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Found 22 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rSFeCDmjhc This has been built up as the first big main event match in SEAdLINNNG, although it unfortunately didn't draw that well. For the most part this match is what you would expect between these two, a very in your face, hard hitting battle. My biggest knock against the match would be Arisa's legwork on Nanae. It starts out great with a terrific sell job from Nanae, but Arisa never goes back to it until a short counter towards the end of the match which makes it seem pointless. Other than that, this is a war of attrition. A contest in who can out last the fight of the other. While it doesn't quite reach the all time classic level that it had the potential to be, it is still quite the match and the first must see joshi match of the year. ****1/4
  2. This is the best match I've seen from either two this year. Takumi focuses all her offence on Nanae's neck in the first 10 minutes where she surprisingly dominates the match. Much stronger psychology than I'm used to in Joshi matches. Nanae gets a good fightback just before the halfway point. There is an unfortunate moment in the match where Nanae gets Takumi in the corner, stops selling anything and does her usual posing and chops like she's beating up some rookie. Didn't fit the context at all. But it's over within 30 seconds so only a minor complaint. Still I much prefered Takumi's performance here, she gets the level of selling just right pretty much the whole match. The best moment in the match has to be where Nanae's putting up this stubborn fightback with a strike exchange that isn't really working but she's so proud to just stay down, so Takumi absolutely clobbers her with a Misawa-style elbow. Oh my God. Takumi then hits Nanae with a running three (the finishing move Chigusa Nagayo passed onto her) where Nanae brutally lands on her already hurt neck, and she wins the title. ****1/4 MOTYC for Joshi.
  3. This turned out to be the most surprisingly great matches in joshi this year. The lineup wasn't too inspiring mainly because Takase, while promising, is a rookie and Kizuki is pretty bad. It's seem like SEAdLINNNG has become the place where mediocre workers go to have good matches because Kizuki worked hard and stayed out of the way when she needed to. This actually turned out to be a traditional 1/4 vs 2/3 type of Japanese tag with everyone filling their specific role incredibly well. I hope Takase gets a chance to shine somewhere, whether it be Actwres girl'Z or somewhere else, because she can more than hang in there when paired up with veteran stars like Nanae and Mizunami. A fantastic tag that you should make sure not to skip over. ****
  4. I had high expectations for this match after watching the generations trios on the last big Sendai Girls show and on paper this had a more talented lineup. This match doesn't make it to the level that the other match did, mostly due to Totoro (who must have been a sub for Tsukushi.) She only made her debut in March and she sticks out like a sore thumb here, working most of the opening of the match getting knocked around. Things really pickup once Iroha and Chihiro get involved with the nasty interactions of Iroha and Meiko being a highlight of the match. After watching this, I really want to she singles matches between Nanae/Chihiro and Meiko/Iroha. Pretty good stuff. ***1/2
  5. This is a rematch from a show that happened in early May. This gets off to a hot start and keeps the action going through most of the match. There are some iffy moments as they go a little too fast in a sequence or get a bit too ambitious with a move. Sareee is a standout here as she comes off strong against both members of Best Friends. The Nanae/Tsukka sequences looked strong too as they keep building up their personal feud. The match does lose momentum toward the finish as they go a little too long. Still, this is yet another quality match from the best joshi group out there right now. ***3/4
  6. TLC Rules Match: Nanae Takahashi vs. The Great Sasuke This match was mostly about The Great Sasuke trying to cripple himself. He sets up traps that do not work out in his favor, time and time again. Nanae wasn't holding back, Sasuke was willing to take hideous punishment, and I thought the action generally flowed well into the high spots. This was a lot of fun. ****
  7. Best Friends (Arisa Nakajima & Tsukasa Fujimoto) vs. Nanae Takahashi & Sareee This was fast, furious hard-hitting tag team action, and what the glorious sparkling D is all about! ****1/2
  8. Nanae Takahashi & Arisa Nakajima vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ryo Mizunami I have to agree with Dedy, this is the best Nanae has ever looked. Her segments with Hiroyo and Mizunami were spectacular, and some of the bumps she took were so hard they bounced her off of the canvas! Nakajima prays before delivering a double foot stomp, which is a cute reference to her misogi training. Everyone looked great in this match; Mizunami was hot-blooded as always, and Hiroyo busts out a Styles Clash powerbomb (!). This has that Zenjo-sprint pacing where they go non-stop and momentum shifts can happen in an instant. ****1/2
  9. Io Shirai & Mayu Iwatani vs. Nanae Takahashi & Miho Wakizawa Thunder Rock vs. Kiss no Sekai! This was a prelude match to Io/Nanae in November so there's significant heat building between the two, they work so well together; fast and furious action with great counters and cut-offs. I love what these two do in this match. To hell with Satomura, Nanae is Io's greatest opponent. Mayu is wearing her goofy pants, she's a different wrestler compared to now, less kicks and more pin-combinations. She takes a particularly nasty spot when Io is superplexed on top of her. Wakizawa was on fire! I miss her. ***3/4 Edit: Woops. Date should be 10/6/2013.
  10. On paper, this looks like your typical vets vs. youngster match, but the big difference is Yamashita and Yoshiko work like a Hokuto/Kandori type team. The story is that they are competitive when they work together but the dislike for one another keeps that from happening as much as it should. Both Ayako and Nanae are pretty nasty with their working over of their opponents. I've enjoyed the bitchy vet version of Ayako that showed up earlier in the year. There are some slow spots here since they work a half hour draw, but when the match is really going it's some fantastic stuff. ****
  11. To be honest this match is much better if you watch it with some context. Emi was one of the original founders of Ice Ribbon but ended up leaving for "personal reasons," leaving Fujimoto to take over as head trainer/face of the promotion. Emi made her surprise return to the promotion a few weeks earlier as the mystery partner for Takahashi. Also, Nanae has a budding rivalry with Nakajima that started in her SEAdLINNNG promotion and carried over to this. Plus, this match came together after the initial match between Best Friends and Stardom's Thunder Rock fell apart. Anyway, the actual match starts off with a mat exchange between Nakajima and Takahashi, but after that it just turns into a slugfest. Sakura gains control over Fujimoto simply by chopping the hell out of her. Eventually the match is worked like a tag combining two singles feuds as anytime Arisa gets in the ring and goes right after Nanae, likewise with Tsukka and Emi. The finish does turn into a bit like the typical joshi tag finish with a ton of saves, but it works because of the story they established with Fujimoto surviving and overcoming her former mentor. A really awesome match. ****1/4
  12. Match Link This is the return match for the controversial Yoshiko as she had been away from wrestling since the incident with Act Yasukawa last year. I liked the story that the match told. It was more about Yoshiko having to prove herself in order to move on with her life/career rather than trying to play off the past. Takahashi controls the early going of the match in such a way that it makes Yoshiko's comebacks seems earned. Finish does come a bit out of nowhere which was a bit of a jolt but didn't take away much from what they had built up to at that point. ***3/4
  13. This is one of the matches that SEAdLINNNG has been teasing for awhile with the inexperienced Yamashita challenging the veteran Takahashi. This match was really physical like a lot of men's big heavyweight matches in Japan but the big difference is that they put over everything with selling. Yamashita showed great fire and kept fighting through to the end. Nanae continued her fantastic run this year with another terrific performance. A bit of a sleeper match that people should really checkout. ****1/4
  14. This is a tag match where there are a few issues going on. First, Yamashita has been challenging Nanae for most of the year, while Yoshiko has been having issues with various veterans, Ayako being one of them. Add in the fact that Nanae and Ayako have been frenemies since their AJW days. The match itself is really great. It's surprising that with so many joshi groups and so many interpromotional angles being done over the years that matches like this can still get great crowd heat. Nanae and Yoshiko have become a great team. They work together so well that they are able to carry the action with a makeshift team like Ayako and Yamashita. Ayako continues her run of quality performances here. Yamashita reminds me a bit of a young Meiko Satomura. She's not a flashy but has great fire and ring presence for someone who hasn't worked for less than three years. Another quality joshi tag from this year. ****1/4
  15. Match Link This is the main event of Nanae Takahashi's 20th anniversary show. The big strength of this match is the team dynamics that all 4 setup in the early part of the match. Takahashi and Yoshiko work well together as a team while Satomura and DASH are a contrast in strength and speed. They really ramp things up at the finish with a mix of hard strike exchanges and big finishing moves. Another great interpromotional main event, which has been happening a fair bit in joshi for the last year or so. ****
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra8NmNGxhMY Match starts at 1:57:50 This is a continuation of Nakajima's feud with SEAdLINNNG, specifically Nanae Takahashi. To be upfront about it, this is 25 minutes of pro wrestling nuclear warfare. The hatred between these two teams is palpable from start to finish. It isn't enough for one side to simply beat the other, they have to break them both mentally and physically. The work in the match carries a nasty edge the whole way through. The only real knock I have against the match is that there are a few messy moments in the middle that take away from it a bit. Overall, though, this match provides a unique experience. Like the Hojo/Satomura draw from last year, this is the one must-see joshi match of the year. ****1/2
  17. This is a big match for Mizunami as she is fresh off winning the Catch the WAVE tournament and lost to Takahashi earlier in the year. Meanwhile, Nanae has had a sneaky great year which has been lost in the noise surrounding Yoshiko's return. The early part of this match is interesting as Mizunami gets her arm worked over by Takahashi. When she tries to make her comebacks she has to switch up her offense a bit to not use the arm, but when she does break down and use it she sells the arm as still being in pain. Eventually the match turns into a slugfest and starts to go Mizunami's way. To counter, Nanae decides to try and bust out her big moves which allows her to pick up the win. Great, hard fought match. ****1/4
  18. Match Link This is one of Takahashi's first matches outside of Stardom/SEAdLINNNG in quite a while, so it is interesting to see her take on some new opponents. Unfortunately, the TV version of this match has about a third of it clipped, but what is shown is great. Ohata is not the flashiest worker that you will ever see, but she makes everything she hits look like it made an impact. Takahashi does have a couple of iffy moments with selling and transitions although she looks fantastic on offense. Hopefully WAVE's streaming service shows this in full because the clipping is the only thing that's keeping me from calling it a MOTYC. ****
  19. Two fun teams have a super fun match. The Jumonji Sisters have a bunch of slick double teams and aren't afraid to sell like crazy. Takahashi & Hojo have a nice vet/rookie dynamic with some fun double teams of their own. They also manage to not go too long on the finish. ****
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