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Found 35 results

  1. donsem43

    Current Joshi Talk

    Decided to start this thread since both Stardom and Pro Wrestling WAVE now have their own streaming services, plus the Real Hero google drive makes it easier to find shows from other groups. Just finished watching the opening night of the 5*GP. Thought it was a fine show, but nothing memorable. Storm/Bito, Hojo/Wolf, and Iwatani/KLR were all good yet would say that you have to rush out to see any of them. The only bad match was Blanchard/Watanabe, which was a mess. Courtney Stewart looked good having a short, solid match with Jungle Kyona. The show ended with promos from Kay Lee Ray, Toni Storm, and Io Shirai whom I assume they are teasing as being in the finals.
  2. The Satomura/Amano sections were pretty kickass. The rest of this was largely a harmless, mindless sprint starring plenty of convoluted ways to get armbars. The finish run was between Satomura and Nagashima and had some funny spots. Something like Satomura spinning Nagashima around in the fireman's carry position to hit her Death Valley Driver anyways can only really make sense in a joshi match.
  3. I'm a bit unsure how to rate this as it's a strange stipulation and feels like two matches in one. 6 women start the match and it's elimination rules until we're down to 2, then it's a Texas Death Match where victory is by a pinfall and then your opponent being unable to get to their feet for a count of ten. The first 30 minutes is quite fun. We start with all 5 of her opponents all beating the hell out of Mayumi Ozaki as they know she's going to play some dirty tricks to win if they don't take her out quickly. Doesn't last though. Mayumi's stable constantly interfering gets annoying after a while and it's a relief when she's finally eliminated. But it's the final 20 minutes that are amazing. We're down to just Aja Kong and Kaho Kobayashi. I don't know much about Kaho but I'm going to seeking out more from her as from this performance she looks like one of the best sellers/bumpers in wrestling. Aja is so brutal with her, backdrop suplex after backdrop suplex with urakens, lariats and piledrivers that almost kill her, but Kaho just won't stay down for that 10 count so long as there's a bit of energy left in her. Both of them put in great performances here. This part of the match at least is certainly worth watching as a prelude to the great title match on the big 09/17/18 Oz Academy show. ****1/4
  4. Going I was expecting this to be a light hearted squash, but Sugar actually got to be fairly competitive with Kansai. Match had a little too much crowd brawling and thus felt less compact than it should have been, but Sato trying to cut Kansai down was pretty good. Kansai is far removed from her prime intensity, but still has some brutal kicks and suplexes in store. Dug the Sleeper Hold near KO and Kansai mocking Sato's attempts to attack her. This including absorbing kicks to her face and doing squats when Sato tried to work her leg.
  5. OZ Academy Openweight Champship: Yoshiko (c) vs. Hikaru Shida Great match. Shida is getting creative with those knee strikes lately, the lariat counters and the Kamigoye were awesome. There was stiffness and nice sequences, but the finishing run was lacking. Still, Shida winning the Openweight is one of my favorite moments of the year. ***3/4
  6. Hikaru Shida vs. Rina Yamashita If Rina wins with the Splash Mountain, she will inherit the move from Dynamite Kansai (who was watching on commentary). Shida ambushes Rina at the start and tries to hit the move herself -- this was the highlight of the match. Shida's workover could have been better, and Rina's comeback felt completely empty. The pacing was off, too. Disappointing match. They had a much better one in WAVE last year. bad
  7. OZ Academy Openweight Championship: Hiroyo Matsumoto © vs. Yoshiko Standard Hiroyo style main event with back and forth movez, but Yoshiko is an interesting enough opponent to make things feel fresh (for me, anyway). Hiroyo's trying everything to hold on to her belt, digging deeper within her moveset and going back to the drawing board a couple of times, but Yoshiko keeps returning fire. There's a strong sense of struggle; good selling too. ***1/2
  8. This was a fun tag main event for a B show. Hiroyo and Kuragaki make a good powerhouse team. Shida has some impressive power spots of her own along with her kendo stick for backup. I haven't been a fan of the changes that Yoshiko has made to her in-ring style, (being more of a fast paced, quick hit wrestler) but it worked well her in a tag setting. Good showing from everyone here. ***1/2
  9. OZ Academy Openweight Championship: Hiroyo Matsumoto © vs. Hikaru Shida This was an amazing payoff to almost 2 years worth of building. Shida targets the neck of Hiroyo in a plethora of ways, knee strikes, mount elbows, shinai strikes, an apron-hung neckbreaker -- her control segment was mesmerizing; rare that she fights so aggressively. Hiroyo's comebacks were strong, and the counters were dramatic. The finishing run was brutal, a proper finish to an epic. Incredible match! ****1/2
  10. Hiroyo Matsumoto's awesome 2017 run continues. This might be the most impressive performance from this year as she working a non-title match on an OZ Academy b-show against the always underachieving AKINO. Somehow, Hiroyo is able to awaken old Arsion era AKINO as she has the best performance that she's had in a long time. AKINO shows off the wonderful mix of highspots and matwork that made her a marvel to watch early on in her career. She even busts out a Spider Twist in a nice nod to the trainer of both women, Mariko Yoshida. Hiroyo is at her peak here with her mix of power, selling and charisma. Terrific match that shouldn't be skipped over. ****
  11. Sekigun (Alex Lee, Mayumi Ozaki & Yumi Ohka) vs. MK4 (AKINO & Sonoko Kato) & Rina Yamashita This was highly enjoyable, and easily one of my favorite OZ matches of the year so far. It's Ozaki's homecoming in Saitama and the match had an energetic vibe. Yamashita was on fire; I dug her lariat exchange with POLICE. Ohka looked really great, knocking everyone down with her deadly boots. Everyone had their moment and delivered a great main event! ****
  12. Aja Kong vs. Hikaru Shida It was an uphill battle for Shida, and she had to use whatever openings she could find, and seize the opportunity with shinai strikes and knees to head. Lots of back and forth bomb throwing in this, and Aja Kong looking like an immovable force. It didn't reach the violence of their past encounters, with the blood and what have you, and the double KO ending hurts, but I thought this was otherwise an awesome brawl. ***3/4
  13. OZ Academy Tag Team Championship: Hikaru Shida & Syuri © vs. MK4 (AKINO & Kaho Kobayashi) I've been really enjoying AKINO's work lately, and I thought she was solid here; I dig her approach to these tag matches. Kaho is obviously the FIP, and she did a great job; Shida & Syuri's work over session was rough (in a good way). My favorite moment is when Shida chucks her shinai at AKINO. Great match. ***3/4
  14. WOW! First of all: how fucking cool was Toshiyo Yamada in this match? Nobody ever talks about what Toshiyo Yamada was up to in the late 90s. She had a normal haircut here and with her bumblebee outfit looked like a Kill Bill character who prepares lunch for her kids and then goes to kick yakuzas in the eye. She was just a killing machine here as she was braining the other women with kicks to the skull left and right. Her timing was fantastic as you could basically track the crucial moments in the match to Yamada recklessly thrust kicking someone in the throat or the back of the head. Next is Aja Kong. I've said it like 15 times, but it's amazing that she goes in and you think "okay, this is her usual spiel" but still looks like a total force. I didn't like the brawl at the beginning, but for the rest of the match Aja was a wrecking ball. The most spectacular about Aja was how non-chalant she was about it all, casually abusing Meiko or walking up to Yamada and cracking her with a trash can like she goes to grab coffee in the morning. Then, Meiko and Amano. For a pair of relative newbies they got to look great. Just really breathtaking athletic workers with innovative ideas that they pulled off great, and a ton of fire to keep them going. Right at the bell they go at eachother with stiff headbutts like wild animals, fast and crazy exchanges. They both take big beatings and get stretched and fire back as is their role, and Meiko shows a lot of disdain especially when she takes the time to kick the shit out of Carlos before making the hot tag. Carlos was a little subdued in the middle portion but really came unglued during the big stretch run where she busted out all these Mysterio-ish counters, spinning into wild submission counters as if she was weightless. The opening of the bout may have been a little standard, but they kept the match getting better and better, and everyone looked fantastic during the finishing stretch. This was a long match from a smaller show and a pretty much just a damn good take at japanese tag formula wrestling.
  15. OZ Academy Openweight Championship #1 Contendership (Special Referee: POLICE): Hikaru Shida vs. Mayumi Ozaki This was a cascade of fuckery, with a bias official, shinai, chains, and constant outside interference. It wasn't the sequel to their awesome 2013 brawl that I was hoping for, but it was an entertaining roadblock in Shida's path to the Openweight Championship. I thought it did a good job conveying the hopelessness of Shida's situation with the corrupt official, and they find a creative way for her to go over in this seemingly unwinnable situation. ***
  16. OZ Academy Tag Team Championship: Hikaru Shida & Syuri © vs. MK4 (AKINO & Kaho Kobayashi) This was a very well-worked tag match, where the abundance of spots were chained together rather smoothly. Kaho makes the most out of those dramatic near-falls, and the kick-heavy segments between Syuri and AKINO were amazing. Another very entertaining match from Shida & Syuri. The Shiri does it again! ****
  17. OZ Academy Openweight Championship: Hiroyo Matsumoto © vs. Kagetsu I thought Kagetsu did a great job conveying her panic as move after move failed to get the job done. There's some real dramatic escalation here, and Hiroyo throws a little curve ball, hitting a wheelbarrow Crash Thunder Buster. I like how she has stepped up her game since winning the Openweight belt, finding new approaches to her offense. This was a solid filler before the inevitable defense against Shida. ***1/2
  18. This is a two out of three falls trios match that's designed to set up the OZ title match between Hiroyo and Kagetsu at the Korakuen show next month. I thought everyone in this match looked really good, even Katsu who has been a big disappointment since returning about a year ago. They kept the flow of the match going throughout more than likely because they didn't do the mandatory crowd brawling that happens in OZ Academy. Like the tag title match in January, this is another showcase of what OZ Academy should be. ****
  19. Mayumi Ozaki vs. Syuri POLICE ambushes Syuri with her own Persian club and pulls her by chain through a violent merry-go-round. An 'Ozaki match', fuckery, weapons and POLICE being the biggest scumbag in the world. The 'actual wrestling' isn't too bad either as these two know how to throw snug hits. Syuri put on one of her strongest singles performances I have seen from her in a while, I think I even saw tears in her eyes. ***1/2
  20. OZ Academy Openweight Championship #1 Contendership: Hikaru Shida vs. Kagetsu I love Shida-sama's new look. She looks like a feudal demon-slayer. Kagetsu has the charisma of a walnut, but when an arrogant Shida starts egging her on she shows a rare fire and goes berserk. This was back-and-forth with constant cut-offs that made it feel 'competitive'. There's great legwork that unfortunately gets abandoned, but was well-sold up until that point. Kagetsu (just barely) gets the win, which was shocking to me when I read the results. I thought for certain Kami had this won... The Shiri will have its day soon enough. ***3/4
  21. It was neat to see AKINO flashback to her Arsion roots here. Her matwork is still pretty good even though it isn't quite as crisp and quick as it use to be. Syuri looked pretty damn good here. Her strikes, matwork, and selling all looked terrific. I do wish they had kept up with the matwork throughout the match as towards the end it gets scaled down in favour of big moves. Still, this is a pretty good match and a nice change of pace for OZ Academy. ***1/2
  22. This is a tag match were the woman that gets the winning fall becomes the number one contender to Sonoko Kato's OZ singles title. With that stipulation, one would assume that this match would probably turn into a messy but that doesn't happen here. Actually, all four women incorporate the stip into the story of the match. There are some of the typical 'feuding partners' moments, but they don't overwhelm the action. Everyone here turns in a really good performance allowing the match to be much better than expected. ***3/4
  23. This is a really fun match for the OZ tag titles. Unlike most matches in OZ Academy, they kept the action in the ring. Shida and Syuri do an effective job in the early going of cutting the ring off on Yoneyama and working her over. Yoneyama especially looked good here, bumping and putting over her opponents offense while making fiery comebacks. Kuragaki was the same while playing the powerhouse of the team. Shida and Syuri have been a bit underwhelming as a regular team so far but they were good here with hopefully some more good matches during this title run. ***3/4