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  1. Pretty simple match. Tiger comes in with his goofy rapier and is ambushed by an overzealous Inoki throwing wild punches. Jeet produces forth a foreign object and stabs the fuck out of Inoki and from then it's Singh procuring every dirty tactic in the book to work over Inoki. Choking, hits to the throat, bashing his into turnbuckle post, tables and chairs, and then some more chairs... Inoki quickly comes up bloody and there seems to be a DQ of some sort but the match is restarted (or 2/3 falls?) and Singh continues the beating. Inoki finally makes a pretty cool comeback by ramming into Singh like a bull. After some good payback using the steel posts again Jeet is bloodied aswell and Inoki finishes him off by snapping his arm, forcing the ref stop. This match had good pace but at over 20 minutes it was far too long. You can argue whether Singh's tactics were effective heel work or lazy garbage brawling... if the later, atleast give him credit for being the patron saint of the art form. Inoki ate an epic beatdown and gave gruesome comeuppance, so the match did everything right in that regard.
  2. 2/3 Falls match at about 20 minutes. Pierre Bernaert is a heel we are going to a see a lot from now on. Laurent Dauthuille is a former world class boxer whose most famous achievement is getting knocked out in the 15th round of a world title match by Jake La Motta. It wasn‘t unusual for boxers to become catchers at this time. Instead of the „Which martial art is stronger?“ theme that would be exploited in mixed fights, these matches were more about how the boxer was going to adapt to wrestling. Dauthuille did the usual French holds and moves, but also made it clear that he damn well was gonna punch Bernaert if he was gonna get too cute, which made Dauthuille a bit more interesting than your usual French babyfaces. The whole match had this Memphisesque 20 minute long build to Dauthuille throwing the first punch. Meanwhile was Bernaert was throwing cheapshots and taking shortcuts like mad. It builds to the eventual explosion when Bernaert gets cocky open hand striking Dauthuille and the boxer fires back with a flury of punches. With Bernaert kneeing his opponent in the balls a bunch and Dauthuille really taking him to the pay window this felt really intense. The problem was that it ended almost too early with the match ending on a technicality instead of the epic showdown that it deserved. That setup def feels like something Mexican or US territory workers would‘ve turned into an amazing last round. Still, it‘s to these guys credit that they could work a 20 minute match and it still was far from enough.
  3. Continental Wrestling Association June 26, 1978 Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, TN No review yet. Jerry Bryant vs Mike Hendrix Porkchop Cash vs Hans Schroeder Porkchop Cash, Steve Kyle, King Cobra, Mike Hendricks & Steve Brodie vs Hans Schroeder, Jean Louie, Sonny King, The Bounty Hunter & Jerry Bryant Steve Kyle vs Jean Louis Tommy Gilbert vs Jos LeDuc Lights Out Strap Match: Jimmy Valiant vs Jos LeDuc New York Street Fight: Bill Dundee & Jimmy Valiant vs Frankie Laine & Mike Boyer Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  4. World Wrestling Entertainment Main Event #39 on ion Aired June 26, 2013 (Taped June 25, 2013) Columbia, SC No review yet. Chris Jericho vs Cody Rhodes Christian vs Dean Ambrose Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay & Tensai) vs Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O'Neil) Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  5. Long 2/3 falls match. Unusual beginning as Singh breaks clean and wants to wrestle! It doesn't go well for him though and so he ends up doing the same old cheating tactics like in every other Tiger Jeet Singh match before Inoki catches him with a quick pin combo. The 2nd and 3rd have Singh working over a bloody Inoki with nasty looking finger to the throath chokes and Inoki firing back with his awesome punches. Do yourself a favour and skip the first fall if you wanna get to the bloody meat.
  6. This is Bito first time tagging with either Io or Hojo since her return. This is a surprisingly competitive match considering that you have some of Stardom top girls on one side taking on the B-team of the companies heel group, Oedo Tai. Hojo especially, does a really great job of putting over the offense of their opponents to make you believe that they have a chance, even when none of them have any real big offense. Very entertaining in an unexpected way. ***1/2
  7. WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund vs Bob Orton – Philly 6/82 Lumberjack Match Backlund has the exact same strap from the last match. After the ass kicking he got the last time, there would be no way I would want to be in the ring with angry Bob Backlund. Backlund is whipping, choking and even throwing Orton using the strap and Orton is stooging and bumping like a change. Orton is discombobulated trying to escape but it is a lumberjack match BABY! He rakes Backlund’s eyes with the buckle. ORTON OFFENSE! Backlund dropkick and PILEDRIVER~! Well that was short-lived. Orton does manage to string some offense together in form of a reverse atomic drop and his awesome working punch. Backbreaker, but only gets two and he jaws with a lumberjack, which in retrospect was probably Ivan Putski given the finish of the match. Back to bumping, Orton does the Slaughter bump, which leads to the press slam off the top. The best part of the match was how Orton sold Backlund’s straight right to his nose. Just tremendous! Orton is looking superplex and instead we get a super Thesz Press from Backlund! Orton is tripped by Putski for the anti-climatic Backlund victory and this leads to an Orton/Putski brawl post-match. I realize I have never seen Putski before and the dude is a shorty. Again, this is a good match, but that is disappointing given how good these two are. Another bad finish really mars the match overall. Same level as their previous match just good, not a bad way to spend 15 minutes. ***
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