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Found 18 results

  1. Grimmas

    Tajiri vs Kana/Asuka

    I think these two work very similarly and are both extremely charismatic. I don't know if I know how to differentiate them really. What do you folks think?
  2. Grimmas


    Discuss here.
  3. I really like how they laid out this match to how they booked this feud. They found the right tone for Emma's character as she realized how dangerous Asuka is but still thought she could beat her by outsmarting her. Also really liked Emma's in-ring performance, she worked really smart and laid in a lot of her shots while not being afraid of taking anything from Asuka. It was cool to see Asuka dust off some of her old strike combos. The most noticeable difference between Asuka here and her work in Japan is how much she plays to the crowd. She rarely worked in front of big crowds in Japan so it's nice to see her adjust and work "bigger" here. The finish was smart even if there was a few minor issues with the execution of it. ****
  4. This is a rematch from Takeover: London plus Asuka's last match leading up to her title match vs. Bayley at Takeover: Dallas. The opening part of this match quickly reestablishes the Bugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam rivalry between the two with Emma trying to outsmart Asuka but the reverse ends up happening. Emma does eventually gain control and starts to work over Asuka with a variety of holds. Unfortunately, this does take some steam out of the match as Emma doesn't really mix in anything flashy to get a reaction out of the crowd. They do pick it up for the finish though with Emma actually hanging in there with Asuka during a strike exchange, but she ends up costing herself the win when she argues with the ref after he caught Emma with her feet on the ropes during a rollup. One of the better WWE/NXT women's matches of the year so far. ***3/4
  5. This was absolutely phenomenal. Both women killed it - Asuka showed great cocky character work & Ember showed great fire & intensity. Asuka's arm work to that previously injured arm of Ember's was amazing, absolutely brutal & focused. Ember's selling was great & her comebacks were super great - those 2 big nearfalls w/ the Eclipse & the Superkick were outstanding. The finish was perfect w/ Asuka getting frustrated & desperate as Ember was overwhelming her & her cheating attempts didn't go through - but then Ember makes one mistake & she gets to lock that Asuka Lock. Fantastic stuff. ****1/2
  6. I think it's safe to say that this is a big time contender for the most violent women's match in WWE history. They went all out - amazing action from start to finish w/ no dull moments & dull moments are something that we usually get a ton of in LMS matches. The big spots (trash can, neckbreaker's, the ending..) were all absolutely tremendous & the action in between those was terrific as well w/ some real good selling. ****1/2
  7. This was really good. Kana dominated most of it, and Nakajima fought from under. Kana was great with her killer looking offense while Nakajima had some really fun comebacks. ***3/4
  8. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2017-03-22-WWE-NXT] Asuka vs Priscilla Zuniga

    Love me some awesome squash matches, and this sure was one of those. Watching Asuka on the offense is always a thing of beauty, her offense is just so fantastic, and I loved the cocky character work she showed here. ***1/2
  9. This was quite something - the presentation was very interesting w/ them having a special lightning for the match & then there's a guy playing an instrument throughout the whole thing. Gotta say I have never seen anything like this in terms of presentation. The actual match was a banger, just Kana & Meiko beating the crap out of each other w/ brutal submissions & stiff strikes - loved the selling of both women too. Great match. ****
  10. An intense match worked with a great sense of urgency. The only disappointing thing about this was SDR's awful selling - Kana worked over her leg throughout the match, and she just completely no sold it. Other than that, this was pretty great.. BUT I gotta say that it had potential to be even better had Del Rey bothered to sell better. ***3/4
  11. This was something else. I loved all the interactions between all 4 competitors - even Marufuji did a damn good job outside of few of those crappy superkicks. Marufuji vs. Meiko was fun, Meiko dodging those quick striking combinations of Marufuji was pretty damn great. Kana vs. Meiko was awesome, stiff exchanges between the 2. And then the main thing. My god. The interactions between Kana & Minoru goddamn Suzuki. Minoru is such an evil bastard, he wasn't taking this joshi lady seriously, no selling her strikes and just being MiSu. Once Kana nails him with a pretty low kick, he gets so angry, he beats the shit out of her. Kana tries to comeback, she lays some of her great looking offense to the baddest man around - only for him to put her down. This was SO wild. ****1/2 - ****3/4
  12. This is a really good house show match between these two. There is some entertaining back and forth throughout the match as opposed to the domination that you get in Asuka's TV matches. The transitions where well done, and Ember gets a nice run of offense before going down. ***1/2
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FvBGEs91zE It's exceptionally rare that you see a match that is built around the performance of a rookie, but this match is centered around Kana trainee Konami. There is also the interesting dynamic of both Syuri and Shida being junior rivals of Kana in the past. The story of the match is Syuri and Shida focusing on Konami with one of the matches biggest strengths is the way they find interesting, reasonable ways to get Konami offense. Anytime she manages to get something in it's done in a logical fashion, not forced. Even when Kana gets tagged back in she gets in some offense but eventually falls to the 2-on-1 situation because she doesn't have any backup. Everyone in the match plays her own role very well leading to a great match. ****1/4
  14. Coffey

    NXT Takeover Respect

    Tonight is the next Takeover event for NXT on the WWE Network. Pretty stacked card, in my opinion, if you're a fan of the NXT shows. NXT Women's Championship: Bayley© Vs. Sasha Banks 30 Minute Ironman Match Dusty Rhodes Memorial Tag Team Classic Semi-Finals: Finn Bàlor & Samoa Joe Vs. Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder Dusty Rhodes Memorial Tag Team Classic Semi-Finals: Jason Jordan & Chad Gable Vs. Rhyno & Baron Corbin Dusty Rhodes Memorial Tag Team Classic Finals: The Winners of each Semi-Finals Asuka Vs. Dana Brooke Asuka (formerly Kana) in-ring NXT Debut Apollo Crews Vs. Tyler Breeze
  15. Talk about it here.