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Found 9 results

  1. The first fall was pretty great with them trading holds, working it slow, trying to fight over the control of one another. Mil established dominance in it. The 2nd fall was even better with it being about Jumbo's desperation, his big comeback before winning the fall was awesome. The 3rd fall the shortest of 'em, it was pretty much dominated by Mascaras, but he made one mistake & that ended up costing him the match. This was great. ****
  2. I wasn't super-enthused about this - my attention drifted away a bit during the hold exchanges that took up the first 15 minutes or so. But they ramped it up, and started slapping the hell out of each other. They tumble to the outside and continue brawling, and Jumbo ends up busted open! So he responds by trying to rip Mil's mask! Jumbo is no Fuerza Guerrera in the mask-ripping department, but props for the effort. There's a double-countout, but they roll back in the ring and continue brawling as Jumbo bleeds a gusher. The young boys (including teenage, skinny Misawa and Kawada) hold them back. Jumbo is super pissed-off, and punches two of the lads holding him back to go after Mil. It's either restarted or the second fall begins - I didn't get what happened here, alas. Once it's restarted, we get five minutes or so of nearfalls, and Jumbo dripping blood all over Mil. And i guess there's a time limit draw? Or a double-DQ? I don't know. In any event, love the fired-up, bleeding Jumbo we saw during the brawl and after the restart. First time during the set I've really loved Jumbo.
  3. Ha, Dory is so lazy he almost forgets to bump for a Mascaras armdrag during the opening exchanges. This was worked like one of those AJPW 70s tags, but a really efficient one and none of the stuff they did came across as dated. The Funks are a heel duo here and really good one at that. Christ, can you imagine running this match in 2016? If it happened today Terry would come in with a MAGA trucker hat and tell Lothario to go back while patting him on the shoulder. Terry was really great here like I expect a guy I placed in my All Time Top 5 to be. He came across as a hotheaded bull even during the hold sections and he was a total prick to the babyfaces all the way through. Feels weird to wish for a 30 minute match to go longer but this could've gone a little longer. The Lothario v. Terry boxing section in the 3rd fall was everything you are hoping for from seeing this matchup. Terry was dancing around Jose and waffling him with punches, but he just withstood the assault, came back and just clocked Terry. Mil and Dory, thankfully, stay out of the way for most of this match. Nifty finish to wrap it up and fuck the Last Battle of Atlanta, Terry vs. Lothario is my new most wanted match.