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Found 29 results

  1. Pimpinela Escarlata starts with a promo and looks lovely today in her robe. Panther is working as a tecnico here. Escarlata and villano IV start things off with some great wrestling overall. Pimpinela really wrenches back on the submission attempts. Panther is in next with villano V and they have another great sequence. Panther’s mat work in 2000 has been awe inspiring with him lifting Villano up and holding him there using one arm for strength for 30 seconds or so. Villano III vs Enterrador is our last pairing. Enterrador is someone I am not familiar with so it is up to him to keep the momentum going. He is a bigger guy and III works on taking him down and grinding him out with leg work. Things open up a bit more and we get Pimpinela kissing the referee. We also get a bit of Panther and Villano which just wets the appetite. The Villanos are able to take the first fall in just over 15 minutes. Second and third falls are quicker but also provides a good many highlights including Pimpinela getting beat up and doing some excellent dives, Panther throwing these short kicks to a Villano in the corner and III and Panther interacting more. Nice win overall for the Villanos and their rep as a trios unit is getting raised throughout 2000 much in the same way Satanico is as an individual worker. ***3/4
  2. Looking at that talent roster, no way this would be bad. It was entertaining as a match. It appears that Bestia had gotten a haircut since the IWRG match. Panther and Santo really go after each other throughout the match and I am looking forward to their upcoming single rematch. Zumbido and La Park brought most of the comedy into the match utilizing the referee. Santo gets his revenge later in the match and the crowd is pretty raucous at that. Parka and Shocker have some good interaction as well and that is an interesting match to ponder. Tarzan Boy does well here and has good support from the crowd which always helps. Finale has everyone flying around and a beautiful Santo tope taking out the front row of chairs. Shocker continues to receive a nice push anywhere in Mexico in 2000 by picking up the win. ***1/2
  3. It looks like Tineblas is barely able to fit into his suit. Panther also has some slightly alternate gear that looks real good. This is mainly about the rudos as the tecnicos team is pretty limited but the rudos keep it entertaining. Warrior was on point today with a huge dive onto Tarzan Boy in the first fall, some sneaky fouls. Wagner abuses Alsuhe and carries him to the commentary booth. Emilio and Panther have the best in ring sequence in the second fall making me think a good singles between those two would still be a lot of fun to watch in 2000. The height that Warrior gets by being powerbombed by Tarzan Boy is great. Alushe getting his revenge in the second fall is sweet as he punches and kicks Wagner right in the face. Emilio starts the final fall off with a wild dive to the outside. Alushe goes for a dive from the top until he is stopped by Pierroth. Tienblas chases him to the back but Wagner splashes Alushe. That does give the tecnicos the DQ win but Tineblas little buddy is in bad shape. Fun times. ***
  4. The interaction here is excellent and CMLL is at another good point for the year between this and the TB stuff. The rudos on both sides push Casas and Santo to start off. Opening cool matwork turns to chippiness when Santo sends a shot to Casas. Negro takes great offense and stomps away big time onto Santo who returns the favor and does his tope into the row of chairs. The rudos send both back in and they are loving what they are seeing. Santo gets a surfboard to take the first fall. Second fall has Bestia/Scorpio mixing it up with Panther/Fuerza. We get some weird clipping but Scorpio/Bestia working as a well oiled team against Panther was enjoyable. The match ends in two straight falls as Panther gets a hurty submission on Bestia. Afterwards, we get a ton of stuff with Panther/Fuerza fighting, Casas/Santo still going after each other and Santo raising Panther’s hand. Bestia/Scorpio attack their partner in Casas and Santo joins in and gets attacked. This is a great revival of the 1999 feud. Shocker comes out and helps the cause for the rudos. Who comes out to save the tecnicos but BLUE PANTHER! Cementing that he is turning into a tecnico. Perro Aquayo also joins in with some boss jeans and a button up. Perro raising Santo’s hand feels unique as they didn’t really have that much interaction over the years on the footage I have seen. The brawling between Shocker and Perro is really heated. Santo/Casas make up and the action continues up the ramp. Good match, another great angle for CMLL in 2000. ***1/2 (7)
  5. CMLL is back baby. For the first time since the big August show, there is a lot of juice being ingested into the product and things are progressing. This is a Relevos match where the competitors don't really mess around with the pretense of not liking their partner. Even their regular pairings like Santo/Casas have quite a past so it isn't a stretch for them to be opposite each other here. That really helped the intensity of the match overall. Santo was a loon doing no less than three huge dives including a top con hilo onto Scorpio where he slides into the front row of chairs. Him and Scorpio were the focal point of the match and we had mask ripping and posting leading to Scorp being a bloody mess. Finish worked really well as Santo blocks a foul and then takes his own mask off but hands it to Scorpio so they get DQ'd. A clever finish done well here and hopefully leads to some more matches down the line. All four here are old enough to not have the pretense before the CMLL crowd of being a clean cut tecnico so they went out and beat the shit out of each other to my enjoyment. **** (7.9)
  6. Lucha in 2000 is becoming a conodrum for me. This was a very good match and the talent is amazing but there is still something missing and overall, I miss the bevy of hot feuds that seemed to populate the scene at the beginning of the year. In one way it is commendable that most of these men can have these “roll out of bed” good matches on a consistent basis. On the other hand, you can see how someone like Casas could be a top 10 worldwide worker for the year and just based on booking and the style I can’t in good conscience rank him that high. Him and Dandy go after each other here a lot and Panther also mixes in some good work. Shocker and Zumbido were a little more low key but they did continue to get some interesting beats out of Tarzan Boy. A very good match but one where I hoped for a great one going in so overall perhaps a bit of a victim of circumstances style match. ***1/2 (6.9)
  7. A rematch of the classic from April. This starts off more testy than the prior match with both guys going after the eyes and mask early on. The matwork that flows from that is very uncooperative looking and great. Check out a pinfall around 5-6 minutes in where neither guy is rolling in a natural way to assert themselves. First fall opens up at the end and Santo has the clutch hold on when the referee physically drags him off. The fall is then awarded to Panther and Santo flips his shit. Crowd flips out in second fall at hint of Panther’s second getting involved. Santo has a bunch of offense he is mounting but he misses a senton on the outside and hits the wood floor. Panther works over the back until Santo gets the flash pin off a rana from a powerbomb. Santo held onto the ropes showing some of his old rudo tactics. In between falls, Porky works out Santo’s back in a nice moment. Third fall is all about desperation. Santo goes through his complete aerial arsenal and to no avail. The referee is bumped through Panther and he hooks a submission onto Santo where supposedly he submits. He celebrates his victory until Santo rolls him up allowing the referee to recover and count the fall. Porky and Santo embrace. These two had themselves a great mini feud for two months. Which match I preferred is splitting hairs as the matwork was better the month before but this told the progression of the story overall. Looking at our listings going forward, we get less and less singles Monterrey that is sad but it is awesome that we have this and the April match to pad the resume of these two. ****1/2
  8. A breathtaking wrestling match. These two are absolute masters and built a brilliant match that worked on layering and having amazing mat work leading to the final caida and the climax of Santo’s insanely great dive and Panther taking the cheap way out to win. Too many amazing moves to call them out but both guys were like glue with each other on the matwork and I was especially impressed with the amount of work that was done with each individual on their head. The finish sets up the rematch perfectly and I can’t wait to watch it. One of the better matwork matches I have ever seen. ****1/2
  9. This was more like it. I can see someone like OJ not being too into this because it does meander and when you are talking about 8 guys that could honestly be argued as top 100 workers of all time easily, it may be slightly disappointing in that it isn’t a MOTYC. Still, we get some pretty awesome comedy by Parka and Porky teaming up. Villano and Blue Panther have a wonderful sequence and Santo highlights some of the feuds over the years with Dandy, Wagner and Panther. The third fall ups the violence more with Wagner and Parka brawling throughout the arena and they were the focal point of the match overall. Very enjoyable match with 8 legends. ***1/2 (7.1)
  10. Good for Olimpico being fed up with getting the shit kicked of him and taking it right to him sweatshirt and all. Mask ripping and a weird cut where we go to the entranceway and now Panther is ripping up Olimpico’s mask. Olimpico is busted open and Panther tasting the blood is always a classic rudo spot. Panther wins the first caida on a submission and we come back to a bloody Olimpico being paraded around the fans. Clip to the inside where Olimpico makes his comeback. We come back to the final fall and the guys in the mix of it. Finish was really rewarding for me with Olimpico using the ropes to win. The clipping made this a little odd and I don’t know if I should rank it overall so I am going to be safe and not rank it but I really enjoyed what I saw and CMLL continues to crank out the quality.
  11. This was the lucha action I was looking for. Classic pairings with Villano vs Panther, Dandy vs Atlantis and Panther vs Atlantis. We even get Zumbido and Niebla being tremendously entertaining in their dance off. Everything takes time to develop and just melds itself into an extremely satisfactory match. The rudos have been looking impressive throughout this show and pick up another win here. I didn’t think this really developed any blood feuds for the future but for 8 really established lucha stars, they went out and did their best to satisfy the fans and viewers. ***3/4 (7.6)
  12. A long interview segment with Parka starts the video. I didn’t get much out of this but Parka does look like a cool mofo. The match itself was good if a little frantic. The portions with Antifaz and Dandy were the best as they did double juice and really went after one another. The finish was another “who really got fouled” moment which was frustrating since it just worked so well in the comedy match. I want to see Antifaz and Dandy have a singles match. ***1/4 (6.4)
  13. Becoming a weekly tradition seeing Olimpico get the shit kicked out of him. Just when I think it can’t get worse, he is a bloody mess here and seems to have a new feud brewing with Panther. I’m game. Panther presents the bloody Olimpico around for the crowd to see. Panther is licking his hands with the blood of Olimpico. Rancor gets in on the action and also holds Mr. Niebla at bay. Tecnicos come back and Olimpico gets a big measure of revenge with a huge dive to the outside. Niebla gets a good chance to shine now and he looks impressive in there with Panther. He wins the first fall but after a hot bit of action, Panther locks on the arm breaker to obtain the second fall. Olimpico comes back in and rips Panther’s mask. Panther locks on the submission but Olimpico is in the ropes. He then tugs with all his might on the mask until he gets it DQ’ing his team for not listening to the referees commands. So now we have Infernales vs. TB and Co, Atlantis vs. Villano III, Guapos vs. Casas and Co, and Olimpico vs. Panther. What a hot company. ***1/4
  14. This was a good match to ease me back into the lucha side of things for 2000 after a bit of a break. The pairings in the beginning was well done with the worker highlights of 2000 showing off their skills and things intensifying in a natural way leading to an eleven minute fall with a cool finish by the tecnicos. Second fall was nice in that the rudos didn’t panic and took their time to regain their control even with a bit of in fighting. Third fall culminated all of these things and even threw in a little bit of Tarzan Boy being an asshole by scoring a fall off of a foul. Silver King is able to obtain the win for the rudos. Very good match. ***1/2 (7)
  15. Oh yeah, more good trios action VIllano IV and Scorpio were the big components of this match and they brought the hate. Scorpio rips the mask and Villano blades. Villano is sent head first right into the iron post. Then we get the big comeback for the second caida and now Scorpio is busted open. Third fall starts with some rapid fire punches and knee right to the face from Villano. Villano is really using his DDT today as a big move in his arsenal. Panther and Felino finish up after Villano and Scorp dive to the outside and this is a good sequence with less hate but some pretty chain wrestling and roll up attempts. Villano ends up picking up the win with a Diamond Cutter and everyone celebrates. Lizmark and Enterrador were kind of just warm bodies here but that was fun because the rest of the guys picked up the slack. ***1/2 (6.8)
  16. A big bag of fun. A lot of spotlight spots and unique pairings with the rudos going after each other more than they would normally. I thought Panther was the highlight first when he faced off with Satanico and then the ending stretch with Niebla. Panther is getting more and more of a face reaction and him winning gets a big reaction. Blue Demon comes out to present the purse to Panther. ***1/4 (6.6)
  17. A pretty grizzled tecnicos team here. The tecnicos have good energy and Tony Rivera looks more scuzzy by the day. I’m glad to see Emilio showing more fire lately as he has gotten back to his mid 90’s era here just beating people up. The third fall has Fuerza doing a great quick foul that the replay has to pick up. What an ass. I live for Black Warrior topes and he flies through the air against Emilio. Inside, Fuerza hits an elbow and Panther does a hurty submission on Lizmark to secure the win. For nondescript Arena Coliseo action, this was slightly above average. **3/4
  18. What a sick tease as this match looks just excellent on paper. Villano III gets in there with both Wagner and Panther and I want him to wrestle in 30 minute single matches in perpetuity with both of them. Black Warrior is maybe the least person in the whole six man but makes sure to die for our pleasure on a wild tope in the third fall. All in all, this only goes 12 minutes as an entire clip but was entertainment. Wagner gives one of the best fouls of the year to secure the win and then Villano IIIcomes right back and fakes a foul in the 3rd fall while delivering one of his own to pick up the overall win. That has been the result of the finish for the last three lucha matches I have seen and this was easily the most successful capped off by Villano III's glorious laugh when Wagner gets DQ'd. *** (6)
  19. This match completely blew me away. The battle royal was fun and quick but then we get to the meat which is the Cibernetico. I love Ciberneticos in general and this was one of the best I have ever seen. Solar and Panther start immediately with a jaw dropping sequence straight out of their classic 1994 match. The rest of the pairings are also effective. I enjoyed the delight each competitor had when they secured a victory and knew their mask was safe. The first half of the match really is built around Panther and it is fabulous as he gains an arm submission but the referee says no. This frustrates him to no end and he ends up getting pinned based on that frustration. Finally, he locks on the arm submission on Solar and is able to gain a victory to save his mask. The second half of the match also has some great eliminations from the pin that Solar secures that I have never seen, to a great double countout tease, to the final threesome in the ring and the two rudos not listening to the referee and ending up being DQ’d. Eventually, we have Hijo Del Gladiator and Rancor as the final two. This segment is also excellent as Gladiator bleeds buckets and Rancor uses his speed to be effective. There is a distinct old vs new vibe here. The submissions and nearfalls are really dramatics and Rancor winning felt like a big moment for him. Gladiator is a carpenter type worker we haven’t seen much of at all in chronicling the 90’s but this led me to a lot of research and I saw he was a 29 year veteran at this point so this was a big deal with him losing the hood. In one final carny moment, Gladiator announces his last name as Ramirez to keep the gimmick alive even though that was untrue. I expected a fun match from this but got a surprise MOTYC. ****1/2 (9.2)
  20. A really strong IWRG mid cardish type match. The face team was one I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from but they delivered a good performance. However, Blue Panther continues to be a shining star as he sequences in particular with Safari were the highlight of the match. I also enjoyed seeing Pimpenela in a rudo role and trying to use her advances and sexuality to gain an advantage. The rudos end up justifiably taking this one given their star power. All of the falls had time to develop and the IWRG building and atmosphere lend itself to strong matches overall. ***1/2 (7.1)
  21. This was cool to see as a novelty, but it's a total disjointed mess. Everyone is kind of off in their own universe and the Toryumon guys are still too green to be wrestling next to Santo and Panther (and the awesome Bombero Infernal) without looking outclassed. There is really nothing pulling all of this together as a coherent match. The Toryumon guys don't come across as out of their league when wrestling each other at all, but they are exposed sharing a ring with world class veterans.
  22. A really boss vignette to open up with Shocker showing Panther the Guapos lifestyle and the salon and him having nothing to do with it. Well, now we have our third great feud currently within CMLL. This is heated from the get go but reaches another gear when Panther drops Olimpico right on his dome with a hip toss. I can't imagine that was planned but it looked absolutely horrific and did add a wrinkle the rest of the way through with Casas fighting for his buddy. The rudo team was made to look dominant here as dispite Casas best efforts, he falls to them in the second fall. The Guapos team has the charisma and I hope Shocker can bring the goods in the ring to keep this feud hot. ***1/4
  23. Solid first fall with Panther being the ring leader of the rudos. He pretty systematically takes care of Dandy with the highlight being Dandy firing off at Panther with punches and Panther casually but forcefully grapevining his leg to create too close a distance for him to get his punches off and that changing the tide. The falls ends off of a Crazy moonsault. Things are a little more hectic in the second fall with Panther going after Parka and Crazy stomping away at the leg of Dandy. Parka keeps making the rudos miss and makes them show ass in some funny spots. Dandy comes in doing a running limp and pissed off. King and Crazy also come in and have a fun as shit little sequence with each other. Everyone is flying in now with spots and Panther does a great sell job off of the comedy of Parka. The tecnicos end up taking the second fall and that was all we get. This is a really good match to watch in the confines of 2000 WOTY consideration. Panther is becoming a WOTYC and while this certainly isn’t a highlight for him, he did show some effort here and a 3rd caida on the same level as the first two would have resulted in a good match. If that is the floor of your resume for an entire, that is pretty impressive. Edit: We did get the third fall and it raised this overall a good bit from a good but functionary six man into something more. Panther was a complete asshole in the third fall really going after Parka and Dandy probably turned in his best performance of the year in this fall. This fall really set the stage for some big time feuds in the future mainly Super Parka and Panther in a marquee singles match. ***1/2 (6.9)
  24. This was far better than I expected - not because the talent involved isn't awesome, but just because this wasn't given much time. But they certainly overdelivered with the 10-ish minutes they had. Emilio, Panther, and Wagner owned this, I thought. I am literally dozing off as I'm writing this, so I'm about to go to bed, but it's worth your time. ***1/2
  25. CMLL comes back with a fun and fast paced match. Everyone was flying around here and wasting no time with Felino and Blue Panther in particular having great exchanges with each other. I loved the finish of Fuerza taking off his own mask and then handing it to Felino quickly giving himself the victory. That was clever as fuck and him and Felino sold it wonderfully. *** (5.8)