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Found 6 results

  1. Jerry Lawler & Randy Savage vs. King Kong Bundy & Rick Rude - Memphis 9/17/84, No DQ It is not often the place-setter match for the wild brawl outshines, but unfortunately that is the case here. I was all revved up for a raucous, bitchin time. Don't get me wrong the match was good, but it was not the classic brawl that I think that these four could have. It is Texas Tornado style. I love the name Texas Tornado whoever came up with that is a genius. Bundy gets a chair broken over his head in the first big spot of the match, while Rude is earning his money with his excellent stooging. Savage comes flying out of the sky to the floor with a double axehandle twice. Rude hits an atomic drop, which is not as cool as him taking one. Bundy and Rude are able to isolate Lawler and beat him down. In the sequence of the match, Rude bounces Savage's head off the table and THROWS a table at him! However, The Macho Man came prepared with a chain and is able to nail Rude with it. In the ring, Bundy lays a table on The King and just stands on it. OW! Savage saves with his handy, dandy chain. STRAP DOWN~! Lawler has the chain and nails Rude. Piledriver! Lawler fist drop onto Bundy with the chain, but that snake in the grass Jimmy Hart grabs the ref's hand as it is falling. Savage hits a back suplex on Rude, but pins himself!?!?!?!? WTF, MATE! That's a finish for a classic championship match or a TV title match nearing a draw not for a heated brawl. Very lame finish for the context of the match. There were some nice spots, but I did not think this had the intensity it needed to overcome such a lame finish. ***1/2
  2. Way too much work these past weeks and not enough of wrestling for this fan! Time to catch up on reviews of what I have been watching and get down to bidness of watching more classic, badass wrestling Jerry Lawler & Randy Savage vs. King Kong Bundy & Rick Rude - Memphis 9/10/84 Randy Savage was over like all get out! He was more over than fucking Lawler! It was insane; literally every movement got a huge reaction from the crowd. He could have blown his nose in the middle of the ring and gotten a pop. He came over like a massive star in this match as time would tell he would go to be arguably the second biggest wrestling star of the 80s (Andre would be the only one in contention). It was just irresistible not to have fun while watching this match especially the awesome shine to start the match. Savage's wildman antics are hilarious and garnering a huge pop from the audience. The posedown with Rude gets tremendous heat. Did they ever lock up in WWF? That would have been one helluva combination. Against Bundy, when Bundy grabbed a chair, he grabbed the steel post that sectioned off the fans from the wrestlers. Gotta love Savage! The stall-o-rama here wears on me. Savage executes a crazy airplane spin, probably the more rotational speed I have ever seen. The shine finally ends with Bundy catching Lawler with size. It is shocking to see Lawler get outshined, but in this match Savage just had the extra je ne sais quoi that it was hard even for the King to compete with. Rude and Bundy actually make for a badass tag team combination. Rude gets a piledriver and is a heat machine. Bundy is very agile for his size and he should have been a bigger star. The crowd wants Savage in so bad. Bundy misses a kneedrop and Lawler fires up to tag out to the Macho Man. Savage nails the fucking ref in the fracas. There is a great post-match brawl between all four with Savage pinning Rude down with the steps and Lawler hitting Bundy with the chair. The beginning was the best part, but it was heated throughout and set up the No DQ match a week later really well. The big story here is that the Macho Man is ready for primetime and has a star power that only few like a Hogan or Flair possess. ****