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Found 22 results

  1. This had something of a rep and it's probably the best non-gimmick singles bout of Brian Armstrong's career. It's not great or anything much more than a solid TV-level bout, but he's able to keep up with the Kid on the faster sequences and he tones down the dancing between moves from where he had been in the summer. Kid is working at around 50% due to his neck injury but still knows how to put together a strong match. Roadie wins with a second-rope piledriver, which is effective considering Kid came in with a neck injury but probably should have been sold with a stretcher job rather than just a three-count.
  2. World Class Championship Wrestling TV #82 Aired July 23, 1983 (Taped July 15, 1983) Dallas, TX No review yet. John Mantell vs Michael Hayes Chris Adams vs Terry Gordy Bruiser Brody vs Buddy Roberts Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  3. WWF Intercontinental Champion Tito Santana vs Bob Orton - MSG 7/23/84 They pretty blatantly telegraph this is a draw with a pretty pedestrian opening ten minutes. They worked the holds well, but you could tell they just wasting time. Orton catches Tito with a punch on a criss cross. This combines elements of workrate (bomb-throwing), but with lots of selling of exhaustion so it feels like a 2010s self-conscious epic. Lots of time in between moves in order to sell exhaustion. Orton busts out a powerslam, backbreaker, Fishermans Suplex and tries a Vaderbomb, but eats knees. Each move is great just lots of time in between spots. Tito instead of having one big burst of fire has a several mini-comebacks. The one after the Vaderbomb was good but went into an ab stretch and then he missed a crossbody and Orton gets a cover. Orton takes a Slaughter like bump over the turnbuckles and some big Tito shots. Orton gets a big reverse atomic drop off the Tito ten count punches in corner. Good nearfall down the stretch. Bell rings shortly after. My big issue is they were selling total exhaustion but they only wrestled twenty minutes! C'mon! They were acting like they went a full Broadway. It is not like they worked a sprint. Over selling and way too much time in between moves. Found this to be disappointing.
  4. Inoki doesn't seem anywhere near as over as he was in the Schultz match. Basic match with Fulton controlling the bout with heatholds and average strikes before Inoki's comeback. Inoki had a nice hammerlock escape and I liked the way he blocked one of Fulton's strikes thereby setting up his comeback. **1/2-**3/4
  5. WWF World Tag Team Champions North-South Connection vs Sgt Slaughter & Terry Daniels - WWF, MSG 7/23/84 Terry Daniels certainly mastered the armdrag. Besides that and the dropkick, I dont know if he had much else. This was pretty fun mostly because Murdoch and Adonis were so selfless. They still used their size to bully Daniels but they created a ton of movement for him. I really liked the criss cross sequence where Adonis finally landed the big reverse elbow to get Daniels down. Slaughter pulled a Terry Funk and threw himself on the turnbuckle to save Daniels who then dropkicked Murdoch down. We get more Slaughter in this than we did Backlund, but again it leaves you wanting a Slaughter/Adonis or Slaughter/Murdoch match. Back in Daniels throws some more armdrags, before getting his shit kicked in. The dropkick is his transition to the hot tag. SLAUGHTER CANON! Clobbers Adonis. Cobra Clutch on Murdoch, but Adonis saves. Daniels in and he gets a hot nearfall off a crossbody. Daniels like Blair succumbs to a double team move this one more similar to Demolition Decapitation. This was similar to the Blair/Backlund match except Blair was more experienced and just better than Daniels who looked really green. Murdoch and Adonis did their best. This was a fun finish run. ***3/4
  6. Fujinami is just awesome, and he's made better by working with such a great foil. I loved the way Murdoch bumped for his dropkicks. This was a really aggressive match and the more cohesive layout missing from their match earlier in the month was on display here. Fujinami works the short-arm scissors and Murdoch works Fujinami's leg, which is a defensive tactic more than it is his offensive game -- he's just trying to get the guy to leave his freakin' arm alone. Murdoch also shows that sometimes, the differences between audiences internationally can be overstated, as he is able to hold the ropes for leverage while working holds to get a reaction. It's not the same big reaction that sort of thing gets in the U.S., but it was there. He's working a gasping-at-straws match throughout this match, while Fujinami is sticking to his gameplan. Every time Fujinami shows signs of his life, one of the first things Murdoch does is try to get Fujinami out of the ring to brawl on the floor. He even bites him squarely on the forehead a few times. Fujinami open-handed slapping his way out of Murdoch's spinning toehold was awesome. They aren't going after each other with reckless abandon or anything, but this is a match that is deceptively hate-filled. After several minutes of Murdoch dominance, Fujinami gets an opening and tries to go right back to the short-arm scissors and Murdoch swats him off. The match is filled with really cool detail work like that. The cumulative selling is really great here too. That's what good selling is -- not just selling each piece of offense, but also selling the toll match is taking. The best moment to show that was Murdoch hitting his move where he drives Fujinami's head into the canvas with his own knee behind him, but he rolls out of the ring and is unable to capitalize because he's running out of steam. The two are throwing every piece of cool early 80s offense in the book at each other down the stretch. And another thing -- because DCOR finishes were so common at this time, brawling outside the ring has the same crowd emotion that's generated today by a string of nearfalls. That's how Fujinami ends up winning this. Beautiful match that I didn't even come close to doing justice. ****
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