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Found 282 results

  1. G. Badger

    Spotlight: Starrcade

    I was never what you would call a WCW fan growing up. I liked seeing the matches on Saturday or Sunday but, I never went out of my way to watch Nitro until the Monday Night Wars stuff. It was WCW that grabbed my attention first with Goldberg and his streak. Plus my older cousin thought he was cool and therefore I did too Quickly, I found out that I preferred WWF to WCW in most instances and then ECW came in the picture and I never looked back really. So, with that being said, I never gave a thought to WCW's pay-per-views and although the titles were cooler than WWF's the cards usually sucked. So, here I am all of these years later willing to call bullshit on myself and check out the best of the best PPV that WCW had to offer - Starrcade. The saving grace of this project is that many of the matches on this list (this is the Starrcade Essential Collection set by WWE) are from Jim Crockett Promotions and/or in the early days of WCW. Half are from the 80's and 5 more are between 1990-1993. Anyhow there's 25 matches and I'm going run down (or up?) the list to see just how essential these matches are. I might give impressions for some, others I might have a review, and even more I might have written something up in the match discussion archives. Let's start Roddy Piper vs Hollywood Hogan (1996): Good match with good action that tells the Match of the Decade story well. Intense too which was a big surprise considering Hogan was in the ring...I mean honest-looking intensity and not that hammy crappola. Sting vs Great Muta (1989): Iron Man tournament match which I saw a few months ago during my Great Muta You Might Have Missed post ( https://forums.prowrestlingonly.com/blogs/entry/685-great-muta-you-might-have-missed/). Shit that was almost a year ago!? Anyhow, an under 10 minute banger with Sting and Muta at the height of blending simple wrestling with a fast pace and a few flashy moves. I liked this quite a bit. I'll say a very good match. Barry Windham & Brian Pillman vs Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas (1992): Awesome action packed title match. This Starrcade thing doesn't seem that bad! This also featured Pillman and Douglas ushering a crash-bang style that we would we would see in ECW and the Attitude era. Not that they invented it or anything but, its in contrast to Windham and Ricky's style here. Great match! Goldberg vs Kevin Nash (1998): The match that ended THE STREAK and perhaps was an early sign of things to come. Goldberg and Nash actually wrestle a good match up until the hi-jinks and Hall electrocutes Goldberg. Battlebowl (1991): I don't like Battle Royals. So, I'll make a couple suggestions. Fast forward to when Ricky Morton & Liger are wrestling each other. Then fast forward to when Luger and Vader are in ring #1 by themselves (yes there are two rings). Then fast forward to when it boils down to Steamboat and Sting vs Austin and Rude (Luger is in waiting so to speak). Then watch the rest of the match and you might call this good. This rated higher than the 1992 tag match? horse shit! Dustin Rhodes vs Steve Austin (1993): Starts of pretty good and just sorta ends. I had high hopes for this but, uh yeah it's very much what I expect out of WCW. The last 3 matches don't seem very "essential" to me. I talk more about it in the 1993 match discussion yearbook. I really don't want to do that again here...if that gives you an idea. Road Warriors vs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard (1987): Oh crap the Road Warriors...this is not looking good..let's see. Oh man am I wrong! Maybe it's Arn and Tully but, this is perhaps the best Warriors match I've seen. We see a brains & brawn story unfold despite their early domination, Hawk & Animal don't seem invincible. There are some hi-jinks but, it is pandemonium so it works. I loved this match- it was all about selling and timing and it comes off beautifully! Near classic match...hells yeah! Rey Misterio vs Jushin Liger (1996): Oh Rey vs Liger '96, this should be an easy great match! Nope! It's neat but, just felt clunky and the commentary team bury them. This is a great example of how WCW was out of step with where wrestling was headed. It was a fun exhibition match though. Rock 'n Roll Express vs Midnight Express (1987): I wish they could have put another type of match on here with these teams. It was high risk and whatnot but, is really a novelty that doesn't really show what these guys do best. Nevertheless it was one of the best scaffold matches I've seen. I've seen like 4 so...maybe that's not a recommendation. Sorta goes into the realm of Battle Royal matches to me. Ric Flair vs Lex Luger (1988): Here we have our first classic match of the set! I never would have thought it'd come from Luger. Simple but effective stuff! GO SEE THIS!! 1988 Everything else folder has more gushing if you need it. Eddie Guerrero vs Shinjiro Otani (1995): I've seen this match twice and liked it better the 2nd time. Its what the Rey vs Liger match needed to be. Skip that one and watch Otani and Eddie go! Again, I beat a dead horse in the 1995 December yearbook if you want to see that Very good match. Not sure why this is "ahead" of Flair/Luger '88 at all though...gotta give something to Eddie I suppose. Dusty Rhodes & Sting vs Road Warriors (1988): Hmm can't seem to find my notes on this one...I remember it being good with Sting doing his thing. It was not as good as the Tully/Arn match I can tell you that much. I think it was meant to get Sting over since I really don't remember Dusty or the Warriors doing much but a good match and letting Sting shine. Sting vs Vader (1992): People have called this a classic match but, I disagree. Its great but, not a classic. There are a few too many flaws that screw with my suspension of disbelief to put it in that **** 1/2+ class. Selling and the finish being the two biggest complaints. Nevertheless, it is Sting vs Vader - Go watch it for yourself and then head over to the 1992 December archives and see where your opinion falls. Jack & Jerry Brisco vs Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood (1983): A great action packed match. Maybe people don't think that can happen in 1983 here we have it! There were tons of double team moves from both sides. Angelo Mosca is the ref and played his role perfectly. This felt like a real battle in the unreal realm of pro-wrestling! Dusty Rhodes vs Ric Flair (1985): An entertaining match that was kept even keel for some reason. This lacked the charisma and excitement I expected. It felt very average. Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko (1997): Again, I can't find any notes on this one. From memory it started off well but, I don't think it really set the world on fire. Probably very much like the Dusty/Flair match above. They had to give a nod to the feud I suppose so, here it is... Road Warriors vs Steiner Brothers (1989): Everyone was selling and bumping. There were no miscues or blown spots. They did their power moves and throws. What more can you ask really!!? It was a dream match as your gonna get. I thought it was very good and should be in both teams highlight reels. Certainly so for the Steiners as I thought the quality and style was right around what they would be doing in NJPW in the 90's. Ladder Match (2000): This is the 3 way ladder match that was really a harbinger of early 2000's indy 'let's try anything' wrestling. It sucks that Jamie Noble and Kaz Hiyashi (who I like) are in this thing. Its also on the first WWE Ladder Match DVD set so, I skipped this. Sting vs Ric Flair (1989): I believe this is the Finals of the 1989 Iron Man tourney. Terry Funk and Jim Ross are on commentary (yes!). This was a great match featuring athletic, charismatic wrestling as you'd hope for. Both guys really put on an action filled match despite the previous bouts and you gotta give it to them for that alone. From what I've seen here and above 1989 looked sweet. Roddy Piper vs Greg Valentine (1983): And if '89 looked sweet then '83 was sweeter. Oh man, we get the legendary Dog Collar match between Piper and Valentine and it does not disappoint. It was a madhouse type of match where they're just wailing away on each other with abandon. So many visually remarkable moments involving the chain...man they just did it right. A brutal and bloody affair. A classic match. Road Warriors vs Midnight Express (1986): Another scaffold match. This was remarkably dangerous and Cornette takes a bump off the scaffold (dangling) that seriously injures him. Watch it on fast forward perhaps. Again, these really aren't my thing :/ Sting vs Hogan (1997): Sting's entrance gave me goosebumps. Make no mistake though this is late 90's WCW and they have to fucking slip in some interference in every big match just for the hell of it. Its like having a nice meal at a restaurant and right before you finish, the waiter comes over and drops a fly in it. Like "Why man? Why?" It was a good match even though they dropped a fly in it. For nostalgia sake, watch this big moment in wrestling. I never saw it before and I'm glad I did. Hogan may actually out wrestle Sting too! Ric Flair vs Harley Race (1983): Steel cage NWA world title match. I watched this a couple times in a week about 7 years back and recall it being very good. It was nice and stiff but, a little to methodical if memory serves me correct. I think it was kinda long too...could be wrong. Maybe it just felt long?? I decided to pass but, this is a big time match up so, if you're curious check it out. Tully Blanchard vs Magnum TA (1985): This I Quit match was the #1 reason that I spent the $5 at the used DVD/game store for this DVD set. This was violent from the very start...they looked like they wanted to maim each other. I believed it man. I mean Magnum was digging his fingers into Tully's arm trying to pull Tully's wound apart and he's the babyface!! They had to switch cameras that it was so nasty. Visceral barbaric wrestling...this did not disappoint. An all time classic without a doubt. If this is your thing, go see this match. If you gotta buy this DVD, do it. It's worth the dough. Vader vs Ric Flair (1993): This was Vader's title against Flair's career. I bet you know who wins This was deemed the greatest Starrcade match of all time by someone(s) at WWE. That's arguable but, I understand why they put this over Tully and Magnum. Flair. And it is a great match. It is not without its detractors and I am one of them. I watched this twice in 2 days and my take away is this- it is too slow at the start. Vader wants to pick apart and torture Flair rather than just pin him. I get this but, it is at a turtle's pace. Flair should have had a couple pin attempts in there to show that he had fight rather than getting pummeled. It does get good once Flair makes his successful come-back. However, the pacing and finish are all off to me. The finish required Vader to sell the leg being hurt but, he didn't at all/forgot/etc. so, it seemed like an odd fluke win. Maybe that's what they were going for but, it was clumbsily executed on Vader's part (understandable). But that's a small quibble next to the drawn out first half of the match where Vader beat Flair like a rented mule. Some of the appeal had to be thinking that Flair was going to lose...but, in 2019 that magic has worn away. So, I would say this set was hit or miss with more hits in the end. Ranking the hits Honorable Mention: Eddie Guerrero vs Shinjiro Otani (1995) 10) Sting vs Great Muta (1989) 9) Road Warriors vs Steiner Brothers (1989) 8) Barry Windham & Brian Pillman vs Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas (1992) 7) Sting vs Vader (1992) 6) Sting vs Ric Flair (1989) 5) Jack & Jerry Brisco vs Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood (1983) 4) Road Warriors vs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard (1987) 3) Ric Flair vs Lex Luger (1988) 2) Roddy Piper vs Greg Valentine (1983) 1) Tully Blanchard vs Magnum TA (1985) I'm very glad that I shelled out the 5 bucks for 10 awesome matches. I feel like Race vs Flair should also be an honorable mention as well. So 12 out of 25 matches that are totally worth checking out...not bad. I'm not sure what that says about WCW or maybe it says more about WWE, I suppose. I'd probably thing the latter is the culprit. They probably could have loaded this with great stuff from 83-89 and I would have been pleased as punch. Heck, Starrcade 83-93 would have been more than acceptable. Thanks for reading! At the very least watch the top 3 matches above! I'm so glad that I did. Until next time...
  2. A classic Flair title defense match. Wahoo makes for a great larger man with heavy hands to combat Flair. Their strikes looked great and they told simple great stories for each fall. First fall almost entirely as Wahoo's shine and setting up the efficiency of the Sleeper as his finisher. Second fall was all about Flair cheating his way back on top by using the ringposts and the ropes. The final fall was short and sweet, a classic Flair dirty win to end a very fun and engaging 50 minutes or so of action. I really enjoyed this. ****1/4
  3. Its been awhile so, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite matches. Not just my favorite Dory Funk Jr. matches...nope, these are some of my all time faves. I cannot promise a bunch of moves and stuff so, don't be mistaken. I like my action matches but, my friends, this is different. vs Jack Brisco NWA World Title (01/24/74) This is possibly one of the top 5 greatest matches that I've seen. Excellent mat wrestling for an hour with each fall being a little bit different in style and in story. I can see people not liking this but, one has to appreciate wrestling and not necessarily a load of moves. vs Horst Hoffman (12/15/75) This match is another one of those ones where you can't really rate it. It is simply a treat to watch two masters go at it. A true wrestling fan would want this match to never end. Sadly it does but it rather clever fashion. If there was more of a story to this, then I believe it would be quite phenomenal. Re-Watch: Just a slight re-watch of five minutes or so and man alive, this is a classic. Its got that same chemistry like Bockwinkel vs Robinson. These two are great and this match is a must see for a Dory Funk Jr. fan. You can just see it in his eyes. This is what a world champion looks like. vs Jumbo Tsuruta (12/18/75) The teacher and the student go head to head possibly for the first time in Japan. If this ever shows up in a complete form it may be up there in the short list of top matches of the 70's. The action is there and the story is there to back it up. Dory knows after the bell rings just how good Jumbo is. You have to know your wrestling to "get" this one but, man is this good. Great? A classic? Take your pick. vs Terry Funk - NWA International Title (04/30/81) This was a 50 minute technical wrestling match in the old style. There were plenty of long mat sections of grinding holds and attempted escapes. The only portion I thought was a bit long was the very beginning when Dory had Terry locked in a series of headlocks. The match went long so it didn't seem necessary to milk 6 minutes at the front. Also there was nothing too explosively exciting with this match like something Terry would do on his own or maybe Ric Flair or even the stuff going on in NJPW at the time. This was good old mat wrestling NWA style and if one can't appreciate the holds and the escapes then this was a good hour to do something else. They picked it up and brought it down a number of times and gave the fans their money worth. More dynamism would have been great though but I think Terry wanted to show that he could hang in there with his older brother. Also to note very few rope breaks were used on holds, which is why I mentioned all of the escapes. Those holds & escapes were the majority of the match. I also would have liked some of the stuff to be a bit smoother but that's ok. It adds to the realism. Great stuff! vs. Bruiser Brody - NWA International Title (04/21/82) It's not necessary to dwell on a match like this since it is so basic. This is the primal kind of stuff that transcends styles, moves, eras. It is how wrestling should be done. If you really watch, this type of wrestling provides the base for those 1990s classics and most every classic since. Great match! If you've never seen a Dory Funk Jr. match, I highly recommend checking at least one of these out! Thanks for reading!
  4. Many of these matches I have commented on in the Everything Else match archives or the Yearbooks, if you will. I wanted to make a record of them all in one place here on my blog though. If you have similar wrestling tastes or just like to read what I have to say, I thought I would make one entry of my recent wrestling habits. It's pretty 1970's and 80's heavy but, we dip our toes into the 60's and 90's as you'll read shortly. Let's start with a doozy! Johnny Valentine vs Bull Curry (06/20/69 Houston Wrestling):This really is an awesome match and the first time I've seen a full Johnny Valentine bout. He and Bull Curry beat each other senseless here...and I loved it! It was really great, simple yet violent pro wrestling. The quality of the footage is excellent as well. So very glad I watched this! In writing this, I did not put a rating but, at the very least it is a great match. The same goes for Johnny Valentine vs Bill Frazier '62. Ric Flair vs Wahoo McDaniel (1976 Mid Altlantic): This is probably one of the few 70's Wahoo matches vs Flair on YouTube. Like Cornette mentions, his physique, stamina, and agility are much greater than in 1980's. He looks like an absolute beast here. There's no finish unfortunately but, the 8+ minutes are great. Wahoo McDaniel vs Greg Valentine (09/07/77 JCP): Just a fantastic match where Greg takes the place of his dad. And Wahoo is cool with that since he beats the crap outta him. Gregster is no bum as he can take a shot as good as he can dish it out. This is just hard hitting no nonsense wrestling and it's hard not to love it. This was a near classic match. Plus look for promo of Wahoo at home, in a cast, calling out Greg Valentine & Ric Flair. Harley Race vs Wahoo McDaniel (02/10/78 Houston Wrestling):This was great 2/3 falls match.I waited a while to watch this since I'm lukewarm on Harley but, this was a doozy. Wahoo just tees off on the champion and Race's bumps are fantastic. Of course his headbutts and knee drops look vicious as ever. Do watch for the fan wildin' out in the front row on the camera side of the ring. He's the guy the fuzz have to grab in fall #3. It's pretty awesome. If you like to people watch the crowd during matches then, you gotta watch this one. It is a bit of a distraction since it takes like 5 officers get escort the dude but, Wahoo and Race don't let it phase them. Loved the finish! The Chief almost had it!! So close! Great stuff Wahoo McDaniel vs Tully Blanchard - Indian Strap Match (05/14/82 Houston Wrestling): This wasn't a long drawn out match. It was simple and vicious. I especially loved the finish (no pins or submissions, one man must drag his opponent to all 4 corners of the ring and touch the turnbuckle). We really need more matches like this in contemporary wrestling. It emphasizes the rough and tumble violence that I think is lacking in wrestling nowadays. Sure there are street fight and other gimmick matches but, there's too much emphasis on spots and not enough on the intensity. The violence of these type of fights should be at the forefront. We certainly have that here. Very good stuff! Bruiser Brody vs Mongolian Stomper (06/04/82 Houston Wrestling): Pure pandemonium with both guys trying to clobber each other. Brody vs the Stomper truly delivered despite not being very long. This was very much in the same vein as the 1990 FMW stuff. Walloping the heck outta each other but, never backing down...Houston looked like Korakuen Hall. Rick Martel vs Nick Bockwinkel 09/20/84 AWA): I thought the match up looked good but, no idea that there was such praise from the PWO community. I was just thinking "damn this is really good. They've got plans of attack, they're selling the specific damages as well as the overall fatigue. Still, its a heated fight with guys trading great blows and kicking out because the belt is on the line." I think for '84, you could call this a work-rate match but, its deeper than that. The in ring story is so solid and to have it almost spoiled at the end..oh man. Martel whipping the AWA strap around like a wild man at the end just capped off this beauty of a match. Classic stuff! Masa Saito vs Curt Hennig (03/28/85 AWA): What a simple but great match. Curt was very young here but, he and Saito had a little program going. It was pretty basic in that Saito roughed up Hennig and he made a energetic come back only to get shutdown. Maybe its just me but, I prefer 80's AWA Curt to Mr. Perfect. Anyhow, Curt does a fucking tope to the concrete instead of the leaping shoulder miss to ring post spot. That's to say he missed 85% of the ringpost and went thru the ropes to free fall and cement! Awesome!! The best was the finish were Saito and Hennig were just smashing each other with punches. More importantly, Masa Saito was punching Hennig...because there were some nice "punches" earlier but, Saito was like, " let's do this proper! " Yes, please, thank you! Rick Martel vs Mr Saito (04/24/85 AWA): Oh boy, this is a great match. Saito is an absolute beast and Rick Martel is just trying to survive. The part where he is clawing his way to the ropes to escape the Scorpion Deathlock is a new iconic wrestling moment for me. Just brilliant! I think this would be an awesome place to start if you only remember Martel as "The Model" from WWF. Rick Martel vs Terry Gordy (10/03/85 Pro Wrestling USA): Rick Martel is certainly a fighting champion and this fast paced challenge from Gordy is proof. This just checked all of the right boxes in the move and storytelling department for me. The other Freebirds are sent to the back and Terry is OK with that. He's going to beat the champion fair and square. Gordy is matching Martel all throughout but, then brings the power based offense to the table. It looks to be too much with the champ taking some hard slams. Don't count Martel out of the match yet! I just loved this 15 minute match. It truly felt like a title fight. Great stuff Ric Flair vs Ron Garvin (02/07/86-JCP-Superstars on the Superstation): Well, these two really beat each other from pillar to post! So many hard chops that it really is a wonder that their chests weren't red. Oh and the punches and slams...man, this was a heck of an intense TV televised match. 15 minutes of fighting, I loved it. People have said Garvin wasn't selling but, in his role, I think he should have been ferocious. He was taking the fight to Flair. A very good to great match in my eyes. Quite glad that I stumbled upon it. Rick Martel vs Riki Choshu (12/03/86 AJPW): This started out with a lightning pace. Then, they settled down into working over each others legs which was ferocious. I so wish they sold this after the fact since it appeared they were really going to town but, it was a 10 min. match. Evenly fought but a little to soon to finish for me. Very good, intense match. Totally worth watching! Just not the heavenly dream battle I hoped for. But the first few minutes had me believing it was real! Wahoo McDaniel vs Manny Fernandez (09/18/88 AWA):Just two big dudes punching and chopping the crap outta each other for 10 minutes. If you dig Tenryu - Choshu - Hashimoto type stuff check this out. It'd be right at home in '88 AJ or NJ. Wahoo McDaniel vs Manny Fernandez - Indian Strap Match (12/13/88 Superclash III): I think most folk remember the Kerry vs King match but, I think this bout deserves a bit of recognition. Stiff chops, punches and blood abound! The big surprise was that Tatsumi Fujinami was there! Fernandez was working in NJ in '88 I believe so, I think he was there to keep Manny in check or something. Well, he certainly DOES both at the start and finish...yes! Awesome little interview at the end from Wahoo where he says he wants to literally kill Fernandez. Larry Zbyszko vs Masa Saito (02/10/90 NJPW) I could tell that this was going to be a fantastic encounter from the very first collar-and-elbow! Oh man! Take note current wrestlers, THIS is how you tie up! The match was a fine example of how to create drama and excitement without running through moves. The holds were credible and meaningful towards the outcome of the fight. Their strikes were stiff yet, measured. Larry & Mr. Saito used their body language (and actual language in Lar's case) to convey athleticism, desperation, and that killer instinct. This was a great match. Nick Bockwinkel vs Masa Saito (12/26/90 NJPW): If you like headlock work then this is a match for you brother! I truly dug the simple focus on the headlock and leg locks becuase you felt the struggle was genuine. Man, two masters going at it for the NJ crowd. The finish came a little too quick but, dang this was a pretty good bout. QUICKIE BONUS: Rick Martel vs Naoki Sano (08/09/91 SWS): Roughly 5 minutes of pedal to the metal 80s technical junior offense. I loved it, it was short and to the point and put over the power of a technical pinning predicament. Thanks for reading!!! If I can get my act together, I should have a few posts ready to go in the next few days
  5. NWA US Champion Wahoo McDaniel vs Magnum TA - Worldwide 3/23/85 Steel Cage Match Watching Mags in Mid-South, it was clear just how good of a babyface he was in terms of selling and just connecting with a crowd. Even with his technical execution being subpar, I thought his charisma overwhelmed any flaws. Once he was put in brawls with DiBiase, he could really shine. Here against Wahoo, his offense has come a long way. He is by no means the best, but it is no longer glaringly bad. Couple this with the babyface charisma and selling, he was a potent force. He has just debuted recently and was given a string of very quick wins with the belly to belly suplex, which has been established as a devastating finisher. Have not seen much of Wahoo in action, here he brought chops and lots of them. He was a good mountain for Magnum to climb. In 1985, the story was about Mags. Wahoo tried to cheat early, but Magnum overcame that and then Wahoo tried to turn it into a slugfest and Mags fought right back. In fact, he was kicking so much ass, he hurt himself on a headbutt and Wahoo was able to pull him into the cage. Wahoo worked an adequate heat segment, but Magnum's selling and how he conveyed the earnestness of his comeback was what carried the day. I loved the finish with Wahoo in control working shoulder tackles only to be caught out of the blue with the vaunted Belly To Belly! New US Champion! A perfect way to build a hot new babyface and a superb finish. Not a great match, but definitely one worth checking out. ***
  6. Superstar Sleeze

    [1974-12-02-AJPW] Jack Brisco vs Giant Baba

    NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jack Brisco vs Giant Baba - AJPW 12/2/74 2 out of 3 Falls Giant Baba is just one freaky looking dude. i had to get it out there. Those shoulderblades are something else. Great sporting contest from these two wrestlers for the World Heavyweight Championship. It was a breath of fresh air to watch two men work so hard at surfboard taking the time to widen their base or drop to a knee to really sell the hold. I loved the opening matwork. Brisco looked world class taking the Giant down at will. He had a game plan go after the legs and he was tenacious with his drop toe holds and leg pick ups. The only thing keeping Baba in it was his natural size. When he got a hold of Brisco in that surfboard, he demonstrated how damn athletic he is being able to put a foot between Brisco's shoulderblades in a standing surfboard. I loved Brisco's reaction to the surfboard to start letting the fists fly. He was feeling vulnerable so the wrestling went out the window. Baba responded with GIANT CHOPS! Dropkick and Russian Legsweep score one for the hometown hero. Baba starts off hot, but Brisco backs him into the ropes and refuses to give him a clean break. Brisco is just wrenching a nasty chinlock. I love all the tests of strength in this match. They trade suplexes and Briscos follows his up with a figure-4 to even the match. I surprised they did not go with the quick submission, but Baba writhed in pain for a while before the ref called it. The last fall was very dramatic. It was definitely the best selling of the match with Baba playing up the knee injury and Brisco tenaciously working the leg. Baba responds with GIANT CHOPS to avoid the figure-4 and Brisco does a great job selling these. The Russian Legsweep that won the first fall is used a false finish with Brisco making the bottom rope. That was a expertly laid out spot. Baba hits a clothesline similar to Kobashi falling clothesline to win the match and the World Heavyweight Title. That makes that Kobashi move all the cooler knowing it is a tribute to Baba. I really enjoyed this match as a struggle between two opponents for the world title in a classic game of human chess. Yes, Brisco was a bit of a dick here and there, but overall, it was a relatively clean fight. It is funny, I think if all wrestling was like this, I probably would not be a fan. It is too similar to real sports in the sense that it is two talented performers executing at a high level, but it just lacked that narrative to really sink my teeth into until the closing stretch. That is a minor quibble because what they presented was awesome. If Brisco moving from the mat to strikes back to the figure-4 all the while selling Baba's chops like death. Baba worked hard in this match and was great at providing the highspots. It did not click with me on that next level, but still something I would have as a MOTYC in any year. ****1/2
  7. Superstar Sleeze

    [1974-01-30-AJPW] Jack Brisco vs Jumbo Tsuruta

    NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jack Brisco vs Jumbo Tsuruta - AJPW 1/30/74 2 out of 3 Falls Check out those sideburns on Jumbo! This is baby Jumbo Tsuruta who just debuted earlier in 1973 and was only recently dubbed "Jumbo". He does not look out of place one bit against the NWA Champ Jack Brisco. I just love these sports-feel world championship bout: great tie-ups, leg dives and struggle for every move. Basic, fundamentals-oriented layout let the rookie shine with strong holds and coming back to that hold, lose control due to an underhanded tactic, a nice hot run up to the close of the first fall before Brisco puts him away. Jumbo's home base was an armbar. Every time, there was movement Jumbo was able to wrangle it back on using some great armdrags. I loved the Brisco hiptoss into a Jumbo armdrag! Brisco was great at shining Jumbo up with verbal selling and the desperation to not get hit by the butterfly suplex. I am a big mark for tests of strength and there was some great top wristlocks coming out of the armbars. Eventually, Brisco uses the hair to bring him down into a vicious headlock. Jumbo is able to comeback into a crossface chickenwing, which Brisco uses a great drop toehold to transition into a deathlock with great strikes into the ribs. Jumbo was eventually able to catch Jack riding high into a facelock, but Brisco was in the ropes. Tsuruta sees his opening and just unloads bodyslams (not his badass body slams, but still very good), but he misses one elbow drop. Brisco gets a Robinson backbreaker to win the first fall. Brisco 1-0 Awesome, awesome second fall. Wow! Just a great barrage of Jumbo Tsuruta offense throughout the fall. Brisco works a tight headlock, but Jumbo grabs a kneecrusher and never looks back. He works a great fucking bridging toehold and Brisco sends him flying. He is hobbling and tries to meet him on apron, but Jumbo gets sunset flip into a drop toehold into a great deathlock. Brisco escapes to the floor and JUMBO IS FIRING UP! He wants Brisco in the ring, BABY! Jumbo applies the Boston Crab and is working the back. Then he just throws Brisco around with a butterly and just an incredibly overhead belly to belly that was just an incredible feat of strength. I loved that suffocating run of offense to finish the fall. Tied 1-1. Third fall was killer. Jumbo stays on the back and is jazzed. Brisco is selling it like he is absolutely done. Jumbo applies a abdominal stretch. You actually buy it as a finish given it is 1974 and Jumbo is so excited. This converted into a hold on the ground into an amazing, amazing Jumbo bridge into a bodyscissors working that back! Bearhug! I have never popped for a bearhug until today. Jumbo is fucking awesome. Brisco looks dead. Brisco is desperate and is just like fuck it. He throws a wicked closed fist. I have been disapointed by Brisco working punch, which misses by a mile, but damn that was good. Brisco throws a nasty knee to head in the corner. He hurls Jumbo in a butterful suplex, damn! Robinson backbreaker KICK OUT! JUMBO BACK DROP DRIVER!!! Head collision. Jumbo dropkick he gets up to Brisco's but kinda wiffs and then he actually misses because Brisco averts it. A reversal of O'Connor Roll with Brisco ends up on top to win. Wow! That is how you make a rookie a star in one match. Just amazing work. Jumbo ripped it up this match. He was excited and just kicking ass. He never looked out of place. Brisco was totally selfless in this match. It was a bit too lopsided to be a contender for greatest match of all time, but it was an awesome display of both talents. I have it ahead of both the Baba matches because it had more energy. ****1/2
  8. Easily one of the best builds for a blow off match ever leading up to this one. While it took a while to get going, once it did, it became one of the great tag matches of its time. Slaughter bumped like a freak and even decided to come off the top of the cage, which is always legitimately insane at a time where those cages looked so rickety anyone could fall off of it. Kernodle tapped an absolute gusher and was great doing the dirty work in the match. Some fantastic spots in the match, including a favorite of mine in a cage match where Slaughter knocked Kernodle out of the way on a Steamboat cross body and Ricky ate nothing but cage. The callbacks to everything leading up to the match were awesome. The blood playing off the bloodbath that laid out Youngblood a few months earlier, the Cobra Clutch avoidance, figuring out how to avoid the Slaughter Cannon, which is now one of my favorite double team moves ever and then an all-time great finish. In talking about this with Will and Kris, I don't see how this could be anything below the Top 10 when the 80's NWA set ever gets made, and right now, I could totally talk myself into making it into my Top 5.
  9. Good match but felt like a Flair one man show to be honest. His great selling and the usual cage match goodness carry this. *** 1/4
  10. Generally speaking, I'm not a fan of the Great Muta. I'm OK with Keiji Muto but, the Muta gimmick just doesn't do it for me. Well, correction...the gimmick is cool but, the work stinks. It's dull. I'm OK with the 90 & 92 Hase bloodfests but, really it was a waste of both guys athleticism and talent. I'm sure they could have put on matches equal to Misawa at that time period but, we get kinda-sorta great matches with a tremendous amount of blood. I was kinda bored with wrestling for a moment (gasp!) so, I thought I'd check out Muta in WCW to see if that did anything for me. It was a random thought that I could entertain and I'm so glad that I did. It began with Steven Regal vs Muta in NJPW actually but, I'll list the matches I watched chronologically for convenience. Muta vs Eddie Gilbert (WCW/NWA Power Hour 08/12/89) This has a fucking awesome (and I think iconic start) with Missy getting the green mist straight to the faceplate. That was ruthless but, so awesome of a visual! Unfortunately, the rest felt like bland brawling with a fucking nonsense finish. Gilbert wins by pinning Gary Hart. They go to say it's a Anything Goes Match after the bell. What? But you still have to beat your opponent. I mean you can't pin yourself...oh maybe that's what the Finger Poke of Doom was like...after all of these years...it makes sense...still bollocks! Muta vs Sting (WCW/NWA 09/01/89) A super quick heated start with J-Tex Funk and Gary Hart throwing shade. Muta in full '89 heel mode but, the Stinger is out for blood. The fans are full on freaking out with people literally screaming. You can hear them in the fuzzy 80's audio mix but, especially when they are on the floor. Ross & Cornette frenzied commentary included. Oh God! Sting ate that ring post :@ !!! Ref bump, Gary Hart's in there but, is it enough to keep our neon yellow glad surfer Sting down? Can he outlast Muta? Yeah, I dug this shit. Muta vs Sting (WCW/NWA Starrcade 1989 12/13/89): They were doing a round robin this night. Muta lost to Flair in a shorter match and Sting lost to...shit...Ron Simmons? Just checked, it was Lex Luger. Ah fuck Luger man...nah I mean he's alright but, anyhow...this was an under 10 minute doozy! Sting & Muta were at their peak in terms of blending new high risk moves at a fast pace but still keeping things simple & smart. This was a blast and a very good match. If you're waiting for your pasta water to boil or the pizza delivery guy, watch this! Plus it's Jim Ross and Terry Funk on commentary. C'mon, you know you want to Muta vs Arn Anderson (WCW/NWA Powerhour 01/1990) TV title belt is on the line. Double A and Muta were totally clicking in the ring. Muta's moves were really spectacular for this time period and even more so in this TV setting. Again, Corny and Jim Ross were awesome. Buzz Sawyer and my main man Kendo Nagasaki (Dragon Master) were repping J-Tex Corp. What an awesome stable name! The two competitors started solid and kept building this match up. I really love Muta in the WCW as he can't really do the stalling bloodletting like he did in Japan later on. He actually had to wrestle here so, we get Muto with a gimmick. The Pearl of the Orient or do they call him Crown Jewel of the Orient? Probably Pearl - Hahaha! This was another very good match. If you're digging ROH's TV main events as of late, I would highly recommend this one to you. It's very similar to how they are keeping things simple yet exciting. Muta vs Brad Armstrong (WCW 05/30/92 Saturday Night): This is a 2/3 falls match. This is babyface Muta who was teaming with Sting at the time. Well, had some tags with Sting most notably vs the Steiners at the 92 WCW/NJPW supershow. That was a very good-great match if memory serves me. I'm fairly confident that the Mist will make an appearance by the end of the match. Let's see! Fall #1: They are evenly matched up trading holds and counter holds. The fans are cheering for both guys which is really cool since that's my feeling too. I mean Brad's cheers are the "USA! USA!" chants but, that's fine. More important is the wrestling! This puppy had it like a case of the fleas. I loved it It was like a 70's match with a slower meaningful holds/counter/escape dynamic with burst of rope running or striking which led back down to the canvas. Great fall with a great finish to me. Fall #2: This was a more modern for 1992 style and was quickly over. However, it was still smart and believable within the context of the match and each wrestler's standing. Do we see the mist?? Gonna have to watch and find out! I would say this fall was very good. Frankly, I don't know why this wasn't a single fall match. Well, maybe they wanted to fill time with this match since it was the show's main event. They probably got the signal to wrap it up sometime into the second fall. That's just a business perspective and probably the truth of the matter. If this was give the PWG "Go as long as you fucking want" treatment this could have been a lost '92 classic. Seriously, these guys were so athletic and on point that they could have done a true 2/3 falls banger. Nevertheless, this was still a very good-great match overall. Like ***3/4+ type of rating. Muta & Hulk Hogan vs Hellraisers (Hawk & Power Warrior) (NJPW 09/23/93): This may be the only time I review a Hogan match but, I'll be darned if this wasn't a good tag match. I can't say there was anything tremndously remarkable than the finish but, they did a good job. Don't get your hopes up about Hogan in Japan though. It's not like he turns into Stan Hansen but, he DRAMATICALLY tones the schtick down but, that fucker can help but ham it up by looking to the crowd at times. He knows he shouldn't do it too because he catches himself and stops. I liked that part in an ironic way. Like let's see if he can hold it together Still, this was a good match that was very much in the 90's NJ heavyweight style but, what could have been a dream match felt like a mid card exhibition. BUT! If you're looking for something with low emotional investment, low attention required, and familiar face, I cannot recommend this match any higher. For all the brown feces I'm throwing at the Hulkster, he was completely adroit in this match. Muta vs Steve Regal (08/03/97 NJPW): It's Japan so we get the extended Muta entrance. His music sounds like the Coast to Coast AM bumper music Awesome! Muta is rocking the NWO facepaint which looks cool from far away but, up close, it is only a reminder of a shitty period of shitty shit. This was a very good match (surprised at the time) but, they could have done a bit more with this. It seems like Muta found a good place in 89-90 and never moved from there. The highlight was Regal open hand palm striking Muta in the mush. Also somebody ought to look into the legality of the Mist. Right after they look at Abby's fork and Sheik's spike... BONUS: Muta, Sanada & Yasu vs Chris Sabin, Kazarian & Christopher Daniels (TNA Lockdown 2014): This was tons of fun!! Muta is at the tail end of his career but, the TNA stars keep him in the match by taunting and mocking him. So, when he finally pops on and hits his signatures it feels meaningful rather than, "Hey remember this guy? Watch him do some moves every 145 lb. guy on the Indy circuit does a week after finishing school." That is good. That's how you show respect but, also keep order. Anywho...5 talents in the ring, 10 minutes, this was an excellent popcorn match. This was a really fun and unexpected journey. Nothing was mindbogglingly awesome but, perceptions of Muta were changed. I'll say that's pretty remarkable! I encourage anyone interested to watch the above matches. There are a few other '89 Muta matches floating around that I might check out because, darn it! They're just a bunch of fun. Thanks for reading!
  11. NWA World Heavyweight Champion Kerry Von Erich vs Ric Flair - WCCW 5/11/84 Coming off his recent loss of the World Championship to Kerry Von Erich, Ric Flair is out to prove he is still The Man. Wow, does that give this match a totally unique feel compared to other Flair vs Kerry matches. Flair is wrestling with a challenger's mindset even if this is non-title and he is here for a fight. He establishes this with a slap to Kerry in the corner. He is here to fight. People want to talk about matches that do not follow the Flair Formula, well here you go because this is a sprint where Flair is crazed and desperate. His hyper-offensive mindset is a double-edged sword as we will see. More often than not, he is rushing and like my mother always says "Haste makes waste" and in his haste Flair was giving Kerry openings. It was creating his own too. We see Flair crowding Kerry early and often. He is bringing the fight to Kerry. When he sends Kerry to the outside, he is right there with a hammer elbow and then crowding him in the corner. This leads to these spirited skirmishes in the corner with each man fighting through each other. Flair's offensive control seems tenuous because in his haste he leaves himself prone to dropkicks and press slams. He is keeping the powerful Kerry off-balance with his perpetual motion. Kerry looks to put Flair to sleep, but he gets a kneecrusher. Flair quickly looks for the figure-4 again haste makes waste as it leaves him prone to the Iron Claw! He fights through it, but then here comes press slam and discus punch. The loss of the championship is clearly eating away at Flair who is not consolidating advantages, which he has had in this match. It is a very frustrating match if you were a kayfabe Flair fan. I am loving the narrative they are building here. Flair jabs at Kerry's bad knee and this time he gets the figure-4. I love how when it gets reversed, he immediately gets out and limps over to chop Kerry. There is no rest in this match he is out to prove something leg be damned! Flair goes right back to the figure-4 and Kerry shoves him off. Flair back with the hammer elbow, Flair is not giving up. Flair runs right into a press slam and now a cross body. Flair tries a hiptoss, but Kerry falls back into a banana split cradle for the 3. Flair needs to stop trying to hiptoss Kerry that's two times in a week Kerry has gotten a pinfall from that situation. He has it scouted Flair. Awesome little sprint from these two. Flair worked like a madman and Kerry was with him every step of the way. Kerry thwarted him at every pass and it just frustrated Flair more and more. I loved all the heated exchanges and there was another after the match. Flair is just ripshit he is not champion. It is awesome. Really great TV match! ****1/4
  12. Sleeze goes back to the greatest decade this world has ever experienced, the 1980s, BABY! We start in style with the big profile championship match as Ric Flair defends against his strongest challenger of the first half of the decade, Kerry Von Erich. NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich August 15, 1982 Wrestling Star Wars Dallas, TX 2 Out Of Three Falls The below review is from my third viewing of one of my favorite matches of all times. It focuses mainly on the layout and Flair's performance and I agree with everything I wrote. However, on this viewing, I intentionally focused on the Modern Day Warrior. The common knock on men like Von Erich and Luger is that they are broomsticks that are plugged into the Flair formula and out pops a classic. It can't be further from the truth. I can understand you can be distracted by the glistening He-Man physique and that horseface, but if you watch as intently as Kerry laid one on that young girl at ringside then you will see Kerry was a phenomenal seller. Early on, Flair does his usual bridge escape out of a headscissors and watch Kerry's face, he flinches in pain. Or when he has a headscissors on Flair, he conveys the internal struggle not to ball up his fist and punch Flair to the audience. During the match, Flair is always struggling looking for an opening with short knees or chops and Kerry is great selling the immediate pain. He gives Flair these brief openings, but always fires back up. In the second fall, Kerry is just excelling at writhing in pain from Flair's leg work and really expressing how close he is to giving up. Now, Flair is no slouch as he is tremendous in his verbal selling especially when Kerry reverses the pressure. This entire match is a master class in selling by both men. Each man really is thinking shoot while they are working. They respond to each other and moments in the match in a real sporting manner. Each time, I discover new spots and elements that make it a better match. Such as during the abdominal stretch, Von Erich makes a point to exaggerate his gesture that he is looking to put on the Claw, which really whips the crowd into a frenzy. The crowd was nuclear for Kerry from the get-go and totally rabid at the prospect of him dethroning Ric Flair especially after defeating previous Champion Harley Race in a de facto No. 1 Contender’s match just months previous to this. Flair, as usual, is a cardio freak, but my favorite moment is how he slowly ramps up his heelishness. At first testing his strength and clearly being bested, he resorts to hair pulling to win an over the top wristlock. Another thing, I love is that when Kerry has Flair in a head scissors in the beginning, they do not just lie on the mat. Flair is very broadly attempting to escape the hold, but cant. This does two things, it puts over Kerry’s strength and most importantly, keeps the audience engaged. Flair does a lot of things really well, but he is exceptional at keeping the audience engaged even during perfunctory matwork. The beginning is all about putting over Kerry’s strength. This is accomplished by holding multiple head-scissors, winning over the top wristlocks and a visually impressive arm wrench that Flair bumps wells, which the crowd pops loudly for. Flair gets some offense in the corner, which is Flair’s domain. Besides Vader, I do not think there is a wrestler that is better in the corner than Flair. Flair takes over with a knee-lift and begins taking shortcuts like the aforementioned hair pull. Off a missed elbow, they do a well-executed tussle for the ab stretch I brought up earlier. I love how they made each other work for it with Kerry ultimately winning. An eye-rake (Flair shortcuts) breaks it up, but Kerry hits two pretty impressive dropkicks. Flair’s next shortcut is to hold the rope down as Kerry crashes to the floor, which leads to Flair’s big flurry of offensive: dropping Kerry across the top rope, knee drop and piledriver. Kerry catches Flair with back body drop, but Flair blocks the corner. Flair pushes the ref, but as Kerry winds up for the discus punch he catches the ref in the head. Kerry puts on the sleeper, BUT THERE IS NO REF, here he comes and now the bell is ringing. KERRY WINS THE FIRST FALL!!! Right!?!?! Right!?!?!? The original referee disqualifies Kerry for the punch much to the dismay of the crowd and to relief of a visually exhausted and desperate Flair. I liked the finish to the first fall even if it was a clusterfuck because Kerry was clearly put over as more dominant than Flair. Flair’s escape with a DQ finish in the first fall allows for Kerry to once again be perceived as the underdog as he has the unenviable task to win two straight falls against The Man. Another great element is that all of Flair’s control segments were initiated by shortcuts thus always making Kerry look better in comparison. The second fall rules all and by itself would probably be one of my favorite matches of all time. Flair is still coughing from the sleeper hold and begs off immediately. Kerry and the crowd smell blood. Kerry slaps on the sleeper, but Flair makes use of the Bret leverage move to send Kerry crashing to the floor. Flair capitalizes this by wrenching Kerry’s leg across the apron. NOW WE GO TO SCHOOL!!! Flair is absolutely crazed during this control segment as he clearly a desperate champ doing anything to take down the physically superior Kerry Von Erich. Flair hits the shinbreaker to a physically diminished Von Erich side-headlock. After Flair works over the leg, it is time for the Figure-4 Leglock whipping the crowd into frenzy. Just minutes ago, they thought their hero had the first fall in the bag and now it looks he is about to lose two straight falls. WAIT!!! Kerry had reversed the pressure and now Flair scrambles for the ropes. Flair tries to go back to the knee, but Keryr blocks with the vaunted Von Erich Claw. Flair blades like a champ off the claw and eventually is pinned. Flair’s control segment was fuckin awesome and Kerry sold his knee like champ. Then when it came to the hit finish everyone erupted when the claw was slapped on just when it seemed like Flair had this one in the bag. Flair is drenched in sweat and blood and looking for a fight with the universal sign of “Put up your dukes”. A spirited two-minute intense brawl breaks out and the ref loses control of the match. At first, I was disappointed by the finish, but in retrospect it is a really good to put over the intense nature of the match and it would ultimately setup the Huge Christmas Day 1982 Cage match. The basic idea of the Flair formula was executed, which is to make your opponent look like a million bucks and keep the audience engaged. However, Flair was not always a chickenshit heel as he vacillated among begging off, desperation and crazed. There was an urgency to each fall. Kerry felt like he NEEDED to win the first one and came out hot, but was robbed. Kerry NEEDED to win the second one or he lost, but by the same token Flair felt he NEEDED to win based off Kerry’s stellar performance in the first fall. Kerry played his part well and definitely added more than just his Texas star power. He sold well and worked hard to keep up with Flair and sell the importance of the match. I LOVE this match because there is never a dull moment and the match builds perfectly on itself until the wild brawl at the end. Just a little too much bullshit in the first and last fall to go all the way, but damn this is going to be a hard match to beat in World Class. ****3/4
  13. July 4th, 1986 Sandspit, BC -The Sheepherders beat The Killer Bees in 18:23 Guest Referee - Bruno Sammartino: One Man Gang (w/Floyd Creatchman) beat Richard "Le Magnifique" Charland (w/Frenchy Martin) in 25:58 -Los Infernales beat The Nightmares (w/Floyd Creatchman) in 8:39 -Mike Davis (w/Tommy Lane) beat Black Bart in 13:07 -Bruce Hart beat Chris Candido in 9:22 Submission Match: Jacques Rougeau beat Al Madril with the Boston Crab Mid-Atlantic Showcase: Tony St. Clair beat Duke Myers in 7:41 NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship: Don Kernodle beat NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion The Great Samu (w/Paul E. Dangerously) in 50 seconds to retain! Kernodle fled the scene once Kokina & Fatu charged the ring to gets his hands on him since he pulled Samu's tights!
  14. MACW @ WTBS Studios TV aired 5-3-86 Schiavone: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling. My partner David Crockett along with his brother Jim are up in Canada watching the Johnny Rougeau Memorial Cup. We'll give you some highlights of that historic event next week. As for tonight, the Universal Heartthrob Austin Idol will take on one half of the Stud Stable, Jimmy Golden. Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant takes on Paul Jones's newest acquisition, Rip Oliver. Also in action will be Hacksaw Duggan, Jimmy Snuka, Tony St. Clair, The Cobra, Mark Youngblood, Blackjack Mulligan and Polynesian Power. We will hear from the US Tag Champs, Rocky Johnson and Wendell Cooley. All this, plus words from the United States Champion, The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, while on his vacation. Right now I want to bring out Jeff Sword and Doug Vines, the Devil's Duo. The Duo come out to some cheers. Schiavone: Gentleman from what went down last week, apparently you are no longer associated with Paul Jones. Seems like he has a new team, Johnny Rich and Randy Rose, the Southern Ramblers. Vines: You know it's high time my partner and I went back to our roots. We knew it was time a couple months ago when we started tearing it up at Billy Bob's in Texas. Sword: That's right! Wild West Wrestling brought us back to our good ol bar room brawling days. With that in mind, we're going back to our old name, the Bar Room Brawlers! Vines: Southern Ramblers, you want a brawl? Then come on! Because we're damn well ready for it! Sword: And if you don't believe us, then watch us in action right now! Bar Room Brawlers head to the ring. Bar Room Brawlers vs. Vic DeMarco and Tim Straw Brawlers charge the ring and beat down their opponents. They kick Straw in the gut and throw him out of the ring. Vines gives DeMarco and back breaker and holds him there as Sword jumps off the top rope with a knee across Demarco's chest, flipping him over. Sword covers and gets the pin! Commercial Break The Cobra w/The Assassin vs. Jay Jones Cobra swings Jones to the ropes and back drops him. Cobra hits a Shoulder Breaker then climbs to the top rope and crashes down with a flying Senton to get the pin! Assassin cuts a promo on Sweet Brown Sugar saying he's not even in the same league as the Cobra. Schiavone: Fans, this weekend in Greensboro, The Midnight Express come to town to defend the NWA National Tag Team Championships against my guests at this time, Billy Travis and Joe Savoldi, Hot Property. The fans cheer as Hot Property comes to the podium. Savoldi: You know when I was in Puerto Rico, my partner was taken out of action by the Stud Stable, forcing us to give up our shot at the US titles. Now we get an opportunity of a lifetime as we get a shot at the National Tag Titles. Travis: Stud Stable, bad karma got the best of you and you lost the US titles. Now I haven't forgotten what you cowards did to me and my partner and I will get our own payback. Right now we have to focus on the Midnight Express and the National titles. We hear Jimmy Cornette was laughing and couldn't believe they actually had to travel to Greensboro and face a team like us. Cornette, don't underestimate Hot Property. Savoldi: That would be a huge mistake! Commercial Break 'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka vs. Lou Simms Snuka hits Simms with a series of chops then puts him down with a jumping head butt. Snuka body slams Simms then gets up on the top rope. The fans roar as Snuka leaps off and hits the Superfly Splash for the pin! Snuka is flashes the 'I love you' sign to the crowd. Snuka cuts a promo on Blackjack Mulligan saying they are far from over brotha! Mark Youngblood vs. Roger Murphy Youngblood is announced the new number 1 contender to the TV Title. Mark hits a flying thrust shot on Murphy then drops a knee. Mark swings Murphy to the turnbuckles and follows with a boot to the face. Mark body slams Murphy then goes out on the apron and hits the Sling Shot Splash for the pin! Youngblood cuts a promo on being the number 1 contender to the TV title and says he's gunning for Tom Prichard. Commercial Break Tony St. Clair vs. Carl Hillman Tony hits Hillman with a snap suplex then follows with a standing leg drop. Tony swings Hillman to the ropes and nails him with a heels first drop kick. Tony gets up on the top rope. Hillman staggers up and Tony fly's off the top rope with a flying body press to get the pin! The fans cheer as Tony heads to the podium. Schiavone: Well Tony it looks like you have problems with both Billy Robinson and his apprentice David Sammartino. Tony: Yes, you're right. David cost me a match against Robinson. Now before I deal with young David, Billy and I have unfinished business. This weekend in Greensboro, you and me, one more time around the bend old friend. And here's the kicker, if I don't beat you, I will leave Mid Atlantic. That's right Billy, you just have to beat me and I'm gone. But listen real closely...I'm not going anywhere! Polynesian Power vs. Alex Portman and Louis Campos Tui and Sakalia have the crowd pumped up as they drop kick Campos out of the ring. Sakalia hoists Portman up on his shoulders and drops him back with the Samoan Drop! Tui fly's off the top rope with a flying elbow drop for the pin! The fans are cheering as Polynesian Power bump fists and wave to the fans. The fans start booing as Caspian Empire run to the ring and attack Polynesian from behind! They throw Tui out of the ring then double slam Sakalia. Smirnoff jumps off the 2nd turnbuckle with a knee to Sakalia's back. Sheik applies the Camel Clutch! Tui tries to get back in the ring but a running knee from Smirnoff sends him flying. Sheik keeps wrenching back on Sakalia with the Camel Clutch! Commercial Break Schiavone: Oh my, order has been restored. Sakalia had to be helped out by trainers. We'll keep you updated on his condition. Fans with me right now are the US Tag Team Champions, Rocky Johnson and Wendell Cooley. Champs, it looks like the number 1 contenders The Fabulous Blondes have made it known they want the belts. Cooley: Tony, Rocky Johnson and I said it from the start, we will be fighting champions and we aren't about to duck anyone. The Fabulous Blondes want to take short cuts on us, well boys it's going to take a lot more than that to get these belts off us. Johnson: Crews! Timbs! Oh and we didn't forget about the mouth, Rock Riddle. All you boys did was fire us up! You want your shot, we're inviting you to come and get it! And mouth, if you want to interfere, go right ahead because I would love nothing more than to shut your big mouth up! 'Boogie Woogie Man' Jimmy Valiant vs. Rip Oliver w/ Paul Jones Jones and Oliver are pacing as they wait for Valiant. The crowd roars as Valiant heads to the ring. Valiant gets in and clocks Jones right off the bat. Oliver charges over but gets back dropped. Valiant drops an elbow but the Southern Ramblers hit the ring! They start stomping away on Valiant. The fans cheer as the Bar Room Brawlers hit the ring and clean house! Ramblers and Oliver are pointing up and yelling as the Brawlers and Valiant tell them to get back in. Jones is still lying on the ground. Commercial Break Schiavone: Fans before we get to our next match, I want to announce some big dates coming up. On May 25th in Richmond VA, Mid Atlantic will hold a special Memorial Day Event. The Road Warriors will defend the NWA tag team titles and Ted Dibiase will defend the United States title. And don't forget, the Great American Bash comes in July. More on that in the coming weeks. The fans boo as Tiger Jeet Singh comes out swinging his sword. Tony backs up as Singh takes a swing at him. Singh: You waste valuable time talking about the Road Warriors coming in to defend the NWA titles. Everybody talks about how big and tough the Road Warriors are. They are nothing compared to the brutality I bring to the ring! If there is one man in the world who brings that same kind of brutality to the ring, it is Abdullah the Butcher! We have teamed up before and we have left men lying in their own blood! On May 25th, the Road Warriors will have to defend their titles against myself and Abdullah the Butcher! They cannot handle the carnage that we will bring! Singh takes another swing at Schiavone, then heads out to a chorus of boos. Blackjack Mulligan vs. Clyde Putnam Mulligan body slams Putnam then chokes him with his boot. Mulligan swings Putnam to the ropes and hits his flying back elbow smash. Mulligan stomps on Putnam's head then applies the claw! The Ref rings the bell and Mulligan gets the win. Mulligan heads to the podium. Mulligan: Snuka comes out here and shoots his mouth off and says we're not done. I normally don't agree with a savage like Snuka but he's right, we aint done yet! I want to see if that savage has any guts. Snuka, you and me, in a bullrope match! I cant wait to tie that rope around your neck and squeeze the life out of you! Commercial Break Hacksaw Duggan vs. Lloyd London Duggan picks London up and runs with him around the ring then hits a powerslam. Duggan backs up and gets in a 3 point stance. London staggers up and Duggan charges and hits the running clothesline to get the pin! The crowd roars as Duggan heads to the podium. Duggan: Tony Schiavone, I cant wait until May 10th, because in Orlando Florida, my partner and I get our hands on Stan Hansen and that coward of a champion, Ted Dibiase! You boys know my partner and he's looking forward to this almost as much as I am. Get ready because you have a fight coming and it's coming real soon! Commercial Break 'The Universal Heartthrob' Austin Idol vs. Jimmy Golden w/Rob Fuller The bell rings and Fuller pushes Idol. Idol hits Jimmy, swings Fuller to the ropes and gives him a back elbow smash that sends him through the ropes. Jimmy hits a high knee from behind, then grabs Idol and German suplexes him back. Jimmy drops several knees and covers 1..2..Idol kicks out! Jimmy swings Idol to the ropes and ducks down but Idol kicks him then follows with a clothesline. Idol picks up Jimmy and swings him into the turnbuckles but the Ref gets in between and gets knocked down! Fuller runs into the ring and clotheslines Idol from behind! Fuller tells Jimmy something. Jimmy goes out and gets a chair. Fuller picks up Idol and holds him from behind. Jimmy raises the chair up and swings down but Idol ducks and Jimmy hits Fuller with the chair! Idol punches Jimmy then grabs the chair. Idol hits Jimmy's leg with the chair. Jimmy goes down. Idol hits the leg again with the chair! Idol throws the chair out of the ring and helps the Ref up. Idol clamps on the Las Vegas Leglock! Jimmy screams in pain and submits! The bell rings and the crowd explodes. Jimmy is rolling around in pain, holding his leg. Fuller is still knocked out. Idol poses for the crowd, winks and gives a right arm bicep pose before he leaves. Commercial Break Schiavone: Trainers are still attending to the Stud Stable... The fans cheer as Tui Selinga storms out. Tui: Sheik! Smirnoff! You made a grave mistake by hurting my partner. Sakalia is in the back right now with Doctors. You cowards will pay for this! Mark my words, you will pay! Schiavone: My goodness, a very emotional and fired up Tui Selinga. I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of the Caspian Empire right now. Ok, fans we want to take you to some pre recorded comments from the United States Champion, The Million Dollar man, Ted Dibiase. Dibiase is relaxing by a swimming pool. Dibiase: (Laughs) I thought I would spend some of my hard earned money on a much needed vacation. You see while all the top names in wrestling are fighting for the Cup up in Canada, I'm just relaxing. After all, I don't have anything to prove. The Million Dollar Man is now calling the shots. I have the money and I have the United States Championship, so I can do whatever I want. Now, Hacksaw Duggan has been whining and crying since I beat him to win the US title. Now he goes out and gets a special mystery partner to face myself and Stan Hansen. (Laughs) Duggan, do you really think you and anybody on this planet can beat myself and Hansen? Don't worry Duggan, we'll be in Orlando on the 10th because I want to be done with you once and for all. On to the big news. Out of the kindness of my heart, I've decided to grace all the minimum wage making peons with a special television appearance next week. I figure why not give the viewers something to look forward to. The show ends with Dibiase laughing. The Memorial Day Event 5-25-86, Richmond VA United States Title Bout Ted Dibiase © vs. Hacksaw Duggan NWA World Tag Team Title Bout Road Warriors © w/Paul Ellering vs. WWC Champ Abdullah the Butcher and Tiger Jeet Singh US Tag Team Title Bout Rocky Johnson and 'Wildcat' Wendell Cooley © vs. The Fabulous Blondes w/Rock Riddle TV Title Bout 'The Doctor of Desire' Tom Prichard © w/Rock Riddle vs. Mark Youngblood Bull Rope Match Blackjack Mulligan vs. 'Superfly' Jimmy Snuka 'The Universal Heartthrob' Austin Idol vs. Rob Fuller
  15. MACW @ WTBS Studios TV Aired 4-5-86 The show opens with Jim Crockett sitting in his office Jim: Hello to all the fans in Mid Atlantic. I must make the announcement that Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson have left Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling after failed negotiations. The Crockett's wish them the best of luck but as the saying goes, the show must go on and we feel that we will continue to give our great fans the best in ring action, the NWA and Mid Atlantic have to offer. On that note, the United States title is now vacant. To fill that vacancy, we have decided to hold 2 battle royals, one this weekend in Norfolk VA and the other next weekend in Greenville SC. The winners of each battle royal will meet at the Clash of Champions, Spring Spectacular on April 20th at the Philadelphia Civic Center. Mid Atlantic is looking forward to the 2 day Spring Spectacular event. The Baltimore Civic Center will host part 1 on April 19th and as mentioned the Philadelphia Civic Center will host part 2 on April 20th. In Baltimore, NWA world champ, Rick Martel has signed to defend the title. On tonight's program Television Champion Tom Prichard will face Terry Taylor and the winner will face Rick Martel for the world title. We know that the great Mid Atlantic fans will help make this event a huge success. Thank you for your support. Live in the Studio Schiavone: Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Mid Atlantic championship wrestling. Unfortunately David Crockett is away on business today and will not be by my side. Well, you heard the announcement, today's main event will be TV Champ Tom Prichard taking on Terry Taylor and the winner will face Rick Martel for the NWA world title on April 19th at the Spring Spectacular. The fans boo as JJ Dillon walks out to the podium. Schiavone: JJ, I'm actually surprised to see you out here today. JJ: Tony Schiavone, it was inevitable this was going to happen. The NWA and Bob Geigel had it in for the Horsemen from the start. I hope they're happy with themselves. Now, as for me, don't you worry, I adjust and I adapt. Right now I would like to address one Ole Anderson. After Ole's shoulders were pinned in Greensboro and the Road Warriors walked out with the titles, everybody saw what that ungrateful, bitter and selfish man did. He punched me out! Ole Anderson, you were always the weak link of the 4 Horsemen. That was proved in Greensboro. Ole, you are way past your prime and need to be in a retirement home. I said that a long time ago, but the other guys took pity on you. I went along with it because I knew they would be able to carry you and let me tell you, their backs got sore from doing that. So, after everything I did for Ole, all my loyalty, all the beatings I took for him, he thanks me with a punch. Ole, you my friend are going to pay dearly for that and I'm going to take personal satisfaction in seeing you suffer. Ole Anderson walks out....to some cheers???? Ole: You just stand there and keep your mouth shut, you no talent leech. Let me tell you something Dillon, I've been knocking guys like you out for 2 decades and I'm really close to knocking you out right now. JJ: Typical Ole. You know Ole, you're not just a bully but you're a downright loser! Ole grabs JJ by his collar and starts shaking him back and forth. All of a sudden, Ole is nailed from behind by King Kong Bundy!!!!! Bundy grabs Ole and throws him into the ring. Bundy body slams Ole then picks him up and swings him into the turnbuckles and charges in for a corner splash! Ole staggers forward and drops. Bundy drags him to the center of the ring, swings back off the ropes and hits a Splash! Officials come out to help Ole. JJ leads Bundy to the podium. JJ: (Smiling and straightening his collars) Tony Schiavone, remember, I adjust, I adapt. I would like to introduce you to my newest client, King Kong Bundy. Bundy stands in front of the camera with his hands on his hips, sporting a menacing look. Commercial Break Schiavone: Fans, I don't know what to say. Ole was taken to the Hospital. Wow, King Kong Bundy aligning himself with JJ Dillon can only be destruction. Fans, lets go to the ring. Polynesian Power (Selinga and Sakalia) vs. Jason Jones and Carl Hillman The fans seem to have taken a liking to Polynesian Power as they swing Jones to the ropes and nail him with a double super kick. Sakalia hoists Jones up and drops him with the Samoan Drop, Tui fly's off the top rope and crashes down with a flying elbow drop to get the pin! Schiavone: Great win for Polynesian Power. Ok fans, you all heard the news about the upcoming battle royals, with the winners facing off on April 20 in Philly to determine the new US Champ. Battle Royal 1 takes place this Saturday Night in Norfolk. Be there! Now, please welcome out Mark Youngblood. Mark, it seems you have had some issues with the Cobra and the Assassins. Mark: Tony, you saw what the Cobra did to my brother and until I get proper payback, this isn't over. I cant get payback because the Assassins keep interfering. Well, the last time they tried that, the one and only Mil Mascaras saved the day. It seems Mil wanted some payback on the Assassins. Well, since we both want the same thing, on April 19th in Baltimore, I'm going to team with Mil and we are going to take on the Assassins! Assassins, you better gear up for a fight and Cobra when we take care of them, you're next! Commercial Break "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol vs. Tim Straw Idol swings Straw to the ropes and knocks him down with a back elbow smash. Idol grabs Straw's leg then drops an elbow. Idol clamps on the Las Vegas Leglock (Figure Four) and gets the submission victory! Idol heads to the podium. Idol: Tony, I'm in the battle royal baby, because the toast of the coast is here to win gold, daddy! Idol gives the camera a right arm bicep pose and wink. Schiavone: The Universal Heartthrob Austin Idol, back to the ring. Caspian Empire vs. Dave Penson and Gary Williams Sheik hits a gut wrench suplex on Williams then tags in Smirnoff. Smirnoff hits a back breaker then rolls Williams over, gets up on the 2nd turnbuckle and drops a knee to the back and tags in Sheik. Sheik applies the Camel Clutch and gets the submission victory! They head to the podium. Smirnoff: We proved why we are the most dominant team in the NWA! Nobody can stop us! We saw that Polynesian Power earlier and if they think they will rise the ranks, think again because we will put an end to that! Sheik: That's right! Polynesian Power (spits) you're just like these stupid Americans, you have no class and we will send you back to where you came from! Caspian Empire number one! Commercial Break "Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant vs. Johnny Rich w/Paul Jones These two have been going at it lately and today is no different. They exchange blows and Rich stops it with an eye rake and kick. Rich suplexes Valiant back and follows with an elbow drop but Valiant kicks out. Valiant gets his dancing going and bites the forehead of Rich then body slams him. Valiant gets the crowd fired up. He picks Rich up for a suplex but Jones hits Valiant's knee with the cane! The Ref didn't see it and counts 1..2..3! The fans boo as Jones raises Rich's arm in victory. Schiavone: Another cheap win courtesy of Paul Jones's cane. Fans with me right now is Sweet Brown Sugar Skip Young. Skip, I understand your partner Norvell Austin is gone. Sugar: That's right Tony, Norvell has left Mid Atlantic so the Soul Patrol is no longer a team. But Sweet Brown Sugar is standing right here and I'm ready to climb the single's ladder. I'm here to say I'm gunning for the US title in the battle royal and I'm making the most of that opportunity brother! Commercial Break Jimmy Valiant limps out to the podium. Valiant: You just cant help yourself, can you Paul Jones! Real tough guy with that cane, aren't you! (Smiles) I've got a big smile because my voice was heard and a wish was granted. Because of your constant interfering, at the Spring Spectacular, it will be me and Paul Jones, one on one Jack! The fans roar. Schiavone: (Laughing) Oh my! I wish I could see the look on Paul's face right now. Fans back to the ring. Rocky Johnson and "Wildcat" Wendell Cooley vs. Roger Murphy and Lou Simms Johnson has the crowd cheering as he fires away on Simms, then swings him to the ropes and back drops him. Cooley comes in and hip tosses Simms to his corner. Murphy comes in and is dropkicked into the turnbuckles. Murphy staggers forward, Cooley picks him up and runs with him then drops him with the Oklahoma Stampede. Cooley tags in Johnson. Johnson swings off the ropes and lands a jumping elbow drop for the pin! Schiavone: Great win for the team of Rocky Johnson and Wendell Cooley as they climb the tag team ranks. The fans boo as The Stud Stable walk out wearing glitter robes with feathered collars. Golden: Nobody wants to hear about a couple bottom feeders like Johnson and Cooley! Fuller: Jimmy is right, now Tony Schiavone, you know as well as I do, everybody wants to hear from the United States Tag Team Champions, the Stud Stable. You like our new robes? You see, we've been champions for quite some time and when your champs, well your making a whole lot of money. Golden: (laughing) A lot of money! Fuller: So we thought we would spend some of our hard earned money and treat ourselves to these nice robes here. Now lets talk business. This young hot shot team, I believe they call themselves, Hot Property has earned themselves a title shot against us at the Spring Spectacular. Well boys, I'm afraid you don't have a chance because, well, you're just not on the same level as the Stud Stable. Commercial Break Jim Davidson is waiting in the ring when he's nailed from behind by Tiger Jeet Singh! Schiavone: Oh no, not again! Singh pummels away on Davidson then starts hitting him with the sword until he busts him open. Officials and wrestlers run in to stop him. Singh swings his sword around like a madman! Commercial Break Schiavone: Trainers are attending to Jim Davidson in the back. Fans, with me right now is Tiger Jeet Singh. Mr. Singh, your despicable actions have been noticed. I've been informed that you will not be allowed to participate in the US title battle royals. You will also be severely fined for your actions. One more thing, it seems like you want a fight, so that has been arranged. On April 19th at the Spring Spectacular in Baltimore, you will have a match and you will be facing a man you know well, Antonio Inoki! Singh: (Pauses) Is that suppose to intimidate me? If there is one man I hate more than anybody in this world it is Antonio Inoki! For the last 10 years I have beaten that man senseless and now you want me to fight him here, in this country. The blood of Antonio Inoki will be on your hands! Schiavone: Fans, I have witnessed some of their matches and I'm afraid there will be blood in that one. Fans, lets go to the ring as Hacksaw Jim Duggan makes his way out. Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Lloyd London The fans are on their feet as Duggan swings London to the ropes and shoulder tackles him to the ground. Duggan backs up and gets in his 3 point stance. London staggers up and Duggan charges in and puts him down with the clothesline to get the pin! Duggan goes to the podium. Duggan: Hacksaw Duggan is fighting in the battle royal and after I win that I'm taking that US strap! I told you I'm here to fight the best and what fight is better than a battle royal. Duggan leaves and American Made walk in. Kirchner: Tony, we're out here to say American Made has been on a roll and no doubt we are the team to beat! Kernodle: Hey the bottom line is we want a shot at the US tag titles and we will achieve that by any means necessary! And I mean by any means! Kirchner: I think what Don is trying to say is we have proven that we should be in line for a title shot and that we deserve it. Kernodle: Look Kirch, we go back a long way and I came here to team with you because we are proven winners. Damn right we deserve a title shot, the question is, why have we been overlooked? I mean we can beat Hot Property, why are they ahead of us? Kirchner: Don, I know you're fired up and I like that. Be patient buddy, we'll get our shot. Kernodle: Ok, Ok, but Kirch, I'm just about out of patience. Kirchner pats him on the shoulder and says something, then they walk out together. Commercial Break Blackjack Mulligan vs. Ken Jenkins Mulligan swings Jenkins to the ropes and hits a flying back elbow smash. Mulligan drops a couple knees on Jenkins's head then clamps on the claw! Mulligan wrenches it on and gets the submission win! Mulligan cuts a promo on Jimmy Snuka and says he doesn't care how hard his head is, he wont be able to withstand the claw! After Mulligan leaves, Tony St. Clair comes out to the podium. Schiavone: Tony, you have something to say in regards to Billy Robinson. St. Clair: Well, Billy once again gets by the rules and beats me again with the help of a chair. Billy! Enough is enough! At the Spring Spectacular, it will be you and me in a No Disqualification Match! You want to bend the rules? Well that's fine because in this match I can bend all the rules I want and believe me, I'm going to relish this match. Commercial Break "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff vs. Louis Campos Orndorff dives off the turnbuckles and hits Campos with a forearm drop. Orndorff swings Campos to the ropes and hits a diving knee. The crowd goes crazy as Orndorff makes the signal then picks Campos up and crashes him down with the piledriver! Orndorff counts along with the Ref 1..2..3! Orndorff heads to the podium. Schiavone: Outstanding win Mr. Wonderful. I've been informed that the match is signed for the Spring Spectacular. You will be facing Harley Race for the Mid Atlantic title. However that might change because both you and Harley will be involved in the US title battle royals. Orndorff: You know Tony, it just doesn't feel right that Mr. Wonderful isn't carrying around some gold. Well, now I get a shot at some serious gold. I'm here to be on top and the top is where I'm going to be. Harley Race, you put me down with your version of the piledriver, but you didn't put me out. I guarantee, my piledriver will put you down and out! Schiavone: Strong words from Mr. Wonderful, fans you wont want to miss these battle royals. When we come back, Prichard versus Taylor with a NWA World title shot at stake. Commercial Break Winner receives a NWA World Title match on April 19th Non Title Match TV Champ "Doctor of Desire" Tom Prichard w/Rock Riddle vs. Terry Taylor Riddle is pointing and yelling at Taylor while Prichard is holding up his TV title. The bell rings and Taylor starts out with fire. Taylor body slams Prichard then body slams him again. Riddle gets on the apron and Taylor goes to swing at him but Riddle jumps down in a hurry. Taylor drop kicks Prichard into the turnbuckles. Prichard staggers forward and Taylor hits the Jaw Breaker and covers 1..2..NO! Prichard gets his foot on the rope. Taylor continues to control until he swings Prichard to the ropes and attempts a drop kick but Prichard holds on to the ropes and Taylor crashes down. Prichard regroups and stomps away on Taylor then drops a jumping knee. Prichard hits a vertical suplex and follows with an elbow drop and cover 1..2..Taylor kicks out. Prichard waits for Taylor to rise then connects with a super kick. Prichard takes Taylor to the turnbuckles and hoists him up. Prichard hops up on the 2nd turnbuckle and executes a superplex! Riddle is jumping up and down as Prichard covers 1..2..NO! Taylor barley gets his shoulder up. Riddle is up on the apron yelling at the Ref. Prichard joins in as both men are holding up 3 fingers and yelling. Taylor grabs the ropes and staggers up. Prichard and Riddle are still berating the Ref. Taylor runs up from behind, grabs Prichard, pushes him into Riddle (sending him flying off the apron) and rolls him up 1..2..3!!!! The bell rings and the crowd goes nuts! Taylor is on his knees as the Ref raises his arm. Prichard hits Taylor from behind then back suplexes him. The Fabulous Blondes run in and join in on the beating. Prichard and the Blondes continue to stomp away until Austin Idol and Hot Property run in. Idol hits Prichard from behind then throws him out of the ring by Riddle. Hot Property double drop kick the Blondes out of the ring. Idol attends to Taylor as the crowd cheers. Schiavone: Oh my! Thank goodness Austin Idol and Hot Property came out. Well fans, on April 19th in Baltimore at Part 1 of the Spring Spectacular, Rick Martel will defend the NWA World Title against Terry Taylor. That will be one heck of an event. Fans in Norfolk, this Saturday night, the first battle royal will take place to help determine a new United States Champion. Fans, you wont want to miss these events. We'll see you next week. Clash of Champions: Spring Spectacular- April 19th and 20th in Baltimore and Philadelphia NWA World Title Bout Rick Martel © vs. Terry Taylor United States Title Bout Winner of Battle Royal 1 vs. Winner of Battle Royal 2 US Tag Team Title Bout Stud Stable © vs. Hot Property Mid Atlantic Title Bout Harley Race © vs. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff Mil Mascaras/Mark Youngblood vs. The Assassins w/The Assassin Antonio Inoki vs. Tiger Jeet Singh NO DQ Tony St. Clair vs. Billy Robinson "Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant vs. Paul Jones Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka vs. Blackjack Mulligan More matches to be announced
  16. This is a weird as hell matchup (with Nick Bockwinkel commentating) where they mesh oddly well. Schuhmann's my boy, a former accomplished amateur who's feuded with Finlay for years and faced a lithany of random foreigners over his years as the CWA middleweight ace. His career and body were deteriorating at this point, but he still busts his ass, bumping big for Severn and hitting his spots. Severn seemed to be holding back a little due to wrestling an opponent with such an unfamiliar style, but still got to look plenty beastly thanks to Schuhmann's bumping. The Severn moment of the match was easily his repeated lift and slams from mount position which was pretty brutal. Overall pretty good stuff considering it's pretty much two workers trying whatever for 10 minutes.
  17. This is a match for people who love Hashimoto beat downs. Early on Corino tries to keep up with Hashimoto's kicks, but Hashimoto is too much. He beats him to a bloody pulp and then the referee stops it and awards the title to Hashimoto. Corino tries a post match comeback, gets beat up again until the locker room saves the day. It goes about 10 minutes, but is a LOT of fun. Corino showed some nice signs as a babyface and Hashimoto is awesome Hashimoto here. #wrestling365