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Found 25 results

  1. Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin & Terry Gordy vs Kevin & David Von Erich - WCCW 8/15/83 2 out of 3 Falls Kevin is PISSED at Garvin for parading the American Championship that he stole (I did not watch the rematch, but it is clear Garvin won the held up title). Ring jackets aren’t even off and he just pulverizes Jimmy Jam sending him packing. Then they send Gordy packing again and again. Red hot start! Garvin, Gordy and Sunshine regroup. Garvin is antagonizing the crowd and Von Erichs. Even getting his ass kicked, he won’t let up. Gordy wants him to calm down figuring otherwise he was going to have clean up his mess. Gordy whipped into buckles and dropkicked out. Garvin is only making things worse with his attitude. Kevin takes a swipe at Garvin and then headscissors on Gordy. Garvin wont shut up. Easy to talk when you ain’t in the ring, Jimmy Jam. David lays one in on him try speaking with a knuckle sandwhich in your mouth. Kevin in the headscissors still clawing towards Garvin and shooting daggers at him. Awesome! Kevin is the man; he is a constant state of pissed off. He is the Tito Santana of World Class. Gordy makes the tag and holds him down while Garvin repeatedly knees him. Kevin headscissors on Garvin and the girls in the front row lose their shit for a headscissor. Imagine that today! Again, Kevin gets in wrong corner and they stomp away on him prone. Kevin makes it to David in and bombs away. Garvin sells well for David. David kneedrop for two, but misses next one and Garvin tags out and lets Gordy take care of him. Garvin single leg pick up and Gordy presses advantage. Gordy gets knees up in corner and flying kneedrop takes the first fall! Birds 1-0. Relatively clean win for the Birds. Garvin and Sunshine are such a great heel act. Gordy was at his best being the muscle, but also realizing he cant fight the Von Erichs two on one so shut up, Jimmy! The Von Erichs rage was very entertaining. Surprised how clean the fall was. Gordy & Garvin celebrate. Garvin picks up where Gordy left off and kneedrops on David. David tags but ref doesn’t see it. Garvin hits the chinlock. Gordy goes a clubberin’ with David fighting back. Kevin blasts in and Kevin is the man! Gordy overwhelms dumps him to outside with trunks. Kevin keeps comin’. Hot shot by Gordy. Gordy Tags Garvin. Kevin keeps comin’! Love how chippy this is. Fighting in corner. Criss cross and Kevin tags in David hits a high knee and wins second fall. 1-1 Tied. Kevin constantly fighting back is what pro wrestling is all about. I love exasperated the heels were they just could not keep this fucker down. Great stuff! Wild start to the third fall. David thinks piledriver then Gordy is inspired and thinks the same thing. Neither can wrangle it on the other. David applies the claw and Garvin saves and Kevin obliterates Garvin. Fight over suplex and David wins. David applies Claw and Garvin rakes eyes. Kevin attacks Garvin again. Double sleeper and ref rings the bell. Von Erichs win?!!?!? Double dropkick on Gordy after bell. Double DQ! Booooooooooooooo. Shitty finish aside, this was a fucking war. The second best tag match of the Von Erich vs Freebird war after the Independence Day match. What an incredible fucking year and feud for these seven men! Watch as much Freebirds/Garvin vs Von Erichs in ’83 as you can. Cant wait for ’84 and beyond! ****1/2
  2. "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin w/Precious vs "Gentleman" Chris Adams w/ Sunshine - WCCW 1/30/84 Steel Cage Match World Class was way ahead of its time. Better TV production values, entrance music, cool badass heel stable and catfights! Was there any place doing catfights before Precious & Sunshine? This is for the vacant American Heavyweight Championship. I don't know why it is vacant, but I do know why Sunshine dumped Garvin it was because he hired Precious as her valet and that of course led to problems. I should really watch those angles. This was pretty outright boring for the first half of it with all the excitement coming from the women and whether they would go at it. Otherwise, they just did Adams one upping Garvin with long leg grapevine. I did like Garvin's verbal selling and Adams mocking the Garvin strut. Once Garvin headbutted Adams in the midsection, the match at least picked up from an action standpoint with Garvin being a scummy heel and Adams selling. Finally Adams goes into the cage and is bleeding profusely. Wow! Huge bladejob! Sunshine is a really effective valet selling her anxiety well. I did not get a real feel for Precious, but Sunshine is pretty charismatic. Adams' comeback was fine, but I thought the best part of the match by far was the finish. Adams landed on his feet from a back body drop and then promptly SUPERKICKED Garvin's head off. New American Heavyweight Champion! Garvin sends Adams flying out of the ring. Sunshine is locked in the cage with Precious and Garvin. Sunshine beats the living shit out of Precious. Adams clears the ring, but Garvin absconds with the championship belt. Sunshine talks some smack, which is great! Awesome angle for a return match. Blood, women and a badass finish make this an easy recommendation, but way too much downtime to say this is anymore than just very good. ***1/2
  3. Fabulous Freebirds/Jimmy Garvin vs Von Erichs/Iceman Parsons - WCCW 5/27/83 Elimination Match This match is not worked Survivor Series style, but basically as a 4 vs. 4 battle royale where eliminations can happen by pinfall, submission or being thrown over the top rope. This match is wicked chaotic and I actually liked that feel a lot. The Faces start off hot. They shoot all four Birds into the center for a 4 way collision. Gordy goes for piledriver. Kevin hits a crossbody and they pig pile on top for him for three. Loved the pig pile! I did not expect Gordy to be the first eliminated. That’s a huge coup for the Von Erichs. The eliminations are rapid fire. Parsons gets pig piled by Hayes/Roberts. Garvin tosses David out. Kevin dropckicks Garvin out when he turns around. DAVID/Jimmy fight to set up their wager match in about a month. Thus it is down to Hayes & Roberts vs Kerry & Kevin. This stretch is just fucking awesome. It starts with double Von Erich sleepers. The theme is that Hayes has to keep saving Roberts lest he go down 2-1 to the Von Erichs and be at there mercy. Kevin nails his finish, a big flying bodypress, but Hayes saves. He sends Kevin out but through middle rope. Kevin is able to recover to save Kerry from double teams. Roberts accidentally strikes Hayes and I bit on that as a finish. The Iron claw is applied on Roberts, but Hayes saves again. Hayes sleeper on Kerry! Roberts tries to throw Kevin out, but Kevin skins the cat to a big pop. Kerry reverses into his own sleeper. Double Claw! Kevin misses big splash. Buddy tries neckbreaker or backbreaker to win. Hayes tries bulldog. Nothing doing for the Birds. Von Erich double dropkick sends Hayes outside. They try to do the same to Roberts, but Hayes trips Roberts up. Cool spot with both Von Erichs crashing and burning. Hayes comes crashing down on Kerry and 1-2-3. WOW! Kerry basically did a clean job for Hayes right there! This leaves Kevin alone. Hayes tees off on Kevin. Pig pile kickout by Kevin to a big pop! They both try to put Kevin out over the top rope, but Kevin skins the cat. They try to push him over, but Kevin uses legs to send them both over and skins the cat to win the match. I was surprised they went with Kevin in this role, but then it clicked when I remembered the commentary stating he was getting the title shot against Flair. Really great booking to get him over and ready to face Flair in a month or so. Once this got down to 2 on 2 this was an awesome action-packed sprint. ****1/4
  4. American Heavyweight Champion Kevin Von Erich vs Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin - WCCW 7/18/83 Zack Galfinkas clearly took his grooming cues from the sleeziest man in wrestling, “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin. Garvin and Sunshine were a tremendous heel act and perfect as the top singles heel down from the Freebirds and as their ally. My love for Kevin Von Erich is well-known and one of the first matches I ever watched of him was this one. I was excited to re-watch it and it did not disappoint. Kevin outclasses the preening, cocky Jimmy Garvin in the beginning with a dropkick out of chain sequence then bodyscissors. Kevin Von Erich is one of the wrestlers that has a credible body/head scissors. There is something about the way he does it that has me believing. Maybe part of that is Garvin’s great verbal selling in the hold. Garvin shows he can wrestle with a drop toehold and Indian detahlock and Garvin tries a pinning combination. Von Erich, always fighting, punches out. Garvin does not let up with good vicious knees to back. Garvin hits the chinlock.. Kevin blocks and throws Garvin into turnbuckle and Irish Whip. Kevin reverse crossbody from top rope to win first fall! Garvin is pissed at himself and rightfully so he dominated the first fall and let it slip right through his fingers. Kevin starts the second fall with a nice armbar takedown. Kevin applies a headscissors. Sunshine is such a fun valet. Good facial expressions and reacts well to events in the ring. He basically piledrives Garvin when he tries to escape headsicssors. Garvin pops up, but ends up in a hammerlock, love foiling the heel like that. Great verbal selling by Gorgeous Jimmy again. Kevin is really working it and wrenching it, so good. Nice reversals in hammerlock with Kevin getting the best of it. Kevin now applies the double wristlock. Garvin powers up and hangs Kevin up on top rope, but Kevin keeps fighting. Big splash and Kevin eats feet to face. NASTY! KEVIN WENT FULL BORE INTO THAT! Tied 1-1. Kevin looked to have this title defense against Jimmy Jam all sewn up, but he blows it in the second fall. Garvin presses his advantage clubbering and drops Kevin throat first in the top rope. Garvin back to the chinlock. Michaels Hayes is on apron and at first I thought it was Sunshine. Lets be honest, Hayes has way better than Sunshine so sorry for dissing you, Michael! Kevin throws Garvin’s head into turnbuckle and great selling by Garvin knowing what is coming next! Kevin applies the vaunted Iron Claw to the head of Gorgeous Jimmy. Is that perm enough of a helmet? Garvin gets to ropes. Kevin dropkick sends Jimmy Jam out to the floor. Sunshine slaps Kevin so Kevin spanks Sunshine! Garvin comes crashing down on him for the victory!!! Sunshine taking one for the team! Kevin is a total hothead in the ring and that’s what makes him great. Sunshine and Garvin parlayed that into an advantage of their own. Great action in there, loved the symmetry of the first two falls and a super hot finish run. Another great Kevin Von Erich match! ****1/2
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