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Found 12 results

  1. So here is the drill, put Ogawa in a NJPW ring around this time and I am all in. This had a great atmosphere like usual and the Egg team of Nagata and Nakanishi were strong as being the flag bearers for NJPW. Nagata blasts Murakami with a kick and wants a piece of Ogawa. After some jockeying, he succummbs to an STO with Ogawa giving a look of "is that the best you got." I have been a Nakanishi fan in 2000 but I thought he was the weak link here and was unable to match the hatred and intensity of the others. He showed more fire in the post match presser. We have a masked man who apparently was Inoki choke him out on the apron which gets big heat and a quick finish with Murakami taking the loss. It really feels like we could have had 3-5 more minutes of heated action. After the match, Riki Choshu is wanting to get involved and him and Choshu go after each other. ***3/4
  2. Norton has slimmed down from his peak mid 90’s WCW build. The work on Chono was really boring with leg locks that didn’t lead to anywhere. Chono is never my favorite but he should be almost strictly a manager and mouth piece by now. Norton shows more energy and him vs Nagata is the most heated pairing. Both Nagata and Ilzuka put their submissions on Norton and tease a submission with them. Norton is busted open on his forehead. Norton is able to battle back and destroys Ilzuka with a nasty powerbomb for the win. I have a feeling this team got way too many points in the league without looking at the results. This was decent but the T 2000 side didn’t bring a whole lot to the table. **1/2
  3. With how horrid a lot of clipping for NJPW has been, it was rewarding to get this match in full. A lot of hate was on display as the opening work is uncooperative and then we get a crowd brawling segment before things settle down inside the ring. Ilzuka plays a strong lieutenant to Nagata and Tenzan also looks on as a concerned son for his father when Chono is getting worked over. Even though he looked a little goofy doing it, Nagata really riles the crowd up while Ilzuka has Chono in the crossface by taunting Tenzan and daring him to break the attempt up. Chono was really worked over a lot more in this match than I would have imagined. Nagata does a crossface of his on and Tenzan tries his hand now only to be punked down by Ilzuka. Nagata takes over on his figure four salute and looks to have the match in hand when Tenzan is able to hit the diving headbutt to break that up. Chono Team 2000 is on the prowl now and Chono locks in the STF on Ilzuka for a near finish. Nagata is dispatched and two yakuza kicks and a low blow are enough to pin Ilzuka. Very good tag match. ***1/2 (7)
  4. Nagata is a strong worker at mixing up the mat work. This felt varied and different from the opening of the Ilzuka match which is no small feat. Here it felt more like Nagata gaining the dominant advantage and the leg lock he cranks in the early moments looks brutal. Nagata is also good at logical progressions. If Sasaki reaches back with his arm, why not grab that and work it over a bit? Sasaki chops himself out of the submission and it shows Nagata takes the bait by going into a strike exchange. Nagata is a good enough striker to hold his own but now he is in Sasaki’s domain and Sasaki takes over with strikes, bulldog and powerslam combo. Nagata quickly realizes his error and goes back to the leg with a trip and dragon screw. A really neat counter is Nagata spinning out of the Scorpion right into a modified figure four. Sasaki is hurting but still has all the strength left in his arms and is able to maintain position with a lariat and kicks with his good leg. Nagata goes right back to the well and takes the bad limb down again with another submission. What a great honed in attack. They really tease Sasaki almost tapping out here and the crowd is getting frantic. Great struggle showing him inching his way to the ropes. Great show of strength with Sasaki swinging for the fences and hitting a one armed powerbomb. Running clotheslines but Nagata isn’t done yet with an STO and German going right into another leg submission that has another great bit of struggle. When Nagata goes for two spinning back kicks, Sasaki catches him and hits two straight strength powerbombs. A running clothesline gives him a nearfall but Nagata isn’t done yet. Sasaki pounces right on him though with the brainbuster to put him out and advance to the finals. Nagata made one mistake and Sasaki put together the flurry he needed to win. This was a great fucking match. ****1/4 (8.3)
  5. This match was worked as almost an exclusive grapple battle. The early portions were engaging and Ilzuka opens things up more when he locks in a leg lock on Nagata and starts kicking away. Nagata does the first throw and then moves away from the legs to a cravate. Ilzuka is willing to go for the choke out of course and Nagata quickly realizes this and breaks free. Tempers flare up a bit more now with the first strike exchange of chops. This was a really good flurry with Ilzuka going after the leg but Nagata punching out. Nagata then goes for an enzuiguri but that allows himself to be open for a choke attempt. Nagata reels off a back suplex and quick choke with Ilzuka having to grab the ropes. Ilzuka shows some fighting spirit coming back and the crowd is ripe for the upset when he locks in the crossface and hits the Exploder. He still is not able to lock in his choke. In the final moments, Nagata does a multitude of escapes which are all well performed. Nagata is then able to lock in the crossface and get the tap out. Pretty awesome 11 minute match with a lot of duality and neat reversals. This match progressed wonderfully as well. ***3/4 (7.5)
  6. Come on, give Liger a win. This was yet another match from clips where he has the crowd behind him and rocking and he is working over Nagata big time. They give Liger a big confidence move kicking out of the first big bomb that Nagata throws at him but he falls short and gets pinned on a back suplex. NR
  7. This was a much stronger showing for Nagata than the previous night. He led Ilzuka through an exciting final segment and threw his barrage of kicks and submissions with more accuracy. In fact, of all the match clips we have seen so far, this was probably up there along with Fujinami vs Liger as the two matches I ould most like to see in full. Overall this show looks pretty weak and Nagata getting the win felt well deserved. NR
  8. To no ones surprise, it looks like this was predominantly a mat based match which intrigues me and makes me wish it was available in full. Nagata opens things up at the finish but is really wild and hits a seated Thesz Press, spinning back kick and jumping front kick that completely whiffs. He needed to reign it in a bit there. Nagata picks up the win with back suplex. The mat work looked good, the finishing sequence did not. NR
  9. I have tried to be fair to Nakanishi but there was 0 crowd heat here when he was on offense. Given that from the clips we see, he never legally tags out to Nagata, that didn’t make the match seem too exciting. Tenzan also didn’t have much of a reaction. Kojima did the best of the bunch mocking Nakanishi and getting a win off of a lariat. This is one match where it looked like it really suffered from being in a dome. NR
  10. New Japan has always done these 10-man elimination matches well and this is no exception. On TV, they showed 19 minutes of a 34 minute match, in highlight form instead of JIP so we were able to see a good chunk of what led to every elimination. The big things that stood out were: - Chono still had it when I think going into 2000, I didn't expect him to have it anymore - People really want to see Sasaki vs Chono. Really, really, really ... - Obviously the bookers didn't want Liger to win this and they didn't want him beating a heavyweight either, but they also wanted to protect him and make him look good, so they were stuck in neutral - Nakanishi was being pushed really hard, just as he has been in every match, but he just doesn't have the goods Taken on its own terms, this was a terrific match. The booking issues are really the only issue with it, as the match itself is super heated and action-packed, with pairings you don't often see, just as the 10-mans usually are. Each elimination was built to in a way that made sense and with each guy pinned going down fighting. There's lots to love here. I just wish they'd decide for sure where they want Liger instead of trying to have it both ways, and that they'd face the truth with Nakanishi. ***3/4
  11. 12:21 of 24:26. What we see is kind of jaw dropping great, in large part because of the atmosphere, which is not a major show, but which I expect to be better than Wrestlemania in a few weeks. Chono plays a large part in that, kind of taking on the "an asshole, but our asshole" role, getting name chants, getting cheered for his sneaky low blow and that sort of thing. Nakanishi comes in to stop quite a few submission attempts on Nagata until he is able to get the hot tag, and he's presented as the savior of his team. I still don't get Nakanishi, but I also don't think there's anything really to get. Fans were biting on everything here and as a result, everyone in this had some extra fire. All Japan is still very good, but New Japan has also been very good this year, to the point that I think the question of which promotion is better is officially a toss-up ... at least for now. ****
  12. A fun match to close out the night of NJPW action. Hashi and Ilzuka continue to be a good team together and the Nakanishi & Nagata tandem feels right on the brink of being main event players. I especially liked seeing Hash and Nagata mix it up as really that doesn’t seem like a played out pairing at all. I was wondering who was going to take the fall here and was a bit surprised Nakanishi ended up dropping it. I guess momentum had to be built for the pending match vs. Ogawa and Crew. ***