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Found 32 results

  1. Reggie Bennett Sighting!!! While there was no ARSION matwork in this match, it was a really fun houseshow tag. The US gals added significant big/little psychology to the match. This was also a nice nuanced Devil performance, as she put over the massive physical advantage of the foreigners while retaining her own monster status by doing cool things such as selling her own arm and shoulder after landing a big lariat or breathing heavily after hitting a bodyslam. Bennett & Power looked good on offense aswell, hitting nice elbow drops, big powerslams etc. Match includes a sumo standoff and buildup to a vertical suple ex. Also thought the structure was good with Cuty being severely disadvantaged and Masami saving her repeatedly leading to a cool unique finish.
  2. In 1998 Nagayo was mostly working short bomb throwing sprint, but in October, she for some reason decided to put on wrestling shoes and work some 70s style more grappling oriented matches against her student, perhaps MUGA inspired. This is a fun match kinda like an old studio TV squash where the jobber gets some offense. Matsumoto is a forgotten worker and not a standout in any way but she can add some fun touches. Highlights include a nifty out of nowhere leg trip, a surprise uranage and a great struggle over a neckbreaker. Nasty looking finish.
  3. For the IWA World Title; crowd (ok one guy who is really loud) chants NEW CHAMP, which sounds a lot like NEW JACK, which was confounding at first. This contest is paced really well, escalating as it goes along with everything for the most part meaning something. Early headlock and arm work segues into Punk countering AJ trying to roll out of the armbar by rolling along with him in a neat spot. We get a "55 minutes remaining" to tease a draw, which elicits a semi-groan from the crowd. Both guys miss on their dives to the outside, splashing the plastic seats and spilling across the gym floor. The outside stuff works into the main story as AJ goes to suplex Punk onto another section of chairs but after being rebuffed goes for a big discus clothesline which he lands full-on into the steel of the turnbuckle. Punk will come back to this damaged limb in most of his transitions for the rest of the match and AJ, for the most part, sells the restrictions. AJ goes for his own submission with working Punk's neck. Big brainbuster gets 1. Good back and forth, where there isn't really a long control segment, but the action is intense (including a pretty stiff short DDT) between submission holds (which includes the Vice, which AJ knees out of and plays into the finish). AJ goes to powerbomb Punk to the outside but its reversed into a rana and both are out. We don't get a Pepsi Plunge and Punk is thrown off trying to DDT AJ out of the corner. AJ explodes out of the corner with a discus clothesline with the bad arm, which Punk blocks and AJ sells, before spinning around and laying him out with the good arm, which gets a good two count. This match benefits from not being nearfall heavy at all. The covers they do go for make sense, even if the crowd is pretty non-plussed. Could be because they expected this to go a lot longer than the 23 minutes it did. Punk rolls out of the way of AJ's somersault splash off the ropes and hits his shining wizard before locking on the Vice. AJ knees him again but Punk rolls him over with the hold locked in and bridges up to really crank on the pressure. Styles taps and Punk is your new IWA World Champ. Great match.