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Found 9 results

  1. This was pretty cool and pretty much displayed what JAPW was all about. Despite the size difference, this was worked evenly. Both guys work hard and stiff and you can visibly see the exhaustion and fatigue endured in this. The finishing stretch was crazy -- Ki hitting a Ki Krusher, some brutal strike exchanges, etc. Unfortunately the finish sucked, but it was the right way to keep both guys looking strong. Good stuff. ***
  2. I didnt like their previous match from the club with the horrible lighting and this was worked pretty similarly with Da Hit Squad working underneath as faces and Homicide and Montoya as heels, so I didnt like this match either. I personally prefer Da Hit Squad working as heels on top and potatoing people and bruising chests or as we saw in the KC Thunder and Metal Maniac match, as invading 1980s territorial heels. The first half is Homicide and Montoya with an extensive beatdown getting heat on Mafia and then he tags out and the match falls apart with them just brawling all over the ringside. A table is brought out to ringside and some glass is broken and they have to get some cleaning crew to clear up the ringside. Near the finishing stretch there seems to be a botched ref count as Montoya hit a tornado DDT on Monsta Mack and the ref makes the count, but Macks foot was on the ropes. He notices this later and restarts the match and then Homicide gets backdropped over the top rope onto the table this tells me the botched count was actually a work. Overall I thought this was rather skippable as was their previous match.
  3. Not a MOTYC, not a great match and it doesn't really stack up with the best matches from either side, but it's a fun JAPW style tag match. It's not worked as the typical #DIY underdog dog stuff we get when they face the AOP in NXT as they worked pretty evenly with Da Hit Squad. I thought Mack was the best here as he was unloading slaps on Ciampa and his glazy eyed look when Gargano and Ciampa were attacking him near the end were great. Ciampa's strikes looked a bit off and this is kinda messy and out of control, but it's still worth a watch if you dig Jersey All Pro.
  4. This is built as Fat Frank's Suicidal Games and it's basically a WarGames-style 4 vs. 4 match with weapons in trash cans placed all over the ring. The teams are Dickinson, Jaka, Ortiz and Draztic vs. Homicide, Low Ki, Monsta Mack and Mafia. There's a ton of hate, chaos and violence in this from the get go. Draztic bleeds buckets and blood is splattered across all over the floor. Low Ki's entrance was amazing as he carries this local hero aura around him as he walks out with his Hitman gear to a massive pop. Ki accidentally dropkicks Ki in the corner and later on Mack shoves Ki off the top and turns on him which of course is all part of the build to the crazy year end steel cage match. Joker comes out near the end of the match and he runs over Mack with a brutal knee in the corner which seems like it legit KO's Mack. Truly chaotic and there's a million things going on a time. One of the most underrated matches of the year.
  5. This was bonkers. Not the thigh slappy heavy stuff we usually see in the indies. These guys are legit beating the tar out of each other. Dickinson pulls out something I've never seen anyone pull off before -- he hoist Mack on his shoulders for a death valley driver and he tosses him to the turnbuckle and it's surprising Mack didn't suffer a broken neck. As if that wasn't enough, Dickinson hits a burning hammer on him afterwards. Dickinson is one of the craziest guys in wrestling. Unbelievable stuff.
  6. Not as good as the cage match that followed this, but still a brutal wild brawl. Low Ki is out in his Hitman gear managing Homicide and Joker. They start brawling and wrecking the ringside and knocking guardrails and throwing chairs at other while stiffing each other up with strikes. When it gets in the ring, it turns into a traditional tag match for a while with Da Hit Squad working from underneath which is an oddity and with Maff working as the FIP. During the beatdown on Maff, Joker busts Maff's eyebrow with face kicks. Once Mack gets the hot tag, this breaks down again and brutally beat each other up as you'd expect -- even the pin saves are brutal as they just run through each others with stiff tackles. The ref. throws out the match after Ki interferes and brutally elbows the ref. Kyle the Beast then runs out and makes the save. A perfect way to build up to the upcoming steel cage match. The post match antics with Homicide tearing up the ringside is fantastic.
  7. Not a MOTY candidate or anything by any chance, but it's the clash of Da Hit Squad -- i.e.; two big fat guys putting a wild beating on each other and dumping each other on their heads. Pretty fun match and well worth watching if you're a fan of these guys.
  8. This was nuts, albeit a bit one sided. The Shaolin Wrecking Crew are some fat guys who don't mind getting wrecked by Da Hit Squad and Da Hit Squad don't mind putting a beating on someone. Watching throw around Suba who's a 350 lb. fat dude is quite the visual. If you dig watching Da Hit Squad, then I'd recommend you give this a watch.