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Found 4 results

  1. This was in a vaccuum a good match, but YOU, the living breathing human being watching this match will never get over the fucking stupidity of having Lawlor, the taller, bigger MMA badass working all even steven with Gresham's cute WoS shit. (Actually, Lawler is shorter than I am and the same weight, but he looked like Takayama next to Gresham here. Maybe I should get into wrestling.) To be fair, Gresham's faux WoS stuff looked slick and he could probably have a good match with a fellow mini. About 10 minutes into the match Lawlor finally awakens and starts busting out MMA holds. I really liked how Gresham fought out of an armbar, and Lawlor had some really nice chokes and good punches. Still the psychology continues to be a mess with both guys really killing the submissions, a random wristlock comedy spot (?) in the middle of the finishing run and the whole thing just not ending. I should probably cut them some slack because they tried really hard to have a solid mat based match without any flippies and some of the stuff they did was quite good. Still, I'd rather have the match be a grotesque, violent mess.
  2. A very good, borderline great match. Jonathan Gresham was AWESOME on his attack towards Lethal's arm - he targeted it at every turn he could, including a very simple, yet creative spot where he escaped the usual 2nd rope powerbomb spot by beating the crap out of Lethal's arm. Very neat stuff there. Lethal answered to Gresham's vicious onslaught by going after his knee - and that is where the one negative thing about this came into the play; Gresham's selling of the knee was very spotty. Everything else he did in the match to perfection, but man I wish he had sold the knee more. Lethal sold the arm in superb fashion & if Gresham had done so too, this easily could've reached the ****+ heights. ***3/4
  3. This was brilliant. If you ask me, the 2002-2008 ROH is just about the best thing ever & this felt like a complete throwback to those days. The venue, the atmosphere, just the overall vibe of it was so awesome. Cole came in & wrestled the match without any of his trademark catchphrase gimmicks & I was very much a fan of that. Loved the beginning stuff w/ them battling over the control - Cole holding Gresham onto that wristlock was really great. Gresham's counter to that w/ a very nice looking Uppercut to the arm of Cole was also great & ended up starting the big story for the match - Gresham working the crap out of Cole's arm. His arm work was so, so, SO amazing; he worked that arm in brutal ways & it was truly a joy to watch. Cole sold that well & I loved the idea of him countering that brutal arm work of Gresham's by going after his leg - he did a great job targeting Gresham's leg, but now we get to the one negative about this. The selling of that leg work. Gresham started it well by not being able to run because of the work Cole had done - but then few seconds later he does a Suicide Dive, goes back to the ring w/ Cole & does a SSP. That is something Davey Richards would be very proud of. The super spotty selling by Gresham was the only negative about this, but gladly it wasn't enough to deny this classic. Loved the finish with Gresham botching (at least I think it was a botch?) that SSP, he recovered well from that by selling the leg right away as the reason of him not being able to do the move correctly. Fantastic stuff. ****1/2