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Found 64 results

  1. donsem43

    Current Joshi Talk

    Decided to start this thread since both Stardom and Pro Wrestling WAVE now have their own streaming services, plus the Real Hero google drive makes it easier to find shows from other groups. Just finished watching the opening night of the 5*GP. Thought it was a fine show, but nothing memorable. Storm/Bito, Hojo/Wolf, and Iwatani/KLR were all good yet would say that you have to rush out to see any of them. The only bad match was Blanchard/Watanabe, which was a mess. Courtney Stewart looked good having a short, solid match with Jungle Kyona. The show ended with promos from Kay Lee Ray, Toni Storm, and Io Shirai whom I assume they are teasing as being in the finals.
  2. This is a tie-breaker for top spot in Catch the WAVE tournament's Crazy Block and a subsequent spot in the tournament final. As a whole, this match does a pretty good job of maintaining a back-and-forth between these two throughout the match. Although, that does lead to some less than realistic transitions as one of them are force to quickly shake off a big shot in order to get back on offense. The match doesn't feel like a my turn/your turn type though, and it shows as the crowd gets into the drama during the finishing run. This might have been something special if they had structured it a little better but even as is it's highly entertaining. ***3/4
  3. This is the last match in the Crazy Block of the Catch the WAVE tournament. Both women came in tied on points so whoever won this match would move on to the final. Yamashita controls the most of the first half of the match with her power. Nozaki, though, chips away through some nice counters eventually locking in her sleeper to level the score. The finishing run starts out even but turns in favour of Yamashita when she locks in a sleeper of her own that Nozaki barely escapes. Yamashita tries to follow up with a Splash Mountain but Nozaki escapes leading to a draw which forces a tie-breaker. The match did a nice job of building up drama to the final few minutes. ***3/4
  4. This is a match on Mika Iida retirement road. The match itself only goes a little more than six minutes but it sure as hell an awesome six minutes. The whole match is just a constant flow holds being exchanged with a few strikes and suplexes being mixed in. It could have used a couple of more minutes to get them to build to more of a finish, but it's really hard to complain with what they did here. ****
  5. The main event for the fourth night of the Catch the WAVE tournament is a matchup of two former winners. Ohka continues her strong run recently here as she works a match were she wisely avoids a lot Mizunami's power attacks and takes some measured shots of her own. Mizunami does a good job of selling for Ohka's offense despite Ohka looking be far the least imposing of the two. Just a strong display of very smart work. ***3/4
  6. This is from the fourth night of the Catch the WAVE tournament. Momono puts on one hell of a performance here. I was very surprised at how Momono went right at Ayako but in a way that fit her character. She manages to keep Ayako off balance for most of the match. When Ayako wins, it's more due to Momono lacking the true finishing move to put her away more than anything else. Tremendous stuff. ****1/4
  7. This is from the third night of the Catch the WAVE tournament. These two take about a minute and a half to feel each other out then just start going right at each other with bombs. They still do manage to not force any of the action either so that while the match is short, it has a nice flow to it despite the constant use of big moves. An absolutely tremendous sprint. ****
  8. This is a a rematch from the previous month's SEAdLINNNG show and is for Ohata's Regina di WAVE title. The tone for this match is the complete opposite from the one before. It's as intense and chippy as you would have expected from these two after watching the Best Friends/Avid Rival series last August. Just a back and forth fight the entire way. Very happy to see Arisa have a big title match because that has been her bread and butter throughout her career. Just an excellent match. ****1/2
  9. This is the main event of the second night of the Catch the WAVE tournament. This match is just a straight forward slobberknocker as these two spend pretty much the entire match going right straight at each other with some nasty shots. Ohka has stepped up the last few months as she has picked up the pace of her matches and relied on hard hitting strikes. Yamashita looked the best that she has in awhile mainly because the match perfectly fit her strengths as a worker. Another strong match for a tournament that has been really good so far. ****
  10. This is from the second night of the Catch the WAVE tournament. Momono gets a lot of praise for acting like an annoying little shit but I think that she that this is the first time that she really makes it work within the story of the match. Unfortunately for her, Ohata is really good at being a nasty bitch that works her over pretty good when she gets her hands on her. Momono is able to stay in the match by doing a nice job working over Ohata's arm and not just relying on rollups for offense. This is an awesome match that shows Ohata clearly being the best joshi worker so far this year while Momono having potential to be a legit top worker down the line. ****1/2
  11. This is the main event of the opening show for the Catch the WAVE tournament and is the second rematch of a title match from last year. This match was a vast improvement on that one mainly because Nagahama works a quicker pace and shows a lot more fire here. Ohata has yet another high quality performance as able to put together the match in such a way that she is able to control the match but still make Nagahama come off as competitive. That all leads to a nice finish that has Nagahama get the upset a jackknife rollup. ***1/2
  12. This is another opening match in the Catch the WAVE tournament. The opening matwork in this match is pretty good as Nozaki uses the extra leverage from her lanky body to escape from Mizunami's holds. This turns to more of a exchange of high impact moves, with Nozaki trying to catch Mizunami with her sleeper. The finish has a nice change up as Nozaki debuts a new Dragon Sleeper that completely finishes off Mizunami by knocking her out instantly. An impressive, smart performance from Nozaki, who is becoming one of the more underrated workers in joshi. ***3/4
  13. This is the first match for both in this year's Catch the WAVE tournament. It a nice follow up to the title match that they had in September of last year. The both of them do what they do best, ASUKA breaking out some nice highspots and Yamashita hitting her big power moves. The finish is really well worked, just a very good back and forth exchange of finishers with Yamashita getting the win with a Splash Mountain. ***1/2
  14. This is a rematch from the previous month when Ohka beat Ohata to win the Regina di WAVE title. Right from the start, this match is super physical. A mix between big moves and nasty strikes. It's similar to the Satomura/Hamada match that happened earlier in the month in Sendai Girls but I feel that this match was better at being coherent. The exchange of big moves during the finishing run was done in a logical fashion. A very entertaining title match. ***3/4
  15. This is the tag title switch that never ended up on WAVE Network for whatever reason. The match itself gets off to a rough start with Ohata no-selling a bunch of Ace Crushers from Miyazaki but one it gets going it turn into a damn good match. They keep a great pace with both teams pulling off some slick double team moves and sequences. The finish is particularly nasty as Miyazaki busts out a moonsault footstomp of all things to finish of Miyazaki. Not at the level of Avid Rival's stuff later in the year with Best Friend but still pretty enjoyable. ***3/4
  16. This is quite the matchup of veteran stars and junior partners. This might be my favourite Meiko performance of the year. She was really on, especially when she would slickly move from matwork to more high impact moves. Despite her age and slight weight gain, Ayako still moves around really well. Both of the younger workers came off strong, going back and forth with the vets fairly. A very fun match. ****
  17. This is the final to a No. 1 contenders tournament for Misaki Ohata's Regina Di WAVE title. This was a very strong performance from Yumi Ohka. She had no problem matching the physicality of Mizunami and also capitalized on the work on the neck work that Nozaki had done in the semi-final earlier in the night. Ohka does about a hundred big boots in this but each one is measured and hits with such impact that it doesn't come off as a repetitive move. Actually really looking forward to watching Ohka vs. Ohata after this match. ***3/4
  18. This is a semi-final of a No. 1 contenders tournament and a rematch of an upset win that Nozaki got a couple of months ago. In that match, Nozaki won in less than 5 minutes when she locked her sleeper on Mizunami, causing her to pass out. Here, Nozaki feels like Jake Roberts when his DDT was over as an instant finish. Nozaki's sleeper looms over the match and forces Mizunami to try to be more aggressive in the early going. Anytime that Mizunami goes for a big move and either misses or gets countered Nozaki, almost always comes back with the sleeper. Very intriguing and well executed match. ***3/4
  19. I wish WAVE Network would post more OVER SUN matches because they few that they have posted have all been really good, if not great. Here they take on NEW-TRA who have been on a bit of a hot streak of their own lately. OVER SUN control the early going with their size and experience advantage but NEW-TRA eventually work their way back into the match with some nice counters and double-teams. The finish is some great back and forth, especially with Ohka dishing out some nasty big boots, including absolutely drilling Kadokura with one to get the win. Fantastic match. ****
  20. I always go back and forth on which joshi tag team is better, either Best Friends or Avid Rival. In this match, Avid Rival make a strong argument for themselves as they take what should have been a throw away mid-card tag match but turn it into something pretty damn good. Ayako has a quality performance here too and Haruhi put in a hard working effort similar to her title match with Mizunami back in March. Still, this is really all about Avid Rival and just another example how good of a team they are. ***3/4
  21. This is a match from the block stage of WAVE's Catch the WAVE tournament that also builds off of the rivalry that the two have had in Ice Ribbon. This is quite the sprint. Also, it has a bit of a reverse on the vet/rookie dynamic in the early going, as it Yuuka who keeps hitting the big offense while Ohata is the one who has to keep going for rollups to survive. When Ohata does start getting her big moves in Yuuka doesn't have an answer for it, eventually getting the win with a unique tiger/pumphandle suplex for the win. A whirlwind of a match. ***3/4
  22. This is the third match that this two have had this year. They split their two matches earlier this year in the Catch the WAVE tournament with Yamashita winning in the final over Ohata and subsequently taking the Regina di WAVE title from Ryo Mizunami, Ohata's tag partner in Avid Rival. The match starts out as a matchup of power versus technique. Ohata gets some early success by trapping Yamashita's right arm in various submissions which limits Yamashita's main offensive weapon. This force Yamashita to be more careful with how she uses her arm. She adjusts how she applies her sleeper by turning so that more of her body weight is on Ohata and she's more selective as to when she uses her lariats. Ohata does control a fair bit of match by having a lot of smart counters to Yamashita's attacks but in turn Yamashita always has the trump card of being able to hit the smaller Ohata really hard. Towards the finish though, Ohata starts to build to much momentum and hits too many of her big moves allowing her to put away Yamashita. Just an amazing match that managed to use simple story telling in an incredibly effective result. Easily the joshi match of the year, maybe even the last couple of decades. ****3/4
  23. More NEW-TRA? Oh yeah! Bonus points here for the reuniting of Yamashita and Kobayashi, who had a fun youngster team in late '15/early '16. Kadokura looked great here again and should seriously get talked about more as one of the top youngsters in joshi. The real highlight here is the matchup of Yamashita and Iroha. The two of them show fantastic chemistry here and it's a shame that Yamashita loses the Regina di WAVE title in just a few days as a title match between the two of them could be something really special. As for this match, it goes a little too short to be great, as it feels like the match ends just as it's start to ramp up. Still worth checking out though. ***3/4
  24. ASUKA's reward for her big win over Yumi Ohka at last month's anniversary show was a title shot at the current Regina Di WAVE champ, Yamashita. This was ASUKA's best performance yet as she really showed off her athleticism and mixed in some spectacular highspots. Her selling still needs some work though. This was yet another strong, big match performance Yamashita. She is pretty much at the point that she should be mentioned in the top tier of workers in joshi. A very strong title match from two women who keep improving. ****
  25. This is NEW-TRA's shot at the WAVE tag titles after winning the tag league earlier in the night. The real key to this match was NEW-TRA's ability to keep the Nagahama sections interesting as Nagahama is one of the most dull workers in joshi. The Kobayashi sections were excellent as she has managed to figure out how to be viable offensively while being in the ring with peers who have a distinct size advantage on her and not constantly rely on playing the underdog. Hopefully NEW-TRA have a decent run as tag champs since the women from Marvelous only make tape when they work in other groups. ***3/4