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Found 49 results

  1. Albright is a man ahead of his time, coming out to "Voodoo Child." No air guitar, though. Definitely a match of value if just to see the other AJPW types work with Gary and compare them to what Kawada did in October. This is decent but not nearly as good--the opening is a total waste as Misawa doesn't seem to know how to really work Albright's style of opening mat-wrestling, so we get a lot of lock-ups, stalemates, and resets that's broken up when Albright unleashes a German suplex. Gary locks on a cross armbreaker on Misawa's rolling elbow arm and doesn't break when Misawa's in the ropes, providing an opening for another psychological road to go down, but they don't follow up on it aside from Misawa paying Albright back by doing the same thing. I can't really call this a spotfest--there's some token psychology involving Albright constantly going for a dragon suplex and Misawa constantly foiling it--but there isn't a ton of substance outside of the big suplexes. Albright does take a great flying bump off Misawa's rolling elbow at the finish, and overall I think he was as good or better of a worker in this match than Mitsuharu. Not a bad effort, but unless Gary was going to work Kawada every match, this is strong evidence that he wasn't going to be a great fit for the company.
  2. You have to wonder whether the ZERO1 debut was the best debut card of all time. Just loaded with exciting fights. This is a Murakami match with Ohtani stepping up to the challenge, just a hurricane of wild strikes and a feel of danger. Ohtani sweeping and punting a crazy MMA fighter is way cooler than Ohtani working fighting spirit epics. Not much depth, but you know what youre getting.
  3. JIP. Only 5 minutes are shown, but there is some awesome shit here. Dean does all sorts of athletic moves. This Dean still has that boyish body, but facially looks the same as Dean always does. Dean is really exaggerated here, flippin' and playing to the crowd. When he goes to the top rope, he poses to pose, then pauses to pose AGAIN, the takes a breath before climbing... he may aswell be carrying a sign that says „I am going to get military pressed off the rope“. The match is a junior's match for sure but they go for pin combos and submissions rather than impact stuff, which I like a lot. Then it really looks like there's no way Fuchi can turn it around and then he pulls out that badass little finish. Great clip.
  4. Wahoos Leg

    2019-03-02-Wrestling GO!-You Go Girls

    Wrestling GO! You Go Girls March 2, 2019 Marayong, NSW, AUS No review yet. Cesar vs Nikki Van Blair Eric Fisher vs Jay Sorbet Arya Reign vs Azalea vs Jasmin Vittora Candy Lee vs Stella Nyx Jessica Troy vs Kellyanne LUX (Kingsley & Xena) vs Indi Hartwell & Steph De Lander Bel Pierce vs Tarlee Melina vs Shazza McKenzie Bold matches are PWO recommended
  5. Wahoos Leg

    2019-03-02-MLW-Intimidation Games

    Major League Wrestling Intimidation Games on beIN SPORTS Aired March 2, 2019 Cicero, IL No review yet. Team AAA (Laredo Kid & Taurus) vs Lucha Bros (Pentagon, Jr. & Rey Fenix) MLW World Title, Steel Cage: Low Ki (c) vs Tom Lawlor Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  6. They show about 22 minutes of a 60 minute draw. Damn you to hell GAORA TV editors, because this looked damn great, potentially the greatest match Asuka has ever been in. Asuka was working different from her later 90s-early 2000s stuff, no cute stuff or table shenanigans, just straight no nonsense wrestling with little rope running. Most of the first 15 minutes was matwork and Asuka lacing up Bison with kicks. Bison get her in a Stretch Plum which she didn't like at all so she bloodied her mouth and demolished her with a series of brutal kicks. I'm not sure if Asuka was bloodied by Kimuras punches or simple by getting Bisons blood on her, but both of them struggling over a Scorpion Deathlock with the blood all over them was quite the epic visual. The middle portion of about 30 minutes is almost completely removed. The ending looked damn intense with Bison barely getting her shoulders up on a pinfall, Asuka countering Bisons Chop with a Fujiwara armbar and going mad with spinning wheel kicks etc. Really maddening to get robbed of a potential classic like this.
  7. Rey doesn't have the mask here but god damn the crowd LOVES him. Like almost all Rey matches this had a really good lay out and good quality exchanges. Ace Steele has an amazingly early 2000s look but based on his talent displayed here he should have gotten a WWE run. Ace is the heel so he does a lot of really amusing acting like a bitch, really googly eyed looking upset at crowd reactions, leaves the ring only to do a silly run back when he gets counted out etc. Despite that there was a lot of wrestling here, with both guys meshing well doing matwork and standing exchanges and working a cool transition. This has a 15 minute time limit so they start packing up a little early and the last 4 minutes feel slightly rushed with the last 1 minute they spend fumbling around trying to get the last pin on the time limit. Aside from that slightly deflating finish this was very good.
  8. Big awesome spectacle. Ohtani rushes Ogawa kicking him in the face, and Kazunari Murakami is ringside causing trouble. Ogawa has his haters, but to me his greatness is undeniable as he is pretty much the best possible japanese Goldberg. When hits the first judo throw on Ohtani he just drills him into the mat, and when he follows up kicking Ohtani he looks like a killing machine. He looks like he will destroy a guy in 2 minutes, but his selling is such that it always looks like the other guy can believably make a comeback. I also love how he took a german suplex with his big lanky frame. Ohtani of course rules punching Ogawa in the balls and selling the beatdown huge especially the last STO where he was just laid out as if he had his neck broken.