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Found 24 results

  1. At the start, Necro looks to be in trouble as Danielson grounds him with his superior submission & mat game, and then the match transitions into a full blown, bloody brawl - and it's just fantastic. One of my all-time favorite PWG matches. ****1/2
  2. Necro Butcher returning to Japan to work dates for Inoki opened up the fantasy booking ideas as he was booked as the Death Match Zombie and it seemed like it would lead to quality matches after his debut against The Predator, unfortunately the follow up was a 3 way match with Rob Van Dam and Kendo Kashin because of course only Inoki could come up with such a match. That unfortunately was followed up with an underwhelming rematch with The Predator and then matches that were easily to tune out against Atsushi Sawada and Taka Kunou as Necro in front of everyone pulled out blades from his wrist tape and bladed them in front of the cameras and everyone. Eventually his IGF run gets back on track with this match. Necro of course comes in with some recognition from the fans as a wild death match foreigner who has already bleed buckets in the company against a local experienced MMA fighter who’s known as a fighter who’s implemented pro-wrestling moves into his fight such as hitting a piledriver on Paulo Filho in DEEP. Early on we get some body shots and some dirty boxing with some nasty shows thrown in the clinch and Necro pulling a Tyson on Holyfield and bitting Minowaman’s ear. Minowaman doesn’t bring the Samoa Joe beating on Necro, but he’s not afraid to hit Necro with some nasty straight body kicks and to slap him in his bloody face. Of course Necro bleeds and he bleeds and he bleeds and he bleeds and he bleeds... Seriously, Necro bleeds so much that Minowaman ends up wiping Necro's blood out of his own eyes. We also get a cool Necro airplane spin in which he ends up dropping Minowaman on his head and then proceeds to perfectly sell the effects of the dizzyness followed up by Minowaman catching him in a neat kneebar off his back. Necro also puts together the Tenryu chop and punch combo which gets a shoutout from the commentators and of course always gets a pop from the local crowd. They do the punch exchange and they make it work as they are actually connecting with force behind their strikes and years before Roman Reigns threw a superman punch Minowaman throws a superman elbow. The finish is unfortunately somewhat anti climatic as Minowaman just catches Necro in a heel hook and he taps out. Finish aside, this is still great.
  3. Payoff to their FIP feud so that means lots of blood, huge bumps (even from the referee) and mean punches and stomps. I thought the brawling wasn't quite as great as in the first match, but it was still a standout match. Necro decking a Briscoe with a right hand the second he took his eyes away is an example of how to do brawling. Also love his use of the guardrail. AJPW-like finish where Necro is laid out while the Briscoes finish Pondo off. Huuuuuuge finish. This would be legendary if it happened in ECW, in later 2000s indy wrestling it's „only“ another really really fun match in these guys portfolio.
  4. Crazy crazy hot brawl which delivers all you can ask for. Big bumps and boots to the face a plenty at a great pace. They did a great job filming this with the dual cams so you get pretty much a great shot every other second. Briscoes are great in this flipping around the place while Necro & Pondo hurl furniture at them. Pondo may not be a great wrestler but he understands to play a heel outsider, giving fans the finger and shit talking while grimacing dementedly. Lots of 2,99999s towards the end (it's indy wrestling baby!!) which feel a little out of place but a cool finish with Necro & Pondo looking like psychos who will kick anyones ass.
  5. Necro Butcher vs. any non death match wrestler is always compelling to watch. All you want from him in these scenarios is his him to sell, to punch folks in the face, to bump like a madman and to throw headbutts. Here he doesn't bleed, but he does all the other things you want him to do. When Roddy began working the more followed indys in the northeast, he made his reputation by throwing some of the loudest chops around and hitting a variety of backbreakers and it took him a while to breakout of that and actually begin developing more personality. At this point he was still in the middle of making that transition, so you know he wasn't afraid of throwing some heat at Necro. Necro is such a lunatic that he can get a pop out of the most basic moves and he does when he pulls out a roll up out of nowhere. The majority of this developed with ringside brawling with Necro going nuts and wrapping Roddy in the ringside padding and hitting him with headbutts after Roddy threw chops at him. As with every Necro match, two chairs are introduced and they get positioned against each other and they tease his usual backbreaker across them, but instead we get Roddy hitting him with his big boot which left you wanting a bit more. This is still very good regardless.
  6. These two are absolute lunatics known for entirely different characteristics, yet they are both very resilient, can absorb ridiculous amounts of punishment and are both insane bump freaks in their own ways. On paper this sounds like an odd pairing and you're not sure what to make of it, but in real time, it delivers. Usually Necro thrives when he's paired with other reckless death match wrestlers or with folks who aren't afraid to take work overly stiff, here however he is in a match with Evans who is mostly known for being a breakdancing contortionist who can do some incredible flips that no one has been able to replicate and despite Evans not being able to punch or kick Necro in the jaw like Samoa Joe or Low Ki would, Evan still drags Necro to some ridiculous spots with brutal bumps such as a code red off the ring apron to the floor. Some other wild stuff in this include Necro bending Evans in half with a nasty backbreaker across two chairs which is a spot Necro usually takes in his matches. The finish was a bit over the top with Lacey, Julius Smokes and Mercedes Martinez interfering, but in storyline context, makes sense.
  7. This match is known for a few things. One, Necro has shoes!! Motherfucker. And two, it was done just hours after the classic Joe vs Necro match in the same arena for IWA Mid-South. The match were Necro face-planted off a scoop slam, and here he is ucking it up in CZW having yet another wild brawl. Legend. Toby Kelin running out without Necro and getting assaulted 2 on 1 was great and got the crowd to go mental for Necro’s arrival even more son. Klein getting split open so early ruled also. The crowd brawling that went backstage was phenomenal. The crowd either scattered or run towards the action. This is where the bumps got insane. Necro being thrown into the steel shutter with so much velocity, Gage getting a gusher by having his head rammed into said shutter. Klein suplexes Pain on the road outside the building and being thrown off the balcony, feet first!! And by the end of it, everyone is covered in each others and their own blood. There is also a great ECW/Chairs homage spot which suited the match more than you’ll usually see it. But one of my favourite parts of the match was the punches. I usually hate the spot where two wrestlers would sit and chairs and do whatever but the stiffness in these punches made it all worth it. You could hear Necro’s potatoes to Gage’s head. Great spot. The finish was sadly messed up with the time keeper ringing the bell too early. Oh well. And Zandig announced rematch afterwards! Yay! ****1/2
  8. Only 24 hours after his war with the Briscoes in FIP, Necro has another brutal match featuring one of the biggest bumps of 2007. This was an IWA-MS joint show so Necro comes in to take on the toughest craziest dude in the fed. The first half of this is really good, it's a brawl with chairs and ladders etc. but it starts with solid body slams and both guys understood how to work their control segments (by punishing the other guy with awkwardly thrown ladders, chairs etc), tease spots etc. Masada is one of the better outcomes of tape watching indy wrestlers, he is a metalhead looking dude with a shirt and shorts who does exploders big boots and enzuigiris, which in combination with the garbage brawling I like better than hairless kickpadded dudes doing that. Plenty of fun, there is one truely savage punch exchange, suicide dive against the stone bar, aswell as a beer bottle coming into play and Necro defending himself by pulling guard and using a wrist snap etc. I thought they got a little too into the plunder spots in the 2nd half while neglecting the substance, altough both guys just take one massive nasty bump after another.
  9. These two matched up earlier in the year, in a match that was pretty fun but kind of one sided, with Ki just killing Necro. Here it was way more even, as both guys brought sick amounts of asskicking. This was worked under KO or submission rules and it actually reminded me a lot of the classic Yuki Ishikawa v. Daisuke Ikeda matches. Similar pacing with Ki unloading brutal kicks to the face and body, and Necro fighting back with headbutts and punches. Necro's punches were great, he just wastes Ki with some of the best bodyshots I have ever seen in wrestling, I almost expected Ki to spit blood, he also throws a great lead left hook. This had more chair stuff then those matches had, but with the pacing and brutality this really was the closest to classic BattlArts we had in 2006. I have seen a bunch of Necro over the years, and he has done some horrific things to his body, so it is pretty amazing that he can still shock you. The Ki double stomp with Necro's chest laid on the top of the chair, was a top 10 Necro Butcher bump, and think about what the implies. Plus Ki throwing a stiff chop to the balls was nastier then a thousand light tube shots. Necro's selling was spectacular too, at one point he sells a kick to the face by lying on the mat and swatting at imaginary flies. He does a ton of little things well too, shaking his head, opening and closing his hand to get blood flowing, gripping his elbow and shaking his arm after getting bealed on a chair, leaning over and breathing deeply to sell exhaustion. Ki was fun in this too, he takes a bigger beating then he often does, and I love the little Abby screams he has added before his big moves, still this was a Necro show, and he really looks a step above Ki. The finish is what keeps this out of the top 10. This was worked KO or submission, so it was fine that Ki won with the flying triangle, but if you are going to end a match like this on a submission, you really should tease submissions more. All the near falls in the match were worked around 9 counts, at no point did anyone even try for a submission outside of the finish. Also I had just got done watching a bunch of WEC and when KI put on the triangle I kept thinking he needed to move his leg underneath his own knee and pull Necro's head down to cut off the blood. I just came off like a flat finish for such an awesome match. Still this was another match to add to the amazing resume Necro put together in 2006.