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Found 29 results

  1. Strong Kobayashi, a rather troll-like looking wrestler (to put it mildly). Dude looked like a DNA experiment between Inoki and Baba. This was a rare early match between top natives and a hell of a fight. Basically Inoki bullies Kobayashi some and then gets his shit pushed in repeatedly. What a weird way to work a match against an outsider, but they did succeed in garnering tremendous heat. Inoki dominates the early going with a bunch of quasi-amateur holds which I dug a lot. He scored a really nice toe hold riding takedown and would constantly do leg rides and toe holds. After getting grinded for a while Kobayashi finally scored a simple arm roll which felt like a nice victory, but dickhead Inoki won't break clean in the ropes. Inoki keeps taunting and slapping Kobayashi between the holds and this is building tremendous intensity. Kobayashi is reacting to all this in really amusing exaggerated ways too. Finally, Kobayashi grabs a bear hug and just manhandles Inoki like a ragdoll. Inoki had pretty great facial expressions here, as he went from looking pained to annoyed to filled with contempt. Later on, when he had regained the upper hand he would look really smug and self satisfied. There was also a great moment where Inoki went for another back ride, only for Kobayashi to use his indicated by name strength to muscle up and reverse him into an awesome Cobra Twist of his own. Shozo smells blood and starts laying stiff clubbing blows to Inoki's neck, but as we learned from the Great Antonio's example Inoki does not take kindly to this and nearly KO's him with a huge punch in another awesome moment. Inoki is looking to finish this now with his grapevine moves but they end up on the outside and Kobayashi makes him eat a posting. Inoki is bleeding huge now and Kobayashi smells his chance going to town on him with punches. Really liked how a bloody Inoki would pop up with a smug grin after catching Shozo with a supex. Man what a spectacular match. Molten heat, cool grappling, blood, punches, neat story, it's all there. Thought both guys did a great job here. Also, gotta give them credit for working a pretty long match that still leaves plenty on the table. I'm surprised this isn't mentioned more often among the best of the 70s bouts, I found it highly captivating.
  2. Wahoos Leg

    1983-03-19-WCCW-TV #64

    World Class Championship Wrestling TV #64 Aired March 19, 1983 (Taped March 4, 1983) Dallas, TX No review yet. Bill Irwin vs The Texan Iceman Parsons vs Buddy Roberts King Kong Bundy vs Mike Bond NWA Texas Title: David Von Erich (Ch) vs Jimmy Garvin Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  3. Watching Andre is always a joy and this is a younger and in good shape Andre in a cowboy vest. Early on we are going through armlocks and standing counter wrestling. Andre is pretty good at this and it's real neat to see a situation where normally the guy would be tripped and brought to the mat, but with Andre being so big it just slows the momentum and leans him back a little. Seiji starts to pick up the pace with a barrage of chops and slaps, which are sold well, but one Andre headbutt and Seiji goes down. I love these moments in Andre matches where it shows how much of a force he is. Back to holds and Seiji goes for a grab the head with the legs and flip him over move only to be slammed. Andre works the arm more, but Seiji grabs the head again with the legs and can get him over this time because Andre was already leaning. Such a cool spot.After a bit of the submission Andre reach the ropes and Seiji doesn't let him up but hits a barrage of MMA type knees. Like in UFC when you try to keep someone down. Actually there is great struggle in this match. You wouldn't compare it to MMA, but there is that essence of it being a fight but with wrestling moves. Big bump by Andre over the top, such a great contrast to his bump in 1989 Survivor Series. .Seiji from there has Andre hurt and is trying to figure out a way to put away the Giant, but stay away. Adds great drama, until an Andre big boot and big splash gets two. Seji is able to get Andre tied up in the ropes and just nails him, until Andre's manager pulls him out of the ring. From there the manager slaps the shit out of him and Andre comes over and holds him to do that. That gives the double countout. Post match Seiji makes a comeback and celebrates his draw. Really awesome stuff and it's fun to see Andre do these more traditional matches, but with the giant twist. ****
  4. http://retrofootage.org/stock-footage/999-1322
  5. I have been looking for more pre-1993 Akira Hokuto stuff when I found this match. Fantastic performance by her, full of urgency and focus, with a really good selljob of her bad leg. She looked very impressive even this early in her career. Chigusa continues her excellent 1980s run with another great performance as well. Terrific match and a hidden gem. **** 1/4
  6. Very effective ace vs. upstart match, with a closing stretch even better than I anticipated. Akiyama's Exploder is not yet named but is now being treated as a big move--Misawa acts desperate to avoid it at first, and when Akiyama hits two of them, Misawa is saved by the ropes from what looks like a huge upset. That's the last bullet in Akiyama's chamber and Misawa effectively takes control with his elbows soon afterward, but a good little scare was put into him nevertheless. This isn't an all-time performance for Mitsuharu but it's a good look at him as the dominant ace, who shows just enough vulnerability to put Akiyama over but effectively re-establishes himself in short order.