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Found 16 results

  1. Johnny Gargano has put on two five star matches in a four month span. Unless Daniel Bryan gets booked in a high profile singles feud, I don't see anyone topping the emotional investment and sympathy that Johnny Gargano draws out from a crowd. Pairing him with Tomasso Ciampa, who transformed from fun indie superstar into one of the best most vicious heels in the world today, is just absolute magic. The feud has been built up to simmer and simmer until it came to its insane boiling point here. The match was worked with an immediate sense of hatred and brutality. Big punches, heated brawling, all of them building up to big spots. The incorporation of weapons was ridiculously good and organic all throughout. I mean, Ciampa stealing crutches from a fan?! That's some 80's heel heat right there and it was perfection. The addition of the knee brace to create some truly magical storytelling moments towards the finish. I mean, I don't know how much I can gush about this match. It was just so good on every level and by far the match of the year. It's crazy what a long term build and two incredibly talented workers dedicated to their story can pull off. Absolutely everything right with pro wrestling. *****
  2. Consider this my first shot of adrenaline. I feel like with the daily grind, my love of wrestling has taken a hit in recent months and I asked around for some suggestions to pump some life back into me. This absolutely did the trick. The best tag team match I've seen since I can even remember. I liked all the neat little heel tricks we got from the beginning, but also that them working this style doesn't feel like a cutesy in-joke about an era gone by -- the stuff they wanted to get certain reactions got the desired reactions, and with a smart crowd at that. The leg stuff at the end felt a little tacked on when it wasn't really part of the match up until that point at all, but I don't see that as a huge negative, or maybe not even a negative at all. Doing it the way they did felt like it had contextual meaning that probably went over my head. I'm also not really a fan of babyfaces submitting. But I loved everything else about this -- the match was made by Dash and Dawson pulling some stuff out of mothballs that hasn't been done for years, making it fresh again. They served many masters by doing all the nearfalls that are sort of a requisite for a big WWE match but also building drama from the opening bell to the bitter end and not compromising their tag team vision in the slightest. Great match. ****1/4
  3. I've made it no secret that this is my favorite feud in wrestling today and that their last match was my match of the year. And while that still holds true, this match brought a different flavor to the rivalry that still felt like a valid progression from the last match. The brutality was there, the hate was there, the big spots and big bumps were all there. While at times it does get bogged down by WWE-style theatrics, I am still generally a fan of those kinds of theatrics so I can't really complain. Perhaps the biggest thing going for this match is the finishing stretch. I'm sure a lot of people were annoyed or upset by the ref bump and screwjob tone. I thought it was great. It was unnerving and difficult to watch at points which is how I know they've got me emotionally hooked and invested. This was a violent spectacle the likes of Owens-Zayn II from NXT or Lesnar-Cena from SummerSlam 2014 and I am a big fan of violent spectacle. *****
  4. Clearly, I'm on a modern wrestling kick as of late. I suppose I'm taking a little breather from FMW and AJ. Who knows I might even finish the wXw tournament! Fortunately, I have the WWE streaming service free for another month so, I thought I'd see what the hype was about concerning NXT. That's not to say I'd never seen NXT footage but, I wanted to see this current crop of guys. It's kinda like ROH & PWG from 2013-16 with Roderick Strong, Red Dragons, Adam Cole, 2 of the 3 Grapple Fuckers, is Hero still with the company? Oh and they finally got Ricochet too! Plus Tommy Chompers, Johnny Gargano (I remember him from his Pro Wrestling Ohio days...really cool to see him make it), and our wXw friend Tommy End. I'll just say Mr. End has come a long way since 2010. One thing that I don't like about the streaming business is that there's no way to skip ahead or back to the matches or chapters. I'm so used to watching DVDs that I really prefer it. I hear everyone enjoy all the different streaming services they have. That's cool but, I don't have the time, patience, or stomach to scan through (let alone watch) a three hour show. It's OK though. This non-skip obstacle forced me to watch a match that I might have missed from the NXT: New Orleans show. You'd better believe I skipped the ladder match and the three way tag team match. That's way too much gimmerickery. Ember Moon vs Shayna Baszler: NXT Women's title on the line. I liked this match which is less and less of a surprise to me. Women's wrestling in the States is catching up to the men...or at least the stuff shown on TV. It is equal to or better than most of the men's matches. That being said, this was the weaker of the 3 WWE Women's title matches fought during the weekend. I'd still recommend it though. Andrade Almas vs Aleister Black : NXT Title match. This was pretty darn good. I'd even say great however, it had superfluous moonsaults and "moves" when good old fashion hitting would have been better. That is to say, more intense and more logical. End oh *ahem* Black is a hell of a kicker so, why is he doing moonsaults? This reminds me of Kawada in Footloose. He was doing top rope moves and spins kicks. Sure, they looked really great but, when you can kick a guy straight in the face, why bother? Almas valet was really remarkable and the most memorable part of this match. I'm coming in never seeing them so, perhaps that's old hat but, I dug it. Johnny Gargano vs Tomasso Ciampa: Grudge match. For a guy that skips as much of the WWE packaging as possible, watch the intro video to this. Especially if you're ignorant of their backstory. I know them but, not as NXTers so, this really helped set the scene. If you're new to this story/feud then, I'd say it's required going forward. Coversely, I don't feel like I missed anything by not watching NXT on a even sporadic basis. I'd say it's like an update retelling of the Midnight Rockers split up...except Johnny and Tomasso really are friends. I was hesitant to watch this because it had gotten a lot of pimping on the Match Discussion Archive. That and I'm not the biggest fan of 2018 wrestling. I am so glad that I didn't let those things stop me. Not only was it a gruelling battle but, it had a weight to it that few matches have. This was all punctuated by a finish that wasn't fade to black hammers but, instead one that showed a depth of emotions. I thought it was a classic. Bravo guys!! I can't say I'm in love with NXT since I skipped two matches intentionally. In some regards, just don't like the WWE style of presentation. I didn't like TNA or WCW's main shows either. Saturday Night was good though. I guess I like a more bare bones approach. I don't really care for the gimmicks that the wrestlers have. It feels really focused on a 8-16 year old demographic. I mean I could see myself loving the characters as a pre-teen. I think I'd be an Aleister Black fan since he seems the most scuzzy/ECW like Nevertheless, I am really glad I watched what I did.
  5. I actually liked this better than anything on the Takeover card. I still find it so awesome that before he got a job in the WWE, Gargano was one of my least favorite guys around in the indies & now he really is one of the best babyfaces WWE got. And that was on display here as expected - he was excellent with his hope spots, emotion & selling. Dunne was great as well with his work over him - loved the arm targeting. Great match. ****
  6. This was amazing. Ohno has been delivering everytime he has got a chance to do so in this 2nd NXT run of his, and this was the best match of that run yet. It was 100% 2016 best wrestler in the world like performance from him. He beat the crap out of Gargano, just straight up bullied him with his beautiful elbows, boots, sentons, you name it. He also had a terrific dance partner with him - Johnny G gave a wonderful babyface performance, selling his ass off & busting out great, super well timed, big hope spots. Great, great stuff. ****1/2
  7. I don't think this quite scaled the heights of their Takeover match (though I was at that one live) because it had less of the element of surprise on its side, but it was still really terrific. These guys work really well together and the match is paced really nicely for stuff like apron spots and loud chops to get the crowd into things at the right moments. The ending does a great job of continuing to tell the story of Johnny getting over the #DIY split and the story of Almas' rising aggression. It does that well enough that they could just end this feud (which hasn't really been a feud outside of the matches anyways) and move on, having made that progress. And if they do decide to have another match, that's very cool too. ****1/4
  8. Very good match with great storytelling & action. The Revival/#DIY dynamic brought the psychology & kept the match together while Authors of Pain did their power/monster thing. The match was a little long in the tooth, though - and the drama dissipated once #DIY was out of the equation. The Revival did the best they can as situational faces, to be fair, but the Authors of Pain cannot work a compelling control segment for their life. Rating: ***¾
  9. This was great. The Authors of Pain looked like absolute monsters, they were really great in this one. DIY were fantastic too, it's really funny how Ciampa & Gargano went from shitty PWG performers to one of the absolutely best tag teams in the whole world - they were really great as the babyfaces working from underneath, loved their hope spots & comebacks. Fantastic stuff. ****
  10. An early WWE TV MOTYC for 2017 - The Revival & DIY showcased their excellent chemistry once again in this banger. As always, Revival's sneaky heel tactics ruled, the leg work was awesome & Johnny Gargano was at it again with that excellent selling of his. Then the ending was like cherry on top - the visual of Dash & Dawson hugging each other before getting killed by Gargano & Ciampa was pretty epic. Absolutely not on the same level as their 2 classics from 2016 - but it didn't need to be. Great match. ****
  11. Worst Evolve match I've seen so far. It actually started off pretty good, doing junior chain wrestling with Johnny Gargano was the best Tracy Williams ever looked, and Galloway was a solid hot tag, still the majority of this was so dull and uninteresting, Gulak and Williams had one nice combo move and Gulak will do one thing per match that I like like steal a Finlay spot or something that looks like a Finlay spot at least, here it was dragging Gargano by the feet into his corner, but outside of that it's clear he and Williams have no idea how to work, they're just so boring, so many stomps and armbreakers leading to nowhere. The double submission spots are also getting ridiculous but I did like Gargano and Galloway switching who they were doing them on for it made a ridiculous visual. It felt like it was much longer than it was, Gargano and Galloway were fine in fighting back and I kind of feel bad for them for being in a match this bad. *1/2