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Found 12 results

  1. This match was lovely to see as the crowd is CRAZY CRAZY HOT for Shiga & Rikio and they beat the snot out of each other. We also get Kawabata trying to stand up to Kobashi. I imagine if 90s crowbar Kawabata had shown up this match would've been really great, unfortunately Kawabata was merely solid here. Kobashi when not working a 30 minute long epic is really fun though and we get some quality exchanges between him and Rikio. Not mindblowing greatness here by any stretch of imagination, but you'll feel good having watched this.
  2. Not one of the better Akiyama sprints, but it sure drives the point home. Shigas massive opening barrage of offense trying to put Akiyama away was really entertaining, but the conclusion was just not that interesting. Matches like this were very important in NOAHs booking as they conditioned audiences that the opening of a match was important, so I appreciate them.
  3. Borderline great NOAH 6 man action. Really fun opening, BURNING try isolating Taue only to eat a bunch of boots to the face and Taue ends up teasing the apron chokeslam on Kobashi with Ikeda helping him. We get some brief exchanges where you can't tell what the layout is going to be and then Taue takes out Kobashi with the big chokeslam on the floor anyways. In 1995 this probably would barely phase Kobashi but in 2002 this takes him out for a long time and we get a long heat segment with KENTA taking a huge beating while Shiga desperately tries to save him. That they were able to get serious heat for something like a Sleeper Hold in Differ Ariake speaks volumes about they excellent job the rudos did here. Ikeda was in top form, hitting hard, constantly running in to cheap shot dudes and almost knocking KENTA out with high kicks and spin kicks. Kobashi ends up coming back altough looks badly wounded. We get a really fun finishing run with Ikeda laying into Kobashi, doing a great job selling a big suplex, Shiga busting out his awesome submissions. Bison manhandling the little dudes etc. Great postmatch too, Taue rules.
  4. This was really underwhelming given the sides involved. Quiet crowd and the action isn't as fun as the other multi man tag Noah matches. There was an FIP segment here with Kenta, but I would've preferred if Kikuchi was the one in the role as he's more polished at this point and a much better guy in that role than Kenta. The highlights of this for me were Kenta getting tossed out of the ring by Kanemaru and hiding going under the ring before Akiyama gets his hands on him and then hiding behind Kobashi and Rikio squashing everyone except Akiyama when he got the change to. Skippable match.
  5. This was a much, much improved version six man tag of Jun Akiyama, Kentaro Shiga, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Takeshi Morishima vs. Kenta Kobashi, Tsuyoshi Kikuchi, Takeshi Rikio & Kenta Kobayashi (Noah The Final Navigation 2000 12/02/00) withouth Morishima or Rikio of course. Kobashi teasing the Burning Hammer on Akiyama in a house show six man tag was interesting. The crowd was also more lively here than in that previous eight man tag and the finishing stretch here was really great. Really fun match.
  6. This is boatloads of fun. This kicks off with a pretty brutal slap fest between the Takeshi's. After there's a pretty awesome moment with Ogawa getting tagged in and goading Akiyama who then comes in and Ogawa gets him to turn his back on Marufuji and Rikio who then jump in the ring and jump him from behind. This then breaks down into a southern-esque six man tag with Marufuji working from underneath as the FIP and he takes a brutal beatdown including some nasty body slams and getting put into some nasty manjigatames, namely from Morishima who tries to break the dude's spin in half. His comeback was not bad, as he kept it short and tagged out as soon as he could and smartly jumped off the ring apron and stayed on the floor to put over the beating he had taken before instead of jumping back on the ring apron and waiting to get tagged back in immediately. This breaks down and there's this cool spot where Marufuji tries his flying corner elbow on Akiyama, but Jun catches him in midair and hits him with a gut buster, sucks he doesn't really put that over much and is back to hitting highspots seconds later including an extremely weak looking dropkicks on Morishima. There's also this sweet looking double team spot here between Morishima and Akiyama on Marufuji where Morishima picks him up in front the turnbuckle and Akiyama dropkicks Marufuji from behind and he goes neck first into the turnbuckle. The guy who shines the most to me in this match is Shiga, who continues to look great in multi man tags. He hits some smooth looking submission attempts on Marufuji including a manjigatame during the beatdown and some slick armlocks in the finishing stretch one which he catches Marufuji in off a flipping dive from the top rope. Really fun match.
  7. This is far better than it has any right to be. While the lineups indicate it should be a squash match, it turns out it's not as Morishima and Shiga put on a fiery performance. They take up the approach Marufuji did in the previous match against Misawa and they attack NO FEAR before the bell and it's awesome because the crowd gets going and they stick to everything they can and Shiga takes off Omori's shirt and he chokes him with it. Then what was originally a squash for NO FEAR turns against them and they are the ones getting squashed and the fans begin to believe Morishima and Shiga will pull off the upset before Omori smashes Morishima with an Axe Bomber and the sight of an upset is over. Really fun match.
  8. This is Sugiura's debut and this match is way better than it had any right to be. Sugiura looked like a natural throwing Shiga around and the Morishima and Rikio exchanges were the highlights for me. Fun multi man tag match.