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Found 15 results

  1. Open The Dream Gate Title Match: Masaaki Mochizuki vs CIMA (c) Great match with an incredible ending with a hot crowd that went nuts for the result. Unlike the Susumu title defence, the grappling was much better this time around with Mochizuki staying focused on the chest, also using it for kick practice as the match progressed. This was a respect filled match as neither tried to cheat in the match. This was a straight match with them telegraphing what each other was going to do, like CIMA stopping the Sankakugeri by Mochi very quickly and Mochi blocking the Schwein from CIMA before lighting CIMA up with the flurry of kicks for the finish. The match was full of net counters like that and it added to the story greatly. This was a truly fantastic match with great wrestling and drama. ****1/2
  2. Masaaki Mochizuki defends the Open the Dream Gate Title There is a nice escalation early on leading to a Yokosuka slap after a rope break. Both end up ramming their primary weapon (Mochi's leg, Yokosuka's arm) into the post early. The selling is not what I like, but it works into the story of the early match. Mochi using kicks to the arm is a really good way to use his strength against a targeted bodypart. Yokosuka really works over Mochi's leg and I am digging this match as an arm vs. leg match. Yokosuka countering Mochi's knee counter to a leg grab is a nice nod to their history as partners. I liked seeing a figure four not get turned over. The second figure four has a great Mochi counter. I do like how Mochi tends to fight back against things, unlike a lot of DG/Toryumon guys who just jump on into the hold/move if it isn't being reversed. After the first part of the match they forget about the limb damage (Yokosuka does remember once) unless it is being worked on. I guess it's kind of a difficult proposition working the leg on a guy who is 50% kicks. Immediately after 5-7 minutes of legwork they are doing the high speed corner running spot. They do briefly go back to leg vs. arm and I still really like this match. Finishing sequence forgets all that and we see a Hansen to Kobashi lariat out of the corner from Yokosuka! That had me marking out. Way too many lariat no-selling and kick/lariat exchanges as we reach the end. Especially considering Yokosuka throws a nice lariat and if he did it a couple times a match it would be HUGE. Overall I appreciate a lot of aspects of the style so far. I just think that there are a few really glaring issues for me, such as the blowing off of the leg (don't work the leg so heavy) and the need to do the macho, let's-hit-each-other-to-prove-who-is-tougher nonsense. I realize these come with the territory and I can still enjoy the positive aspects of the match. I will say Mochi is really a giving wrestler and he always seems to make his teammates/opponents look really good.
  3. Looking at this matchup I was expecting a wild brawl but instead this starts with Nagasaki and Okumura exchanging knucklelocks. Hm, okay. After about a minute of that this delivers though as all the good guys in this match step in and bring the goods. Some really fun exchanges between Mochizuki and Fujiwara, and once Tenryu steps in Fujiwara goes MAD and goes after him like a pitbull, bloodying him with headbutts and biting. Now Araya is punching a bloody Tenryu while Nagasaki is throwing tables in the background. Match stays in the ring though and it's really good with Tenryu doing his best Terry Funk impression with wobbly selling and wild swinging chops and lariats, and Fujiwara is a mad bugger throughout, going after everyone and trading stiff headbutts with Nagasaki. The finish is between Okumura & Nagasaki which is the least exciting matchup here, but I guess Nagasaki was running the event so he gets to play star at the end. Still, this was a really good little match with Tenryu and Fujiwara as the centerpieces.
  4. This is the 4th and last match in the series of awesome brawls between these two teams. They only show 13 minutes of a 22 minute bout, which I'm pretty salty about, but hey, until recently I didn't even know this show even existed on tape! The clipping is seamless so the match feels complete enough, and it's another high intensity affair that felt like it could end at any moment. The centerpiece was Kotsubo getting KO'd by a high kick from Taru and then the buko guys kill the ever loving shit out of him spin kicking him in the head a bunch. Kotsubo looked convincingly near death and the finish between him and Taru was far better than it should plausibly be. Intense chaotic stuff as always from these teams, also Kamikaze almost kills some Buko guys by landing with his knees on their heads doing a spaceman moonsault. God bless WDF for this shit.
  5. AND – this was one of the best rookie vs. Rookie opening matches I've ever seen – and really the perfect opening match for this kind of fed: fast, short, brutal, to the point, and with purpose – as the audience was dying to see young Mochi make a dent and topple the slightly more experienced Yasuraoka. This match also shows how good Yasuraoka could be when he wasn't stuck in a spotfest with Lance fucking Storm, simply by not backing down from reckless kicker Mochizuki. Yasuraoka absorbing Mochi's opening barrage, creating an opening with a big headbutt and then downing Mochi with a huge slap was such a simple, but badass sequence. Both guys came across as aggressive, fast moving, and willing to bite a face off when necessary. Neither of them were afraid to get nuked with huge suplexes either, and did I mention Mochi recklessly kicks the shit out of Yasuraoka anyways? This was a bonafide sub 5 minute war.
  6. When you find out about Masashi Aoyagi having his own promotion, you picture a bunch of reckless crazy wrestler vs. karate fighter spectacles. Instead it's mostly reckless seedy indy wrestling involving some half baked wrestlers mostly coached by Masashi Motegi. This, however, is the match that you picture when you hear "Masashi Aoyagi booking a sleazy indy fed". Mochi, Taru and Okamura are guys from Koji Kitao's dojo who all dress in black. You won't be surprised to learn they all have terryifing haircuts. Fukuda, Kamikaze and Kotsubo (famous caveman comedian) are the hybrid wrestlers to combat them and this is pretty much a dojo gang war where the karate guys spin kick recklessly and the wrestlers are looking to grab them and go for takedowns and head-dumping suplex moves. While it was more of a professional wrestling match and not like your typical Aoyagi different style, there was still lots of chaos and disdain to enjoy. Super fast paced general anarchy with a bunch of guys throwing kicks and flying around. For some reason the WDF homeboys work as the heels, it seemed the Buko dojo guys had their whole entourage with them so the whole match was ultra heated. Kamikaze despite being on the "wrestler" team took his time to soccer kick the Buko guys in the face. Taru took a good beating, incuding a bunch of dropkicks to his face and getting squished with sentons and double stomps, and the finishing stretch that had all the guys throwing down was pretty great and had a few neatly timed moments despite the mayhem. Especially loved Fukuda who decided he had enough and just hurled one of the karate guys around like a ragdoll with suplexes, then did this really awesome faceplanting bump for Mochizuki leg trip. Kotsubo, for a guy who has been nothing but shit in every match I've ever seen him in, had the night of his life when he went at it with fellow nobody Okamura (not the guy who went to CMLL) and had one submission counter into a chokehold that was probably the greatest thing he ever did. He was enjoying himself too and you know you are watching something special when fucking Tsubo Genjin is bringing it. So yeah, you had different style fighers trying to prove who's best, guys getting hurled around with uncooperative suplexes and decked sideways in the temple by surprise flying Mochizuki kicks, guys in black karate gis doing dives etc. Can't say I didn't love this match. Also note that all the Bukoh guys in this match would go on to be in Toryumon/Dragon Gate. How the fuck did that happen?
  7. Pretty fun BattlARTS spotboy match. Kinda veered into trained monkey show at times, Minoru Tanaka was even slapping his thigh, but Hidaka & Fujita were pretty fun to check out here. It has fallen into complete obscurity, but once upon a time Minoru Fujita was a talented little dude who had all the ultra choice moves. His La Casita into Calf Slicer and Terry Funk rolling cradle into the same hold were really post modern and steal-worthy. He does some good legwork on Mochizuki (who of course doesn't bother to sell) then some fun finishing sequences ensue.
  8. This is an elimination match and the conclusion to the awesome series of matches these two teams had in 1997. It was a little more deliberate and not quite as crazy as the other two matches, but still delivers when it comes to dudes getting spin kicked in the throat. This time the karate guys started some 3 on 1 attacks which is pretty intense when you think of 3 off the chain karate punks launching reckless kicks at the same time at you, and there were a few bits of actual matwork that had KAMIKAZE looking shockingly decent. The weak point of the match was a longer section where Kotsubo was the focus and that dude kind of sucks, he even drew some boos and gave that section of the audience the finger (I assume all the karate fans were sitting there), along with this pouty facial expressions, as if he was thinking „Yeah I know I suck, but I'm fighting for my life here, if doing shitty takedowns prevents me from getting kicked again I'll keep doing them“. The last 1 on 1 section felt suitable great and a worthy ending. These 3 vs. 3 elimination tags work perfectly even with limited wrestlers in them, why is no one doing them anymore?
  9. It's Karatekas vs. Wrestlers round 2. Another fun little gangfight that was a little shorter and faster paced than the previous match. The match was a little sloppy, but when a bunch of dressed in black karate punks and sleazy indy shooters get into a fight you don't want perfectly executed moves, you want reckless kicks and dudes getting dumped on their necks, and there was plenty of that here. So, the sloppiness added to the match, as you got plenty of crazy moments where a wrestler would go for a dropkick and get kicked in the kidney in mid air etc., also TARU did this crazy Undertaker dive where he falls on his head. The most violent part about the match were the saves as anytime there was a pinfall or submission attempt somebody would get kicked in the back of the head or punched in the ear, at one point Mochizuki unloads with short kicks to Kotsubo's face. Fukuda looked pretty great as he was just hurling around dudes again with suplexes, cranking in submissions and at one point hit a dropkick here basically jumped into the air and landed in the other guys face. This indy feud is a rush, exactly as good as it sounds on paper.
  10. YUJI YASURAOKA OF THE DAY #2 This was a clipped match which is annoying as the stuff that is shown looks really good. Tons of brutally stiff blows. The match was centered around the Kitahara/Mochizuki interactions. Mochizuki is Kitahara's boy, which means Kitahara is legally obliged to murder him, which the crowd also senses. Yasuraoka mostly gets kicked in the face, but busts out his really spectacular dive in an awesome moment right after Mochizuki blows his fancy springboard attack and gets mauled by Kitahara for it. Even Arashi busts out a reckless spinkick in this! WAR was a magical place.
  11. YUJI YASURAOKA OF THE DAY #1 This was a really fun junior's tag as you had guys flying around recklessly plus all the awkward painful violence that WAR entails. Problem with the match was obviously Lance Storm who is such a terrible wrestler. Half his stuff looked really out of place soft and he didn't have a clue about how to sell, or really add any substance to what he was doing beyond just executing one move after another. However, I'd say Sayama carried him okay with his shoot techniques (boy you are in trouble when Sayama has to carry things). Tiger Mask I is fat here and like Mil Mascaras meaning he is on offense whenever he is in, and really recklessly kicks the little dudes. No wonder Storm is such a pussy about working stiff, he probably still wakes up at night dreaming of fat Tiger Mask awkwardly spin kicking him in the liver. Mochizuki and Yasuraoka are really the best guys in the match as Mochizuki really really REALLY brings the nasty shots from all angles and positions including axe kicking Yuji in the face and Yasuraoka is maybe the only guy in the match who actually sells properly between the moves making everything a lot more meaningful when he is in there. Really dug his desperation lariat after almost crumbling and super fast double jumping dives. Also because this isn't Dragon Gate these guys aren't super polished so sometimes you get junior moves like a moonsault turned into a nasty backflip kneedrop. Super enjoyable match.