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  1. Talk about it here.
  2. Talk about it here.
  3. This match is being hyped as Viper has long named Aja as a personal inspiration and one of the wrestlers she most wants to beat. And it's 2018 so Aja Kong is wrestling in London. We start with some shoulder charges where neither woman is able to really budge the other. Both are used to wrestling much smaller opponents but now they've got a real physical test. Viper stands in the middle of the ring and invites Aja to charge at her. Aja succeeds in knocking Viper back a bit, and says it's your turn. Viper runs to the rope but Aja runs right behind her and cheap shots her and takes her down! Oh Viper. Surely you should know Aja Kong aint gonna play fair. Crowd was chanting for Aja but now they're pissed at her. She doesn't care. They fight on the outside and Aja throws Viper into the guardrail in front of like an 8 year old curled up in her chair looked scared. Aja takes a few seconds to shout trash at some guys in the crowd heckling her in between throwing Viper into the ring post and raking her eyes. Viper attempts a comeback throwing some strikes but Aja knocks her straight down with a right hand to the face. Aja then performs this funny dance and flexes her muscles to wind up the crowd even more. Her mannerism are so entertaining. Viper starts a comeback and they just start lariating the hell out of each other. They double lariat each other and bounce apart but Viper's quick enough to hit a huge dropkick and knocks Aja off her feet for the first time! Crowd really reacts like this is a big moment. Viper hits her with a big crossbody and senton, 1, 2, KICKOUT. Aja gets to the corner. Viper charges at her but Aja clocks her on the head with her trusty garbage can! The referee snatches it off her and has it removed meanwhile Aja shrugs and is sincerely baffled that he thinks that wasn't legal. Aja then hits Viper with an absolutely sick brainbuster. My Lord that looked devastating. 1, 2 KICKOUT! Aja rolls up her gloves signalling she's about to finish this and slowly drags a groggy Viper to her feet, she goes for the spinning backfist but Viper ducks, headbutts Aja into the corner and hits a big cannonball. 1, 2, KICKOUT! Viper goes to the top rope to hit the Vader bomb but Aja gets her knees up and blocks it with an evil smirk on her face. She hits Viper with a couple of strikes and a spinning back fist! Viper's knocked out. Aja goes to the second rope and leaps off for a big elbow drop. Didn't know Aja still did that move! 1, 2, THREE! In the post match Aja extends to a hand to Viper sitting on the floor against the turnbuckle to help her up. Viper reaches out and... Aja pulls her hand back haha, mocks her, slaps her ass and leaves the ring laughing at the crowd who're booing her some more. She will never change. Loved this match. Two big women with big personalities clashing with a solid face/heel dynamic and working the crowd throughout. ***3/4
  4. Kay Lee Ray recently defeated Dash Chisako at a Sendai Girls event, now Meiko Satomura has come all the way to London to avenge her protege's loss. Some really good facial expressions at the start selling that this isn't quite a grudge match, but a lot of professional pride is on the line here. The opening of the match is mainly technical wrestling which Meiko mostly wins out on. Meiko gets a bit too over-confident going for a top rope move when KLR's not been that beaten down yet. Kay Lee pulls her off the top and goes for a Gory Bomb which Meiko escapes from, but KLR trips her and then drags her to the outside. The commentary reminds us that Kay Lee Ray is the hardcore daredevil and outside the ring is her favoured battleground. Before you know it she's slammed Mieko straight into the ring apron! Kay Lee's on top now and starts to drag Meiko back into the ring and attempts a Gory Bomb on the apron but Meiko blocks it on the ropes and counters her into a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Meiko's winning all the striking exchanges as they're both back in the ring. Meiko's looking so intense with her fiery face throwing forearms and kicks. KLR manages to block the odd one but she's not really getting any meaningful offense. That is until she catches one of Meiko's kicks, spins her round and hits her with the Gory Bomb, the move which beat Dash Chisako, and attempts the flash win. 1, 2 Kickout! Kay Lee's goes to finish off Meiko from the top rope probably going for her swanton, but Meiko charges up at her before she can do anything, hoists her up and hits the Death Valley Bomb. Another kick out at two that really shocks the crowd. Meiko's just fired up even more and hoists KLR up to hit another one, only to be countered into roll up. 1, 2, THREE! Kay Lee Ray gets a slightly flukey win and gives Meiko her first ever loss in Pro-Wrestling Eve. This was mostly a great match but it lost me a bit with that finishing stretch getting a bit excessive with the finisher trading, crowd didn't seem to care the slightest though. ***1/2
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