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Found 8 results

  1. Oh god, Rob Feinstein is actually on commentary. Ick. He's a running stream of terrible jokes. The announcers completely ignore the match to talk shoot interviews while Low Ki clubs the shit out of Elax. Elax works the leg and Low Ki does a nice job selling it (it prevents him from doing Tidal Crush), but Ki is too strong and this is close to a squash for him. The match works as a nice sample of Ki's stiffness. Ki wins with a knockout forearm strike, which was a nicely surprising finish.
  2. This is a match where the importance can’t be understated. I feel like we have given a good look at the indy stuff from the late 90’s on and it is tough to pinpoint when we reach our first true classic of the indies that wouldn’t look out of place at all in the ROH indy era. Mayhem vs Ki is usually slotted as that match but I think it is for sure this one. The match included brutal stiffness that was unmatched at points and reminded me of Necro and Samoa Joe’s best outings. The matwork was intense and brutal including the opening lock up that showed this wasn’t just going to be a run to the mill match. There were some flubs including a diving headbutt from Ki that whiffed but they recovered nicely with Homicide selling the arm that did get a glancing hit. The crowd seems unsure how to take this but does put their support behind Homicide. The finish is shitty with the match breaking down but the clotheslines that Homicide delivers right before the action spills to the outside is some of the nastiness ones I have seen. Outside, Homicide gives Ki a suplex onto a table with no give and he throws Ki through an entire row of chairs. Another suplex onto the hard table and the hate is really coming through the screen. What a war. ****1/4
  3. Montoya has a big promo pre match and Homicide takes offense to that and has some words to say. It is said that after all these years, I still recognize Hansen as the referee. Montoya is shooting. The crowd chants for Low Ki even before he comes out and he has no boots on tonight. After clamoring to the fans, the match starts proper. Ki gets in a nasty tight choke right away and takes Montoya down. Montoya reverses that into a great armbar and I love how you are really seeing the escapes and strategies play out here. Ki goes after the leg which is a sound strategy on the big man. Montoya really lays in in with some cross forearms and a nasty crossface. Homicide calls for Ki to dump him on his head. The German that Don delivers looks especially brutal. Ki has Don choked out with the bullshit finish happens. Hansen gets pulled to the outside. Someone hits Ki with a chair and Ki is knocked out for the 10 count. A really gritty match. Afterwards, Da Hit Squad informs us it was Mark Reil so Ki retreats to the locker room and beats the shit out of this kid in the ring. This whole unit looks like something not be fucked with. ***3/4
  4. Low Ki has his traditional music already. Reil has a unique gimmick of the guido too good for the likes of the crowd. He also comes out to an awful male cover of No Scrubs. This had a tighter approach and more restraint than the Blade match making it better overall. Some good wrestling and Ki showing his speed. An excellent jump up senton to the floor from Ki was the early portion highlight. I thought Reil was fine too here on top. He was certainly winded in the closing moments of the match but he tried to stick with Ki and work for the finish. He ends up picking up the victory and then shows respect by shaking Ki’s hand at the end. The first of many 2000’s Ki matches I would classify as good. ***1/4
  5. So if you'd like to see a lot of wrestlers attempt to cripple themselves with nutty bumps, both intentionally and unintentionally, this is the match for you. TCK messes up a dive to the outside, which sets off a tragedy of errors that culminates in Low Ki falling off a ladder and hitting the apron in one of the scariest moments I've ever had as a wrestling fan, even watching 17 years later and knowing he is okay. Think I've seen the most insane moment of the match? Nope, think again. The next huge moment sees Ric Blade do a legdrop from the top of a basketball goal through a table. What the hell was wrong with these guys? This just about gave me a heart attack. I can't watch this one again.
  6. This was a match I never knew existed until we started researching 2000 dates. It is odd in that it takes place in CZW and it does involve Ric Blade who is a pretty big cult early 2000’s indy guy. Also, this is some of the earliest Low Ki we will have. Ki has his signature entrance music already and there really isn’t a large difference in his appearance from here to the Super 8 2001 tournament. Fast start with both running through some moves and Ki catching himself from slipping to hit a somersault dive to the outside. I guess this show predates Eric Garguilo and John House taking over the CZW commentary but this is also filmed fan cam style. Blade is able to take over with a DVD and then hits a swantom and really nice legdrop in quick order. The road must have owned Blade as he looks way younger here facially than he will in mid 2001. Arabian moonsault is executed to Ki on the outside. So far, we have had a spotty affair but the spots have looked nice and there is a sliver of a story being told. A slight moment of miscommunication was covered well with Blade hitting a big Doctor Bomb. Ki does his corner kick and a German that lands Blade right on top of his head. Blade does a leg drop where he stands on the actual ring post instead of the top rope. He also has some racist mannerisms for Ki as the heel in this match but it is 2000 so this was the norm of the times. Ki gets a nearfall on a 450 and then retrieves a table from the outside. After some back and forth, Ki hits the Ki Krusher from the ropes through the table and the crowd goes ape at that spot. That gets a 2 count and it really should have been the finish. Ki goes for another table on the outside. Ki ends up on the table in a pretty contrived way and Blade does a pretty bad botch where he tries to leg drop Ki on the table by diving over the referee but he falls short and bounces on the concrete. He ends doing a springboard leg drop to send Ki through. Blade then does four moonsaults in a row from a standing position to the top rope to get the win. Finish let the air out of the match a good bit as the crowd was ready to explode on the Ki Krusher spot which looked great but even moreso than the Punk vs. Cabana match earlier, Ki this early on was pretty damn complete as a worker and only needed a few tweaks to become one of the best wrestlers in the world in the next year. **3/4
  7. Low Ki is doing a completely different gimmick in his intro. Not sure what that's about. This has some good athletic spots and even some clever comedy, but it falls prey to all the same things to which three-ways typically succumb as far as having an odd man out. Good juniors action, but nothing you haven't seen before.