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Found 9 results

  1. NWA Wildside! Ron Killings ... awkwardly rapping while fans sit on their hands for 17 years and counting it would appear. He's actually serviceable in the ring, with some sharp offense and good bumping and feeding for Estrada, so I won't be too harsh. I can see why the WWF took a chance on him in 2000, because he is a charismatic guy with some cool moves. Not much to the match, but it's fine.
  2. This is a decent, heated Street Fight. Styles is wearing matching purple camo with Killings and it's awful. There's a lot of generic kick-punch, chaotic crowd brawling. It's not bad, but not super engaging. Killings has the spot of the night early on with a huge dive from the top turnbuckle into the crowd. Styles' bumping is great, as usual. Kash & Dallas don't do much for me. There's a segment during this match where the camerawork gets shaky and chaotic as they fight deep into the crowd and it kind of feels like a grainy WORLD STAR! footage of a lame fight. Rating: **½
  3. Good Killings performance here. Brown doesn't exactly light the world on fire with his heat segments, but Killings does a good enough job selling underneath and carries Brown to something watchable. Also, POUNCEEEEEEEE~. Rating: **½
  4. Styles is a fightin' champ so he gives the disgruntled Killings a NWA World Heavyweight Championship match even though he's not scheduled to defend the title tonight. Killings targets Styles' injured ribs, and Styles targets the Killings' leg. Styles' selling is great, and even though he's still able to do his usual offense, he struggles to capitalize on the opportunities he creates. They mesh well athletically and Killings' control segments aren't too shabby here. A ref bump happens, and Styles captures Killings in a Bridging O'Connor Roll, but he can't maintain the bridge due to his ribs. A new ref and the previously injured ref both count simultaneously. One ref declares Styles the winner, the other one declares Killings the winner. What's gonna happen?!? Human turd, Vince Russo, restarts the match and Styles pins Killings with a roll-up shortly after. Seems pointless to have a ref bump + restart if the restarted match was only going to be like two minutes long, but trying to apply logic to the booking is a exercise in futility. Rating: ***
  5. This is a decent match with everyone playing their role well-enough. It's clunky at times, but these types of matches tend to be anyways & it wasn't offensively sloppy, so whatever. Truth & Styles bring the athleticism, Raven is the opportunist, and Abyss is your stereotypical monster. Sting is the "special enforcer" in this match - meaning he's there to maintain the match's integrity and beat up the bad guys. It's bloated and overbooked, but the in-ring is not bad. Rating: **¾
  6. This happened. Killings wasn't bad, but Skipper is completely unremarkable. They should've eschewed the attempt at match structure and just went balls-to-the-walls for 9-ish minutes. Rating: *¾
  7. This isn't terrible, but it's quite dull. Styles is making the jump to the heavyweight division, and this match is used to showcase that he can work the kind of style that heavyweights stereotypically should work, so he's slapping on headlocks and working methodically. Killings isn't compelling playing underneath as babyface at all. Rating: **
  8. I'm digging the boxing-style introductions for these matches. It gives them a big-match feel. Anyways, this is way worse than the 11/20 Jarrett vs. Killings match. The storytelling here stinks and the face/heel dynamic is hard to follow. Jarrett is presented as a face, but he's consistently doing heelish things like low blows, bringing chairs into the match, and unbuckling turnbuckles. Ref bumps, Vince Russo, pointless countouts ... bleh. Physically, though, these two have good chemistry together, but it's hardly good enough for me to look past through the bullshit. Rating: **¼
  9. This match is being presented as a big fight for whatever reason, but the crowd is super-hot for this match ... so the fuck do I know? They work a simple face/heel dynamic with Jarrett as the babyface (the crowd is fully behind him, so even though Jarrett's a heel, it's hard to criticize the structure of the match since it worked) and Truth as the cheating heel. The first half consists of Truth's heat segments & cheating to maintain control with some (attempted) Jarrett comebacks interspersed throughout. It's mostly bad, and they blow their finisher kickouts early with no build, but whatever - my expectations were low anyways. The second half consists of a lotta brawling -- easily the best part of the match -- with Jarrett juicing and hitting a gusher. Jarrett's selling after the bladejob is damn good. The arena brawling is very good, and the brawling when they return to the ring is quite good, too. Shenanigans & nonsense happen during the finishing stretch, and Jarrett becomes NWA World Heavyweight Champion for the first time ever after Mr. Wrestling III (who turns out to be Vince Russo, lmao) knocks Truth out with a guitar. Yay. Rating: **¾