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Found 23 results

  1. I don't think I've ever seen a Jaguar match before, nor have I seen Lioness in her "home element." Jaguar is *so* smooth and lithe and agile that even though this isn't a great match, you can see where her reputation as a worker comes from. She does about the most natural and realistic-looking bridge-out-of-a-pinfall spot I've ever seen. When Lioness is on top this is a lot less interesting, and the finish is pretty weak as Asuka kicks out of a double underhook piledriver but goes down to a flash victory roll. Not a lot of heat and not really an outstanding match but it did make me want to see more of Jaguar.
  2. DRAKE MF MORIMATSU!!! I'm starting to think JD is indeed the next lost great joshi fed. This was a super fun title match between two workers with great movesets, who mesh really well. Morimatsu is this butch powerhouse who is not afraid to have a go at Yabushita on the mat. The powerhouse vs. grappler style contrast worked really well. Great opening exchange in this match, and they fought like mad on the mat, stubbornly going for arm attacks. Keep in mind I didn't say the submission work here was pretty. I really liked how Morimatsu, when she couldn't get the advantage, resorted to punching Yabushita in the face and then roughing her up good by again attacking her face and finally cracking her with chairs and lariats. Both of them sold the ongoing wear and tear nicely and mixed it up well with some innovative moves and counters. Finishing run had good bomb throwing and drama, altough some people may be annoyed by Yabushita making a few easy comebacks. Still, she's a slick technico (technica?) and I still love her flash submissions. Still thought this was Morimatsu's match, altough that's not a knock on Yabushita.
  3. At this point, I'm starting to think JD stands for JUDO and DEATH. This was another unique match as it has some big violence and blood. Starts out with a few psycho bumps, Sakai takes a really dangerous looking spill down a flight of stairs, misses a moonsault from a height into a pile of chairs etc. To be honest I thought the pace was a little off but it could've been due to the clipping. The second half was really well worked as you had Sakai doing her best Sangre Chicana impression, being bloodied and doing a very good job selling dazed and hanging on by a thread. I really liked how desperate Sakai was to avoid the chain punches from The Bloody, and the worked in some good exchanges. There were a few weird lulls in the match and some parts that felt a little rushed keeping this below it's potential.
  4. Double juice brawl with mask ripping. Some of this felt like typical joshi (lots of piledrivers and some slightly easy transitions) but the gritty fighting, brutal chairshots and some nice moments during the finishing run moved this into above average territory. There was a particularily nice dive from Cooga which felt out of a lucha bloodbath in terms of timing. Kimura was probably the most reliable worker in JD' and this was another good showing.
  5. They show about 22 minutes of a 60 minute draw. Damn you to hell GAORA TV editors, because this looked damn great, potentially the greatest match Asuka has ever been in. Asuka was working different from her later 90s-early 2000s stuff, no cute stuff or table shenanigans, just straight no nonsense wrestling with little rope running. Most of the first 15 minutes was matwork and Asuka lacing up Bison with kicks. Bison get her in a Stretch Plum which she didn't like at all so she bloodied her mouth and demolished her with a series of brutal kicks. I'm not sure if Asuka was bloodied by Kimuras punches or simple by getting Bisons blood on her, but both of them struggling over a Scorpion Deathlock with the blood all over them was quite the epic visual. The middle portion of about 30 minutes is almost completely removed. The ending looked damn intense with Bison barely getting her shoulders up on a pinfall, Asuka countering Bisons Chop with a Fujiwara armbar and going mad with spinning wheel kicks etc. Really maddening to get robbed of a potential classic like this.
  6. About 10 minutes of 15 shown. This starts out with a bang as Yokota misses a big dive to the floor and Cooga lands a Tombstone, then follows up with rabbit punches to the back of the head and Yokotas face, bloodying her. Cooga would continue to work over Yokotas neck, hitting another piledriver on a table and a big knee to the back of the head, while Yokota tried to make technical comebacks. This could've easily built to a classic but instead a wonky transition happens were Cooga apparently injures herself hitting a senton and Yokota just gives her the business hitting 2 kneeling piledrivers on the floor and then beating her with the double underhook kneeling piledriver. Maybe something essential was clipped out but yeah.
  7. I love Bison here, cutting off Toyota and not allowing her to run through her usual opening bullshit. She also hit a cool dropkick to the knee while Toyota was in the tree of woe and then gave her a good stretching, really bending the leg while applying the STF, and also doing a cool amateur style leg stretch and carny choke hold. Really nice struggle over a Tapatia there too. Toyotas selling was obviously non existant and the match soon turned into her typical mindless affair, but I somehow liked how her blowing spots allowed Kimura to regain control at times. There really is a world difference between Bison and Toyota here, Bison stumbling around, looking disoriented etc. while nothing affects Toyota at all. There was one really good bit where they starting throwing high kicks with Kimura missing and getting caught in the ropes like Yamazaki, but other than that this was your standard Toyota match, with you rooting for Kimura. She gets to survive some way bigger moves than you expect too so I guess JD' got their moneys worth on this match.
  8. This was shown somewhat complete (12 out of 14 minutes) so Bison Kimura working hard wasn't in vain. This was quite the good match between two talented workers you don't hear much talk about. Combat comes in with a bad arm and Kimura pounces right on that. Combat works this as the bigger, badder, tougher woman, using her good arm to swat Bison in the back of the head and hitting huge suplexes. It's really fun to watch these two clobber eachother, I really liked Kimuras well placed chops to the elbow and shoulder, and she was tenacious in attacking the weak spot to gain and keep control. Combat knew how to sell when it counted. It's infuriating that JD' only had a 1 hour TV spot because Bison was a beast.
  9. 7 minutes of 19 are shown. Early JD's was mad clipped. What was shown here looked good. Lola looked real good here, viciously assaulting and bloodying Yokota early on and then working her over good. She also hit some real heavy sentons and a cool powerbomb into a Giant Swing. The match turned pretty your turn my turn altough it's difficult to judge with so many clips. Yokotas ranas, suplexes etc. are pretty close to perfection in execution.
  10. This is a match which really has everything going against it. It's 60 minutes clipped down to 25, mainly centered around a beatdown on Jaguar, with two green girls and one very limited crowbar in it, most of what is shown is bombdropping and there is oodles of outside interference (at one point like half a dozen girls jump in the ring to stomp Jaguar). HOWEVER even despite all that due to a good Jaguar performance this is mostly watchable and even pretty great in parts. Jaguar bleeds and takes a huge beating getting shoot kicked in the face by Lioness, absolutely launching herself through the ropes to put a lariat over, taking a big spill down the Korakuen Hall stairs etc. Her blood loss selling was spot on and her desperation counters reminded me of Morgan/Faraon. I don't know whether to praise her because she looked great or to belittle her because she booked this mess.
  11. Fun match between Yokota and a girl who will actually grapple her. Not epic due to Yabushitas lack of experience but it moves by swiftly and there's lots of nice moments. Yabushita always goes for the armbar utilizing various cool throws and it's a nice contrast to Jaguars traditional holds. Jaguar is so damn slick. Classy finish.
  12. Hiromi Yagi, we meet again!! Yagi is a hidden great wrestler and it's always great to see her get a chance to stretch out and work her magic. This was a pretty kickass fight between two girls with legit ability; JD' was pretty judo-centric (they had a judo jacket shootstyle match earlier in the show) and that was felt very strongly in this. Modern day junior workers should study matches like this, as this was fast paced, unpredictable, hard fought, exciting pro wrestling, and every move they did required minimal cooperation. There was no time killing or filler work, both ladies just went for the kill the whole time, always fighting for an armbar or chokehold. I dug the matwork and Sakai adds a lot, and when they weren't fighting like mad for the advantage there were a few neat spots. Yagi is a rare joshi worker who understands how to add meaning to sprint sections by resisting basic spots. Yagi refusing to be thrown makes Sakai following up with a dropkick a lot more logical, Yagi selling the fuck out of her arm added some sense of desperation to her comeback, Yagi going into a bridge and forcing Sakai to elbow her in the stomach is such a simple spot that makes even a simple pin attempt look important. She also knows how to make believable comebacks, as most of the time she would counter with a flash submission, until she had gained enough momentum to hit her big throw, which felt like a big moment. That is not to put down Sakai because she is a badass suplex & submission artist of her own. Textbook finish very well executed. This rocked.
  13. I am not overly familiar with Cooga's career, but I assume this is likely her career match thanks to Jaguar Yokota. Yokota may be old enough to be Cooga's mother, but totally smoked her during the sprint portion of this match. In a lucky moment Cooga land an abisegiri to Yokota's knee which is a totally stealworthy transition. Cooga proceeds to tear up her leg including ramming her with chairs. Yokota's selling was world class and her knee was even bloodied which is something I've never seen in any other match. Yokota kept stumbling and hobbling even while irish whipped and failed to hit her fisherman buster in another great spot which lead to Cooga planting her with some sick DDTs which Yokota sold by spiking herself on her head. Another great spot saw Cooga catching her with another nasty abisegiri to maintain control. I'm annoyed they clipped 4 minutes from this but the clipping was seamless and the match was a great mini junior epic.
  14. I'm on a quest to watch every Yabushita match I can find. This was a very good skill vs. power match. Fang Suzuki is certainly a lot better than you expect a random Dump Matsumoto-midcard heel from a forgotten indy fed to be. Instead of brawling they mostly stuck to a clean, simple wrestling match. It was really cool to see what Yabushita could do to a bigger opponent and Fang was a ton of fun. Fang able to get in a few submissions of her own was a nice touch, and her simplistic back elbows, clubbing lariats and STOs looked great, her selling was neat aswell. Yabushita basically stuck her game plan to two moves, armbars and shotais, and they made good use of them. Her slick bantamweight grappler spots and nifty ways to set up her springboard moves remain a sight to see. I wouldn't say there's great matwork here, but Yabushita has some spectacular ways to get armbars. There was a brief spill to the outside where Yabusita gets suplex into a pile of chairs and hits a dive from a big height which was a little out of place 2000s indy trope for this kind of match, but they quickly went back to the wrestling and delivered a strong, effective finish.
  15. This was a fast paced joshi match. One thing that stands out about these JD' matches is the slick spots these girls do. It almost feels like watching a CMLL Minis match integrated into a joshi bout. Yabushita was a maniac here taking one psycho bump after another, eating a dangerous spill down a flight of a stairs and a huge german suplex on the floor aswell as getting dumped on her head multiple times including with a Dragon Suplex off the top rope. I thought the match wasn't quite great, as I thought the rhythm was off, there were some slight upfucks and some of the selling and transitions where... you know what they were. Still, I liked how Bloody was able to reverse Yabushita's armbars so Yabushita resorts to vicious palm strikes which they built to a strong finish, and because the match was interesting I enjoyed it.
  16. Really fun match between two undercarders. Ranmaru has really sharp looking kicks and really lays the stiff shots into Kuragaki, while Kuragaki does a mix of power spots and integrated flying moves. I knew Kuragaki was "agile for a thick power wrestler", but her athleticism absolutely blew me away here, approaching Super Astro-ish levels. She did all these slick cat landing on her feet spots and asai moonsaults that wrestlers half her size can't pull off as clean. Most wrestlers will occasionally wobble a little when doing that kind of stuff, but everything she did had a perfect 10 landing. I also really liked how she caught Ranmaru in a canadian backbreaker hold, then followed up with a dropkick to the back and a sharpshooter for a nice submission nearfall. Her twisting moonsault where she crushed the Ninja with her hip was really nasty too. I'll be hunting for more Kuragaki.
  17. This match was like a joshi version of Atlantis/Blue Panther. Just what the hell was going on with these two girls? I'll just assume that this is how Jaguar Yokota taught them wrestling is supposed to be like. Just a straight up grappling match with a ton of legit ability in both workers and a strange lucha influence to keep it sweet and graceful. I swear to good some of the sequences here wouldn't look out of place in a 1991 CMLL title match. At one point, Sakai floated into a flying headscissor, which turned into a standing choke, that Yabushita then countered into an ankle pick. Really unlike anything I've seen in a wrestling match before. Same for Sakai's strange huracanrana where she slipped underneath almost as if pulling guard and then gracefully rolled into a pin. That kind of stuff could look cute and contrived, but they had their timing down pat and the rhythm was just right, moving from matwork, to sparringly used rope usage, to hellish suplex moves. Yabushita again went for the arm like a bat out of judo hell, and the selling was top, adding just the right kind of fatigue and desperatin. Some of Yabushita's armlocks were straight out of Negro Navarro's book. Really I've no idea what was going on with these two to have a match like this in a dying promotion. I guess it's just a thing between two workers who trained together and just did they kind of bout they enjoyed.
  18. JD STAR KILL EM ALL!!!! I had stupidly high expectations because it's BIG MATCH HIROMI YAGI!!!! and naturally as such this was underwhelming. I'll put the blame on Sakai as she seemed to be kind of going through the motions. There were still a few cool little moments mostly thanks to Yagi who had developed a cool veteran aura. Some nice matwork, neat armbar work, getting a cheap takedown from the ropes etc. Sakai, on the other hand, looked kind of poor. I guess she just didn't feel like it that night, because, you know she had very good matches with Yabushita, a judo girl with an armbar-centric moveset, what's stopping her from matching up well with Yagi? But it just didn't happen. Then just as it seemed that the match got going it ended. The finishing move itself also felt like a total burial of Yagi. Hiromi Yagi, you deserved better.
  19. This was one of the more interesting matches I've seen in a while. This match was different from the Sakai/Yabushita match they had in March of 2001 as this was a grudge match. Yabushita comes in wearing street clothes and this is a fight from the get-go. However, due to their unique styles, this ends up being far weirder than your typical joshi brawl. The pace is very good as they avoid overly long wandering brawling and instead go back to the wrestling while keeping the story in tact. Also, even though Yabushita's heel faction was at ringside, there were no intereferences, which was a nice change of pace from what I'm used to in joshi. It was really neat to watch Yabushita going back and forth from busting out flash submissions to going for weapons and illegal chokes. It sounds like a mess, but you gotta trust me when I say this actually works because the timing and pacing is on point. The wrestling exchanges here were super nifty and almost lucha-esque in their rhythm at times. Stuff like Yabushita reversing a pin attempt by sweeping on top of Sakai, the ultra-quick springboard moves or a few extremely well timed transitions made me think these two are far above your average worker. Execution-wise they weren't quite as sharp as I like, for example Yabushita has a weak chain punch and Sakai kind of blows a missed punch, but there was nothing that hurt the match too bad, and both girls also have good offense, Yabushita especially rocks her flash armbars and there were a few very cool, believably used suplex variations. Most importantly Sakai was a very good babyface here adding a lot to the match with her charisma and timing. There was one spot where Yabushita is fed up and attacks her arm with a series of nasty chairshots, leading to Sakai making a desperation comeback by giving Yabushita a fisherman buster on the chair, but the referee refuses to count because she used to chair. I have no idea if the referee was a heel or just trying to do her job, but I thought that was a seriously great moment. Her selling of the arm was again pretty much impeccable and I thought they did a good job with the long, dramatic finishing run that could have easily killed the match but didn't. Very good, unique match. Fucking joshi of all things keeps surprising me with shit like this.
  20. This was a great match from two completely random names. I really like the Sumi Sakai from around this period that I've seen, as she was really using her judo and mostly dumping opponents on their heads with uncooperative throws before killing them off with nasty judo chokes, but the roles were kind of reversed here, Yabushita was a lunatic always fighting for armbars and constantly attempting to rip off Sakai's arm. Match was worked kind of like a juniorish BattlARTS match, with the junior stuff being cool, they had some cool ways around springboard moves, nice unpredictable flying armbars, also Sakai has this cool Yakushuji style headscissor to the floor. Match gets really great once the fatigue kicks in, as Sakai's arm starts to become dead weight, so she dumps Yabushita with some hard suplexes, which Yabushita sells suprisingly great (considering how suplexes are usually sold in joshi), and always going back to the arm, until Sakai catches one of her many attempts and kills her off Fuchi style. Pretty great stuff and something I'd easily rate ahead of many joshi "classics".
  21. I watched this because I'm trying to hit everything on Loss' Rewatching & First Time Viewing list that I can easily find, but man oh man, this is about as joshi-paint-by-numbers as it gets. Jaguar can be compelling to watch because she's so smooth, but this is little more than an extended squash for her and Shimoda. There's nothing bad here, but nothing that really stands out as really good until the end when Shimoda busts out the Death Lake Driver (a tiger superplex), which is a pretty nutty spot.
  22. There was no way the Yoshida vs. Bolshoi matchup would live up to my expectations. I was a little underwhelmed by Yoshida here. She had some fun exchanges vs. tiny Bolshoi on the mat here and punched Yabushita in the face at one point, but that was about it. Also, here was an annoying clip in the middle of he match. The Yoshida team was carried by Akino, who looked pretty good. Yabushita is a judo girl with legit ability, so all her flying armbars and fighting on he ground looks really good, as she actually looks like she is constantly pulling her opponent into a submission to beat them, rather than doing a pretty spot. She looks more Brock Lesnar than Minoru Tanaka and if Ronda Rousey ever gets into wrestling I imagine this is how she would work ideally. Akino was good but I hated her no selling Bolshoi's top rope Uranage, altough I've learned to give these girls one stupid spot off. Same with Bolshoi's shitty 619. The fancy rollup and flying submissions all looked good, Bolshoi is crazy fast, like twice prime Misterio speed, there were a few moments where they countered eachothers counters, which gave the match a hard fought feeling. The Akino vs. Yabushita finish run was really good with Akino catching her in surprise Fujiwara armbars and Yabushita avoiding Akino's kicks and throws. Also, these girls like to go for the Liger running palm strike, but while the move connects and makes a sound, I think it doesn't look visually impressive because they are physically so tiny. Match ended when it should. Very fun bout.