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Found 16 results

  1. Wahoos Leg

    2003-11-28-ROH-The Conclusion

    Ring Of Honor The Conclusion November 28, 2003 Fairfield, CT No review yet. The Backseat Boyz (Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere) vs The Outcast Killaz (Oman Tortuga & Diablo Santiago) John Walters vs Homicide ROH Tag Title #1 Contender's Scramble: The SAT (Joel Maximo & Jose Maximo) vs Special K (Cloudy & Dixie) vs Fast Eddie & Hotstuff Hernandez vs The Carnage Crew (Devito & Loc) Jimmy Rave vs Christopher Daniels Josh Daniels vs Steve Corino Field Of Honor, Block A Finals: Matt Stryker vs Xavier Field Of Honor, Block B Finals: Colt Cabana vs BJ Whitmer vs Dan Maff ROH Tag Titles: The Brisoces (c) vs AJ Styles & Samoa Joe Lottery From Hell Old School Steel Cage Match: Raven vs CM Punk Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  2. Wahoos Leg

    2018-11-28-WWE-NXT UK #12

    World Wrestling Entertainment NXT UK #12 on WWE Network Aired November 28, 2018 (Taped August 26, 2018) Birmingham, ENG No review yet Tyler Bate vs Joe Coffey Ligero vs Dan Moloney Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams vs James Drake & Zack Gibson WWE NXT UK Women's Title Tournament, Finals: Toni Storm vs Rhea Ripley Bold matches are PWO recommended
  3. Wahoos Leg

    2018-11-28-WWE-NXT UK #11

    World Wrestling Entertainment NXT UK #11 on WWE Network Aired November 28, 2018 (Taped August 26, 2018) Birmingham, ENG No review yet Millie McKenzie & Xia Brookside vs Charlie Morgan & Killer Kelly Ashton Smith vs Eddie Dennis Joseph Conners vs Saxon Huxley WWE UK Title: Pete Dunne (c) vs Jordan Devlin Bold matches are PWO recommended
  4. Another quality Kandori/Hotta tag from the depths of japanese YouTube. The pretty girls Handa and Inoue do a lot better in this match than you'd expect. Early on there's a weird long outside brawl which is largely missed by the cameras, but Inoue comes up bloody, which gives Kandori ample opportunity to kick and punch her in the bloody face while mugging and posing for Hotta. Hotta is a great hot tag as you'd expect as she just destroys Handa with brutal kicks. We also get some pretty great retaliation from Inoue on Honda, which was mostly her smashing Handas head into the ring apron and tables which was so much better than the usual move fest. Inoue also hit a pretty boss apron fist drop which was unexpected. The Inoue/Handa sections continue to be way better than you'd expect as they make some kneebars actually compelling. Things get a little over elaborate for this kind of match, but they get it back on track with some great Kandori/Hotta streetfighting exchanges. The bomb throwing finale was really well executed aswell with Handa catching Hotta in some nice rollups, Kandori helping her along before Hotta just destroys her with big darn moves. Could've used a little fat trimmed but on it's own this was pretty great, gritty pro wrestling.
  5. Loss

    1985-11-28-JCP-Starrcade '85

    Jim Crockett Promotions Starrcade '85: The Gathering November 28, 1985 Atlanta, GA Greensboro, NC eBay Coming off the heels of the most important angle of JCP's national expansion era -- Ric Flair and the Andersons predicting the Four Horsemen by swerving Dusty Rhodes and breaking his leg in Atlanta's Omni -- Jim Crockett Promotions produced the third Starrcade, the biggest and most lucrative annual event so far. Jim Crockett decided to throw a bone to Atlanta, a new base city established when he gained a national television time slot on TBS, while also placating long-time Mid-Atlantic fans in Greensboro. While the card is a bit bloated, the top three matches on the show delivered in a big way, most notably the all-time classic "I Quit" cage match between Magnum TA and Tully Blanchard, the best and most violent match in Starrcade history. The Rock N Roll Express, still new faces in JCP, also had a satisfying match against the Russians where they regained the NWA World Tag Team Titles. Meanwhile, Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes raised their game from the previous year's main event, perhaps even more the result of a better storyline and a hotter territory than visibly better performances. It's often forgotten that when they began their national run, only Flair, Dusty, Ole Anderson, and Ivan Koloff were established national stars. The convergence of new stars with established names meant it was an exciting time to be a fan of JCP, particularly for those who were turned off by the WWF's bias for glitz over substance. Starrcade '85: The Gathering represents the alternate vision championed by Crockett and Dusty Rhodes as well as any show of the time period. Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title: Krusher Kruschev vs Sam Houston (Atlanta, GA) (Discuss) Mexican Death Match: Abdullah the Butcher vs Manny Fernandez (Greensboro, NC) (Discuss) Bullrope Match: Black Bart vs Ron Bass (Atlanta, GA) (Discuss) Bullrope Match: Ron Bass vs JJ Dillon (Atlanta, GA) (Discuss) Superstar Graham vs Barbarian (Greensboro, NC) National Heavyweight Title: Terry Taylor (c) vs Buddy Landell (Atlanta, GA) (Discuss) National Tag Team Titles: Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Arn Anderson & Ole Anderson) (c) vs Billy Jack Haynes & Wahoo McDaniel (Greensboro, NC) (Discuss) NWA U.S. Title, I Quit Cage Match: Tully Blanchard (c) vs Magnum TA (Atlanta, GA) (Discuss) Atlanta Street Fight: Midnight Express vs Jimmy Valiant & Miss Atlanta Lively (Greensboro, NC) (Discuss) NWA World Tag Team Titles, Cage Match: Ivan Koloff & Nikita Koloff (c) vs Rock N Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) (Atlanta, GA) (Discuss) NWA World Title: Ric Flair (c) vs Dusty Rhodes (Greensboro, NC) (Discuss) Bold matches are PWO recommended.
  6. WWF Saturday Night's Main Event on NBC Aired November 28, 1987 (Taped November 11, 1987) Seattle, WA No review yet. George Steele vs Danny Davis Randy Savage vs Bret Hart WWF World Title: Hulk Hogan (c) vs King Kong Bundy Bam Bam Bigelow vs Hercules Bold matches are PWO recommended.