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Found 9 results

  1. Nao DATE vs. Risa Sera This was Nao's breakout match, she looked so awesome in control and nailed all of her stuff, and Sera's selling and explosive comebacks were great. Great heavyweight clash. If only Sera had matches like this during her long ICE×∞ reign. ****
  2. This is for Azure Revolution's (Sera & Yukihi) International Ribbon tag titles. I go on about the potential of the younger members of Ice Ribbon's roster a lot, but this match here is one of the first signs that some of them are starting to realize that potential. This really felt like a 90's joshi tag in the sense that it had a constant fast pace but didn't sacrifice a coherent story or selling for it. Everyone put in a strong performance. Kyuri and Maika are quickly becoming one of the best tag teams in joshi and Azure are having a strong start to their tag title run. ****1/4
  3. This is Maika's title shot that she earned after winning the four way elimination match at the last Korakuen show back in October. Like that four way, this was another strong performance for Maika. She gets early control of the match by using her power effective, catching Sera off guard since she almost always has a size advantage over her opponents. Sera had a very good performance here too as she has to change tactics and starts busting out some big moves in order to even the score. Even though the it's a bit on the short side, this is still a quality title match. ***3/4
  4. ICE×∞ Championship: Risa Sera © vs. Maya Yukihi This caught me by surprise -- I didn't know Maya-obachan had it in her. Her leg work was great and she had all of these clever counters to Sera's offense, and those kicks and knees to the head were brutal. Sera's comebacks were kind of selling-free, but her offense looked strong and much better than it has looked in past defenses. Can't say enough about Maya's control segments. She needs the belt immediately! ****1/2
  5. This is for Sera's ICE Infinity title. I decided to check this out after enjoying Miyagi's work in the Catch the WAVE tourney and was really surprised at how good it ended up being. While she carries herself well as a champ, Sera's ringwork hasn't quite hit the level that you would want with the top star of a Japanese promotion. The layout of this match was very strong, building drama up throughout especially towards the finish with Miyagi getting nice nearfalls. Neither of them did anything flashy but they made their moves count, especially their signature stuff. A nice, surprising, sleeper match. ***3/4
  6. International Ribbon Tag Team Championship: This is Ice Ribbon (Hiiragi Kurumi & Tsukushi) © vs. Azure Revolution (Maya Yukihi & Risa Sera) Tsukushi is one out of control youth, and Yukihi is a gramma whose patience is wearing thin. I really liked Maya-obachan's performance in this, she was heating it up with Tsukushi, jacking her jaw with knees and superkicks, and digging her claws into the mini-joshi's back. Tsukushi was a nasty little aggressor, with snug elbow strikes and a vicious low dropkick through the ropes. I gotta be honest, I thought her Japanese Ocean Suplex finisher looked ridiculous. Yukihi may have thrown herself into the move a bit too much. Kurumi and Sera were here too! ***3/4
  7. ICE×∞ Championship: Risa Sera © vs. Rina Yamashita Risa Sera, Sera Risa, I don't know... she doesn't do it for me, especially when being booked at this level. I thought the strike battles in this were nice and heated; Sera was laying in those palm thrusts. Yamashita is one of my favorites and I'm glad she got to main event Korakuen Hall. She had nice moments like the suplex on the ramp and those awesome lariats. But then we get to the ugly... Sera's diving somato is particularly awful because her opponent has to stand there like a doofus while she hesitates to jump. There's nothing worse than a 'finisher set-up' that looks super phony and contrived and makes your opponent look like a moron for taking it. You could say that Yamashita was 'groggy', but Sera's offense is not convincing enough to have you believe that. This was average. **1/2
  8. This is a big title match as Ice Ribbon's "Ace," Tsukasa Fujimoto, attempts to regain the belt from recently crowned champ, Risa Sera. The story that they work through the match is Fujimoto having issues dealing with Sera's size and power advantage. This forces Tsukka to use her experience and try to maximize any opening that she gets during the match. Sera does a nice job working over Fujimoto's back in order to try a slow her down. The match does go a little sideways at the finish but it doesn't completely throw out what they had been working to before it. ***3/4
  9. This is the last hurrah of the team of Sera and Narumiya, who had a long run with these same titles in 2014, as Maki was close to retirement. Was really impressed with Sera, as I really enjoyed her 2014 work but she wandered off the radar a bit in 2015. Enjoyed her wobbly leg selling, especially on Nakajima's strikes. The match is essentially a short, action packed sprint but not at too quick a pace that any sort of selling is ignored. There are moments of sloppiness that does effect some of the big spots and double teams but nothing that hurts the momentum of the match. Best Friends continue to be a highly entertaining tag team. ***3/4