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Found 16 results

  1. This is super enjoyable. They wrestle it with a good, tight pace, we got a fun Goto FIP segment, very nice Shibata hot tag which gets cut off by Gallows in AWESOME fashion, really hot finishing stretch. Just really good stuff all around. ***3/4
  2. Last stop on the Kizuna Road tour and I was most interested in here in the Okada/Anderson interaction as I know they have some big matches upcoming with the G-1. They get a decent chunk of this match with Anderson booting Okada hard in the corner, and Okada reversing his powerbomb into the inverted neckbreaker. Anderson gets off a bunch of neck breakers and does hit his big power bomb but Yujiro breaks up the pin, which makes him look pretty strong. Naito wins with Stardust on Yujiro. This was perfectly fine.
  3. Good match, I liked a lot of the stuff they did like the elbow smashes Usos pulled out and how Gallows would counter The Usos' offence when they'd take too much time to set them up. Still you had weird pauses between the moves and sequences like this were a Triple H match which wasn't really fitting for a Tornado Tag which you'd expect to be this non-stop action filled chaotic adrenaline rush. ***
  4. Another good match between this pairing even though it was probably the least of those they've had so far, The Usos have had a sneaky good run, I like their shtick a lot and Anderson and Gallows are good foils for them. I liked how agressive The Usos looked here, continuing to punch Anderson and Gallows after diving on them, driving them into the barricade etc. Post-match brawl was really cool as expected. ***
  5. I'm loving this feud, it's bringing us awesome 6 man tags that have been long gone from WWE television, kind of a workrate WAR match as it has a punch of punching, kicking, guys knocking each other off the apron, the awesome cut offs etc. but also does all of that at an insane pace. Reigns looks like such a beast when AJ is bumping for him and AJ continues to look like the smartest babyface in WWE with how he tried to sucker Reigns in into a Springboard Forearm when they threw the chair around. It feels so refreshing to have the crowd actually be invested in the match and chant for participants in it and cheer them and boo them instead of chanting stupid stuff in hopes of getting onto botchamania or whatever. ***1/2
  6. This was a blast, a super fun action packed 6 man tag just like you'd see in 2013, what really put it over the top for me was the post-match brawl, Reigns looked like such a badass in that, just tossing AJ everywhere with Styles taking these lunatic bumps. We know how a feud of this kind ends (Gallows and Anderson turning on AJ) but it's been a surprisingly fun ride so far. This continues to confirm my theory Gallows and Anderson and the kind of brawling and skillset they bring is much more suitable for WWE than New Japan. ***1/2
  7. GREAT MATCH. Maybe the best WWE TV match of the year so far. It started out as a tag match between The Usos and Anderson/Gallows, then that fell apart after Anderson hit Reigns with an awesome stomp through the ropes (I'm so glad that move is coming back and won't be lost to time and only known to folks who watch thirty year old CMLL trios matches). I love AJ/Reigns interactions, I could watch them wrestle forever, there was a great sequences where AJ went from a Sunset Flip but Reigns blocked it, picked AJ BY THE THROAT and just threw him into the air and tried to Samoan Drop it, AJ tried to counter it with back elbows so Reigns put him down and drilled him with a punch, you really get the sense they are reacting to what the other is trying to do and that sense of struggle really helps the match. Anderson got a couple of great nearfalls in on Reigns, I was shocked at how much I was buying them, they really were phenomenally set up. This was about as good as a chaotic WWE trios match gets. ***3/4
  8. Gallows is a much better fit for the WWE style than the New Japan one and Anderson might be as well. His goofy chop selling is much more fitting when chops are used as transitional spots than when Kojima is hitting him in the corner for a minute. I liked this a little more than AJ-Sheamus because control segments felt more memorable and important. Everything after the huge barricade bump was awesome, I especially loved an Uso busting out the lucha diagonal suicide dive. ***-***1/4
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