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Found 5 results

  1. Hacksaw Duggan & Rock N Roll Express vs Ernie Ladd & Midnight Express - Mid-South 6/8/84 Jump plays the Rock n Roll Express down to the ring and Ernie Ladd is introduced as a new member of Midnight Express. What an awesome time to be alive! Ricky Morton is the fucking man in this. It is performances like this may edge him over Bobby Eaton in my book. He works a tremendous segment with an ancient Big Cat Ernie Ladd and it is just wicked entertaining. Morton is moving around a million miles an hour. Ernie is wondering what he has gotten himself into because the Midnights had just been totally shown up by Morton and had to retreat twice and now he is discombobulated. The corssbody Morton hits on Ladd gets a massive pop. Ladd finally catches Morton and hits a double leg drop to give the MX their first advantage. Morton scrappy as ever tags out to Hacksaw who literally fights his way into the ring, which is a cool touch. Eaton rifles Duggan to no avail as Hacksaw comes back with a lariat. Eaton is in retreat mode and the MX can't get anything started. There is a fun spot where the both members of MX try to pin Duggan in rapid fire fashion only to be pressed and then they both pin him and both are sent flying. The crowd is just molten for this match especially Duggan! Ladd busts out the old foreign object to finally stymie the fiery Duggan. Duggan is able to tag out, but Ricky goes flying over the ropes and is nailed with a chair that busts him open. Duggan comes flying around with a chair of his own, but it is too late the damage is done. In the story as old as time, the MX beat the holy hell out of Ricky Morton. Morton is just in his element here working hope spots and selling like a million bucks. Eventually a fracas breaks out, Corny tries to use some sort of knockout spray, but instead he sprays Eaton! The babyfaces pick up the win, but do not win the war as the heels beat them down complete with choloroform. Ricky Morton really gave an inspired performance here: getting the most out of Ladd I have ever seen and a typically great FIP. Duggan is king-sized in there and looks like a ready successor to JYD and the heels were typically awesome. It is a fun, fun match, but nothing that gets to that next level classic, missing that big hook. ****1/4
  2. Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo vs Rock N Roll Express - Mid-South Coliseum 6/25/84 SAVAGE PILEDRIVES MORTON THROUGH THE TABLE! When I was a kid, we rented some video or found some TV show that had this angle on the tape. I literally remember nothing else on the video just Savage piledriving Ricky Morton through the table at ringside. Eat it, ECW! Talk about a hot and I mean double hot angle! Absolutely tremendous! For what we got, this was on pace to be one of my favorite Memphis Wrestling matches of the 80s and on pace to be better than both Savage vs Lawler matches I have watched so far, but a premature DQ ending makes for a fun match rather than a classic. Wow, were these two teams made for each other! Savage and Poffo were perfect heel stooges for the Rock n Rolls and of course RnRs excel at giving the early crowd pleasing spots. I am such a mark for high-octane movement in the ring that ends with the heel either on his ass or falling on his face. There are plenty of those with Poffo and Savage trying to get one up on RnRs and failing spectacularly. My favorite spot was RnR did their normal spot of rolling through a banana split and decked Savage on the apron. They go to do it again, but Savage has learned his lesson so he jumps off the apron. He gets back on the apron and showboats only to be decked again. Popped huge for that! The transition to the heat segment was awesome with Gibson running into the top turnbuckle, but it was a fake out. In the ensuing fracas, Morton gets rammed into the post by Angelo and the short heat segment is worked perfectly. Savage and Poffo's control feels tenuous at best, which gives a really exciting feeling of when Gibson will make a tag, but Morton is out of it that it is hard for him to make a tag even when he gets a hope spot in. I know this is stating the obvious, but Morton sold perfectly in this match just enough to get sympathy, but was still active in trying to tag out. Great stuff! Savage is great at working a nasty heat segment with his wicked punches and full court press offense. Gibson finally gets in, but before he can do any really damage, Angelo pulls down the top rope and he goes tumbling out for the premature DQ. At a scant nine minutes of awesomeness, I am definitely left wanting more to the point where the finish is frustrating. I am of the opinion that I rather get twenty minutes with this finish than just ten with this finish leaving the match feel underdeveloped. A brawl develops at ringside and this is where Savage piledrives Ricky Morton through the table. These two teams absolutely rocked it and I look forward to the rematch. ***3/4
  3. Mid-South Tag Team Champions Rock N Roll Express vs The Guerreros - Mid-South 2/13/85 Really fun TV tag team match between these two teams. Who was the commentator with Jim Ross? He was fucking awful. He started to imitate Jim Ross's emotional calls towards the end so Jim tried to yell louder over him. It was a clusterfuck on commentary, but these two teams are pros. The Guerreros who fit right in today's wrestling culture and not only keep up, but add some psychology. Heel, we know from Chavo Classic's brief run on Smackdown! in mid-2000s he could still outwork half the roster. That catch of Ricky Morton into an overhead suplex was insane! They are former babyfaces so they have a ton of offense and they still work in ways to hit, but keep their heel heat. The early part saw Ricky Morton turn the disadvantage of being in a headscissors into an advantage by tagging out and allowing Gibson to apply stepover toehold. I think it should be illegal to tag out of a hold personally because of situations like that personally, but I guess it does not matter in the grand scheme of things. I liked the mini-brawl that broke out before commercial. The aforementioned overhead suplex takes us to the heat segment where they focus on Morton's back, which I liked. Chavo had a nice Boston Crab. Again, the Guerreros telegraphed a back drop this allowed a hot tag to Gibson. They do a double criss cross sequence, but oddly Gibson only gets the sunset flip. The reason for this asymmetry is that Chavo Classic clubs the ref. He splashes Gibson on the outside. This leaves Morton prone to a double surfboard, but Gibson leaps onto both of them for the fall! Loved the finish! Really cool and unique. Very similar to the Fans match, just a really entertaining fundamentals tag. Definitely check out for the finish. ****
  4. Rock N Roll Express/Duggan vs Doc/Dibiase/Hercules 12/27/84 2 1/2* This is a new one. I found this more fun than good, and a match that was suited better live than for people watching it at home. You had a match going on in each ring, while you had one wrestler in between each ring that could tag in and out to each ring. This is a pretty cool premise and wonder if it started in Houston. I will say their is a lot to digest but super fun stuff.
  5. Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo vs Rock N Roll Express - Mid-South Coliseum 7/4/84 Savage vs Morton needed to happen! Just another one of those on paper classics that never happened. Plus instead of these shitty finishes, they could have put RnRs over in a tag setting, but with Savage going over clean one on one. Oh well, another great match from these two teams, but not quite on the level as the last match. The babyface shine featured what you expected with the RnRs getting the best of the Poffos, but there was not as many fun spots as the previous match and a lot of was just fun stalling. They gave more time for the heat segment in this go around and Randy Savage just looked huge here. Randy Savage looked like a colossal star in this match. 1984 had to be when Memphis was the most loaded with talent. The mid-80s definitely feels like the highwater mark for pro wrestling in terms of starpower in every territory. Today feels downright shallow compared to the depth of the 80s. Savage was all over the place as Lance Russell said in this match. Off a blind tag, Savage was able to sneak a quick jab to Morton's ribs and then threw him out only to come crashing down with the double axehandle. I loved Savage sneaking around the ring and coming up from behind to blast Morton. The entire heat segment was just potshot after potshot on Morton from the entire Poffo family including Angelo. Morton would do his best to use his movement to create opportunities to tag, but the Poffos always grabbed him at the last second. The highwater mark of this heat segment was Savage going for the piledriver on the table only to be back body dropped onto the table! He's hardcore! He's hardcore! He's hardcore! Finally Gibson comes in and is a house of fire climaxing with a nice superplex, which I actually thought would be the finish, but Savage/Morton brawl on the outside distracted the ref meaning Angelo came in and hit with the boot. The ref called for the bell. Morton came in and wrestled the boot out of his hands. Then there was a quick Savage/Morton brawl before the video cut out that looked fantastic. Oh! To have lived in Mempho in 1984! I preferred the June match, but this was still tons of fun. I just wish we got the classic that was clearly present with these two teams. Frustrating, but still happy we got what we got. Looking forward to more Savage and more Morton throughout the 80s! ***1/2