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Found 12 results

  1. Miyu Yamashita pummeled Misao early in the match with some nasty kicks, and knees to when she trapped her in the corner which was awesome. Sakisama doing the paradise lock (eat your heart out SANADA) and then sitting on Miu Watanabe was great heel work. And then baiting Yamashita to come in and move out of the way of her dropkick, which then hit Watanabe was just the tip of the iceberg. Biishiki-Gun as a duo worked well together, cutting off the ring, working so viciously on Miu’s arm. Yamashita when she came in looked top level with how smooth and finesse she is. Everything she did came across as flawless from her strikes to simple things such as snapmares. Her strike battle with Sakisama was awesome. It didn’t feel aimless or pointless, every strike had poise and painful intent behind it. Miu’s run on offence was so much fun. She has that uncanny ability to make you root for her. She had that plucky underdog offence that works so well when you have the domineering wrestlers in the match alongside you. The match got streamers after the fact and trust me, this was well earned. ****1/4
  2. Miyu Yamashita & Hikari vs. Yuu & Yuna Manase The escalation of violence between Miyu and Yuu was great - they start off with careful mat grappling but as the match progresses they're out for each other's blood. Hikari performed well, earning some sweet moments with her cobra twist. Yuna wrestled in her wolf shirt and worked heelish during her workover session, which was far interesting than what she normally does. ***3/4
  3. This is for NEO Biishiki-gun Princess Tag Titles and is another pretty good tag match from them. The match is worked differently than the other Biishiki-gun tags as it's quicker with a bit more back and forth. Marika Kobashi impressed here as she wasn't afraid to hit like a truck. Miyu and Saki-sama really laid into one another. In fact, I actually want to see these two have a title match together. Just good stuff all around. ***1/2
  4. This is for Yamashita's Princess Of Princess title. I've only been watching TJP for a short time but Kurone has quickly become my favourite. If you look past the cool zombie girl gimmick, she might just be the most fundamentally solid worker in the company while being a pretty good brawler too, which is a rarity in joshi. Miyu has a strong performance her to as she's able to use her power and striking to combat Kurone's brawling and other unorthodox tactics. The finishing stretch could have been longer to build some more drama but that's not so surprising give this isn't main-eventing a major show. Still, this is one of the best matches in TJP so far this year and well worth checking out. ***3/4
  5. TOKYO Princess of Princess Championship: Reika Saiki © vs. Miyu Yamashita This was everything you'd want from a match between these two and more, a spirited back and forth with beautiful kick exchanges. It doesn't reach the dramatic heights of Reika's previous defenses, but it still was very good. I hope to see these two clash again in the future. ***3/4
  6. TOKYO Princess of Princess Championship Next Challenger & Iron Man Heavymetalweight Championship: Yuu © vs. Miyu Yamashita Yuu is on another level when it comes to making her offense look legit. I was wincing at some of the things she was doing to her opponent. Miyu went through hell, her chest reddened from Yuu's chops. She fought hard for the comeback and it felt earned. What a match. ****1/2
  7. Miyu Yamashita vs. Meiko Satomura These two had a heated post-match when they met at DDT's big show in Saitama, so I liked how they skipped the 'feeling out process' and went right at it. Satomura was mowing down Miyu with kicks, but Miyu manages to cut Satomura off and rallies with head stomps. I really liked her aggression in that sequence, and when she locks in a cobra clutch. Satomura gave Miyu more than I expected, so kudos to that. ****
  8. Miyu Yamashita vs. Yuki Kamifuku This was everything I had hoped for, just Miyu putting the beatdown on this awkward rookie. Her strikes were stiff and punishing, and it felt like she wasn't holding anything back. Kamifuku shows fire as Miyu keeps pushing her, and she lands some nasty strikes herself. Nice little match. ***1/4
  9. TOKYO Princess Tag Team Championship Tournament - Round 1A: Itoh Respect Army (Itoh Maki & Mizuki) vs. Muscle Strikers (Reika Saiki & Miyu Yamashita) The atmosphere here is insane; the crowd is hanging on every movement, and the performers were playing to it with some very dramatic moments. Mizuki & Itoh deliver one of the best underdog performances I've seen this year and 1stRING was going nuts, it was magnificent. ****
  10. Itoh Maki & Reika Saiki vs. Miyu Yamashita & Yuka Sakazaki This was one hell of a prelude to Reika/Yuka. Such an incredible, well-worked match by all four competitors. Miyu & Yuka were a surprisingly cohesive duo, Muscle Waifu stepped it up, and Itoh's charisma was off the charts in her fighting spirit sequence. ****1/4
  11. TOKYO Princess of Princess Championship: Miyu Yamashita © vs. Yuka Sakazaki Yuka begins with tactical espionage magic as a form of psychological warfare. She's a crafty genie, but Miyu has a dangerous repertoire of strike-combinations as an extensive as her jaw. This was loads of fun. Sakazaki's execution is silky-smooth, especially her hurricanrana. I kinda felt like Miyu was holding back on her kicks a bit, usually lays them in more, but good performance otherwise. The crowd was 'on-board', buying into the submission struggles and near-falls. ***1/2
  12. Akane Miura vs. Miyu Yamashita This was Akane Miura's 'graduation match' so she gave a lot of effort her to go out with a bang. Miyu's armwork here is great, she begins by catching Akane in a wrist-lock and picking apart the limb with knee thrusts and upward kicks; sold awesomely and consistently. Miyu explodes with a volley of strikes, but Akane absorbs the hits Ishii-style and roars back on the offensive. Brilliant stuff. I like how Miyu has evolved the Crash Rabbit Heat from a jumping PK to a jumping knee strike (a la Marufuji). An awesome clash of power and technique. ***3/4