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Found 8 results

  1. An absolutely bonkers ringside brawl with 8 dudes just going at each other recklessly. Not exactly Onita & Goto vs. Kurisu & Dragon Master, but still a wild brawl in it's own right. Some absolutely brutal bumps featuring chairs such as Fast Eddie hitting a brutal German suplex on Masada on top of a chair and Masada hitting Fast Eddie with a Spider German suplex through a chair. Plus a ton of nasty unprotected chairshots and a spike piledriver off the ring apron through a table on the floor. This lacked blood which would have elevated this, but it didn't lack intensity for a second.
  2. This is pretty much a Jersey All Pro showcase on a ROH show and it was a ton of fun and one of the under the radar matches from early 2000's indy wrestling. Low Ki and Da Hit Squad worked as bully faces against the obnoxious smarmy smaller heels in Special K. The Special K crew are excellent at taking beatings and they were fearless when it came to taking bumps. Opposite Low Ki and Da Hit Squad are as good as stiff butt kickers as you'll find. So this all worked excellently. Loved Special K also having endless members at ringside who wouldn't mind getting some cheap shots in and helping them get some heat on Mafia. Worth noting they were also smart enough to know that working this as a 50-50 match as everyone does know would not work, so they didn't go in that direction. The restart had that goofy segment with Special K trying to get Ki to take a dive into some pills, but they made up for it with a wild follow sequence and a perfectly synchronized triple finish. My only complaint about this is the botched Van Damniator from Monsta Mac. Aside from that, everything else clicked for me. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys JAPW and early 2000's indy wrestling.
  3. An Honorable Mention Podcast, the only Ring of Honor Podcast with a host who worked on the insides of ROH. Styled in the vein of Something to Wrestle, long time fan & insider Jeff Schwartz & Shane Hagadorn former ROH employee, manager, & wrestler bring An Honorable Mention... to you via itunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Hipcast, iHeartRadio, Google Play, & more every Tuesday at 11AM Eastern. Want to know why things happened the way they did hear it from people who helped shape the shows by working for the company and socializing with the talent. Complete Archive Links Below: https://www.hipcast.com/podcast/H0G8Jb https://t.co/efznI87mIC https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/an-honorable-mention-with-shane-hagadorn-jeff-schwartz/id1348324250?mt=2 @AnHonorablePod @thejeffschwartz @hagadornshane On 7/3 we drop Do or Die 2 & 3 with our directors cut style comedy. Y'all got us to 100 followers on Twitter so...here's the "Do or Die II & III" commentary track courtesy of Jeff & Shane! It's the first time around for guys like Roderick Strong, Austin Aries, Super Dragon, B-Boy, Matt Sydal, and Delirious. It features some Jay Lethal as Hydro, some Dunn & Marcos action, A BLIND GUY, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, The Mayor Of AHM himself, SAL RINAURO AKA MELLOW! Join us as we screw around, have some fun, and try our best to entertain you for this 4th of July holiday week! Hopefully this one is a "DO" like the future World Champs on the show and not a "DIE" like Gabe Roach or Brian Gamble! P.S. We recorded this a few weeks ago so...<VISUALLY INSERT THAT SHRUG EMOJI HERE, YOU KNOW WHICH ONE WE MEAN> -=-=-=-= Do or Die II & III Elizabeth, NJ 3/13/04 1. Mellow vs. Jerrelle Clark 2. Jared Steel & Todd Sexton vs. The Solution 3. Rainman vs. Caprice Coleman 4. Allison Danger vs. April Hunter 5. Brad Bradley vs. Jimmy Jacobs 6. Hydro vs. Roderick Strong 7. Austin Aries vs. Danny Daniels 8. Super Dragon vs. Excalibur 9. Outcast Killaz vs. Caprice Coleman & Rainman vs. Don Juan & Fast Eddie vs. Dunn & Marcos Do or Die 3 Elizabeth, NJ 7/17/04 1. Outcast Killaz vs. Mike Foxx & Gabe Roach 2. Daizee Haze vs. Allison Danger 3. Angel Dust vs. Tony Kozina 4. Dunn & Marcos vs. Don Juan & Jared Steel 5. Rainman vs. Shawn Daivari 6. Colt Cabana vs. The Christopher Street Connection 7. Colt Cabana vs. Caprice Coleman 8. Matt Sydal vs. Delirious 9. Joshua Masters vs. Brian Gamble 10. Josh Daniels vs. B-Boy
  4. AnHonorableMention

    Pro Wrestling Explosion Feb 8 2019

    Facebook Event Page THIS IS THE EXACT ORDER OF THE SHOW, FROM BOTTOM (open) TO TOP (headline) PWE title match: Alex Payne (C) vs. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams Freddy Flamingo vs. TJ Crawford! Smash Bradley vs. Billy Avery! Troy Nelson vs. CPA (special stipulation match) Sly Stetson vs. Grizzly Redwood (“should only take a minute” says Stetson)! GALACTIC ROYAL! ***INTERMISSION*** Shockwave the Robot open challenge! Yodeling Yohan Wunderschintzel vs. Anthony Greene (mustache match)! Joe Gacy vs. Jimmy Rave! Ernie Osiris/Prince Nana vs. Alex Payne/Shane Hagadorn! Beefcake vs. Green Ant (opening the show)! Friday night, Feb. 8th at PhilaMOCA in Philly (531 N. 12 Street). $15 adv, $20 at the door. 6:30 doors, 7:00 pm show! Tickets: Brown Paper Tickets
  5. The following is an ROH revisiting project that I started in the spring of 2012. For those of you who haven't seen any of these reviews on the Observer, ROH World, Freakin' Awesome Network, Craphole, Voices of Wrestling, and Wrestling Forum communities, behold and enjoy! There will be no pattern to how I review matches. Some could be rants, some could be quick blurbs, some could be ten page essays. They will be reviews only of matches, promos, and videos that interest me though (largely just the good shit.) Reviews may include spoilers for those who haven't watched retro ROH. The Era of Honor Begins - February 23, 2002 IWA Intercontinental Title Tournament Final Eddie Guerrero vs. Super Crazy A fine match that was obviously not meant to be a show-stealer (leaving that for the main event), but certainly worthy of watching. While it's a short match, Eddie gives a fine appetizer of his Black Tiger persona that later morphed into Latino Heat, not taking Crazy as seriously as he could. Eddie completely outclasses Crazy (who may be starstruck even though this is their second singles match with one another) and the hardcore fans cheer every vicious and dirty tactic of his. He does nothing to actually make the crowd go against him, spending 99% of the match not playing to the crowd. In the end, Eddie's unwillingness to respect Crazy's in-ring ability costs him the title and the match. Rating: ***1/4 Low Ki vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Christopher Daniels Largely a spotfest, but a fantastically, intelligently executed one. While not on par with the Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit matches, this is one of the greatest threeway matches of all-time, and for good reason. There is NEVER a dull moment in this match, with combinations of maneuvers not yet seen at that point by a large portion (if any) of the audience. Everything done in the match serves a purpose while also being dramatic and entertaining, whether it's a submission, strike, takedown, or highspot. The ending is brilliant and does a great job of setting up the first major storyline and next show. These three were given the opportunity by Eddie and Crazy to go out and have the best match of the night, and they delivered in spades. A match that still holds up ten years later. Rating: ****1/2 Up next - Round Robin Challenge Matches will include: Bryan Danielson vs. Christopher Daniels Low Ki vs. Christopher Daniels Low Ki vs. Bryan Danielson
  6. I thought this was pretty easily the worst ROH PPV main event since their return to PPV three years ago (for BitW in fact). Yes, even worse than the Anniversary show 5-way with the bad ending. Commentary tries to put over Cody as this bad heel, but it comes off empty because the crowd is fully behind him. Then they structure parts of the match around getting him heat (like with Cary Silkin - and BC interference), which comes off as flat as possible. Poor Kazarian saves Daniels and fights off Scurll to CRICKETS. Cody's lip is legit busted pretty early, so there's that as a visual I guess. The timing is not good at all between these two. And what makes the bad timing even worse is that the final stretch - which is very planned out - looks so fake and choreographed compared to the crap earlier that it comes off terrible. Probably generous at **
  7. Here's your Ring of Honor title match sandwiched on the Wrestle Kingdom card. Initially watching this spoiler-free the morning of the show, it had heightened dramatics given the O'Reilly contract situation. So that story was the elephant in the ring throughout. I realize I'm high man on this one, but I really liked Cole here and thought this was an exceptionally sound, good match and a contrast to their match at Final Battle, which was centered around hardcore/No DQ stuff. Cole hits a couple finishers and wins this one clean as a sheet. ***1/2
  8. On the Voices of Wrestling podcast they pointed out that ROH is being bullied by NJPW to do these angles. They are in a position of vulnerability because without these NJPW guys, why would anyone go to these ROH shows? That's why they're failing because they have the cushion of the NJPW guys to say when they need a big house, they lean on other talent from mainly NJPW. Who in ROH has the potential to break out and become a star besides Lio Rush who just got there? Let's be honest, Adam Cole is at the peak of his star unless he goes to the E, Roddy the same thing, ACH isn't what we think he is to them and the other guys are just cogs in the wheel. Why aren't ROH bringing in the hot indie names that if this was 2007 and Gabe was booking it they would? They recruit from these camps and as much as the camps are helping some guys like a Hanson or Matt Taven get exposure, why would any big indie name like a Zack Sabre Jr, a Will Ospreay, a Chris Hero, a Ethan Page, a Marty Scurll, a Ricochet, a Sami Callihan go to a ROH camp when they are already established names and ROH should be booking you based off of what they do elsewhere. ROH isn't the pathway to WWE anymore and that's why more trendy names like a Matt Riddle go to an Evolve instead of ROH. ROH just got too big for their own good