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Found 11 results

  1. This was like 70% carny horse shit and 30% nipple cripple. It was very Memphis, like something you'd expect to see in the Mid-South Coliseum rather than Madison Square Garden. Fuji takes his time early on and does his pre-match ritual, throwing salt around while some old lady comes up to the apron and hurriedly sweeps it away (in case he tries to use some of the residue later?). Strongbow is unmoved, stern faced and statuesque in the corner. They do a criss-cross rope running sequence and Fuji keeps going out to the apron for powders, but he only ends up being humiliated every time when Strongbow headscissors him back in the ring. Fuji then teases the foreign object, reaching into his tights, shifting his body away from the ref', taking it out before quickly having to hide it again. When he eventually uses it the crowd react exactly how the wrestlers would want them to. Then Strongbow steals it, uses it himself and everyone just loses it for Fuji stooging around the ring throwing blind punches and falling on his face. At this point Fuji goes to the pectoral nerve hold and for a hold that basically consists of you grabbing your opponent's nipples this was worked about as well as you'd want. Strongbow teases his comebacks, comes closer and closer to escaping, but Fuji keeps finding ways to clamp nipple. Then he makes a mistake and gets slammed off the top as the crowd hoot and holler for Strongbow lacing into him with kneelifts. This was two guys who knew their audience to a tee, who knew their audience knew THEM to a tee, working the exact match that audience wanted to see. And for what it was I kind of loved it.
  2. Grimmas

    Mr. Fuji

    Discuss here.
  3. Click here Host: Steven Graham Guests: Kelly & Parv (Titans of Wrestling) The Titans invade the Super Show for the second part on Mr. Fuji's career as he becomes a manager. We go through all of his charges and talk about lots of awesome footage, including many matches. Why did Fuji wrestle so much? Was he the worst manager every year he managed? Is Bobby Heenan versus Mr. Fuji a missed opportunity? How great of a joke can Steven tell? We will answer these questions and many more on this epic!
  4. Click here! Host: Parv (Where the Big Boys Play) Guests: Kelly (Titans of Wrestling) & Steven Graham (All Japan Excite Series) On the first Super Show of the monthly format, the group takes a look at the wrestler career of Mr. Fuji (mostly in the 1970’s). Kelly provides an amazing bio, including a great story on his title run in San Francisco. Here is the amazing playlist that Kelly provided: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLV6RCTo_Cd0BU1a6Snab1xk55NMKk5hNi
  5. JerryvonKramer

    If not Mr. Fuji, then who?

    There has been a lot of talk in the Gorilla Monsoon thread about how while Mr. Fuji wasn't the greatest manager, or even a good one, he was "not even close" to being the worst manager of the year when Meltzer and co gave those awards out at the time? My question, therefore, is: who was? NOTE: This thread isn't all-time, it's specific to late 80s and early 90s, the time Fuji was active as a manager. To be specific Fuji won the award every single year from 1984 until 1995 with the exception of 1986 when it was (correctly) won by Paul Jones. By my reckoning we can automatically "tier" the top managers of the era as follows: Tier 1 - GOAT contenders Jim Cornette Bobby Heenan Jimmy Hart Fred Blassie Lou Albano Tier 2 - have some sort of rep from various promotions JJ Dillon Paul E. Dangerously Gary Hart [NB. I personally do not rate him] Paul Jones [NB. I personally hate him] Paul Ellering [NB. as above] Percy Pringle / Paul Bearer Slick [margin call] Teddy Long [as above] Sheik Adnan Al-Kaissie Johnny V Skandor Akbar Col. Robert Parker Tier 3 - "not good" Mr. Fuji Oliver Humberdink DDP Sonny King (not sure exactly when he was done, but I think he sucked) Hiro Matsuda Tier 4 - "oh yeah, you forget about them" Harvey Whippleman Ted DiBiase Harley Race The Genius Frenchy Martin Brother Love Sir William There are lots of names I've not listed who had short runs, such as The Coach (John Tolos) in WWF or The Assassin in WCW, but let's leave it there. I might have a go: 1984 - Meltzer's pick: Mr. Fuji; my pick: Arnold Skaaland, who was essentially useless. 1985 - Meltzer's pick: Mr. Fuji; my pick: Paul Jones, sorry Johnny, he fucking sucked 1986 - Meltzer's pick: Paul Jones; my pick: Paul Jones 1987 - Meltzer's pick: Mr. Fuji; my pick: Paul Ellering, I've said it before, he brought nothing to the table, even allowing for his participation in War Games matches. He was good for that one line from Hawk, but a piece of wood could have done the same job. 1988 - Meltzer's pick: Mr. Fuji; my pick: Oliver Humperdink, completely worthless, completely. 1989 - Meltzer's pick: Mr. Fuji; my pick: Gary Hart - strong competition from Hiro Matsuda here, but I've gone over the whole J-Tex corporation mess before, Hart was a real mess on his promos, and served to complicate the situation rather than clarify it with promos that made it feel like time had passed him by. Basically terrible. 1990 - Meltzer's pick: Mr. Fuji; my pick: Oliver Humperdink, he crops up briefly in WCW managing Bam Bam Bigelow, still as a face, still completely and utterly worthless. 1991 - Meltzer's pick: Mr. Fuji; my pick: Big Daddy Dink aka Oliver Humperdink, repackaged as a fat biker groupie, and with "god gawd" DDP to cut promos for him, Dink was the 5th wheel in the incredibly uncool Freebirds entourage. 1992 - Meltzer's pick: Mr. Fuji; my pick: Paul Ellering ... 1992 was a strange time for Fuji, he was transitioning to the robes and managing Yokozuna but still had hair and remnants of his old identity, such as the cane. He was floating around not really doing much, managing Orient Express at the start of the year, and maybe Berzerker, before kinda disappearing until Yoko's debut. I think he wasn't exactly bringing much to the table in 92. However, nothing can beat Paul Ellering with a puppet. I hate Ellering. 1993 - Meltzer's pick: Mr. Fuji; my pick: Sir William ... I can hear the howls and the boos from the Memphis fans, but that accent is fucking ridiculous, worse than Dick Van Dyke. Very difficult for me to get past, even if Regal is a ton of fun in 93. 1994 - Meltzer's pick: Mr. Fuji; my pick: Ted DiBiase, so much of the card was built around his awful stable, and so much of the stuff he was involved with stank. At least you can say the stuff Fuji was doing with Yoko was over and / or effective, especially in the early part of the year. Million Dollar Corporation was very poor. 1995 - Meltzer's pick: Mr. Fuji; my pick: The Task Master, Kevin Sullivan, don't know if it's a cheat picking Sullivan but honestly I can't remember Fuji much in 95, and seem to recall an awful lot of Dungeon of Doom awfulness, so him.