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Found 20 results

  1. We get an Andre interview which didn't have a wrestling feel to it. Then a Gino one which was awesome, and a text book wrestling segment. This was fun, and had a cast of characters. I thought Wahoo and Gino were the stars here. They did a good job of pushing a feud between them.
  2. This was a great match. Both guys skills were on display here. The early part is they work a standing headlock. This was well worked with both guys working and reacting to it. This was so well done. The Spoiler did so many neat touches like putting his foot on the rope for leverage. Eventually Jack counters it and begins working the Spoiler's back. He's stomping away at the back. Turns him into the Boston Crab. Jack moves up into the headlock. Spoiler escapes and takes it to the ropes and uses them to inflict pain on Jack's neck. The story has been pretty simple with Spoiler focusing all of his offense on Jack's neck. You know the motto chop off the head, the body will fall. Spoiler furthers the story by snapping Jack's neck off the rope. Jack is selling this all great and fighting underneath . You really seeing Jack as the blueprint to the Steamboats and Martels of the world. Now Spoiler goes for the claw. Brisco is great at selling the claw. Eventually he counters it with an atomic leg breaker to get him some seperation. Now Jack is working over the leg with leg dives and other effective work. Jacks looks to be going for the Figure 4. Spoiler is fighting him so Jack has to go for the 1/2 crab instead. Not to be out done Spoiler goes for the claw, Jack counters by attacking the leg . The battle here is super intense. Jack turns it into the Figure 4. The finishes of the falls are interesting. If you're a fan of working holds this match has it in spades. 3 3/4*
  3. I was looking forward to this and it I was right to look forward to it. We some mat work to start. Mil focusing on the arm and back was fun. Gino is so great at putting all of this over. His facials here are just off the charts. We get a lot more of this and it's all great. When Gino goes on offense he's after the mask. Marcus and Lothario are out and they play into the finish. Post match brawl to boot. 2 3/4*
  4. Monte with a shine early working the arm. Duggan wants to be vertical, but Monte uses the arm drag as a weapon. Duggan's strength is too much and is a clubberin. Monte working underneath, but is cut off. Duggan using his weight. Again Monte keeps him off balance with a arm drag. Monte taking it to Duggan. Hammerlock takes Jim to the mat. Duggan and Monte go back and forth. Duggan takes him to the floor. Awesome finish. A real nice back and forth match.
  5. Young has always been a solid journeyman southern worker. Young is fun in the cat and mouse schtick. They have 2 rings to play with. I really liked Young's hand raising hijinks. Wahoo's overhead chop is so wicked. Young is really entertaining here. A fun underneath match.
  6. Krupp is already doing the roman salute during the introductions and proceeds to warn everybody of ZE GERRRMAN KLAH!. Very subtle there, mein Freund. For a guy who is so outwardly heelish, he starts this off with a lot of wrestling. Lothario was clearly a world class pro wrestler at this point. I really dig the detailled selling, such as Lothario leaving his arm up his back after escaping from a hammerlock. The first minutes of this are great, if you can get into this kind of 70s rolling on the mat like I can. Then Krupp locks on some kind of under the shoulder claw hold, to which Lothario responds by attempting to break his nose and I am in love with this match. Then you get the nerve hold and claw sections, but Lothario is such a champ selling for it that YOU will believe in it. Everything Lothario does is amazing and brutal. He works his way back into the match by neutralizing the claw and it's brilliant. The stuff he does has a prime Kawada feel of simple nastiness: chop to the nose, knee drop to the bent wrist, square punch to the face, knee drop to the back of the head. You expect Krupp to get up with his brain hanging out of his nose. Then Jose busts out the stomach claw and we get a battle of the claw holds, with Krupp doing his best terrified B movie actor impression to sell it. This was a better finish away from being listed. Maybe I'll list it anways somehow. It is def. near the top of the list of brilliant matches centered around claw holds. Regardless, take my word: Jose Lothario is the fucking man.
  7. I loved Gary Hart's promo to start. Pak Song of course is famous in the Dusty Rhodes history. I enjoyed Mr. Hito in the match. I felt he brought a lot of energy here. Still not on the must see list.
  8. This is an arm wrestling match. Superstar is a master of this gimmick. This was worked so well. SSBG stalling early. The back and forth. SSBG leg movement with the table. Then ultimately cheating and beating on Patera. I absolutely loved this angle, and hope we get the match.
  9. Ha, Dory is so lazy he almost forgets to bump for a Mascaras armdrag during the opening exchanges. This was worked like one of those AJPW 70s tags, but a really efficient one and none of the stuff they did came across as dated. The Funks are a heel duo here and really good one at that. Christ, can you imagine running this match in 2016? If it happened today Terry would come in with a MAGA trucker hat and tell Lothario to go back while patting him on the shoulder. Terry was really great here like I expect a guy I placed in my All Time Top 5 to be. He came across as a hotheaded bull even during the hold sections and he was a total prick to the babyfaces all the way through. Feels weird to wish for a 30 minute match to go longer but this could've gone a little longer. The Lothario v. Terry boxing section in the 3rd fall was everything you are hoping for from seeing this matchup. Terry was dancing around Jose and waffling him with punches, but he just withstood the assault, came back and just clocked Terry. Mil and Dory, thankfully, stay out of the way for most of this match. Nifty finish to wrap it up and fuck the Last Battle of Atlanta, Terry vs. Lothario is my new most wanted match.
  10. Slater has a rep as being one of the best workers of the 70's. We don't have a lot of footage of him from the 70's so I'm excited. He looks trimmer and in great shape. Everything Slater did in the 1st fall looked hurty. It made sense and was crisp. Madril played Steamboat lite . It had a real Mid-Atlantic feel. With Madril using arm drags and arm bars. The 2nd fall seemed off. I didn't find it very compelling. The 3rd fall was a ref stoppage because of Madril's injured arm. 2 1/2*
  11. This is a match that was set up because Rick is Buzz Sawyer's protege. So Buzz wants Rick to cause some damage to Chavo because they meet in the 1st round of the UWF tournament later in the month. Rick Steiner is green here. Though he seems to be developing a character. People remember as this great tag worker . He 1st broke out because of his character work in Crockett with his imaginary friend Alex. The match was ok. Though the post match was where the story was. They end up laying out Chavo. Rick even holds him down and eats the pin.
  12. The match goes off air w/o a finish. It was cool to see them pre WCCW feud. I loved seeing Gino as a blond. He really feels like a top 10 worker in the U.S at the time. I loved the opening sequence. It got a huge response. We see glimpses of Kevin's mat work that is really underrated. A real fun snap shot on where they'll be headed.
  13. This went 20 minutes and it dragged.This was pretty boring. Even the crowd is yawning. The most interesting thing is Brower pretending to hear voices , and his facials. This was the epitome of sitting in a headlock.
  14. It was supposed to be originally going to be the Freebirds, but Hayes mom just died. So we got this match. It's a basic tag match with Rogers doing a good job as FIP. He made all of Angel Of Deaths offense look like it hurt. We get this hot tag. Fulton and Chavo try something that is totally botched. A solid tag though.
  15. Wow this was a lot of fun. Their might have been one bump in the whole match. Fargo's antics were so over the top it generated heat from the crowd. Loved how he attempted to work over Gomez's stomach to no avail. Watching Fargo was such a joy. He had me smiling the whole match.
  16. This had its moments. Gary Hart in the Straight Jacket. Lewin keeps staring down at Hart. I like Hart sitting down next to the cop so the fans don't sucker punch him. I loved the finish of the 1st fall. This match felt like it was missing something.
  17. This was a lot of fun while it lasted. It went about 7 minutes, but we got to see what both guys did well. With Morton it was his fire and selling. The Grappler was his psychology. 1st we saw well he worked over a neck, next we got to see him work over Morton's legs. Mesh what these guys bring to the table and you get a good match. We get a Brody run in because he's feuding with Grappler. 2 3/4*
  18. We open with JYD getting crowned King of Houston. This brings out Gino and Tully in an incredible segment. Yes their is tons of race baiting and insults, but it's a part of wrestling history. Now onto the match. Gino is a heels heel. He gets heat in this match with just a look. He gets heat by putting his feet on the rope, he gets heat with a strut. To sum it up he's a master of getting heat. I loved how Gino timed his kick to Lucas right when the bell rang. That was pretty cool. Gino was good at pushing the action and generating heat. Ken Lucas was a good southern baby face going after Gino's arm. He'd get cut off and Lucas would find his way back to the arm. I like how Gino did payback spots on the arm. He did a great a job of destroying the arm. At the finish Gino cheats his ass off for the win. I enjoyed the whole segment. Gino is such a great heel. 3*
  19. Man I'm excited. Another Stomper match and it goes another 30+. He's a guy that nwaondemand.com has put footage out there and he has delivered. I absolutely loved the 1st fall. I'm a big fan of guys working a good headlock and these guys worked a great one. On top of it the headlock was step one in the story of the match. Then Casey is working over the neck. He starts throwing elbows at Stomper's neck. Then Casey throws double knees to Stomper's face. That was straight MMA stuff. I loved the finish of the 1st fall where Stomper in a nice revenge spot works over Casey's neck and puts him down with a Cobra Hold. I also loved the mat work here, and totally dug the Stomper's ears hurt from the crowd, along with Carson's Mongolian speak. The 2nd fall was some more fun stuff. Stomper taking it to Casey early on. He's teasing the claw. Casey catches him in an Adominal stretch . This transitions into Casey working over the back which is a natural transition. When Casey has him in the Camel Clutch, the fight from the Stomper is so full of drama. I liked the finish of this fall too. The 3rd fall had the finish we needed, but the fall lacked the dynamic the other 2 had. 3 1/4*
  20. This was a match that had both guys working really hard. Patera is a guy who a lot of people have missed the boat on or have forgotten what a great performer he was. From 78-82 he was one of the best heels in wrestling. Dusty is one of the all time great babyfaces. So put peanut butter and jelly together and the results will be good. The pace in the 1st fall is a lot quicker than I was anticipating. I loved all of Patera's mannerisms through out the match. Right off the back Patera is softening up the neck for his finisher. Dusty counters with some real fun arm work and both guys are really game here. The 1st fall did a good job of laying the ground work for the match. The 2nd fall had some real interesting stuff to it. For starters Patera works over Dusty's leg to slow him down. Dusty sold this really well. Then Patera goes back to the neck. He was constantly trying to hook on the Full Nelson. Eventually he goes for the bear hug, and the guys do some real interesting stuff with the bear hug. The 3rd fall and you're wondering what type of screwy finish might be up the booking sleeves. Overall though these guys had a great match 3 1/2*