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Found 1 result

  1. LowBlowPodcast

    Mid South Wrestling on Tour Jan. 1984

    Mid South Wrestling is coming to you on its Fox Affiliates throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Action is coming to you tonight from the Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana. Jim Ross: WELCOME EVERYONE TO MID SOUTH WRESTLING! I am Jim Ross alongside Bill Watts and Bill, we want to wish everyone a very happy new year and you and I can both agree that 1984 is going to be a HUGE year for Mid South Wrestling! Bill Watts: You’ve got that right Jim. Lemme tell ya, I have been working with the board of directors here in Mid South and we’ve got some great talent coming in, we’ve got some huge matches lined up, and fans, right here in New Orleans, we are coming back to the Superdome in one month and we are going to blow the roof off that place. Ross: We had some great exhibitions there in 1983 but I think we can say without a shred of doubt that this February 4th, it will be a Superdome Extravaganza second to none! Watts: It is going to be huge… wait just a moment… what do you want out here? -Ted Dibiase walks out with the North American title… Ted Dibiase: Let me be the first to say that 1984 is going to be the year of Ted Dibiase. In 1983, I won this North American title twice, and in 1984, this title will stay around my waist and there is not a man alive who will take it from me. Watts: Well let’s talk about Starrcade and the Junkyard Dog defeating you, don’t you think that puts him right in line for a title shot? Dibiase: Well Watts, I figured you’d say something like that… the Junkyard Dog did defeat me at Starrcade… but who’s got the title? The JYD had his shot… he did what he did but it wasn’t enough! -The crowd then explodes as the JYD walks out! Dibiase: Now wait just a minute there Dog… don’t you come out here looking for a fight… I am not dressed for action tonight… JYD: I didn’t come out here for a fight, I came out here to let you know that I want a shot at that tile and I am willing to do whatever it takes! Dibiase: Whatever it takes? JYD: Whatever it takes! Dibiase: Well I am going to put it out there… but Watts… I know you want to sell out the Superdome… I know the people wanna see the Junkyard Dog take this title… well let me tell you the way it will happen. On February the 4th… I have got a contract being written that will be to you by the end of the night… it is for a one on one, North American Championship match, but this title it is a loser leaves town! Now it isn’t just any Loser Leaves Town match… you see this contract states that ONLY the winner can let the loser back into Mid South for the next year! Watts: So you are saying the loser must leave Mid South for a year… Dibiase: And the only way he cane come back before that year is if the other man signs his contract! Your fate will be in my hands… mine will be in yours… the winner walks away with the title. JYD: Brother you wanna do the thing, I will do the thing! Watts: Now wait just a moment… let me go run this by the board… let’s go to the ring! The Junkyard Dog vs Dennis Stamp -A simple showcase for the JYD who makes quick work of Dennis Stamp. JYD has got the crowd in the palm of his hand. Dibiase doesn’t look happy with the events of the evening as Ross puts over that contract offer. He says Bill Watts will be back with the answer. Inside the ring, the JYD has the answer and it is a THUMP for Stamp and the 1…2…3!! Ross puts this through the roof and says that we *COMMERCIAL* -MSW returns with Jim Ross putting over the Mid South tag team champions. He talks about them being champions who will defend the titles anywhere anytime. He discusses the plethora of challengers that will be coming into the Mid South area to challenge them. Ross says that Paul Jones has got his hopes on the TV title and the Tag Titles. He says he may be putting together a team just for that… but tonight the Fantastics are in action as we cut to the ring. The Fantastics © vs Israel Matia & The Masked Destroyer -Outsized but never outdone. Fulton and Rogers have made a habit of beating big men and they do it here tonight. They work over Matia and Destroyer pretty good as they get some heat but nothing special as Fulton and Rogers with a couple of big double dropkicks sending both men reeling and then a ROCKET LAUNCHER on Matia for the 1…2…3! Rogers and Fulton work the crowd but wait just a minute… out of the crowd! THAT’S DICK MURDOCH AND ADRIAN ADONIS! OMG! Adonis and Murdoch jump out of the crowd and NAIL Fulton and Rogers! The crowd is in awe! We see officials and agents run out as Ross is going nuts putting this over! *COMMERCIAL* -MSW returns with Ross showing footage from the previous attack on Fulton and Rogers. Ross says that he is unsure of what Adonis and Murdoch’s plans are but they have made their presence known here tonight! Ross puts over the tag champs and says he would love to see a straight up tag team match with these two. Ross then turns his attention to King Kong Bundy and Jimmy Hart. He puts over how Bundy is the master of the five count and a man who will go up against anyone at any time. He is in action tonight as we cut to the ring! Rick McGraw vs King Kong Bundy w/ Jimmy Hart -Seconds into this contest, it is not a contest. Bundy is just a destruction machine and he destroys McGraw for the 1…2…3 but he yells at the referee to finish the 4….5!! Bundy works the fans with Jimmy Hart who is just about as loud mouth as they come! -Bundy walks off as the fans then begin to cheer for Wahoo McDaniel who comes out and he’s in action. He and Bundy share a stare… this one could explode at any moment as Ross puts it through the roof. We cut to the ring for Wahoo McDaniel in action… Wahoo McDaniel vs The Red Shadow -Not quite as quick as Bundy but Wahoo looks great in the ring tonight. He handles the Shadow pretty good and is able to finish him off with a couple of huge chops and then an overhead chop that puts him down for the 1…2….3! Wahoo then joins Jim Ross… Ross: Wahoo McDaniel, welcome in here… you had a little stare down there with King Kong Bundy… Wahoo McDaniel: Lemme tell you something Jim Ross. It is about the way you measure man… you look at what he does as a competitor. When you beat a man in that ring you beat him. When you humiliate him, well, that makes you a bully in my book. I don’t have time for bullies or thugs. You look at them boys attacking Bobby and Tommy, nothing but thugs. Nothing but bullies. Bundy… you beat a man… you put him down for a 3 count but you rub it in his face for a 5 count. Brother you try and put me down… with God’s luck you could do it for 3 but there’s no way on this Earth that you could do it for 5… I dare you to try! *COMMERCIAL* -MSW returns with Jim Ross putting over the possibility of a Wahoo v Bundy match. He says that Adonis and Murdoch have been removed from the arena and he hope to speak with them next week right here to talk about what they did to the Fantastics. We see Bill Watts come out and he announces that the contract has been signed and on February the 4th, it will be JYD vs Ted Dibiase for the North American Title in a loser leaves town for a year where only the winner can bring the loser back! Ross puts it over in a big way as we cut to the ring for our big main event! MAIN EVENT ThunderBolt Patterson w/ S.D. Jones vs Masked Superstar -A great showcase here tonight for Masked Superstar who is breaking through in a big way. We see SD out there with ThunderBolt getting the crowd going. In a weird occurrence we see Paul Jones come out with Don Muraco as they are in Superstar’s corner. They try to get involved as SD comes over and we get a little bit of a brawl before Jones NAILS ThunderBolt with the cane and Superstar grabs him for a Cobra Clutch Slam for the 1….2…3!! Jones raises his hand as he and Muraco look to have a new friend! Ross and Watts put this over and pump up next week’s episode and Power Pro this Sunday!