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Found 12 results

  1. I'm starting a new monthly thread series here on PWO where every month we will focus on a different gimmick match. Discuss your favorite matches involving the gimmick, how the stipulation has evolved over time, pros/cons, positives and negatives and try to predict where they will stand in the future. This month's featured Gimmick Match will be the Lumberjack Match. from Wikipedia: What do you think of the dreaded Lumberjack Match?
  2. WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund vs Buddy Rose –Philly 11/25/82 Lumberjack Match It was the year of the lumberjack matches, I got to say I prefer cage and Texas Death Matches to the lumberjack match. The Playboy cracks me up asking where Bob Backlund where his women are. I know Bob has a wife and even has a daughter. Bob Backlund interacting with a woman to me is just plain hilarious. WellYouSeeMissIThinkYouAreKindAndVeryATTRACTTIVEAndIAmAGentlemanAndASportsmanAsSuchIWouldLikeToTakeYouOutToDinnerSometimeMaybeAfterwardsWeCouldDoTheHarvardStepTestTogetherIfYouAreSoInclined. Backlund having carnal relations is even more ridiculous to me. They follow suit with other lumberjack matches with Rose establishing he has nowhere to hide. I feel like this shine segment went even better because Rose went out of his way to create ridiculous spots to bump for Backlund and the lumberjacks. Backlund zeroes in on the arm while Rose creates movement off that base. Backlund keeps bringing him to heel with the armbar. Even in late 82, the Philly crowd loves Backlund arm rowing counting along with him. Rose finally nails a dropkick to score an advantage. Rose expertly positioned Backlund towards the heel half of the ring to gain a further advantage. It is bombs away with suplexes galore and the Robinson backbreaker. Backlund is getting some hope spots, but Rose looks to be in control with five rapid fire elbows. He goes for the Robinson backbreaker again, but Backlund applies the Crossface Chickenwing. Rose fights and tries to back him in the corner, but eventually succumbs to one of the most painful holds in wrestling. Right up there with the Adonis Lumberjack match (I’d say a hair better) as a great Backlund match. Rose and Adonis are pretty similar wrestlers, big bumpers with tons of firepower, which works well with Backlund. Very entertaining bout. ****1/4
  3. WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund vs Bob Orton – Philly 6/82 Lumberjack Match Backlund has the exact same strap from the last match. After the ass kicking he got the last time, there would be no way I would want to be in the ring with angry Bob Backlund. Backlund is whipping, choking and even throwing Orton using the strap and Orton is stooging and bumping like a change. Orton is discombobulated trying to escape but it is a lumberjack match BABY! He rakes Backlund’s eyes with the buckle. ORTON OFFENSE! Backlund dropkick and PILEDRIVER~! Well that was short-lived. Orton does manage to string some offense together in form of a reverse atomic drop and his awesome working punch. Backbreaker, but only gets two and he jaws with a lumberjack, which in retrospect was probably Ivan Putski given the finish of the match. Back to bumping, Orton does the Slaughter bump, which leads to the press slam off the top. The best part of the match was how Orton sold Backlund’s straight right to his nose. Just tremendous! Orton is looking superplex and instead we get a super Thesz Press from Backlund! Orton is tripped by Putski for the anti-climatic Backlund victory and this leads to an Orton/Putski brawl post-match. I realize I have never seen Putski before and the dude is a shorty. Again, this is a good match, but that is disappointing given how good these two are. Another bad finish really mars the match overall. Same level as their previous match just good, not a bad way to spend 15 minutes. ***