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Found 33 results

  1. Man, what is going on with Ring of Honor again? They just seemed to go right back to where they were before the pandemic and the Pure Title Tourney. The problem as I see it is: They have too many wrestlers for the amount of TV time and PPVs they do. They've got one hour of TV to fill and a PPV every three months right now. As I've followed it some guys are making an appearance once a month on TV and frankly this isn't just the low end guys like LSG, The Bouncers, and others. I don't know the last time I saw Jonathan Gresham, Tracy Williams, Rhett Titus, Mike Bennett, Vincent and it goes on and on. These are supposed to be their upper card guys. Same with Brody King who other than a little scuffle the other week has been off TV for sometime. I mean he was the # 1 contender at Final Battle and he's just made like a couple appearances at most in the past two months!? ROH doesn't put enough content out right now/past year to be having as many lower end guys in singles matches as they do. Does Dak Draper, Tony Deppen, Eli Isom need a singles match on TV where they feature 2-3 matches a week? I don't think so when it means we don't see guys from their "big" story lines once or twice a month. I say this because it is really hard for me, a weekly viewer, to even remember or care about the "big" matches on the PPV. I'm too busy watching fun throw-away matches that don't amount to anything again - just like pre-pandemic ROH was doing. Case in point is Dak Draper beating Fred Yehi in a Pure Rules match. Firstly, Pure Matches have nothing going for them anymore because they are not wrestled any differently than regular matches. OK there's the closed fist thing but, there's no real danger there because no one has been DQ'd for doing it twice yet. That being said Fred Yehi, who was THE standout of new comer to ROH during the Pure Tournament, is a fantastic talent for ROH to get behind. Dak Draper is a recent (somewhat) winner of the Top Prospect Tourney which isn't saying a lot but, he's in good shape and he's tall. Why is this guy beating a Yehi, who beat vet Silas Young and took Tracy Williams to the limit? It doesn't make any sense if you've been watching the show. And I think ROH or Sinclair think that people don't watch the show regularly enough to actually follow/remember/care about such things. Why show this match instead of Yehi vs someone from Los Ingobernales? That would at least be Foundation vs LFI or at least Pure Rules vs LFI's rudo-ism... Where ROH hit a type of gold was limiting their roster and having a tournament during the Pure Title stuff. A tourney has built in drama because there are stakes to every match and we see the results of those wins and losses. I got used to them throwing in non-tourney matches like a 6 man or perhaps a segment (like with Taven & Vincent) to keep things fresh or different with the wrestling style. Unfortunately, ROH did exactly what I was afraid of when they started showing promos of Rush & crew. It became the same old crap and the big reveal of The Foundation group has turned to be a whole-lotta-nothing like most of their factions the past couple years. That is unless you actually want to feature them on your one hour of TV a week. So now we have all of these little story lines that are not very interesting and the ones that actually have the potential to be good are so few and far between I can hardly remember what happened last. And from what it seems to me, it is because ROH wants to get their money's worth by showing every wrestler they have for a singles match or two over the course of 2-3 months...regardless if that wrestler is any good, anyone wants to see that person, or there is a story involved for a PPV. Now, if they are doing this due to COVID-19 safety then, that's OK. But they have got to be a little bit better in how they plan things in terms of story. If anything pepper in a little footage or a match every week from their top 2 stories per week. I've admitted that ROH is pretty much running midcard type matches and their TV show is like WCW Worldwide but, honestly it isn't even fun anymore. The draw of watching stuff like that is that every once in awhile something very good or great will be shown. A match or an interview that will suck you into the world their presenting. The Pure Tourney had moments like this, matches after the tourney like had this like Dalton vs Brody King and Woods vs Castle...perhaps Dragon Lee vs Rey Horus (IIRC). So they have it in them to do this...and I think if they ran more tag matches (2v2 or 3v3) then they could still use their roster BUT keep people fresh in the fans minds. And this would keep matches exciting and cover-up any weak spots for newer guys...and you could make a tournament out of it! So, the booking is the story line (I'm no genius). Tag teams to fight for Dragon Lee & Kenny King's belts are: Woods & Young (they seem to want to put them back together...but we'll have to wait a month to see if that to happens), Moses & Kaun, The Bouncers, anyone from The Foundation (Rhett and Lethal?), Rey Horus & Flamita, Bennett & Taven, Vincent and Bateman, Dalton Castle and Tony Deppen (why not?). Boom...there you go eight teams. Two matches every week and their using two more guys/week so they're getting their value there. Plus they could have the LFI, Foundation, or other stable mates come out a ring side if they need more folks. That's a helluva lot more interesting than random mis-matches. Anyhow, here's what ROH's 19th Anniversary line-up looks like thus far: Dalton Castle vs Josh Woods - OK this makes sense. Its their 3rd match and they mesh well with one another. Danhausen vs Brian Johnson vs LSG vs Eli Isom - Freebie match in hour 1 of 4. Maybe don't do 4 hours... Mark Briscoe vs Flip Gordon - I could do without Flip anymore. This was some convoluted set-up where EC3 (remember him?) paid off Flip to interfere in a Briscoes match. Who cares... Gresham vs Dak Draper (Pure Title) - See above...no reason Draper gets a title shot for beating Fred Yehi. This looks like a B.S. match no fan asked for. The Foundation as a gimmick would be fine with two like-minded athletes fighting for the belt. God-forbid we get a potentially great pure match with Yehi & Gresham (what I wanted for the Pure Tourney Finals). Titus & Williams vs Lee & Kenny King (Tag Titles) - What should be a TV match to build the feud has been fast tracked to a PPV match. This is EXACTLY the problem I have...there has been no build for this particular match. Which is fine for TV but asinine for PPV. Williams vs Lee (TV title) - That's right folks! Lee and Hot Sauce face off again or for the first time (?) for the TV title. Here's an idea...maybe only give 1 person a title at a time ROH. They are giving belts to people in order to justify matches on their PPV but are afraid to give them to anyone different. Again fine for TV but asinine for PPV. Also, they probably can retire the TV title. Vincent vs Matt Taven - Fight without Honor match. They call it an unsanctioned match and will take place off site in Boston. Its supposed to be the blow-off to the feud but, we've hardly seen enough of this lately to anyone to be invested in this. Probably still will be fun though. Shane Taylor Promotions vs Mexisquad (6 man titles) - Isn't this the match where STPromotions won the belts? Did they even defend them once? Is ROH just going to give them back to Mexisquad here? When everyone has won the championship then, it kind of makes the championship meaningless. Can probably retire this title as well. Jay Briscoe vs EC3 - Final Battle Rain check match...then I'm guessing EC3 will be gone. He seemed to come back just for this PPV...I'm guessing that was in his contract. Who knows...he's on the ROH roster page. Rush vs Jay Lethal (ROH World Title) - They might give it back to Lethal since it seems he's the only person who can carry it and the company right now. If they don't then perhaps they can drag a quality program out of Rush vs Lethal for a couple months...if they do some of the things I mentioned above. Otherwise, they will have to stick with it for half the year and have multiple interactions (tag, 6 man, brawls etc.) to keep the heat up. It might actually be great stuff and give some prestige back to the belt. Not optimistic though... They are having a Foudation vs Ingobernales 8 man match the week before 19th Anniversary (this upcoming show) so, perhaps that will fan the flames of interest for the 4 Foundation vs LFI matches on the bloated PPV card. Again trying to get in as many guys as possible at the cost of match quality or fan interest But! At least other than Draper it features the company's many players...so again why is Draper on it? I'm guessing Yehi is paid on as needed basis where Draper probably is on contract. But still why not Brody King, LSG or Deppen? All would actually have a good match at least. All this being said, ROH still isn't using their signed Women of Honor wrestlers as well as their UK talent in Joe Hendry and big player and #1 contender prior to lock down Mark Haskins. Where the heck do you fit all of those folks in AND try to get a more cohesive narrative for your company? If you don't do more 6 man matches and tags...you don't get better, you get worse. It will be a jumbled mess like AWA on ESPN or MLW Underground (from what I watched). Thanks for reading my rambling Apologies for typos and that kind of stuff. Should be back on track for more FIP next week and the final installment of FMW 1998 soon thereafter.
  2. When I saw this posted on another board, I knew I had to watch it right away - and it did not disappoint. Just an epic freakin' war. I loved the all out brawl they had last year, but this was even better. Must see. ****1/2
  3. KawadaSmile

    [2018-06-23-CMLL] L.A. Park vs Rush

    What a delightful violent brawl. Park is far from being the most svelte dude in lucha at the moment, specially when compared to a stallion like Rush, but does he have a presence. He and Rush went all out with the fuckery here, and it did not dissapoint. Basically it had everything you could as for: mask ripping, interferences, MARTINETES, blood, refs getting their asses kicked, a fat sub ref with his gut appearing... just a spectacle all around. Crowd was absurdly hot, specially after Park SMASHES Rush with a picture frame. From that point on it's just full on violence, with Park using cable wires to whip Rush, as well as smashing his head against the guard rail. All of that leads us to a draw. Post-match, L.A. Park announces he's gonna fight against Rush Mask vs Hair.
  4. ShittyLittleBoots

    [2018-01-22-NJPW] Rush vs Satoshi Kojima

    HELL YEAH. Rush is an absolute bastard & Cozy is the veteran babyface who is sick of this disrespectful young punk coming to his company & causing havoc w/ his antics. Also - Korakuen Hall! There really isn't a better place for a match like this. Great stuff. ****
  5. Great narrative of the outmatched veteran getting decimated by the younger, stronger wrestler and trying to find ways to survive. Rush's offense and rudoing were superb, Casas was as great as you would expect and the finish was awesome. Casas's resigned look in the postmatch was an amazing visual. This had all the pieces to be a MOTYC level match but the lackluster pacing and disjointed feel hinders this pretty badly and it just falls short of the great mark for me. Still, well worth checking out. *** 3/4.
  6. Black Terry does it again. This guy is a national treasure; just put him on legal tender already. It is only out in fancam form right now. This Rush does his duck and run thing for a while and once he lures Terry to the outside he starts beating on the old man and never really looks back. He takes Terry all over the arena, parts of which you can't see from the fan cam. They go off to the lower left at one point and I see popcorn and fists flying. I can't see what is going on, but it looks fun. Terry stumbles back to the ring a bloody mess and Rush follows him to continue the beatings. Once back in the ring Terry is able to mount a pretty vicious looking comeback once Rush gets a little too cocky. Rush runs to the corner and stops dead and just cracks Terry in the head. Once he goes for a second one he eats what looks like a pretty vicious running headbutt. This is when the brawl really turns up and we get the good back and forth action. They are laying in the shots; you can hear em on the fan cam. At one point, while they were brawling outside Rush calls Terry back in the ring for a man-contest. Once back in the ring they throw some stiff shots, ending with some nasty looking headbutts. There were a few spots that looked sort of clunky, but they were mostly punctuated with some awesome brawling action. It is tough to say if that clunkiness come across on a commercial release. I imagine this will look even better once non-fancam recordings are out. Rush winds up getting DQed for hitting a tombstone that looked like it killed Terry from the fan angle. It is tough to say with the fancam, but I thought this was a pretty awesome fight with lots of intensity and violence. I look forward to a better quality recording coming out so I can get a better look at this match. ****1/4
  7. Well this was something else. I liked them starting the match off with brawling on the ramp as that's something a lot of matches I like do in CMLL but then there was a portion where they kind of, uhm.......just kinda walked around without much intent to hurt each other and it felt like the type of Attitude Era brawls stuff that also had insanely hot crowds but wasn't any good. Then they just started killing each other and I was all in. cubsfan described the weapon thrown as a wooden cooler-which sounds pretty insane but I have no idea what it was so let's run with it. It was nice to see blood in Arena Mexico once again and that, combined with the insane crowd heat really made it feel like a special match. The no-finish actually helped-as fans became furious and started throwing garbage into the ring-only for Rush and Park to continue brawling to even louder reactions. Park being an old fat dude also adds a sense of danger any time he goes for a move like a dropkick or a dive. ****1/4
  8. This was pretty great. I love chaotic trios brawls and this was a neat take on that, everyone brough it. Rush is of course a great dick and was a great leading rudo, Pierroth gets a lot of criticisms thrown his way but he seems to be really good at hitting people and that's all I could ask for. Escorpion was awesome at cutting people off, Terrible is a guy you always want to have in this kind of match, he throws a great looking punch. I haven't really had an opinion on La Mascara other than that he's associated with wrestlers I like but he was pretty good here, I liked how he tried to fight back when Pierroth and Rey Escorpion would hold him down instead of just taking it, trying to kick Rush and spitting on him. Shocker was mostly a punching bag. The finish was excellently done and played up pretty much every screwy CMLL finish there is. ****
  9. Very nice too see these two square off once again, this was very much their house show brawl but that works for me. Rush's stalling before the machismo strike exchange was pretty great and I really liked them switching to slaps during the exchange as well. I wish Rush would drop the Minoru Suzuki Rope Hung Armbar, it doesn't fit into his move-set at all and doesn't good look enough on its own to warrant being done just because it's cool. ***-***1/4
  10. This was really neat. If you watch enough of CMLL (or any promotion or wrestler really) you'll eventually notice patterns in how matches are worked and structured. This started out with Rush jumping Volador Jr.. on the ramp and slamming him onto a wall about a minute into a match. That's CMLL signaling to me this is a match I'm going to like. What I really liked about this is that it felt Rush was even more out of control than usual and how little offence Volador got in. Usually Rush would throw a drink into someone's face once, here he did it like six times, he choked Volador with cables and a shirt, it was a joy to watch. I also popped for Puebla staff telling the guy that tried to help Volador recover to stay out of it, I imagine stories of Rush doing crazy shit are a big part of why they did that. Volador was just fine here, he didn't drop selling even when playing to the crowd and I liked his repeated suicide dives as a comeback and him selling his leg after the last one was a really neat detail that both played up Rush briefly attacking his leg during his control segment and allowed Rush to get back onto offence more easily. I loved the ending of the first fall, Rush usually either wins it with a Dropkick or gets DQ'd for something cliche, here he Dropkicked Volador but continued beating the hell out of him for a while before getting the DQ. I wasn't in love with them Dropkick>pin spam Rush was quilty of in the end and the finish was what it was but I imagine these two could have an amazing hair match. ***3/4
  11. This was a special match. It was nice to see a chaotic brawling trio in Arena Mexico again and the crowd greeted them with insane crowd heat. There were portion in this where they would digress and just do awesome macho bullshit and it was just so cool, you get the feeling these guys would be world champions at posing. LA Park's son threw a good punch and just catapulted himself into the crowd on a dive and also choked Pierroth with camera cables so he definitely has potential. Still you are here to see LA Park and Rush go aat it and, while the match is mostly worked around teasing that pairing rather than giving it straight away when you do get them going at it it's just pure magic. ****
  12. Ultimo Guerrero's been pretty good since losing his mask, he played to the crowd a lot here but never really dropped selling in order to do so. His highspots (which included a badass sliding dropkick that knocked Rush off the apron and a diving lariat off the ramp in which he threw himself so hard he hit a fan in the first row) ruled. Still you watch this primarily to see Rush smash Ultimo Guerrero's head onto a wall and stomp on his head. ***1/4
  13. Marco doesn't do much but his punch looks really good so that's good enough for me. He also did a couple of big dives that looked great. Rush sticks to being Rush here and doesn't do any german suplex no sells to infuriate me. Pretty cool finish with Marco kicking Rush in the balls and then punching the ref. ***
  14. The beginning was clunky, I was wondering if Rush was going to be able to carry Lashley to a good match but before I had time for serious contemplation he started going this amazing stalling which he wed into a transition into his control segment that was him just kicking Lashley around and all my doubts were removed. I have to say though, as much as I love Rush these German Suplex no sell exchanges he's started doing are sub-Kurt Angle level trash. I forgive him because he stomps on people's heads in the corner like Kazunari Murakami and he almost killed himself with the bump on the Spear. **3/4
  15. I have missed these two beating the shit out of each other. I could probably watch Rush pose and yell at fans for twenty minutes. There's nobody in wrestling that's as good as conveying being a dick as him. I loved the way he countered Casas' Scorpion Deathlock and Elite's awesome camera angles also added to the match. ***1/4
  16. I really loved the way Rush walked the line between dominance and peril here, he'd take so much of the much just kicking the shit ouf of Maximo and acting like a dick but would also become paranoid any time something that would endanger him would happen like his second being kicked out. Rush's incredible acting really carried the match, and it was amazing to see an Arena Mexico crowd react they *should* for once, it really added to the atmosphere and the overall experience. The finishing stretch was a little subsided compared to the dramatic finishes CMLL matches can have but I don't think anything else would have worked here and the triple kiss spot was amazing. One of my favourite/best matches of the year so far.
  17. Talk about it here. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x19z43x_rush-vs-shinsuke-nakamura-njpw_sport
  18. At the beginning of the year, I decided to watch as much 2014 wrestling as I could and blog about it (here) using a match review format. As you can see, I stopped about mid-way through the year. I fell behind during the summer and eventually threw in the towel in terms of doing reviews. I did keep watching current wrestling at a similar pace, however. As a means of doing something tangible with all that wrestling watching, I wanted to do something at the end of the year to wrap it all up. Hopefully this thread will can serve as a helpful resource in terms of being a look at 2014 in semi-real time. I am going to do this in a couple of parts. First, I want to list out ten wrestlers that I personally feel have a strong case for “Most Outstanding Wrestler” (though on a calendar year rather than the WON Dec. – Nov. year). I am not a big fan of listing things out without providing an explanation, so for each wrestler I am going to recommend some matches that I think support their case (divided into three tiers) along with the argument for and against the wrestler being the best of 2014. I have included some links to reviews by different people (where applicable). These are reviews I thought did a strong job of capturing the positives of those matches. The ten (well, nine for now) wrestlers I am going to cover are: Rush, A.J. Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Virus, Titan, Ricochet, Negro Casas, Tomohiro Ishii and Cavernario. Still deciding on a 10th between a few guys (Hechicero, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, Zack Sabre, ect.) I understand that the ten wrestlers I am listing are in no way a consensus top 10 (I am not sure the group even represents my top ten) but I think it provides a strong sample of wrestlers who had very good 2014’s. I also think by looking at these ten, you get a good start on potential top matches/MOTYC's from 2014. There are some wrestlers (Timothy Thatcher, Hechicero, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins to name a few) who I can certainly see a case for, but someone other than me are probably better off arguing in support of those guys. Please feel free to add anyone you feel deserves to be hyped. “Must See” are matches I consider to be solid MOTYC’s or at least enough others did to warrant inclusion in this top tier. “Great” matches are you lower-level MOTYC’s/borderline candidates/just below MOTY-level matches. “Also Check Out” are all good matches of varying quality that I think give a good glimpse into the wrestler's year. “The Case For” is my take on why the wrestler is a strong candidate for best/most outstanding wrestler of the year. “The Case Against” includes arguments I could see being made against that particular wrestler. “Other Awards” are WON award categories (although again on a calendar year basis) that I think the wrestler could be considered for. For the second part, I plan on listing (in some format) other matches from 2014 that I think are worthy watching for one reason or another that don’t involve any of those ten wrestlers. Since the 2014 sub-forum has seemed to disappear, I thought this might act as a good starting point for 2014 year-end discussion. **************************** Rush o Must See o vs. Negro Casas – Hair vs. Hair (CMLL – 08/01 – Arena Mexico) o Great o vs. Shocker – Hair vs. Hair (CMLL – 03/21 – Arena Mexico) o w/ La Sombra vs. Negro Casas & Shocker – CMLL Tag Team Championship (CMLL – 07/26 – Arena Mexico) – A rare top notch CMLL tag team match. There is a sense of urgency in the match in the way all four guys wrestle and make saves. The match served the dual purpose of building to Rush/Casas and being a great standalone bout as well. o Also Check Out: o vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (NJPW – 01/18 – Korakuen Hall) – A glimpse of Rush in a slightly different context. o w/ Titan & La Mascara vs. Virus, Vangelis & Terrible (CMLL – 01/21 – Arena Mexico) – thought this was amongst the better CMLL trios matches of the year. Nothing mind-blowing but just a solid all-around match. o vs. Vangelis (CMLL – 02/17 – Arena Puebla) – a bit of a throw away match but serves as an example of Rush being able to work a solid, normal singles TV match against an average-ish wrestler. o vs. Ultimo Guerrero (CMLL – 10/31 – Arena Mexico) – they totally break from the usual Ultimo Guerrero formula here. This is right with the Shocker hair match from March in terms of Rush getting a more than “by the numbers” match out of a veteran who rarely strays from his usual formula. o The Case For o Quality – three top level matches o Quantity – until his injury, Rush was a regular presence on CMLL TV and as such, had plenty of average or above matches to show for it. I’d put his volume of good matches against anyone from the year. o Variety – Rush performed well in high-intensity matches that were part of big feuds (everything versus Casas; the Shocker hair match), was involved in an excellent tag match, was a standout more often than not in his trios matches, and had two of CMLL’s better non-title, non-apuesta, non-lightning singles matches (versus Vangelis & UG). He was good or better in a lot of different contexts. o Worked effectively as both a traditional tecnico and in the difficult in-between role that he, La Sombra, and La Mascara were booked into for the latter part of 2014. The second role (a technico that wrestles like a rudo) was particularly difficult to pull off and I thought he did a solid job in making it work and feel somewhat natrual. o The Case Against o The Casas hair match has been a bit divisive. Some see it as the perfect end to the feud while others see it as a bit too disjointed and one-sided to be a true MOTY-level match. o Missed the last couple of months of 2014 with an injury. o Other Awards o Feud of the Year (vs. Negro Casas) o Most Charismatic o Best Gimmick (Los Ingobernables) ********************************* A.J. Styles o Must See Matches o vs. Minoru Suzuki – G1 Climax (NJPW – 08/01 – Korakuen Hall) o Great Matches o vs. Kazuchika Okada – G1 Climax (NJPW – 07/21 - Hokkaido Sports Center) o vs. Tetsuya Naito – G1 Climax (NJPW – 07/26 – Akita Prefectural Gymnasium) o Also Check Out o vs. Cedric Alexander (PWX – 01/19 – Winston Salem, NC) o vs. Chris Hero (ROH – 03/22 – Montgomery County (Dayton) Fairgrounds) o vs. Kyle O’Reilly (ROH – 08/22 – Milwaukee) – I find O’Reilly to be pretty solid with a tendency to do much or get lost in a longer match. I thought they held it together a bit better here and came away with a strong TV match, in large part due to Styles. o vs. Adam Cole (ROH – 09/06 – Toronto) – probably have this behind the Hero match as Styles best non-NJPW match of the year. o vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW – 10/13 – Sumo Hall) – thought this was better than the two Okada title matches from earlier in the year. o The Case For o Styles wrestled a large variety of opponents in 2014 and usually squeezed out good or at least better-than-expected results. Although not all of them are listed here, I watched nearly all of his US indie matches from the first 8 months of the year. Regardless of opponent (and some were rather low quality), he almost always had at least a watchable match. When he wrestled more high quality opponents on the indies or in New Japan, he was able to work up to that level. o In addition to carrying indie guys, also got a surprisingly strong match out of Lance Archer during the G1. On a similar note, the Elgin ROH matches were much better to your run-of-the-mill Elgin matches (even if they still weren't anything I'd consider worthwhile). o A legit MOTYC versus Suzuki. o As strong of a singles match resume as any contender o The Case Against o None of the indie/ROH matches were “great,” with the possible exception of the Hero ROH Match. o The first two Okada matches were not great by any means and it did seem to take him a few matches to get comfortable with his role in New Japan (although that shouldn’t be unexpected). o Other Award Consideration o Wrestler of the Year o Best Box Office Draw (as an ROH/indies draw)
  19. Will is joined by Phil Schneider & Kris Zellner to discuss CMLL’s 81st Anniversary Show at Arena Mexico. Tons of dives! Weird submissions! Tons of women! Hair vs. Hair! Mask vs. Mask! Join Will as we review an awesome show and a truly historic night of wrestling. ​http://placetobenation.com/good-will-wrestling-cmll-81st-anniversary-show-recap/
  20. Talk about it here.
  21. Talk about it here. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x19z9kj_rush-tetsuya-naito-vs-rey-escorpion-tomohiro-ishii-njpw_sport