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Found 11 results

  1. When you think of the bevy of very good indie matches we have in store for us throughout the decade, this match more than any other represents the template for those. A smartly worked match that intersperses grappling and strikes. Low Ki was able to showcase all of his arsenal and had Reckless as a base to do it. Reckless also did his heeling act which has been impressive in a variety of settings in 2000. The heel ref stuff with Hanson was a dose of Attitude Era mixed in that was unwanted but before that, the work was solid and satisfying. ***1/4 (6.7)
  2. A brutal match full of insane strikes and hard suplexes. Low Ki is wearing his black shorts and no shoes and he really raises Reil’s cred by Reil being able to hang mano y mano with Ki. 90’s US indies were notorious for matches with no flow and constant blown spots. This had some flow problems but the execution was great and the stiffness factor was there. The two ref bumps thing was really gimmicky and the finish is certainly done in a way for Reil to win but to make it look flukey and to help Ki. Ki shakes Reil’s hand after the match. Low Ki is legitimately having one of the best rookie type years I have seen and he isn’t even my pick for Rookie of the Year due to Murahama. ***1/2 (7.2)
  3. Besides the initial commentary on Mace's entrance, this was presented well as getting over Mace as a competent worker who belonged in this match and proved something to the naysayers. Besides that, it was a fun garbage brawl that looked dated at points in current day but still had enough big spots and action to remain entertaining in an evergreen environment. Low Ki's senton to the floor was nuts and the finishing Ki Krusher to Mace looked brutal and nearly botched. FWA continues to have good production values. *** (6)
  4. Not to be denied, Ki comes back out limping and all and the match is restarted. I assume this leg injury is legit as Ki is really hobbling but Reckless Youth comes out and says some words prematch that I can’t distinguish which makes me more suspicious. Scoot works over the leg and is the heel on top almost exclusively. Ki only gets brief moments of success including an armbar. The finish they go for is odd and didn’t work in execution as Scoot hits a German suplex with both shoulders down and Ki got a shoulder up. The crowd was deflated from that and the announcer didn’t get the memo as he still announces Scoot as the winner. Youth has some words for Scoot after the match. Scoot takes it out on Ki and goes nuts after him locking in a figure four on the bad wheel. Youth challenges Scoot next month and raises Ki hand at the end. Sort of a weird match overall given the “injury” to Ki derailing things. **
  5. Low Ki is rocking and Scoot is there to hang with him. Ki hits his big kicks and is running through his offense when he takes a big dive to the outside and lands foot first. I guess that fucked up his leg as he has to be tended to and then the match is called off. Bummer as Ki was able to win over the ECWA crowd. NR
  6. Its been rewarding watching Low Ki and Homicide in these humble beginnings but LIWF is the shoddiest of shoddy promotions and the level of competition in this match reflects that. As a result, Ki and Cide do some of their signature stuff but it felt pretty obvious they were taking it light compared to the other stuff weve seen them compete in this year. As a result, this is probably their worst match of the year even including the CZW debacle for Ki because it is less memorable. *1/2
  7. Drew Lazerio is someone I have never seen before. Drew is apparently on the cover of GQ. Well good for him. This is a bit sloppy but these guys weren’t really pulling back much at all on these strikes and that is something that can be appreciated and really excuse some of the strikes not hitting perfectly. Low Ki does one of the best springboard moonsaults I have ever seen in this match getting insane air time. Monsta Mack wringing out his arm after each strike is a nice touch to get over the violence. Ki retrieves a table and the crowd is really electric for it. Monsta Mack powerslams Ki from the apron through the table on the floor in a great looking spot. Back inside, Mack misses his big splash from the top and Ki misses his moonsault double stomp. Mack is able to hit a super doctor bomb from the top that doesn’t look great but what ambition. Low Ki kicks out of that as well. Low Ki goes for another dive and gets caught with two powerbombs and the Greetings from Brooklyn which is the Greetings from Asbury Park with Low Ki spiked right on top of his hand. Ki is able to fight back and land a Ki Krush for the win. This is really a match where they unloaded the kitchen sink at each other and made it tough for any match to follow but the stiffness helped ground everything to make it really enjoyable overall. ***1/2
  8. One of the most intense collar and elbow tie ups starts this off. It looked completely hateful and vicious. Some more intense grappling follows where you have small touches like Ki grabbing Homicides shirt to hang onto positon. Homicide takes a powder to the outside. Homicide then starts to target the leg for the next 15 minutes and it is some of the most gripping stuff of 2000 so far. Cide varies his offense and his attack and Ki is excellent selling from underneath. No matter what Homicide does, Low Ki wont go down. Homicide gives some clubbing clotheslines right to the face that made me cringe. Ki is able to hit a flash Ki Krusher to get back into the match but then he winds up and absolutely pastes referee Hansen with a kick that sounded like a shotgun going off. Montoya takes the opportunity to interfere and Billy Reil comes in to stop that but accidently hits Ki with a chair. Homicide hits the Cop Killah and gains the pin. Such hatred here and everything was worked cleanly. The finish is bullshit but sets up the next chapter in this feud. What a great match. ****1/4 (8.6)
  9. This felt like a waste of Ki overall. Billy Reil comes out and cuts a promo. He also gets into it with a fan and has the crowd chanting for him. That is all well and good telling the fans to show some respect in an unironic manner but aren't you supposed to be the heel? His "cousin" Mark Reil jumps Ki and they have essentially a squash match as Reil is really green and looks timid and botchy on most of what he tries. Ki dispatches of him and Berk attacks. A good 5-6 minute match here between him and Ki but it should have just been that match proper for 12-15 and presented as Berk being the hired gun for Reil or whatever. Ki is able to move past Berk as well. ** for the whole thing.
  10. Good enhancement showing for Ki. He shows some flash and is in position for the offense of Crash. I was surprised that the finish was Crash hitting his finish off of a Ki missed moonsault and nothing more prolonged. It is a fun treat to see Ki pop up on WWF syndication if you were a North East indie fan of his at the time. *
  11. A really fun three way match that sets the template for other indy variations we will see throughout the decade. Reil clowns the Sabu entrance giving him extra heat as he and Ki square off. Sabu has some aura on the indy scene and looked to be motivated here. The three way spots are fine and never got too cute for me. Reil is eliminated and we get 5-6 minutes of Ki vs Sabu which felt like an app to a longer form match down the road. Sabu ends up winning but Ki gets the respect reaction from the boys and the crowd for his efforts. ***1/4