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Found 38 results

  1. Harper's monstrous work on top goes perfectly with Bryan's amazing work from underneath. Vicious stuff, great arm psychology. The post-match was simply awesome as well. ***3/4
  2. One of my favorite things about WWE Bryan is that even with all the goofiness and yes chants and what not, he was still able to wrestle a gritty and violent style. Some vicious and focused legwork on Harper who turns in a pretty outstanding selling performance. Really impressive how they managed to construct a great match considering the circumstances: 1) they are given just a few minutes on free TV (including ad time), 2) this takes place in the middle of a larger gauntlet match, 3) in typical WWE fashion, the focus is on Rollins/Orton backstage stuff. Bryan also takes a Misawa bump on a half nelson suplex, which is insane given the condition of his neck. Beautiful, beautiful payoff and finish. ****
  3. This was all about making Luke Harper look like million bucks in defeat - and AJ did an absolutely fantastic job in that. He bumped all over the place for Harper, sold his ass off. Harper looked like a killer because of that, and because he is really awesome, his offense is great, he came off as super charismatic & the crowd was absolutely behind him - which I actually was quite surprised about because AJ is so over. The whole re-start deal did end up taking a bit away from the match, but this was still an absolute banger between 2 great wrestlers. ***3/4
  4. This was a Luke Harper show. Randy Orton wasn't on Harper's level - his work on top was straight up boring, classic "headlock Orton" - things only picked up when Harper started his comeback and was flying all over the place. The 2nd half of the match was more action packed than the first one, that's for sure, but it wasn't really too good, because sadly Orton got a lot of that portion, too. I am glad to see Luke Harper shine in a singles match at a PPV though - his performance was real good. Overall this was good, but somewhat disappointing because they had a better match on SmackDown just few weeks ago - yes, I recommend everybody to check out their SD match from 01/24, because that indeed was better than this one in my eyes. ***
  5. Loved this. Great shine by Harper, great FIP segment w/ Cena & the whole finishing stretch with the Bray/Harper/Orton story was awesome. ***1/2
  6. It's always great to see Luke Harper in singles action. This was quite a physical match, both guys looked great with their good looking offense. Very enjoyable. ***1/2
  7. Shake Them Ropes February 3, 2015 Episode 64 http://traffic.libsyn.com/shakethemropes/str02032015.mp3 Right Click To Download Shake Them Ropes returns with a look at Monday’s WWE Raw featuring a new development in the WWE World title picture, as well as excellent matches from The Ryback, Luke Harper and Seth Rollins. Plus, we’ll get into Match #89 on WWE’s Top 100 Network Matches as we review the NXT Fatal 4Way main event for the NXT Championship. It’s a fun show, our last one from the Indiana studio for a few weeks as Rob heads to Orlando for NXT Takeover: Rival! 00:00-03:00: Intro 03:00-29:45: WWE Raw Major Notes 29:45-33:30: Bray Wyatt & Saving Rowan 33:30-40:00: NXT TV & New Tag Champs 40:00-43:45: NXT #LikeAGirl 43:45-47:00: Triple H Podcast 47:00-49:00: Baron Corbin & NXT Stars 49:00-60:00: Match #89 – NXT Fatal 4Way RSS ► http://shakethemropes.libsyn.com/rss iTunes ► http://bit.ly/14uiNdJ TuneIn ► http://tunein.com/radio/Shake-Them-Ropes-p675725/ YouTube Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/1Ip9uIy Voices of Wrestling ► http://feeds.feedburner.com/VoicesOfWrestling
  8. Coffey

    WWE Suvivor Series 2014

    WWE Survivor Series is tonight & free on WWE Network. There's quite a few rumors circling today, which I'm not sure how much of it will come to fruition & how much is just flying around to build up some anticipation for the event. On paper, to me, this does not look like a great show. Maybe a few surprises would change that. ******************************************************************************* John Cena has put together a team of Superstars to take on The Authority's chosen ones in the ultimate in team combat — a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match! Two of WWE's most deranged Superstars will clash one-on-one when Dean Ambrose faces Bray Wyatt at Survivor Series. Which Divas will be left standing tall when eight of the division's top athletes mix it up in a Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match? Will Gold & Stardust still be in possession of the cosmic key when they face three pairs of challengers in Survivor Series' WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match? Divas Champion AJ Lee will defend the crown against Nikki Bella at Survivor Series on Nov. 23, WWE.com has learned. *******************************************************************************
  9. Shake Them Ropes @ShakeThemRopes September 30, 2014 http://traffic.libsyn.com/shakethemropes/str09302014.mp3 Download A very special edition of Shake Them Ropes, as Rob McCarron discusses his visit to the NXT TV Tapings last week, plus his visit to the WWE Performance Center. Rob got a solo tour of the entire complex, plus time with head coach Bill DeMott, so we’ll talk a bit about that. Plus, we run down the key topics from Raw, including Luke Harper’s freedom, John Cena’s inclusion in the hottest angle going, and what Rob got wrong about Mark Henry. Catch more on the WWE Performance Center in the following weeks on VoicesofWrestling.com and WrestlingObserver.com. 00:00-07:45: Intro & Rob’s HOF ballot is complete 07:45-38:35: Raw’s Key Notes & Harper’s Spinoff 38:35-42:10: This Week’s NXT Preview & Bella In A Cella? 42:10-45:00: WWE UK Network Delay 45:00-69:20: NXT & Performance Center Visit
  10. Will is joined by Dylan Hales (Wrestling Culture) to help WWE assess its current roster. We run down the wrestlers from Adam Rose to Zach Ryder. Who needs to turn face or heel? Who needs to be repackaged? Who should be given their pink slip? We throw in some fantasy booking, honest critiques and some laughs along the way. Later this week, we’ll be back with another panel to discuss more problems facing WWE and how they can fix it. Enjoy! http://placetobenation.com/good-will-wrestling-fixing-the-wwe-part-one/