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Found 1 result

  1. They show about 25 minutes of 45 minute match + 5 minute overtime. The clipping is so seamless that you don't really notice anything missing. This starts out awesome with Ikeshita wearing gloves and working over Kumi with boxing punches and eyerakes like she's Takeshi Ono. Kumi scores a single leg and Ikeshita decides to take the gloves off and WRESTLE! I've come to learn that Ikeshita could go on the mat, but Kumi kind of kills it by being a total bore. Ikeshita would get a waistlock, and Kumi had to use the ropes. What the hell? Ikeshita, for once, wants to wrestle you and not stab you in the face, and you don't want to wrestle her? So Ikeshita starts stabbing her with a foreign object to get some fire out of her, but Kumi was like Tom Tyrone here. I'd say the majority of the match was a decent Ikeshita carryjob and they eventually do a nice, exciting end run with big moves and bumps that they sell really well. Kumi kind of redeems herself, but I can't forgive how lame she was earlier in the match. The actual finish when they go into overtime after the 45 minute draw was lame too compared to all the wrestling that came before, altough it fit their characters. I'd say this should go on your watchlist as it's a bonafide 70s joshi epic that brings the good stuff, but I can't help but feel Yumi Ikeshita deserved better than this.