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Found 29 results

  1. Slow start to this--not the usual Doc/Gordy/Ace kind of slow with a lot of laying in holds. Just deliberate. And there's good stuff to be found, like the little football tackle dick-waving contest between Doc and Patriot. This picks up and turns into a hell of a match, with a closing stretch that wouldn't be totally out of place among the great early-'90s All-Japan tags. Kobashi works as sort of the juniory, in-peril member of the team, which I could see being a source of criticism, but...well, that's what Kobashi does. And while Patriot is fine, he's best served as an apron cheerleader who just comes in to hit his big spots. There's lots of neat counter-wrestling in between all the big bombs and some cool double-teams. It's probably too long to have been included on a pretty loaded Yearbook in full but this is probably the best AJPW match not to make the cut.
  2. Cool trios match which had some matwork and for once, ended without a gazillion bajillion nearfalls. The highlight was obviously Hase working the mat against he shooter cats. Though, the goal of the match was to put the UWFi crew over strong, I thought that considering AJPW always gets praised for it's psychological brilliance, they could've done a better job. I'm not sure I by Hase easily taking down and dominating Albright on the mat. It made him look like a fat dude with nice suplexes rather than an unstoppable beast. And Kobashi was taking some really stiff knees from Takayama, but was fine a minute later. Johnny Ace was fired up but kind of threated everyone like a jobber. Ah, to nitpick forever! It was a fun match and that's what counts.
  3. Johnny Ace – least talked about 90s AJ guy? He was a pretty good stand in for Misawa as Kobashi's tag partner here. His stuff is not as overexposed as the rest of the AJ crew and his games around hitting Ace Crushers and DDTs are neat. I really liked the parts where they beat the shit out of eachother. Lots of kicks and slaps to the face. The early going was around the Holy Demon Army trying to exploit weaknesses, and the Dynamic Dudes trying to, you know, prevent them from doing that. Eventually though Kawada almost decapitates Kobashi with a nasty headkick which allows Taue to set up some leg work. The leg work ended up being filler but was gritty enough and didn't go long. Quite the epic destruction of Kobashi towards the end with a great build to an apron spot. Some neat sequences around Kobashi & Ace trying to prevent the inevitable. The main thing I didn't like was the tendency to absorb a strike, and then hulk up and hit a strike of your own, which had crept into All Japan at this point. There's nothing dumber than making an angry face after you got kicked in the face. Other than that, good job crew.
  4. JIP with a struggle over an apron suplex. Ace hits a rope-assisted Ace crusher while dropping off the apron that looks brutal. Kobashi can't seem to make anything stick for a while afterwards despite the usual 150% effort, and this sequence seems really well done. Ace gets caught during this part while going up for a moonsault. Kobashi is able to interrupt but Ace kicks him a few times and goes back on offense. Ace hits the moonsault but doesn't get 3. Kobashi takes over and hits a series of finisher level moves that he can't follow up on fast enough to make them a finish. It's a good sequence but Kobashi working from underneath is way better than Ace working from underneath. I liked Ace interrupting Kobashi's first moonsault attempt and using the taped , injured leg to drive it home a lot. It's down to one minute left and Kobashi is still on top, but can't keep much moving forward without having to sell the leg. Kobashi hits the moonsault with a little bit to spare, does he get the 3 or is it a draw? Really good way to finish a match with these two. I have some quibbles with Ace's corner lariats and knees. But they told a really good story for what there was (9 minutes). Wouldn't mind seeing the full match at all.
  5. Common themes along these Cena metamodernistic classics: using a fire extinguisher and the Big Show corner chop. I'm not really sure what to think of the match. It's definitely worthy of being inducted in the list of meme matches, but it felt like a celebration of crappy overproduced wrestling more than anything, and as good as he has been in so many matches and promos this stuff does serve as a sort of reality check that a lot of his work has also just been not good. In terms of what made this work I would easily rank Ace's selling and acting (throwing himself out of the ring after the Airplane Spin was brilliant) and Michael Cole's enthusiastic biased commentary over the entirery of Cena's work. I did find the STF "torture" spots amusing, lord knows being trapped in Cena's loose STF is hardly the most terrifying thing that could happen to a man. I still maintain getting upset over stuff like this is naive but I am in no rush to seek out more of its kind now.