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Found 34 results

  1. This is from the third night of the Catch the WAVE tournament. These two take about a minute and a half to feel each other out then just start going right at each other with bombs. They still do manage to not force any of the action either so that while the match is short, it has a nice flow to it despite the constant use of big moves. An absolutely tremendous sprint. ****
  2. This is a a rematch from the previous month's SEAdLINNNG show and is for Ohata's Regina di WAVE title. The tone for this match is the complete opposite from the one before. It's as intense and chippy as you would have expected from these two after watching the Best Friends/Avid Rival series last August. Just a back and forth fight the entire way. Very happy to see Arisa have a big title match because that has been her bread and butter throughout her career. Just an excellent match. ****1/2
  3. This is from the second night of the Catch the WAVE tournament. Momono gets a lot of praise for acting like an annoying little shit but I think that she that this is the first time that she really makes it work within the story of the match. Unfortunately for her, Ohata is really good at being a nasty bitch that works her over pretty good when she gets her hands on her. Momono is able to stay in the match by doing a nice job working over Ohata's arm and not just relying on rollups for offense. This is an awesome match that shows Ohata clearly being the best joshi worker so far this year while Momono having potential to be a legit top worker down the line. ****1/2
  4. After feuding for a few months, Best Friends have reunited again. This time they are taking on another reformed tag team, Seven Star Sisters (Ohata & Matsumoto.) This gets off till an intense start as 3S attack Best Friends just as they are finishing up their entrance. They manage to keep the intensity up for the entire match while keeping a steady pace. The double countout finish might be a letdown, but the match does a good enough job teasing losing control that it makes for a reasonable conclusion to the match. Still, this is one of the top joshi matches early on this year. ****1/2
  5. This is the main event of the opening show for the Catch the WAVE tournament and is the second rematch of a title match from last year. This match was a vast improvement on that one mainly because Nagahama works a quicker pace and shows a lot more fire here. Ohata has yet another high quality performance as able to put together the match in such a way that she is able to control the match but still make Nagahama come off as competitive. That all leads to a nice finish that has Nagahama get the upset a jackknife rollup. ***1/2
  6. This is a rematch from the previous month when Ohka beat Ohata to win the Regina di WAVE title. Right from the start, this match is super physical. A mix between big moves and nasty strikes. It's similar to the Satomura/Hamada match that happened earlier in the month in Sendai Girls but I feel that this match was better at being coherent. The exchange of big moves during the finishing run was done in a logical fashion. A very entertaining title match. ***3/4
  7. Arisa Nakajima vs. Misaki Ohata I was excited for this match-up after the Best Friends-Avid Rival trilogy, and it had some great counters and head-drop suplexes, but it's lacking in drama and the action was too by-the-numbers to be anything special. It's a solid back and forth with no emotional depth. Here's hoping the WAVE rematch is better. ***
  8. This is the tag title switch that never ended up on WAVE Network for whatever reason. The match itself gets off to a rough start with Ohata no-selling a bunch of Ace Crushers from Miyazaki but one it gets going it turn into a damn good match. They keep a great pace with both teams pulling off some slick double team moves and sequences. The finish is particularly nasty as Miyazaki busts out a moonsault footstomp of all things to finish of Miyazaki. Not at the level of Avid Rival's stuff later in the year with Best Friend but still pretty enjoyable. ***3/4
  9. Regina di WAVE Championship: Misaki Ohata © vs. Nagisa Nozaki Nozaki's sleeper hold has been built up as a powerful maneuver for the past couple of months, and right out the gate she suckers Ohata into it with a handshake. Ohata escapes, but Nozaki never let's up the pressure, she takes any opportunity to go for the sleeper. The suspense and sense of danger was incredible. Ohata gave a stronger ace performance in her bumping and rallies. Some of the best storytelling I've seen in joshi puroresu this year. ****1/2
  10. I always go back and forth on which joshi tag team is better, either Best Friends or Avid Rival. In this match, Avid Rival make a strong argument for themselves as they take what should have been a throw away mid-card tag match but turn it into something pretty damn good. Ayako has a quality performance here too and Haruhi put in a hard working effort similar to her title match with Mizunami back in March. Still, this is really all about Avid Rival and just another example how good of a team they are. ***3/4
  11. This is a match from the block stage of WAVE's Catch the WAVE tournament that also builds off of the rivalry that the two have had in Ice Ribbon. This is quite the sprint. Also, it has a bit of a reverse on the vet/rookie dynamic in the early going, as it Yuuka who keeps hitting the big offense while Ohata is the one who has to keep going for rollups to survive. When Ohata does start getting her big moves in Yuuka doesn't have an answer for it, eventually getting the win with a unique tiger/pumphandle suplex for the win. A whirlwind of a match. ***3/4
  12. This is the third match that this two have had this year. They split their two matches earlier this year in the Catch the WAVE tournament with Yamashita winning in the final over Ohata and subsequently taking the Regina di WAVE title from Ryo Mizunami, Ohata's tag partner in Avid Rival. The match starts out as a matchup of power versus technique. Ohata gets some early success by trapping Yamashita's right arm in various submissions which limits Yamashita's main offensive weapon. This force Yamashita to be more careful with how she uses her arm. She adjusts how she applies her sleeper by turning so that more of her body weight is on Ohata and she's more selective as to when she uses her lariats. Ohata does control a fair bit of match by having a lot of smart counters to Yamashita's attacks but in turn Yamashita always has the trump card of being able to hit the smaller Ohata really hard. Towards the finish though, Ohata starts to build to much momentum and hits too many of her big moves allowing her to put away Yamashita. Just an amazing match that managed to use simple story telling in an incredibly effective result. Easily the joshi match of the year, maybe even the last couple of decades. ****3/4
  13. This is a weird match. Ohata bringing down a rainbow coloured hula hoop with a bag of golf balls perfectly sums up the match. It seems so out of place for such a brutal street fight to mix in comedy spots the way that they do here. Ohata also does a pretty nasty blade job that ends up looking like she has put on zombie makeup for Halloween. The work itself is really good as they do a nice job of flowing towards each spot. Definitely not a match for everyone but an interesting one none the less. ***1/2
  14. Regina Di WAVE Championship: Misaki Ohata © vs. Maruko Nagasaki Ohata's obviously capable of great things, but she has a formula that she sticks to and there was no variety to her performance here. It was every Ohata control segment you've ever seen. Nagasaki was where things shined, but she got so little that it wasn't enough to bring the match up. **
  15. Best Friends (Arisa Nakajima & Tsukasa Fujimoto) vs. Avid Rival (Misaki Ohata & Ryo Mizunami) Stupendous spotfest. Absolutely phenomenal. ****3/4
  16. Regina di WAVE Championship: Misaki Ohata © vs. Hiroe Nagahama I thought Ohata would pull something out of Nagahama, but that did not happen. Instead, she smothered Nagahama in an aggressive way, not allowing her to mount much offense. Nagahama's comebacks were weak -- she's still in the dropkick phase despite having wrestled for 3 years. Fortunately, she didn't get much. One thing I can credit Nagahama for is her flexibility; Ohata was really cranking back on those submission holds. This was high end junior punishment. ***1/2
  17. Best Friends (Arisa Nakajima & Tsukasa Fujimoto) vs. Avid Rival (Misaki Ohata & Ryo Mizunami) This was a 20-minute rollercoaster of double team moves and surly elbow strikes. Arisa/Ohata seems to be the end goal of this best of three series, and I dug the heat building segments between them. ****1/4
  18. This is the first of a three match series that these two teams are having during this month. Twelve and a half minutes wouldn't be enough time for a lot of wrestlers to have a fleshed out, action packed match but it's more than enough time for these four. They start rolling right away and since they are both experienced, talented teams they are able to pull off really slick stuff even at a quick constant pace. The only real negative here is that they rely use missed/countered double teams as transitions a bit too much that as the match goes on you start to expect double teams to miss rather than hit. A hell of a way to kick off this series though. ****
  19. This is a really fun trios match. A lot of that is because both Avid Rival (Mizunami & Ohata) and Over Sun (Ohka & Miyazaki) are really good, established teams so that allows both Yamashita and ASUKA to be bit players. They do spend a share of the match building up the Ohka/ASUKA match for the upcoming anniversary show. ASUKA, the first transgender wrestler to be part of a joshi group, looks good if a bit of a generic joshi high-flyer. Good showcase for WAVE's talent. ***3/4
  20. This is the final of the 2017 Catch the WAVE tourney. These two had a great match a month earlier in the block stage so I was excited to see a rematch. Ohata does the smart thing in the early going by grounding Yamashita to keep her from using her power. As a result, Yamashita has to be smarter about her comebacks as she simple can't bullrush her way into control of the match. A nice contrast from their harder hitting match from the month before. ****
  21. On paper, this looked like one of the best matchups for the block stage of this year's Catch the WAVE tourney and they did not disappoint. Surprisingly, Ohata is able to match the physicality Yamashita with the help of a quick attack at the start. Yamashita manages to make some comebacks but Ohata keeps varying her offense which allows her to keep regaining control of the match. She eventually gets the win with her awesome Skyblue Suplex. ****
  22. This is quite the veteran vs. rookie match. The story is the typical fare but the work here is terrific. Kadokura doesn't do anything flashy but her selling and the timing of her comebacks here are amazing, especially for her experience level. Ohata is having an amazing, under the radar, year. She sells just enough to make you believe that Kadokura has a chance. Great stuff. ****
  23. This is from the opening night of the Catch the WAVE tournament. Miyagi was very solid here. She worked a straight match, and while she kept things simple, show good intensity to keep things from getting dull. Ohata on the other hand was fantastic. She work with a really nasty attitude while hitting hard the whole way throughout. She also put over Miyagi offense in way that you always felt like she had a chance to win. A strong match to open up a tournament that didn't look like it would be anything special on paper. ***3/4
  24. These two get in each others faces right at the start of the match and don't really let up the whole time. Anytime either one takes a moment to taut the other she would just rush over and clock the other. Even though this is only a ten minute match, they use the time effectively enough the during the closing moments as the crowd are buying the near falls at the end. Hopefully there will be a longer rematch in the future because these two had great chemistry together here. ***3/4
  25. This is a competitive squash but it's a damn fun one. SAKI works for LLPW-X which doesn't even get its results reported so she is a real unknown. She looks good in the offense that she does get in but never really pushes Ohata to the point to where she might get the win. Ohata is great here, as while she doesn't have the flashiest offense she definitely knows how to use it effectively. ***1/2