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Found 31 results

  1. Solid match. Storm brings the crisp & explosive high-spots, but he's still green and is prone to derailing the match. Candido does his best holding the it together, though, and guides him to a nice little match. Rating: **¾
  2. An exceptionally mediocre match that features fun, albeit sloppy, athletic moves; one of the softest chairshots I've ever seen (not a criticism, more of an observation); and ... absolutely nothing else worth noting. Effort is unquestionable from a strictly physical perspective, but there's nothing connecting the spots together - no sense of flow or cohesion; very poor transitions; the storytelling isn't compelling. Storm can't sell for his life and his comeback rings hollow ... Van Dam brings nothing to the table besides a continuous stream of poorly strung together moves. Rating: **
  3. YUJI YASURAOKA OF THE DAY #1 This was a really fun junior's tag as you had guys flying around recklessly plus all the awkward painful violence that WAR entails. Problem with the match was obviously Lance Storm who is such a terrible wrestler. Half his stuff looked really out of place soft and he didn't have a clue about how to sell, or really add any substance to what he was doing beyond just executing one move after another. However, I'd say Sayama carried him okay with his shoot techniques (boy you are in trouble when Sayama has to carry things). Tiger Mask I is fat here and like Mil Mascaras meaning he is on offense whenever he is in, and really recklessly kicks the little dudes. No wonder Storm is such a pussy about working stiff, he probably still wakes up at night dreaming of fat Tiger Mask awkwardly spin kicking him in the liver. Mochizuki and Yasuraoka are really the best guys in the match as Mochizuki really really REALLY brings the nasty shots from all angles and positions including axe kicking Yuji in the face and Yasuraoka is maybe the only guy in the match who actually sells properly between the moves making everything a lot more meaningful when he is in there. Really dug his desperation lariat after almost crumbling and super fast double jumping dives. Also because this isn't Dragon Gate these guys aren't super polished so sometimes you get junior moves like a moonsault turned into a nasty backflip kneedrop. Super enjoyable match.
  4. Things that are weird: 1)a midcarder getting a bigger pop than probably anyone on WWE television in the last five months 2)Raw using Thorn In Your Eye and RAW IS WAR in 2001 when the show feels completely different than in 1998/1999. This is a really cool read: http://www.fightingspiritmagazine.co.uk/art/interviews/499/training-ground-with-ricky-steamboat-fsm-122-aug-2015 The "sell during shine so you don't have to rebuild heat" bit stands out, and that's exactly what Jeff did here. Ok chain wrestling to start things off with Storm grabbing the hair to control the match. I liked all of Jeff's dropkick variations (the corner one in particular was so great but his Baseball Slide and Misawa counter out of the test of strength variation were also really cool). Storm's back work was good, I loved the way they set up a nearfall with the interference and it was a smart way to make Jeff look good despite him losing. Cool finish. ***