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Found 24 results

  1. East Europeans were pretty much carrying the RINGS undercard in 1998. This was a genuinely great Ilioukhine performance as he basically manhandles Naruse for your amusement. I wouldn't say Naruse was carried but he wasn't doing anything super exciting either. Atleast he has a nice backhand. Some really good exchanges in this one.
  2. This is the best match I've seen from either two this year. Takumi focuses all her offence on Nanae's neck in the first 10 minutes where she surprisingly dominates the match. Much stronger psychology than I'm used to in Joshi matches. Nanae gets a good fightback just before the halfway point. There is an unfortunate moment in the match where Nanae gets Takumi in the corner, stops selling anything and does her usual posing and chops like she's beating up some rookie. Didn't fit the context at all. But it's over within 30 seconds so only a minor complaint. Still I much prefered Takumi's performance here, she gets the level of selling just right pretty much the whole match. The best moment in the match has to be where Nanae's putting up this stubborn fightback with a strike exchange that isn't really working but she's so proud to just stay down, so Takumi absolutely clobbers her with a Misawa-style elbow. Oh my God. Takumi then hits Nanae with a running three (the finishing move Chigusa Nagayo passed onto her) where Nanae brutally lands on her already hurt neck, and she wins the title. ****1/4 MOTYC for Joshi.
  3. All that is right with pro wrestling. This was kept short and to the point – Porky absorbing punishment and thus garnering love from the audience in a way many younger, fitter, better looking wrestlers couldn't dream of doing, Gran Markus Jr. kicking ass, seconds getting involved in fun ways, multiple awesome fat guy dives and a triumphant finish, Porky avenging his brother. People have said CMLL has cooled off in 1998 compared to the insane years before, but I'm glad after all the high end wrestlers getting to shine we got this little feud to showcase Brazo de Plata, a wrestling god in his own right.
  4. It's Chelsea Diamond's first match back in Stardom in 2016, as well as Haruka Kato's last match for a while, continuing the sad trend of Stardom retirements and semiretirements. Haruka acts like a face with the prematch handshakes, but Hiroyo shrugs them off. The match starts with her and Kairi, who have a singles match coming up. Hiroyo establishes her physical dominance, but Kairi is able to keep up with everything and they have a superhero staredown before they tag out to Chelsea and Haruka. There's continued taunting from Hiroyo throughout the match, and Kairi goes out of her way to pay it off by attacking Hiroyo. A double elbow drop from Candy Crush leads into bit of a comedy spot as Chelsea is hugging Kairi while Kairi wants to get back to the match. Kairi turns it up a notch and starts giving Haruka some really stiff forearms and chops. Haruka is able to dodge the running elbow, which hits Chelsea (who is inexplicably at that corner), and tags in Hiroyo. They once again establish Hiroyo's strength advantage, as the spear attempt is countered with an Argentine backbreaker drop. Chelsea isn't the great hot tag in the business. Kairi gets back in and continues the stiffness with Haruka, but Hiroyo breaks up the pin attempt and hits Candy Crush with a double belly-to-back suplex. Candy Crush goes outside to take a breather, but Hiroyo continues the Haruka punishment and throws her over the ropes on top of them. It doesn't end, as Hiroyo repeatedly throws Haruka on top of Kairi back inside the ring. A crossbody off the top gets 2 for Haruka. Kairi continues the stiff offense until Hiroyo comes to break it up. Haruka gets a flash pin attempt and armbar, with Hiroyo preventing Chelsea from saving her, and Kairi eventually reaches the ropes. Kairi hits a bridging belly-to-belly, which is broken up by Hiroyo. Kairi is frustrated and sets up the diving elbow drop, but Hiroyo rushes the corner to attack her. That ends with a tree-of-woe double footstomp, Haruka gets another flash pin attempt and goes for a suplex, but Kairi counters and finally hits the diving elbow drop for the win. This is setting up a singles match between Kairi and Hiroyo, which should be pretty good if they have the chemistry they showed in this match. Chelsea still has a really limited range, and works best when selling a beatdown and getting a few hope spots in.
  5. It's Kris Wolf's return after a few months absence. This is established as a comedy match from the beginning, as Kris Wolf acts traumatized when the ref inspects her tail. There's a pre-match hand-tail shake between the two competitors. They work the usual opening armwrench exchange, which Kris ends by biting Kid's arm. Oedo Tai distracts the ref and Kris bites the ear of Starlight Kid's tiger mask. This is probably the comedic peak of the match. There's a nice bit of continuity later as Kris traps Starlight Kid's head with a hold and pulls on the part of the mask she bit. They have a lot of counters and reversals, including a transition from a giant swing into a Boston crab that is reversed into a pin attempt by Kid. I don't understand some of the psychology of Kris breaking up her own pin attempts. Kris hits the double knee off the ropes, but Kid gets a Fighting Spirit kickout, but the comeback is short as Kris gets a small package for the win. This match reminded me that we need more minis and comedy matches in wrestling. I'd rather watch this stuff than WWE preshow matches.
  6. It's the debut of another gaijin in Stardom, this time Shanna from Portugal. She's going up against the rookie Hiromi Mimura, who has recently had some good outings in tag matches. Hiromi brings the chops at the beginning of the match, with little effect to Shanna. Shanna throws Hiromi into the opposite corner, which leads to an awkward looking dropkick from Hiromi and a poor wind-up punch from Shanna. In the middle of the match it looks like Shanna is just moving from point A to point B to set up for the next spot. Shanna looks a lot better when she's on offense near the end. She milks the crowd a lot longer than most wrestlers do in Stardom, but she gets a decent reaction so I can't blame her. A nice looking top-rope splash, leading to a kickout, followed by a variant of the facebuster I can't name for the pin. She's getting a Stardom World Alliance title shot against Io Shirai on 6/4, so we'll see how she looks against a more seasoned opponent.
  7. Talk about it here.
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