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  1. World Wrestling Entertainment Monday Night RAW #1048 on USA June 24, 2013 North Charleston, SC No review yet. Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton Christian & Sheamus vs Team Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow) Kaitlyn vs Aksana Alberto Del Rio vs Chris Jericho Ryback vs The Great Khali WWE Tag Title #1 Contenders Triple Threat: Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay & Tensai) vs The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso) vs 3MB (Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal) CM Punk vs Darren Young Street Fight: Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton (Discuss) Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  2. The wild ride that is 1998 continues as now Kanako Motoya of all scantily clad joshi fairies is stepping up to provide the kickass grapple oriented pro wrestling. Shockingly great performance from her as she did a great job selling a bandaged leg and also worked that cool convoluted submission based style that was so en vogue then aswell as throwing in some nice high kicks for good measure. Amano is another girl who does the flash submission based style and she does it exceptionally well as she has really cool looking and natural ways to get submissions. Both of them sold extremely well and they did a really nice job working a 50/50 type contest without things getting silly as the selling and fire was in place. Highlights include a gritty palm strike exchange, great sleeper hold spot and whacky La Magistral into armbar. Only nitpick – which might be pretty major depending on what type of person you are – was that they showed the last 9 minutes of what seemed to be a 30 minute contest, so that has to make you think a little. Still what they put together was exceptional & great.
  3. This is my first time to see Austin Theory, but I have to say I don't get guys cutting promos with that scripted WWE cadence when no one is making them do it. (At least I hope no one is.) I have no desire to return to the rape culture days of early 2000s indie wrestling at all, but calling an opponent an "indie piece of trash" just might be too far in the other direction. I loved DJ Z here and think he has a bright future. I hear he's working BOLA this year, so I hope he gets a lot of matches and has a breakout weekend because he seems on the verge of something cool. I'm not a huge fan of three way matches, but they do execute some of the necessities of that really well here. I thought it was cool how DJ Z wanted to do the big move from up top, but it was presented as him countering something else when they were actually setting up his own move. Pretty cool way to structure that so it's not obvious what they're doing. Good match. DJ Z looks ready to conquer the world. ***1/2
  4. This will be a shorter version of the daily match reviews I do for older wrestling. The matches I enjoy the most will get a longer look and a more detailed match review on this date next year. The storytelling here was awesome. Much of it was built on technical precision. Anthony Henry wasn't as skilled as Timothy Thatcher in the story that they were telling, so he tried to make up for it with as much aggression as he could muster. We saw it at the beginning of the match when he charged at Thatcher and went for an early victory, and we saw it again when he finally found a way to deal with Thatcher's ability to counter just about anything from just about any position. In the early stages, Henry's anklelock was noticeably loose compared to Thatcher's, but that was by design. Henry's dragon screw leg whip being countered by Thatcher's cross armbreaker, only for that to be countered by an anklelock from Henry, was the best part of the match. It seems like most of the time, this dynamic isn't really paid off. Tsuyoshi Kikuchi never beat Jumbo Tsuruta. Ricky Morton never took the title from Ric Flair. Rey Mysterio I guess beat Kevin Nash on a fluke once, but Nash got the last laugh. This time, it did. That makes this not only something cool, but also something special. ****
  5. A good match that tried to tell an interesting in-match story, but a little too much comedy at times for a title match from my view. This is almost a competitive squash for a big part of this, but then it kicks into high gear in the last few minutes when AR Fox stops trying to out-Riddle Matt Riddle and starts wrestling more as himself. The ringside seconds added a lot to the nearfalls by getting so excited after all of the big moves, which I am convinced played a big part in getting the crowd to bite so hard on those. This didn't really come across like a main event-level match to me, but it also seemed like an early chapter in a long series between these two, so maybe that's okay for now. ***
  6. This was an utterly insane, blood drenched spectacle. Orihara looked really great here, taking one of the craziest bumps I've ever seen, and ripping Takeru's mask and kicking him in the face, and generally doing a massive feat holding this together. His selling was fucking crazy too as he was selling the blood in a way that you fought someone was really about to die here. Match also had a bunch of awkward painful high end junior offense, stiff powerbombs and neck compressing suplexes and all that.
  7. This is the rubber match of their feud with Bayley have the added motivation of looking to get a title shot plus revenge for being injured by Jax. This match is more of a game of cat and mouse than their other two matches. Bayley doing a lot of darting and dodging in order to find opening for offense. Eventually, Nia is able to catch her and just starts clubbing her down. Bayley does an excellent job of selling plus adding some neat transitions to tease comebacks. Run up to the finish is great with both women taking some nasty bumps along the way. Fantastic way to end their rivalry. ****
  8. This is a rematch of the NXT Women's Title match that they had last fall. Right from start Bliss is in ramped up, Takako Inoue style, bitch mode. Just like the Carmella match, she hits all of her offense in a really nasty way. It was surprising to see Bayley get off most of her offense from counters or take advantage of Alexa having a tantrum. Match could have really used another 5 minutes that could have potentially made it a MOTYC, but even though it's a bit short it's still a great TV match. ***3/4
  9. Another fun Crockett-goes-to-Japan match in a series. This starts off with everyone throwing chairs at each other and descends into a total U.S. formula match. Liger is utilized perfectly in this unique setting, keeping the heels off-balance with his flashy offense before working a textbook FIP segment with Team Chono cheating their asses off while abusing him. Hashimoto gets the hot tag and that's worked right out of the South as well--eventually he gets isolated with Hiro Saito and you can guess how that ends up. Not essential but I could watch NJPW matches like this all day.
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