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Found 11 results

  1. Every wrestler here fit their role perfectly. The standouts were Baba with decades of skill and experience, Fuchi with smarts and skill and Tenryu, the god of grump. No one is better than Tenryu in showing strength and weakness simultaneously...other than Kawada and Terry Funk IMO. One really felt that the Triple Crown champ was on the ropes when 1000 year old Rusher Kimura was head butting him but, seamlessly, Tenryu would chop Kimura in the fucking throat and change the momentum. Brilliantly, Fuchi would storm in like Jr. Tenryu that he is and get brutal even on the bully champ. Fuyuki and Kawada were perfect lackeys in this match and kept their schtick simple. This benefitted Kawada the most. Here he looked like the Kawada who would bloom fully in late 1991 and 1992. Godbless Dangerous K. This period of wrestling is full of diamonds in the rough and this is a perfect example.
  2. FEAR THE MAD DOG!!! This was a bloody, bloody match. Kimura bled. Vachon bled. THE REFEREE BLED!! All you vampires can mark this match as a rare TRIPLE JUICE BRAWL. This starts out with Vachon laying some nice stiff shots on Kimura before Kimura does some boring wrestling and Vachon just chucks him to the outside, piledrives him on the floor and carves him up with a chain. Vachon raking that chain across Kimura's face is some of the grizzlier imagery I've seen in a pro wrestling match. Then he also goes out of his way to piledrive the ref on the floor and do the exact same thing to him. I imagine this kind of stuff would have got fans storming the ring in other territories but here all the folks were amused by the carnage. Vachon was a force unleashed. I especially enjoyed the scene where he and Kimura traded blows in the crowd, Vachon landing these stone hard knocks in his face and Kimura throwing sumo-ish slaps. For some reason there is No DQ here and we get a proper finish. The ending could've been a little more exciting, but this was an amusing spectacle.
  3. Man, you gotta give some credit to these guys for understanding how to work these exciting matches. You won't get any workrate or high end grappling in a Rusher match, but they knew how to set the crowd into a frenzy. Man Inoki blocking Kimura's chops is about the coolest basic thing nobody ever does. Lumberjack stip didn't come into play match except to force wrestlers back into the ring. Inoki trying to snap a bloody Rusher's arm repeatedly probably would've been better if Kimura knew how to sell, but the crowd sure went wild for that armbar. This is why you don't mess with Inoki.
  4. A trios from 1972! Easily one of the funnest matches ever. Whoever booked the near-midget Ali Bey on the same team as Andre had some serious saviness. We start off with some swank technical work between Van Buyten and Teranishi, but soon shenanigans from the apron involving Andre ensue. The interactions between Van Buyten and Andre are solid gold. The wrestling isn't much worse - Andre bumps big! Ali Bey has some hilarious selling, including constantly hitting his head against things! Sugiyama is another hilarious character, and only tagged in for about 3 minutes. Teranishi does the bulk of the work for his team (probably for the better) and gets to look really slick. But the dedication Andre and Franz have to miscommunication spots is something else here. Andre is just incomparable. At one point, Franz keeps getting flung over the top rope to the outside, onto Andre and then back inside. It leads to Franz taking a huge bump to the outside. I like how the foreign heels still remain dangerous despite being total knobheads, as Andre finishes opponents off in a matter of minutes. So yeah, great match that will have you in stitches if you have an ounce of humor in you. One of my favourites from Andre, good showcase for Teranishi, and so cool to see what Franz could do when he wasn't playing babyface. A must watch.
  5. Years after putting over Inoki in a historic match, Johnny Powers returns to japan to face another japanese top gaijin in a much less historic match. Powers is looking somewhat older and sadder, like a Bob Ross gone off the rails here. Powers still has really nice basic offense, mean looking elbows and knees and stomps and what not. He spends what feels like 20 minutes beating on Kimura and this would've been good had Kimura sold any of that and ens gaged powers in some significant form before the poor finish. There's also about 4 or 5 nut shots in this match. Thesz was the ref and him punching Powers in the face for doing the exact same stuff Thesz was doing 20 years earlier was the funniest moment of the match. But yeah, don't watch this.
  6. Yeah, like Inoki hasn't buried those IWE dweebs enough!! How about burying them all in a single stroke! Admittedly, this was some highly entertaining pro wrestling. The IWE boys couldn't really play the number's game at first, so Inoki just ate them all up, busting out lots of cool shit in the process. We also got to see referee Kotetsu Yamamoto tackling guys trying to run into the ring like the world's greatest security guard. Inoki slowly tires out and the IWE dudes go to town on him. Kimura hits some really stiff chops and Hamaguchi is just a dynamo in this match, attacking Inoki's leg like a terrier and taunting him. Hamaguchi ain't backing down from anyone. Inoki looked convincingly tired and wounded by the end (check out that leg selling) which helps even the dull Rusher Kimura to a heated finish. The only thing about this that bugged me was how quickly Teranishi was eliminated. Ah, can't win em all, or in this case, pin em all.
  7. Man, there were a lot of wrestlers in the ring before this match. You had Inoki's crew, Rusher Kimura and his IWE boy's and even Abdullah the Butcher coming in wearing a badass suit and working the mic. This was a fun match which kind of had the feel of refined martial artist vs. Tough street brawler. Inoki destroying Kimura with superior standup and ground work was pretty fun and Kimura's headbutts and chops to the throat were solid enough. Inoki eats a posting and comes up bloody (Inoki is a blade addicted maniac, boys) but hits a fast enuzigiri and snaps Kimura's arm. IWE boys jump in to attack Inoki and this interpromotional madness alright. Not a ton to this match but the heat was great and the spectacle was to the max.
  8. This starts JIP 5 minute into the match. Then they do another 5 minutes of pretty standard hammerlock work and then... things escalate and it turns into a gritty double juice bloodbath. Mulligan had a glove that he kept loading with gimmicks and reached into his pants god knows how many times, until Kimura took his glove to a big reaction. Mulligan had a nice punch and Kimura was fired up. Both guys bled buckets and Mulligan did a nice job selling "loss of blood" as the match went quite long. Not as epic as you'd hope for a 70s bloodbath to be, but a fun match regardless.