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Found 8 results

  1. Talk about it here. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1c95nm_yankee-nichokenju-isami-kodaka-yuko-miyamoto-c-vs-golden-lovers-kota-ibushi-kenny-omega-vs-tetsuya_sport?search_algo=1
  2. Takeshita has really grown from beautiful wrestling prodigy into a bully role seamlessly, and he decides early on to try and destroy Endo's brain. His STF is really great too. Tetsuya works pretty much pure babyface, which, though he's historically great at being a dick, is obviously a great use of his athleticism. If I had to criticize, there's a point this gets to where Endo is selling his brain damage so well, that returning to kind of a traditional big move-trading structure for the last part of the match seems a little wasteful, but that's just nitpicking. This is well worth everyone's time. ****1/4 That's three Takeshita matches I have at 4 plus stars in 5 days. DDT rules.
  3. Jiro gives an incredible, optimistic babyface performance here, and the crowd eats it up (as did I). He pulls out some fun stuff on the mat, and his commitment to his jacket is my favorite love story in wrestling. The last few minutes here might seem like overkill, but just when it seems like the typical finish where the underdog has busted out everything he can to no avail, we get a twist, so I think that overkill kind of works. I'm probably in the minority here but I liked it even better than the also quite good Bailey/Ishikawa match on the same card. ****
  4. KO-D Openweight Championship: Konosuke Takeshita © vs. Tetsuya Endo Neither of these guys are interesting characters, but they were working very hard to captivate the Sumo Hall crowd, trading stiff offense and taking hard bumps. It's like watching two Hirooki Goto's go at it. The match was based around mutual neck work, and I thought they did a swell job of selling the damage. The middle finger spot would have worked better for Endo, given his role in the match (working underneath). But that is only a minor complaint. Good match! ****
  5. I've been going through this year's DDT recently, cherry picking interesting-looking things here and there and I haven't been watching every single one of these slightly different tag matches, but I figured I'd check this one because it's for the vacant titles and good god-damn am I glad I did. Higuchi is especially good here, as he gets his arm worked over and sells it really nicely throughout. There's an especially nice subtle spot where he catches Takeshita with a powerslam of sorts but has to let go with one of the arms midway through. The go all out on a fast, intense finishing stretch, including both Irie and Higuchi diving onto Takeshita to try and incapacitate him long enough so can't interfere in a pin attempt. This wildly exceeded my expectations; it's my favorite DDT I've seen so far this year and one of my fav tag matches anywhere. ****1/2
  6. Takeshita, much like Okada, is a tall young guy. Thus DDT pushes him pretty hard. Much like Okada he isn't very good at pro wrestling. He just has no clue what to do. His early leg selling was eye rolling and on the bad side of melodrama. When you sell something as much as he sold the leg and then just drop it after two minutes it looks ridiculous. If he'd sold it less I would've been completely fine with it but this way it just looked comical. I liked Umeda on offence, he threw a lot of cool kick variations and had real intensity behind them, always looking to hurt Takeshita, who on the other hand would do a move, then try to remember where the hell he is for about fifteen seconds, and then do another move, and that really was every control segment of his, move weird pause move weird pause, it looked completely unnatural, I imagine stunt doubles used in fight scenes in D-level movies would make for better pro wrestlers than him. Match went too long considering it was between two guys at their experience/skill level and was very rough around the edges with plenty miscommunication especially once it got closer to the finish. I'm sure Takeshita could be able to find a job outside of wrestling via being tall and pretty and I hope he chooses to do so. **
  7. I have no idea what's going on in DDT ever so I'm trying to figure out how the short match time figures into the match and whether Takeshita is one of those young guys DDT gave title shots or whatever but actually isn't that high on the pecking order and could still get run over by Big Dog and end up freaking out when I realise he actually has a chance of winning. A very exciting four minute sprint for sure.