reilly eventually get control and unleash the 2 Man Smash Machine ™. Nevertheless, they can quite seem to get a handle on Ciampa and neither can Romero! This was a very good opener. It went a smidge longer than I like a first match to go but, I think they wanted to wow the crowd since there was a lineup change. Mission accomplished! Romantic Touch vs Jay Lethal: I gotta give this match some words because Jay Lethal was one of my MVPs of 2018. This started off fun but, was way too long. Nigel mentioned that Matt Bennett was out due to illness so, I think these early matches had to buy some time while they reorganized. BJ Whitmer, Jimmy Jacobs and Adam Page vs Cedric Alexander, Caprice Coleman and ACH: Very good, all action 6 man match. Coleman and Page were my faves. Kevin Steen vs Silas Young - No DQ: The penultimate Steen in ROH ma was a hardcore battle! Both guys are tough as leather and beat the brains outta each other. Kill Steen Kill is my favorite iteration of the French Canadian. Very good match with tons of chairs, trash cans etc. Ethan Gabriel Owens (Ethan Page) vs RD Evans vs Moose vs Matt Taven: Veda Scott is there and she's a total babe. Matt Taven is a guy who really impressed me with the matches I watched in 2018 but, those two things were not enough to keep me interested. Skipped this one. War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) vs The Briscoes: A very good physical match as the brothers are a little out-matched. We don't have a clear resolution as Cole & Lethal come out to spoil it...but then, Kaz & Daniels are out... Jay Lethal & Adam Cole vs Kazarian & Christopher Daniels: This was a fast paced jr. tag style match that had some storyline consequences...and we do get a pinfall. A very good match! Then, the original two teams come back out and damn, this was a great segment (starting with the War Machine vs Briscoes). It reminded me of how ECW would book tag matches. They were more organic fights between groups rather than just two teams squaring off for the belts. Main event time! Michael Elgin vs Roderick Strong: This one is for the World title. This was everything you could hope for! Roddy was hitting Big Mike as hard as he could and Elgin responded in kind! I was so glad to see he was in battle mode rather than, fan pleasing test of strength mode. He reminded me if late 90's Kobashi. Strong gets straight vicious and the champ is doing all he can to survive. Not only was this a hard hitting affair but, there were surprises and twists too. The Cincy crowd gets a ROH World title classic. I loved it! This was a great show and so glad I picked the DVD up. If you can, I'd highly recommend getting this show...at the least check out the title fight. Thanks for reading!
  3. G. Badger

    Enter the reDRagon - Part 4

    ...and we're back! reDRagons vs Michael Elgin & Jay Lethal (10/05/13): Titles are on the line against the super team of Elgin & Lethal. This was a very good match but, not tremendous. It was a little goofy when Elgin does his 2 on 1 stuff but, the final bit was great per usual. Champs vs All-Stars: Adam Cole, reDRagon & Matt Taven vs Michael Elgin, C & C WrestleFactory Jay Lethal (Glory by Honor XII 10/26/13): We get over an hour of wrestling action. It is very difficult to keep a person's interest over that period of time but, it did. In fact, not only was I interested, I was invested. The match told a series of stories over the course of its duration. It was physical and compelling and an overall great match. Heck, I'd even say it was a ROH classic. The wrestlers along with the Corino/Kelly announce team, Truth Martini & the Hotties, Homicide & Kingston, the 3 referees, and Nigel all played their parts perfectly. It felt like a play with a cast of 19. Now, this could have easily been overbooked and bungled yet, it always seemed to be aware of that possibility. The match, as if an organism, would step back from the brink of parody to deliver something unique and surprising. vs Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander (11/16/13): This starts out with C & C getting the jump on the DRagon which eventually leads to them focusing on Caprice's arm. This is a good face in peril bit. Somewhere along the way, the legal man situation gets mixed up but, heck! it's just a TV match. It's not as offensive as a big deal PPV match. But, it's a hell of a TV/ small show match! Its not a perfectly executed but, these guys have the right idea as opposed to the Wolves matches. This bout knew what it wanted to be and acheived that. It had flow and the fans genuinely gave a damn. Not a perfect follow up to the Glory by Honor match but, a very good match nonetheless. ...until next time wrestling fans!
  4. This isn't going to be a full and complete review since I chose (that's right, chose) not to watch some of the more hyped matches. Specifically, I skipped Bullet Club vs CHAOS because I've been watching wrestling long enough to know that throwing a bunch of superstars into one match does not make it good. That's some bone throwing lazy booking of NJPW talent. But, I'm guessing that ROH doesn't have a lot of say-so. Its pretty clear to this walking fart of a man that the NJPW talent is just thrown in there (Liger & Will included) for novelty sake. That's alright but, in this case the 10 man match, it seemed like a step above a Battle Royal match to me. And to have it be second to last, seems wacky considering most of these guys aren't on TV or full time. Anyways, onto the shit I wanted to see! Kenny King vs Jushin Thunder Liger - Good God yes! I loved this match especially the finish The selling by both guys made this work- just a fun, fun bout. Liger just keeps on ticking! The Briscoe Brothers vs The Addiction (Kaz & Daniels): First and foremost, I love the Briscoe's promo videos. This stuff is fantastic and iconic. They have done really well crafting their chracters over the years. They should be lauded for their characters/personas as much as their in-ring abilities. So, that being said, we've got four pillars of the 2000's independent wrestling revolution (?) in the ring and damn can these guys still go. Obviously, it's not all fireworks but, they let 'em fly for awhile until the 2 on 1 story comes into play. I'd have to say this was a great match and up there with the main event. The factor for me was that I've been watching these guys for a long time now and although maybe nothing brand new was done, they told an interesting story, got me invested, and executed it like the masters they are. I'm a sucker for tag matches but, this was great stuff without trying to one-up yourself. Sumie Sakai vs Tenille Dashwood - WOH championship is being defended by Sumie. This match impressed me. It was very competitive and aggressive. You know Sumie is tough and Dashwood wants to do well in the ring so, they put their best feet forward. It wasn't always pretty but, it was compelling and entertaining. Enjoyed the finish as well. Good match Jay Lethal vs Will Ospreay: ROH World Title on the line. I've never been a fan of Ospreay but, I respect him. I have a new appreciation of the guy after this match. He was bringing stiff chops & kicks, reduced the superfluous spins and flips, and put some more meat on his bones. He's got a more serious attitude in my beady eyes. I think that he's more stylistically in line with the NJPW Jr. greats of the 90's and it shows here versus the confident Jay Lethal. Jay is a veteran at this point and his selling and match layout was excellent here. He treated Ospreay as an equal and forced (perhaps) Will to have a World Title fight rather than a fireworks match. Lethal has never really done fireworks and I've always been a fan of his because of that. So, I can't say for certain that it was Lethal keeping Ospreay focused or if Will has controlled himself but, this combination really worked for me. I've found that to be the case with many, if not all, recent Jay Lethal matches that I've watched- he pairs very well with others. The dude is a damn fine wrestler and has very good to great matches with whomever he's in there with. The tag match with Johnathan Gresham versus Silas Young & Bully Ray on a recent ROH TV episode being a fine example: Technical underdog, big roughneck, seasoned vet yet he still looks & acts like the champ. So, this match was another very good to great match. There wasn't a ton of backstory but, the action was very engaging, they worked a story, and these two had chemistry. In fact I felt so much chemistry that they could put on a great marquee rivalry. One that ROH needs after the NXT drain. So, it was a very good way to end the PPV/show . They could have just done the Ospreay spectacle with Lethal along for the ride but, instead opted to have a interesting and engaging match that left me wanting more. Overall, this was a very good show. I'll admit I saw it for free but, I enjoy ROH's product. So, if they keep it up, I might even go to a show or get a PPV or whatever the fuck its called or does nowadays. Honor Club? Seriously, I dig the TV show as it reminds me of old WCW Thunder. They do need some better connection between the TV and major shows though. I'm not asking for WWE scripted poop but, it was weird to discover that John Gresham was in a dark match despite being in 2 great TV main events right before Death Before Dishonor. I'm glad the Ospreay bout was great but, it felt odd for that to be there instead of Bully Ray vs Lethal or a rematch from the TV tag match. A Fight Without Honor match? That have been great as well as give the impression of actual booking. But, uh maybe that WCW Thunder comparison is more accurate than I thought... I appreciate you taking the time to read! Thanks! Check the show out on the stream club network or DVD or something
  5. Absolutely blown away by this. Felt like a real throwback to the wars legends like Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, Roderick Strong & Nigel McGuinness had for that ROH World Championship. The 25+ minutes were spent expertly - they let things breathe & built everything perfectly. Fantastic, physical action. Told the story of the ace of ROH in Jay Lethal making 'a man' out of Dalton Castle. I am confident in saying that what they did there resulted in the best ROH match since the 2012 Ladder War between Generico & Steen. It represented everything those 3 letters, ROH, have stood for in the last 16 years. A classic. Also BOBBY CRUISE! What a man! ****3/4
  6. As every other Teddy Hart match, utter chaos. His pants seem like they were made out of an Ikea rug. There's a ton of wild crowd brawling here and it's not particularly great, but definitely entertaining. Teddy busts out a moonsault off a vending machine and he still has time to vend a bottle of water... Teddy also gets a gruesome gusher and eats a brainbuster on a standing chair on the outside. They brawl back to the ring and Teddy eats a nasty chair in the corner before they head back to the crowd and there's crazy visual where Teddy is literally looking straight into the camera with a bloody face before he busts out another moonsault off a table onto the commentators table and he tells the ref. he will kill him if he stops the match. They head back to the ring and it's pretty much a wrap at that point as Teddy eats a vicious super kick before hitting a nasty cradle DDT he calls Captain Crunch on Lethal. Fun stuff.
  7. This is very good, albeit nothing special with the invading indie superstar coming in to take on the local crowd favorite former champ. They built neatly and slowly towards the second half of the match and everything was executed crisply. It was neat seeing them keeping this simpler than a lot of the other ROH-style indie matches that falls into the 2.99 finisher kick out sequence.
  8. These guys have had better matches with other before, but they have great chemistry together. A hot Philly ECW Arena crowd, Lethal as an upcoming baby face getting a shot against the vet who loves putting brutal beatings on his opponents makes this a really fun match.
  9. This is a no disqualification match for the JAPW light heavyweight title. Despite being a No DQ match, the majority of the action occurs in the ring and it's a fairly straight up match aside from 2 nutty chair assisted bumps which see Azrieal getting powerbombed onto a chair and Lethal getting brainbustered onto a sitting chair. Really fun Jr.'s match that never really drags and doesn't over stay it's welcome or head into the overkill territory a lot of these matches usually do.
  10. A very good, borderline great match. Jonathan Gresham was AWESOME on his attack towards Lethal's arm - he targeted it at every turn he could, including a very simple, yet creative spot where he escaped the usual 2nd rope powerbomb spot by beating the crap out of Lethal's arm. Very neat stuff there. Lethal answered to Gresham's vicious onslaught by going after his knee - and that is where the one negative thing about this came into the play; Gresham's selling of the knee was very spotty. Everything else he did in the match to perfection, but man I wish he had sold the knee more. Lethal sold the arm in superb fashion & if Gresham had done so too, this easily could've reached the ****+ heights. ***3/4
  11. This was an absolutely awesome, competitive back & forth contest. Captured the spirit of what ROH, at it's best, is all about. ***3/4
  12. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2017-08-23-WCPW] Jay Lethal vs Zack Sabre Jr

    Zack's work over Lethal is brutal all the way through the match. In the early stages Lethal tries to match his mat game, but then he realizes that you shouldn't try that with ZSJ, so he is in big trouble until he starts busting out those high impact comeback flurries of his. ZSJ was great as always with his work on top & Lethal was great fighting from underneath. Great stuff. ****
  13. A year ago these two facing off in a multi-man ROH/NJPW taping got a lot of buzz from the crowd (and me). Lethal's ribs are ailing and Omega goes right for them - cheapshot and then he kicks him outside the ring to use the apron to work them over. There's a great formula switch early here - Omega goes for the OWA, but Lethal rolls through and then goes for and HITS the Lethal Injection, but Omega (who doesn't have much damage) rolls quickly to the outside. Loved this sequence. Lethal works the knee, and credit to Omega as he sold well. Lethal consistently tries again for his finish as he knows how tough an out Omega is, good psychology. Some big forearms to Omega, but Lethal gets two V-triggers and a shining wizard. He nearly reverses out of the OWA, but Omega deadlifts him back up for a modified one. Loved the struggle this showed. really good match ***3/4
  14. This has got lots of bad reviews, but I thought it was really good. It was mostly centered around Lethal's injured ribs & I thought he did a really good job selling that. ***1/2
  15. It's the much-awaited Pure champion vs. World champion and ... their partners, too? They establish hierarchy early into the match. McGuinness & Lethal are equals, Walters is a step-above them due to his Pure champion status, and Joe trumps all. The general structure of the match is similar to your 90's All Japan/2000's NOAH tag matches. Joe has no respect for the Pure championship as he believes it only exists because no one can take the World title off of him. He bitchslaps Walters around and then kicks a handstanding McGuinness' head off in two sequences that sum up Joe's goal in this match - assert dominance. And it's just an absolute joy to watch. Every time he enters the ring he swings the momentum to his favor. His preoccupation on dominating the Pure champ ends up being the team's downfall, though. McGuinness traps Lethal in That Arm Submission as Walters distracts and prevents Joe from saving Lethal. Rating: ***¼
  16. This was heading towards the ****+ GREAT territory, but in the last third of the match or so the match started to overstay it's welcome - it was still good, but the intensity dropped quite a bit. I loved seeing Jay Lethal just kick Cody's ass all over the place - it was phenomenal, Cody sold it well & Lethal looked awesome working over him. Both guys have some really good looking punches, which are important in matches like this. Cody did a good job cutting off Lethal - only for Lethal to start kicking his ass again. Classic babyface getting the revenge stuff. This ruled. ***3/4
  17. A really good back & forth match. Loved Fish's offense with him just kicking the shit out of Lethal - the match had some really cool moments such as him doing that early on, and then I totally popped for the desperation Cutter Lethal pulled off. Bobby's work over Lethal's leg was really good too, some of the counters he did when Lethal went for something & then he countered it into him working the leg - awesome stuff. Loved this. ***3/4