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Found 11 results

  1. Well goddamn. I thought their RevPro & NJPW (did not watch the ROH one) matches from 2017 were trash, so I definitely didn't have positive expectations of any kind going into this. I am very positively surprised by what they put together here though - a really good match! Really liked Marty on top in the first half of the match, he was pretty damn awesome on control & Hiromu was good fighting from underneath - LOVED that sunset flip powerbomb to the outside comeback of his. After that the match becomes more of a bombfest, but doesn't drift into the overkill at all & remains very enjoyable in it's structure & the way they continued to tell the story they had been telling since the start of it. Loved the finish, too. MOTN. ***1/2
  2. THE LOVERS ARE BACK, BABY. This was just pure fireworks from START to FINISH; one of those matches where when it ended I went "man, pro wrestling's the goddamn best". Korakuen was ROCKING, Omega & Ibushi are absolutely wonderful together, the character work by all involved was great (especially by Cody who was on FIRE) & the all around storytelling combined with the atmosphere was just amazing. Lovely, lovely, lovely stuff. ****1/2
  3. Other than some of the vintage MARTY THE VILLAIN WOOP WOOP SHTICK~!, this was absolutely awesome. Dalton is so good - his selling in this match was fantastic. Marty was, for the most part, very good too; his work on the arm of Castle was very enjoyable - he did bust out some of that annoying shtick of his that I mentioned, which is what keeps this from being a ****+ classic ROH Title Match. Even if it wasn't, I am still absolutely amazed that Dalton Castle & Marty Scurll had a match that went over 30 MINUTES & it was so, so good. I guess I shouldn't be surprised though because Dalton was coming off of that classic match vs. Lethal & Scurll's been having some great performances in the last few ROH PPV's. Really good match. ***3/4
  4. This was such a positive surprise! And by surprise I mean as in I had absolutely ZERO expectations for it going in. Scurll & Martinez wrestled a fantastically paced sprint. Awesome action from start to finish. ***3/4
  5. This was an absolutely awesome, competitive back & forth contest. Captured the spirit of what ROH, at it's best, is all about. ***3/4
  6. FANTASTIC shine by the babyfaces to start things off. Chuck & Trent were fired up. The heels get the advantage by cheating. I love it. The visual of Zack stepping on the head of Trent while Marty throws a chair at Chuck = 5 stars. Trent's FIP segment was pretty much perfect. Marty & especially Zack were outstanding working over him. Loved how every time Trent was almost there to make the tag to Chuck, they found a way to cut him off. Chuck's hot tag was tremendous. As was the whole finishing stretch - loved the Zack vs. Trent battle. What a terrific match; Chuckie T was great as the fired up hot tag guy, think this was the first time Marty has ever come off as a true "villain" to me in a match, Trent was an outstanding FIP & Zack was so goddamn ruthless. Fantastic performance by him. Definitely the MVP of the match even though all involved were great. Best PWG tag in years. ****3/4
  7. My pick for the best match of the night. Which is a big surprise because I think their PWG match is a big time candidate for the worst match of 2017 - so I definitely wasn't expecting much from them in this. Such a pleasant surprise. Chuckie T & Scurll just had a fantastic competitive back & forth match which flowed super well. Matches like this is exactly what I want ROH to be about. Loved it. ****
  8. I liked their 2 out of 3 falls match from last month, and this was A LOT better than that one. This goddamn ruled - loved the sense of urgency & emotion shown by Lio Rush, he is such an impressive wrestler. Marty was damn good too, his work over Lio was awesome, and the ending with him just destroying him was so awesome. Absolutely loved this. Fantastic match. ****
  9. On paper these 2 going over 40 minutes sounds VERY unappealing, but I wanted to give it a chance, and goddamn, I gotta say that I was very positively surprised by how good this match was! Marty dominated ZSJ for the most of it, and he actually looked good doing it. I enjoyed his work on top, and for once, he didn't overdo the whole Villain shtick. Zack was really good too, working from underneath, sneaking those submissions & wacky pin attempts in - I think if he had showed more fire, like he has done in his matches vs. Hero for an example, this would've been even better. Really good match. ***3/4